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offended by selling hello my Leap friends we’ve got a lot to catch up on
here check out Friday’s this week’s Bitcoin
show the CEO of eToro Yanni Asia was on I’ll be interviewing
him tomorrow at an event in Tel Aviv with Rudy it’s gonna be great but Yanni
was great and it’s definitely a different perspective he is a trading
company they deal with some altcoins there the show it shows how the entire
ecosystem works and it takes a step back from I mean I kind of our world that we
talked about you know Bitcoin centric it’s a larger ecosystem there’s all coin
people in it there’s trading of course we’re strong handers so you get a better
perspective the guy is smart he’s doing real well for himself he’s he was
running the company before it was even into cryptocurrency it did stuff for
trading beforehand he’s an interesting guy and it’s just amazing the kind of
the tech that’s coming out of Israel he’s just one of many technology
companies and it was a it was an honor to have him on the show and not I don’t
know anyone else that’s interviewed and best guest in the space check it out
it’s definitely different it’s not tone BAE’s it’s not Vinny lingham it’s it’s
not uh he’s it’s not Simon Dixon it’s someone totally different all right
found that like fun so thank you very and guy you guys sent us super chats the
other day also flooring guy said $4.99 he says I
hope you I hope you invited more guys like this one smart knowledgeable and
not biased well thank you and he was talking about Yanni he enjoyed it so
that’s good and
link to below is more information about the debate or the discussion that Yanni
and aoudi will be having at the event in Tel Aviv on September 10th which is
tomorrow D and D D that’s the name of the event a blockchain week has been
going great so far I will talk about who I saw and met in the flesh yesterday but
first let’s go back to America real quick
now when tone days was on the show and that is linked to below Tech ball comm
shows all the discs in Bitcoin show he was on a few weeks ago he mentioned how
he was gonna come to Tel Aviv originally but he ended up he would’ve only been
telling me for a day he wanted to see Israel for like a week and so instead he
went to the a conference in DC in Washington DC you’re where I’m from I’m
from Baltimore originally and it’s called the black blockchain summit and
so tone is speaking at this and I said that’s also dude at it I think it’s
Howard University’s is putting it on their hashtag but they’re promoted the
event on Twitter it on I thought was hilarious Satoshi is black
hashtag Satoshi is black well that a just shows you man anyone can get in the
Bitcoin so good for them good for tone I hope it went well I guess it was today
so I thought that was a great hashtag on Twitter and don’t let anyone tell you
that bitcoin is just for certain people it’s for anyone no one is stopping you
from getting into this okay so good for Satoshi is black JC in my buddy JC had
this tweet and then he has a quarter so on two things I have learned FOMO is the
ultimate blindfold Bitcoin Pudge punishes the impatient I like that FOMO
is the ultimate blindfold Bitcoin punishes the impatient so he also told
me this quote which isn’t his words our kids will one day ask us why is gold
well if it’s not backed by Bitcoin love it we’re gonna talk about an older dude
who thinks Bitcoin should be backed by gold in a second again linked to below
or all the my different shows like the one I had the tres compilation show thee
the turd Meister compilations or Bitcoin focuses the name the series and we just
had one about the NFL also earlier today this is my second date show of the day
we’ll talk about that in a second eighteen million we’re almost at
eighteen million bitcoins mind I guess people will start talking about that
time really flies value your time in having’s
panel that like button okay what is this dad tapi arrow oh you you guys loved him
beforehand the security truth machine guy that’s how he just he described
bitcoin this traditional investor macro investor whatever you want to call him
he’s got a quote out their link to below is this what he’s describing is this
tetapi arrow line what I’m about to tell you guys about the trillion dollar tap
the arrow line oh yeah we’ve had the Hoffman line before that was the a
hundred million dollar line for the market cap but what is this a lot of big
money is managed by guys over age 55 given 30 years experience in traditional
portfolio management techniques and focused on traditional markets very few
can take the leap to believe in the investment case for Bitcoin as an asset
one trillion dollar market cap for Bitcoin will be a wake up call
and again that’ll be when Bitcoin is worth about fifty five thousand dollars
oh wow that’ll be quite a day don’t want to rush in value your time in having’s
but there you go tapi arrow line baby one trillion
dollars town that like button it real means something it’s gonna be a wake-up
call to those traditional investors and they will have missed out on what we
haven’t missed out on cuz they’ll be paying fifty five thousand a coin oh
it’s worse is worth my interest now that this
sector is worth a trillion dollars the Bitcoin market cap is worth a trillion
dollars but you and I we’ve known about this thing we’ve had the insider
information we didn’t need the tapi airline to reassure us we don’t even
need up is that my solve you needed the hop in line to keep your hands strong
some of you needed that but many of us here me in particular
