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everything baby alright so uh
Hoffman line strong andy hoffman
speaking anyway Andy Kaufman is he’s got
an article about the Hoffman line again
if you Fiat freaks out there you know I
just wanna play it’s been it’s been
strong the Hoffman lines been strong
that if for those of you now familiar
will check out Andy’s article obviously
but that’s the hundred billion dollar
market cap of of Bitcoin stays the same
it doesn’t go below fifty eight hundred
dollars which would make it below the
market cap lower than that hey hey um
but again I’m at one Bitcoin equals one
Bitcoin to me and you know I I want to
point out Josh coho in the super chat he
said something great and thank you for
Josh for the contribution less NFL more
Bitcoin and yeah apparently today is
opening NFL day there people where I am
right now watching the frickin Ravens
game or maybe they want the Ravens game
is over by now I guess I have no idea I
don’t even know if it was a home game or
who the Ravens played that’s how far
I’ve taken myself away from the NFL it
started exactly two years ago right
before the CEO I was in Las Vegas with
my friends log check out the archives
from two years ago anyway I was fed up
with the NFL I said no more NFL my lord
have I spent my time on so many better
things in the NFL since then my whole
life has changed in such a positive way
getting away from the the bread and
circuses of that and again I was a huge
Ravens fan I knew every statistic on the
face of the planet for a while
so yeah it’s those of you who are
putting a lot of your wealth in the NFL
value your wealth and Bitcoin learn more
about bitcoins that are wasting your
time on that bread and circuses stuff if
you must just try to minimize your time
with it I guess just you know watch the
game and then run away or something
I mean if you get into the UM the mind
uh many aspects of these these guys
telling you how to think politically on
that you even care about politics that
much to care what they think about is
ridiculous to those are all distractions
politics NFL Bitcoin strong hand that’s
the real thing
all right so Josh thank you very much
for that what else do we have here I
mention the Andy Kaufman thing yeah the
– line of course sorry here is something
I know a lot of you always talk about
the Highbury oh we’re gonna have
hyperinflation everyone will switch the
bitcoin Fiats are going to be fiat
currency will be dead the dollar will
die Baba and I have always said no the
dollar is going to survive oh the smart
people well the 20 percenters are gonna
opt in the Bitcoin and I don’t think
that’s what’s wrong with that but here
here’s a tweet from Dan held the British
Pound is the oldest fiat currency in
existence at 317 years the pound was
originally defined as twelve ounces of
silver it’s now worth less than 0.5% of
its original value the in other words
the most successful long-standing
currency in existence has lost 99.5% of
its value so yeah Thea is bad if you did
not diversify yourselves into other
monetary mechanisms whether it be
housing or stocks or gold or whatever it
if you’re 317 years old you would have
done pretty bad by just holding that
that I mean again if you were passing on
your wealth let’s say you were a rich
person back then and yeah you just you
you ordered all your relatives for now
I’m going to keep on passing down you
got to pass on Fiat from generation to
generation they would not be doing very
well at all okay but my point is this is
that they say that’s the best of the
best is is the British pound it’s lost
99.5% of his value and the dollar is is
similar to that over a shorter period of
time and people accept it most people
are like they’re cool with that they’d
rather watch the NFL they’re not they’re
happy they’re happy with that and so
that is going to continue with the
dollar that type of inflation
is going to hack continue with the
dollar you can scream about it and say
oh what the money pretty is horrible woe
is me
I’m smarter than everyone else I’m just
sitting around complaining I’m not a
bread and circuses guy no you just can’t
talk you gotta walk and to walk you get
you up in the Bitcoin so Bitcoin can do
great and the dollar can survive and he
can you know over a hundred year period
keep on inflating inflating inflating
away and all the bread and circuses
people can be happy because they’ve the
big-screen TV they watch the Ravens they
watch the Redskins and watch whoever it
so again
Fiat will survive it’s going it’s going
to it survive like this the British
Pound still exists and it’s well
respected across the world it’s no
dollar anymore and again the the dollar
will remain III think the top fiat not
that it matters the top of the trash
heap we’re discovering describing a
trash heap here basically in this in
this tweet and 80 percenters love the
play in the trash heap and that will
continue and maybe some of the ending
some will have Bitcoin and you know
they’ll stumble their way in the Bitcoin
for very it’s gonna be so easy to get
into Bitcoin eventually if you have OB
into that too but they’ll still be into
there though the luck into it basically
