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on I did want to say that earlier in the
day earlier in the day there was another
show it’s for all of you people who have
a hard core a hard time focusing or
going back into the archives trying to
find something it was a trace Mayer mash
up there and it’s just pure trace Mayer
it is linked to before below if you have
a short attention span you get it all in
22 minutes that’s it you don’t even only
hear trace air I met trace Mayer I make
it easy for you to focus on trace Mayer
in this new big coin of focus series of
mine so there’ll be more videos like
that like the one I did earlier today so
check that out
straw if you’re a true strong hand
you’re just gonna you know smile at what
I’m gonna stay here in Townsville
Australia they’re having a be cash event
on the fourth and the fifth I’m
interested in Townsville Australia
because that’s in northern sign of the
northern province it was in northern
Queensland or what
whatever brisbin’s in it’s north of
Brisbane it’s north of Brisbane and I
think I’m gonna mention this be cash
City event obviously they call it
something else I link to it below let
them have a beat cash event I’m just
fine with me there’s also a be cash
channel I that I discovered not the one
by Kela trolls but by this other guy so
you know if they think coins that
cryptocurrencies should be spent and not
save etc etc well there you go
it’s it’s link to below and they use on
this channel they talk about corporate
takeover fied corporate takeover there’s
a lot of corporate takeover fun
attacking a Bitcoin and how spending is
important whatever it’s good it’ll
strengthen your hand if you can look at
it and say okay this is what the other
people think they’re not that many of
them they’re having an event in
Australia cool meanwhile I’m going to be
in Sydney October 17th to 24th they’re
gonna be also they’re gonna be events
there when I’m there Hass and Adriana
are guiding me around and it’s they’ve
been very helpful and we’ll stay tuned
for more information about that Alex
will be coming down from Brisbane so
that will be a lot of fun alright let’s
see what else we got okay so yeah the
trace show is linked to below best guest
in the space pal that freaking like
button alright
and it’s only 22 minutes and you can
watch it at 2x it’s 11 minutes you get
the whole thing in there real quick
Justin moon meet big boy okay this is
very okay sorry meet big boy what’s
what’s bit boy that Justin moon is
talking about what is this technical bit
boy thing everyone loves meet big boy a
stateless QR air-gap Do It Yourself
Bitcoin hardware wallet and it’s linked
to below and it looks kind of cool and
you know he built the hardware wallet
and everyone loves it and it is cool
that there are technical guys out there
that can build hardware wallets but
that’s this complexity
how many the people out there that are
praising this and love to talk about
technical stuff like this actually own
Bitcoin and are like hardcore holders of
don’t like say you know I love just a
moons cool thing I have I don’t submit
coin but I had to trade it because I had
to pay my bills like I there’s this
disconnect in the space there’s these
people who go wild over cool technical
things like this and sorry they it keeps
going off there’s these people there’s
people in the space that they go wild
over this over technical stuff but it
seems like they’re missing some of the
basics about you know they don’t know
how to hold a Bitcoin or they know how
to hold it properly technically but they
can they don’t know how to save so it’s
very interesting it’s like and you know
you’re free to do what you’re this is
where the big boys play purse
responsibilities a new counterculture if
you don’t know how to save but you’re
obsessed with technical stuff and you
love learning about technical stuff I
guess it’s a hobby for you then it’s a
hobby for you it’s like oh you know I
can build this cool technical stuff and
it’s great to have hobbies but I think
the financial aspects of Bitcoin very
simple you know newfangled savings
account savings account of future I
think people skip that and want to spend
a lot of time well technical cool stuff
that they can retweet and this is a cool
looking thing but it’s just a reminder
to me that there’s a there’s a I guess
I’m some fundamental economic side of
Bitcoin that I think a lot of people are
skipping over for the Hobby technical
side this is the commentary that’s what
that tweet made me think of now with
that all in mind
Balaji has a tweet that says password
management private key management and
crypto wallets will eventually converge
now that is awesome that is also night
and I do agree like something like that
will happen password management private
key management encrypt
we’ll eventually converge so instead of
us looking at these do-it-yourself
wallets that people are building that
we’re never gonna be able to build as
regular people
let those technical guys build something
useful that will do it exactly Balaji
just say and that regular people will be
able to take advantage of because people
have issues with private key management
and people have issues with wallets
right now and it’s just there’s there’s
a technical divide here by the that that
prevent people who do want to understand
the financial basics who do want to keep
it as a savings account from keeping it
all right so van eck we sort of has an
ETF coming out it’s it’s a private et a
pizza it’s linked to below not a real
ETF but it’s a nice first step there and
it might have helped pump the Fiat Price
who knows the company the companies will
use the SEC exemption that will allow
shares in their van exel @x bitcoin
trusts to be offered to institutions
such as hedge funds and banks but not
real retail investors so there you go if
you’re a retail guy you’re not going to
be able to buy into the ETF which to me
is like okay whatever you should have
been buying Bitcoin anyway why do people
when you begin to these ETS but this is
a first step in getting the ETF to the
retail investors it will happen
eventually this is the first step but
for now the hedge funds get to play
around in this alright you know you can
scream about hedge funds getting
wealthier getting insider information
getting this type of thing first
I think it’s nothing to complain about
because you could just buy the real
thing so just buy the real thing it’s
it’s again it’s a nice first step it’s
going to happen eventually retail will
be able to get into these ETS it’s not a
real ETF etc very good I’m still still
online apparently that’s very nice to
know and what else is oh and Kruger
Kruger explained he links and I will
link to this below to the