check out the archives yeah yeah I nude up I need to bust into this when it was
in the 3-digit realm pound that like button
so yeah they can get into it when it’s in the pot in the the upper five digit
realm there 55k and uh yeah I’m happy the way things trade but it’s still
early because we’re not at the tacky arrow line yet now I want to point out
something in this thread in the dance happy arrow thread because he toured a
Meester said added to it he said it would only take about a 5x it would take
five it were 5x away he said we’re 5x away from the tapi
airline from betrayin dollars on market cap okay and so a guy with and I linked
to this guy particular in particular his tweets his reply his question he’s
called XRP 2020 freedom this is the kind of question that comes from someone like
XRP 2020 freedom he asked well well if the market cap that is gonna 5x what’s
what’s the price what would be the price of Bitcoin then and people were like
said well you know 5x and then again he said what would the price be I want to
know what the price a Bitcoin would be what would one Bitcoin be and again so
with people like that in that make up the entire market like this XRP guy that
doesn’t yeah it doesn’t understand what a market
capitalization is okay and he it would people like that
how are we’re supposed to soothe the having is priced in if he doesn’t get
what that is there’s no doubt there’s plenty of people just like him that
don’t know what the having is either it’s the wild wild west out there anyone
can get in this you don’t have to be a mathematician you don’t have to
understand eighth grade math or anything like that to get into this clearly and
so for people that’s what the market is made up of there plenty of plenty of
people that try the having isn’t priced in you you read would XRP 2020 freedom
center you tell me that this market made up of dudes like him having priced it
all right so Yahoo Finance this is from Friday and it’s a it’s a quote from Fed
chair Jerome Pat pal after Jerome Powell said this the price went down 100.8
hundred dollars price of Bitcoin went down eight hundred dollars that’s all
you got to have a strong hand because for some reason this are the market the
Bitcoin market the people that like to cause panic in the trading side of
things and this is their right they they play off of what people the Fed say they
try to they try to treat this like like the like the stock market everything
what the Fed says you panic over you try to interpret and what they don’t realize
yet is that it doesn’t matter what your own panel freaking says that doesn’t for
a long term for Bitcoin that does not matter but in the short term people
freaked out and this is definitely what caused it because R after he said it I
mean you can check the times whew he said we are following the whole question
of digital currency says Fed chair drone pal it’s not something that we are
actively considering for us it raises significant issues that we would want to
see resolved so basically it was a word salad that really didn’t give a very
clear opinion and people went they panicked so expect that to happen many
many many times in the near future there’ll be another word salad release
from some government official that doesn’t that won’t be very clear and
people will panic and then it will it will recover we’ve seen it happen many
many times we’ll see it happen again that’s why you got to do what the shirt
says strong hand strong hand you don’t care what your own what Jerome Powell
says all right there’s another famous Jerome out there and keep thinking all
right so uh oh yeah tech ball on Twitter that’s me you mentioned tech bar on
there it’s a good tweet I’ll retweet it best guest in the freakin space gotta
love this channel baby the biggest supply shock in the history of financial
markets yeah that is the upcoming having that we’ve been awaiting since 2016 and
oh little housekeeping here I’ve said a few times facebook.com slash disrupt
meister I made a bitcoinmeister Facebook page and I’m glad I did that now because
I discovered that for like last two years there been a there’s been a fake
bitcoinmeister a Facebook page so now there’s the real one it’s sad that a few
people out there a few and I know who they are they thought that was really me
on that fake Facebook page and it’s clearly not me the way the guys speaking
and kind of like pumping certain things guys so yeah now there’s the real one
the real fit which there’s not much on it’s just me posting a few my video
maybe I’ll do something big with it but at least there’s a real one now so
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grandma if you do if you do say Adam make a video about your dad and your
grandma your mom and everybody maybe that’ll be a Saturday show I don’t know
ok moving on there is something called I’m just not the biggest fan of did the
Facebook platform really not a big play in terms of like in terms of the
attention economy not a big in terms of you know putting my personal pictures
out there and stuff and having a backup copy of all these pictures I have saved
the various different places and backing out my families and so some friends for
some relatives some Meister’s and different states can see it it’s good
for that but I’m not trying to have the world see my nieces
nephews it’s legal I don’t care about fitting in that way and I don’t care
about fitting in at all the way that’s a Facebook and Instagram and stuff it’s
for people that wanna like I got a hot girlfriend oh look I got this that’s not
what it is for me and so I don’t want people that I don’t know to see that