but there’ll be plenty of people that we
like oh this bed coin which is that will
be the dollar that’s it’s much more
convenient I’ll just play with bed
points than a big point okay enough
enough again those of you I can’t say be
honest look how hard that’s an example
of how horrible it is yeah that tweet is
an example of how horrible it is the
people have you you have to admit that
everyone has loved it so many people
have loved it
the welfare it’s the welfare dollar it
powers the welfare state they’re not
gonna just run away from it and say no
I’m gonna get in the Bitcoin oh they’re
so good that plenty of people have a lot
of that have a lot vested in the Fiat
system whether they be on welfare
whether they be in politics whether they
be work for the government and they’ll
live it they’ll deal with it they will
love the inflation of it all and because
they’ll have their NFL okay so let’s
talk about
the dividend section of the shaft like
button or you can skip this part if you
hate crypto dividends it’s some people
just want to vomit when they they think
about another coin other than Bitcoin
that I got for free anyway so um be
private has a update out there i link to
it below it’s about the really base
you’re gonna keep on hearing about this
rebase thing I’m sure some people will
pump it on in it’s actually something
that’s legitimate updating to the latest
0.16 version of Bitcoin Cohn code base
truly makes be private a big point fork
by instance because it’s again also it
was a see classic fork read all about it
if you want to what this rebase thing is
it’s linked to below uh andy hoffman has
a be rhodium steam it tweet at steam it
she’s a steam an article out there if
you want to hear the be rhodium is
coming soon if you want that again be
private everyone is entitled than that
if they held bitcoin at the time of the
fork and be rhodium everyone is entitled
to that who signed up for the air drop
back in december january and everything
these are free again they’re their
one-time dividends a bitcoin there are
free coins that you got just by holding
bitcoin and baby it’s all it’s just one
of the great things about holding
bitcoins that I encourage holding
Bitcoin as you all know you get these
cryptic dividends and sure they’re not
as popular as they once were it’s all
cyclical at all something will come up
again anyway I’ve been around this game
for a while it you know it all comes
around again so uh yes a new show here
every day except tomorrow disrupt
meister comm check it out that’s you can
see all my old shows again I mentioned
the Tresor and Croatia Ellis comm links
below value your wealth and Bitcoin you
know I say it all the time and here is a
tweet that really puts it in perspective
Lee and again that tweet about um Fiat
going down the tube about the British
Pound going down the tube that’s that’s
another reason why you have to value
your wealth in Bitcoin don’t don’t be
value in Fiat Fiat will survive but
value in a Bitcoin but here’s a better
example this is from Matt O’Dell okay
and you got to check out this tweet it
will be linked to below when you watch
this on repeat if you’re watching this
live you’re not going to be able to
check on that okay if you put ten
Bitcoin into X 90 days ago you know you
now have how many Bitcoin worth of X
okay so the first examples if you put
ten Bitcoin into aetherium ninety days
you now have 4.2 Bitcoin worth of
aetherium so if you would have just held
your 10 Bitcoin you’d have your 10
Bitcoin but no you bought bit you bought
a theory am ninety days
now you have 4.2 Bitcoin worth of it and
here’s the rest of them again 10 Bitcoin
you turned into you put into these coins
this is what these coins are now were
your 10 Bitcoin is now worth in terms of
Bitcoin sitting around in these coins
for stellar 8.6 for ripple 5.2 for be
cash 5.4 for iOS 4.3 litecoin 5.5 Tasos
3 – 7.7 cordana
4.8 z cash 6.58 EGC 8.9 Manero 8.3 Tron
4.3 okay I’m not even neo for before I
owe to 4.2 all right that’s again but
some people are like well I still made a
lot of dollars I still did pretty well I
only lost X amount of that look how much
bit you would adjust that’s how much
better it would have been just holding
on to that 10 Bitcoin losing I mean
losing 5 Bitcoin by playing around on
these crypto currencies ridiculous that
is the ultra example of allying your
wealth and bitcoin do not get distracted
by their dollar amount how much they’re
worth in dollars you’ve got to think I’d
be so much better off if I had just held
my bitcoins that playing around and
again people well I could time it right
Adam I could touch you give you a 90 day
that’s an arbitrary time dude lets you
turn my arbitrary time periods let’s
talk about your 2020 having let’s talk
about 2020 there’s still a really long
term thinking here people I’m giving you
a short-term arbitrary time period long
term arbitrary at long term time period
it’s gonna be much worse for these
altcoins okay and it has been much worse
again bitcoin is the rock one bitcoin
equals one Bitcoin value wasn’t Bitcoin
there’s your ultimate example I even put
in the title of the show all right Matt
OTL has another tree and this is about
aetherium and this is a very interesting