Vanek information and to the gbtc
information he compares them
he says van eck van acts the key
difference van x2 allow continuous
open-ended creation redemption of shares
allowing price to track net asset value
closely gbtc does not and thus a gbtc
does not do that and thus often trades
at a premium okay so there’s your
difference between the two facebook.com/
for your Facebook frites
I’m disrupt meister on there now
facebook.com slash disrupt meister just
like the page i guess i really have done
nothing with it it’s in its very very
early stages but some people wanted to
have a facebook connection with me so
there you go who knows don’t have that
much time to work on something like that
okay moving on this is really good this
is about gold and I’m gonna I’m gonna
read it and then I’m gonna make a
comment about it it’s a statement from
JP Morgan we believe the US dollar could
become vulnerable to a loss of value
relative to a more diversified basket of
currencies including gold JP recommends
its clients to change their gold
holdings from zero to five percent of
their foreign exchange portfolio alright
so Chafee board that’s good news for
gold maybe that’s part of the reason
it’s pumped JP Morgan says his clients
should go from 0% in gold in their
foreign exchange accounts to 5% imagine
the day when they make a similar
announcement about Bitcoin imagine the
day when all there’s big goldman sachs
type companies or JP Morgan Gomez or
make an announcement like that when they
recommend its clients change from zero
to five percent of their portfolios to
be in Bitcoin pound that frickin like
button that day will come one day
something like that even if it’s zero to
one percent it’s gonna be a wild run in
the Bitcoin den and you’re
be glad you’re freakin holding it before
they had these freaking followers
because then they do what they’re you
know what the wise investment tells them
to do okay great they could do that
person responsibilities a new
counterculture maybe they got rich
listening to JP Morgan great you want to
do it before JP Morgan commands it okay
and you have that if you’re watching the
show you have own Bitcoin you don’t give
a darn that JP Morgan hasn’t told their
followers to do it yet so for that day
will come in I am very happy to be in it
before then there’ll be a lot of people
crying afterwards that they weren’t in
it beforehand Oh JB borgin controls the
world no they don’t because they didn’t
tell them you can beat all those people
right now no crying a Bitcoin pound that
like button here is a tweet from Samson
Mount don’t get these guys don’t
celebrate Bitcoin dominance percent
going up it’s a flawed metric that
implies s coins with unlimited supply
have real value okay
the metric does imply that it does I
agree it implies that but despite that
the horrible flaws in that metric
despite that is it’s biased against
Bitcoin because it gives value to all
these coins that have no about really
have no value they can it’s still it’s
still ready it’s still despite those
odds it’s still going up so that’s my
positive spin on it yeah it’s not it’s
not a legitimate way it’s not less real
legitimate metric but even though it’s
an illegitimate metric bitcoin is still
beating it bitcoin is still winning over
there – despite everything being rigged
against it should we say but remember
pure Bitcoin don’t worry about Bitcoin
dominance but Bitcoin itself this game
is not rigged pound that like button
Museum Muhammed Mursi hit not Muhammad
I’ve been anyway mecir Mahmud ah hey he
has the following to say Bitcoin 2019
monthly lows this is a great chart it’s
going to be linked to below it shows all
of this year how the lows keep going up
it shows how strong this bull market
will be he says so you know we were in
the three thousands from January to
March April the low is 4000 May 5300
June 7,500 and since July July and
August and now it’s December the lows
were in the ninth houses this isn’t a
few months of 2017 gamble mania anymore
this is a store of value in the making
this is just the beginning town that
like button dude very good very good
look all lows are getting higher clearly
and we’re establishing ourselves it
clearly in the 9000 realm five digit
realm whatever you want to say it is we
there’s a new normal around here it
isn’t that same you know adrenaline rush
spike 2017 gamble mania all coin ICO
stuff this is it seems like there’s a
stronger base should we say and again
there’s there’s still not new coming in
and we’ll talk more this show but
something’s coming in something’s
happened somebody’s buying something
here all clearly all coins are being
Bitcoin and who knows so many
institutions buying it’s you know it’s
it’s not like it’s not as rollercoaster
of a feeling anymore yeah it’s seen hey
we shall see it it’s like the slow
build-up before I having oh very
we’re before I have it I wonder if the
having build up if this is this is the
start of it if we’re gonna look back and
say oh that that was the start of the
the steady buildup and if you look back
in the 2016 and the end of 2015
building up to that or it’s really the
beginning of 2016
after the my current bud rage quit
that’s when it’s you know to the having
there was the having hype and then right
before the having it went down and then
after they have
up again so yeah this is the beginning
of the process who the heck knows
alright um but I like that tweet check
it out alright something this is from
Morgan house alright
this is from Morgan house something I
believe more and more is that keeping
money is harder than making money
because you can make money by luck okay
the lottery is luck you can’t make money
by that don’t do that people but keeping
it is almost always due to a series of
good hard decisions all right so he’s
got it he’s got a good point there
people you make money pretty easily you
get you get paid you got a job you’re
making money pretty easily keeping that
money is the hard thing keeping that
money is the hard thing and that’s it
what you got to remember for success in
life if you blow blow your wad I mean
that’s it it’s it’s easy to do that it’s
easy to just to spend it all safe
learn to say Bitcoin is a great tool to
teach you that it’s a great hardest
money out there baby
alright but uh yes and I know I I don’t
want to say I don’t like how he phrased
it you can make money by luck make
lottery but that’s that’s gambling it’s
always due to a series of good hard
decisions when you are keeping your
money and that was a very good reminder
there all right
is that the end of the show okay oh
that’s the end of show well I hope I
hope that recorded everything pound that
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