stuff all right in I don’t know why anyone
would see it wanna see when I would I look like in 2007 what beer was Adam
drinking in 2009 in the picture he was intoxicated that that’s for the people I
was drinking with back then fin con Expo fincon Expo what is this thing I
stumbled upon its it was in DC and there was not one crypto or Bitcoin person or
Bitcoin sponsor or Bitcoin mention we’re bringing together two hundred-plus of
the best digital content creators and experts in personal finance and
investing to help you learn in a variety of formats okay
these are people who are supposed to know about personal finance and not one
is in the crypto currency or Bitcoin and not one of the sponsors they didn’t want
to have anything to do with it and there’s a lot of fancy sets of graphics
this was a big thing a big thing okay and it’s just hilarious it bear into
their fancy setting for efforts all these big talkers talking about complex
things you could do follow them buy their expensive courses oh look they
work for this big company dick and they’ve been preaching that for years
and years it’s simple as simple as this freaking channel all you had to do was
buying the frickin holes you don’t need fancy system you don’t need all these
200 people it’s rent and they still don’t get it there’s still people paying
thousands to go to that convention thousands to advertise at the convention
it had nothing to do a crook occur to me they’re you know they’re in the past and
it’s unbelievable but they had fancy says in graphics they got there 80
Center shares that makes them happy I would assume that that organizations
like that are going to wake up and at least get some cryptic scammers there or
some really shady off point freaks eventually I mean all right that’s
linked to below fee one check that now and again if you want to support this
show retweet the tweets and I have between quite a bit today here squat box
CNBC had Mark Mobius on and he’s some old dude and he started talking about
gold and and Bitcoin and that the blockchain can be broken into he is gold
is old personifying he’s why you want to drop gold mark Mobius you watch the clip
you tell me you still like gold after this he’s like well bitcoin was backed
by gold I’d be interested with the blockchain can be broken into okay so
you gotta ask yourself a serious question when you’re watching a guy like
this who’s who’s excited about gold and his uh when he doesn’t get excited like
I get excited I think he would anyway but are they just gonna go in that
direction really I mean twenty-year-olds people
are teenagers now are they gonna go with Mark Mobius this is why you buy and hold
this stuff speak about young people yeah well Christian you Christians been on
this channel before he’s got his podcast uh he eats tweets a he deems me today
and he says you know I’m gonna be in Tel Aviv
so he’s in Tel Aviv but and he wants to hang out because his Tel Aviv blockchain
week also Aaron Auer Vaughn weird um he sends me a DM yesterday he’s like are
you going to the big coin embassy I’ll meet you there
and of course Giacomo Zuko made it into town and so last night at the Bitcoin
embassy I met two guys that have been on the show before Giacomo Zuko and Aaron
gone weird of a Bigfoot magazine quite an honor
I’ll meet Christian I guess on Thursday night I think
I it’s great to be these guys were just like they are on my show and Christian
is too because I met him before he was even on the show long ago now but I
linked to a picture of Aaron and I in front of the Bitcoin Embassy in Tel Aviv
last night Aaron viburnum also has a great article
about a subject matter I talked about a few days ago these Shamir backups all
for the trays or for your your recovery seed you now can have it’s I explained
it in the previous video he explains it very well in his article it is only for
the Model T treszura and for those of you who say the ledger is better well
this is the Model T seems to be the best now if you can do this recovery seed
recovery method by splitting up by having like basically five different
recovery seeds and you keep them all in different places and in order to recover
your private key you only need three of them so if someone could steal one of
them someone could steal two of them and you still be great
so that’s linked to below Aaron is the best raider epic one magazine a great
guy to me in person and I’ll see him tomorrow Chelsea jacquimo and him
tomorrow at the at the event that I be on stage moderating the UT versus Yanni
discussion moving on Flaxman michael Flaxman Zen’s name have you ever heard
of a smart sounding friend say that they aren’t sure about bitcoin but they
believe in blockchain technology this is like saying you believe in airplanes but
you’re not sure about the wings and that’s actually a quote from Parker a
Lewis not Parker Lewis from the Fox series Parker Lewis can’t lose Oh pal
Matt like button for that 90s flashback so the NFL sees that guy I he had cool
shirts from the 90s Parker Lewis there’s silk shirts anywhere
that okay so I’m just a wee little meister that NFL season has started and
of course I have not watched an NFL game since 2015 but in honor of that I made a
video early today earlier today a Bitcoin focus video and it just goes
over some past videos of mine where I tell people you shouldn’t put a $100
deposit down with the LA Rams you should buy Bitcoin with that $100 and I just
quit watching NFL games you should buy Bitcoin you should learn about Bitcoin
and it’s all when the price of Bitcoin was in the 3-digit realm if you would