thing about a theorem because aetherium
obviously pumped up a lot with all the
icos and the the reason these i ce o–‘s
are people were getting into them
partially is because people had done
really well on aetherium so some of
these etherium holders or what let me
diversify answer these i CEOs and this
it added to the 2017 altcoin pump and he
says the 2017 pump wouldn’t have been
nearly as large if the idiots who sent
their money to the Dow lost it all
rather than getting bailed out they
didn’t learn their lesson then and it
has finally caught up with them
unfortunately retail got burned along
the way all right interesting point the
Dow again many of you were not around
from 2016
there was this smart contract Dow that
all these aetherium major etherion
people had invested aetherium in it got
they’ve lost their aetherium but a
vitalik and the crew decided hey we’re
just gonna hard fork it and erase that
this Dallas thing ever happened so
everyone will get their theory reom
everyone lots of people were like yay
then there were some people that were
like this is a horrible precedent it’s
just going to lead to disaster and they
kept the original chain going which was
etherium classic so that’s why we have
an etherion classic aetherium but all
those people that got bailed out they
didn’t learn a lesson it is true and
they enjoyed their aetherium riches and
a lot of them they they played they
gambled again they gamble again invested
in icos and now it’s finally catching up
with them but so it would have been very
interesting to see if this ICO bubble or
aetherium bubble or whatever you want to
say would have been as large had the dow
bailout not happen
interesting point matter was out there
just a little bit of history there I
know a lot of people weren’t around in
2016 as shocking as it sounds than me
I’ve been over two years since that
valve thinks this is their embed
aetherium classic wild Bay okay uh well
Pantha says anyone selling / closing
their wrecked crypto fun yet that’ll be
the bottom I thought that was excellent
yes that once you hear that some crypto
hedge fund crypto fuck I don’t even I
only know how anyone can participate in
these freakin crypto III created their
crypto fun
give me your Bitcoin and I’ll diversify
for you once one of those like announces
like were selling
and or we’re going out of business
closing that’ll be the bottom of the
altcoin market I think that’s a good a
good sign for the bottom of the altcoin
market for those who care about the
bottom of the Aucoin market I personally
don’t care at all and again I mean one
Bitcoin equals one point people
all right Bitcoin magazine has an
article it’s the Battle of the privacy
coins this is by Aaron vine weird I’m
he’s gonna do a lot of these bad all the
privacy coins why – is not really that
private so it started with um his first
privacy coin that he is dealing with is
bash and oh yeah also going back to
vitalica and etherium apparently
metallic said some stuff about aetherium
that was bad and it’s gone down in
dollar value even more and in Bitcoin
value even more you know I’m not gonna
Kate caught up in the drama people I’m
gonna tell you one thing though it’s all
cyclical with this everyone thinks
aetherium is dead forever now even
Metallica saying bad things about it
these corporations are in love they want
to be involved with the next Bitcoin
they’re gonna be people that are gonna
pile right back into a theorem again I
mean a coin base list the theory and
prominently people do not understand
what a theorem again a theorem is that
supposed to be a competitor with Bitcoin
it’s not doing well in terms of its
value in terms of Bitcoin in and dollars
and I’ve seen this happen before there
have been times it’s gone down and it is
went going way back up again there are
big centralized players that are behind
it then aren’t gonna let it down there
are a lot of 80 percenters out there
that would pile right into it there’ll
be a flippin maybe threat again in the
future there won’t be a true threat but
people will throw that term out there
again it’s all cyclical aetherium is not
dead people it’s not that I know a lot
of people want to want it to be dead I
don’t know why you want it to be dead
you should just if you’re that big of a
Bitcoin fan just talk about the good
things about Bitcoin don’t worry about a
theory I’m I’m not worried about a
theory I’m I’m just pointing out this is
it’s all cyclical and there’s a lot of
doom and gloom coming from the big a
Syrian people if you’re in land if it
will return into
of it’s Fiat price and it’s big I mean I
don’t know if it’ll ever be a 10% of a
Bitcoin again but it’ll go back up again
it’s not dying it’s not disappearing off
the face of the earth that’s it okay
have a great great Russia sauna happy
new year everyone
um again no show tomorrow I will be at
synagogue it will be Russia Sharna once
Rosh Hashanah is over on Tuesday I will
do my show on Tuesday night I’m happy
New Year to everyone and again check out
the archives if you want to watch my
show tomorrow town that like button I
will say hello to everyone in the chat
before I have a meal with my family here
thanks a lot everybody