instead of putting down $100 deposit for season tickets with the LA Rams you
would have just bought a hundred dollars worth of Bitcoin then you would have
like over two thousand seven hundred dollars worth of Bitcoin now and of
course thanks to your $100 the Rams won the Super Bowl
thanks to my $100 I won the Superbowl pound that like button
now the financials but that that is linked to below and also I did a special
tweet of that LA Rams won that that is linked you should retweet that one it’s
just a two minute thing but please watch the video it’s linked to below it’s a
19-minute video you play the 2x you get that you’re some people are going to
bark because they’re like oh my god why I fell wasting so much money on it when
I could have been buying instead of buying hats and ridiculous things that
could be buying Bitcoin these they got people laughed with a goal what spike a
hundred dollars a Bitcoin what’s that that’s gonna make a difference in my
life well that daddy’s sure would’ve my lord
you’d have 20 and that’s what do you have twenty-seven hundred dollars with a
Bitcoin right now plus the B cash flush the be gold does our trip the dividends
that you get again when you’re holding your big coin when big pointy Forks or a
big coin their air drops you get crypto dividends yes you get interest on your
big point it’s a little-known fact but you get inside the information here
that’s the crypt of dividend process so reservoir has a a press release new Bitcoin only firmware
now available from now on we will be producing four different versions of
firmware regular full altcoin support okay so therefore different for the four
this is going to be the writ for the bitcoin and for the altcoin for the
treasure one and for the throat was it the treasure or Model T and I just want
the Shamir spit the Shamir thing is only for the treasure Model T I hope I said
that quickly enough for the the first one for the second one art for the Model
T which is the second one so okay so here so with the Bitcoin tell me will be
okay so let’s get to the point of what why are they doing a Bitcoin only
firmware release now for the Model T and the treasure you know you’re like I’ve
got all sorts of all coins on my my Bitcoin they say every Bitcoin
maximalist can now enjoy the wallet interface with nothing else but Bitcoin
all the features of treasure want a Model T available just the way you like
it Bitcoin only so clearly they got me the
word out that there’s some people that don’t want it they see all this extra
junk on there they think it’s junk on their tress or they don’t like it it
turns them off there were enough people out there I mean like oh Bitcoin Francis
Suffolk Abaddon he’s all about this there’s a there’s a certain clientele
that only want to deal with products that only do a bit so this is appealing
to them you can configure your Tresor so it’s only up for Bitcoin and so they
must know there are a lot of hardcore people that are into that so he tweet
bite or to Meester which sums up what I was trying to say I’m seeing significant
growth in Bitcoin only hardware projects it makes sense because it’s the most
broadly adopted platform and customers appreciate the security benefits and
this is elaborated on by Luke child’s very well in this tweet this in my
opinion is the main benefit of Bitcoin specific for firmware simpler more
focused code doing one thing and doing it well
signing Bitcoin transactions simpler code equals less thugs smaller attack
surface easier code maintainability faster to implement new features very
good points so instead of having dudes working on a million different things in
altcoin land and big corn land and releasing it all at the same time and
hoping it all works they’ve got some dedicated people are we doing Bitcoin
only doing very safe Bitcoin releases it’s obviously safer if they’re not
trying to do some white coin in a theory again we saw people working on that I’m
sure um for the other releases but for the big point only releases it I mean
cross your fingers that probably safer than they were before there’s less
chance of some type of mistake good point there what’s this dude’s name
again ru said Luke childs remember disrupt my sort of calm all my old
videos there’s like over 1400 of them dudes and most of you don’t have the
patience or the time to like search through them there’s great stuff and
that’s why I’m bringing you these Bitcoin focused videos where I just take
out the some of the very classic pieces of some of the old ones and just
combining in the stuff that you’ve probably never seen but who can watch
all 1400 of them well I lived through all 1400 of them I can tell you that you
could you’d be a better shape mentally I’ll tell you that your hand would be a
lot stronger if you watch all 1400 of them you would be very focused on big
coin you would have probably purchase Bitcoin a long time like me Nick Carter
he’s got a the most peaceful revolution bitcoin is a most peaceful revolution
the most peaceful revolution pretty good article link to below is inflation
really necessary in a free market economy she’s central banks really have
the right these are questions that Bitcoin have brought to up from below
more people are asking these things he’s saying she’s Chester banks really had
the right to arbitrarily set the price of money should the state really have
full discretion over one savings and spending should savers really be forced
to trust banks and ultimately taxpayer
to redeem and honor their savings what does an entry in a banks database really
mean first of all if you’ve got all those questions to scan the bitcoin
bitcoin made everybody ask those questions if you solve those questions
you have to worry about if you mean if you bring the pig over me and he said or
not one great point from this thing savers may not panic at negative one
percent interest rates reasoning that the bank is providing a useful service
after all they may grumble at negative three percent and start to wonder if
their monetary overlords really have it all figured out at negative five percent
they piled into gold and start to wonder about that Bitcoin thing okay and if
you’re getting charged negative 5% by bank and we’re probably gonna get that
beforehand we’re gonna probably get that eventually if you’re still dealing with
a bank I mean you’re really a Cu CK a B if you think you’ve got to get into gold
at that point I guess he’s talking about you know some of these goals and holder
traditional tunes but by that point if it’s gone to negative five percent
interest rates for your savings account dude you better have found out about
Bitcoin and you bet I don’t see how any way but that is a great point that we
will get will probably get some negative five percent interest rates one day
banks and I and just society will go on society will work as normal they’ll be
enough see you CK’s out there okay those are true 80 percenters at that point
I’ll stick around with this negative 5% on the savings I know it sounds insane
it sounds crazy now it sounds crazy but that is there’s few crazy thing there’s
people say you know the whole economic system cards peep the people the dollar
will hyper inflate and I say no that’s not gonna happen we’re gonna have hyper
Bitcoin is a no that’s not good there’s I say the dollar will remain
king of fiat and plenty of people will love the dollar and but we will get to
five negative five percent interest rates I think we will to get to that
insane world and be and because there’s a
so many blind followers out there that just I mean that’s the best I can get
I’ll let them charge me that they still they won’t get in the Bitcoin but plenty
plenty of people will get in the Bitcoin pineapple my that’s just like there’s 20
percenters or 20 percentage okay they’re gonna do what they’re gonna do and if
they’re getting robbed like that help you enough of them to get it’ll be it’ll
be a beautiful thing for us that won’t have a penny in banks at that point okay
maybe 5% Wow and I don’t know when that’s gonna happen I don’t wanna make
it yet but it could happen in this next decade all right 2020s Golden Age won’t
be the Golden Age for your old-fashioned savings account it’ll be a golden age
for your new fangled bitcoins already what else is here so I didn’t want to
clarify this people who I think had some questions about the the Tel Aviv event
this is a worldwide type of event I mean people are coming in from all over the
world and the language the international language of finance is basically English
I you know I guess it might be different in Japan Korea and China but everywhere
else Europe you know I’ve gone to events in Portugal they’re speaking English
okay so guys I know some people were a little confused if you come to an Israel
and event in Israel they’re speaking English Bitcoin embassy last night every
recipe that’s why Aaron and by giacomo you know can hang out there and stuff
they don’t know Hebrew I really don’t know Hebrew either I can read it
obviously Aaron a jackal to you but yeah so for those are your little confused
there everything is in English when I’m talking about these events these big
events in Tel Aviv it’s it’s all in English yeah they’ll have smaller events
maybe that are in Hebrew and stuff oh we’re talking about its blockchain week
blockchain week is all in English they want it’d be ridiculous for it to be in
Hebrew why would anyone come from out of Israel at that point it’s it
not many people speak Hebrew very few people all right we’re talking
about Nick Carter’s article and oh the court this I was should have mentioned
it this is from Friday mystery 94,000 Bitcoin transaction becomes richest not
exchange address all right so somebody moved a lot of Bitcoin into
one address 94,000 Bitcoin worth it could have been a big institution of
some sort and and some people this is well the rich are getting compete don’t
complain I’ve mentioned this many times there are
gonna be big institutions they’re gonna be stockpiling a lot of Bitcoin why
don’t you get Bitcoin before the next 94,000 Bitcoin address is created okay
before the next institution buys up fifty thousand big point you should
probably buy one big point before they do that because there’s a lot of node
pointers out there they’re saying how unfair how unequal such a systems
development is fair is fair totally fair they’re unequal is fair they this is a
free market anyone can buy it right now they just put a lot of I don’t know if
they bought all of 94 they didn’t just find 94 they rearranged everything okay
then just by 94 thousand whoever this is rearranged some stuff
whatever that’s their business that’s great that’s great we’re gonna see big
things like this in the future don’t let it bug you out don’t let it panic
don’t let it create envy this is the one Bitcoin show you start with one you get
the two three ten 200 whatever i’m adam meister the bitcoinmeister the disrupt
meister remember to subscribe this channel like this video shows video
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looking forward to seeing some of you in a few hours
at the Tel Aviv event it will be great to to meet some new people strong hand
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