Aloha YouTube it’s your boy Crypto
Rootz and I really feel like I need to express myself because I’m having some
very unhealthy thoughts in my head and I want to tell you the absolute absolute
truth about my experience with Brother polite as his mentee like I’m not lying
there’s no reason to lie I’m not trying to get anything that I don’t deserve
back I just want the money I invested back so I’m starting from the beginning
this may seem like a long story it’s a lot going on and so I was in Hawaii
doing my thing studying crypto studying programming and
like I said in my other videos I just I just hos I knew I had to make sacrifices
so I slept on the beach and a hammock and was just grinding until my
programming skills were good enough you know I’m saying and it just so happened
that my father died we weren’t that close
but I was on my own for a long time since I was 16 17 I was I’ve been on my
own you know I haven’t lived with them so and we weren’t that close but he
ended up having a heart attack he ended up dying and then our I found out that I
was gonna get some life insurance money and it just so happened I needed it cuz
I only had like 45 cents in my bank account
I just was grinding just saving my crypto I didn’t want to sell my crypto I
knew that one day it will go up and I was just freelancing hustling farming
trying to get any paper I could to survive Walmart you know so I ended up
getting that money and I thought I had two major decisions
me and the first one was just to buy Bitcoin and then travel Asia you know
South Korea’s Korea Asia and other was – like I was I’ve been following brother
politely like he woke me up into consciousness like he was the main
reason that in Bitcoin and I told him this you know like you woke me up into
consciousness and I started following his teachings I started doing the tax
liens I I bought a few of his books a few orders didn’t come through I didn’t
trip on it I 100 I just charged that to the game and I love this brother I
really really really love this brother from the bottom of my heart I didn’t
even know him all I knew of him almost virtually from what I saw virtually and
I knew that he had a lot of hate a lot of people hating him and I didn’t
necessarily understand why and everyone’s calling the mascara murder
people call him a fraud people this and against my own better judgment I chose
not to believe that I chose to believe that he had a more I he had a powerful
message and that you know I’m saying that it could really help our people our
black people out so I I hit him up one time for the mentorship because I was so
inspired after watching one of his live streams but when he hit me back I didn’t
have their money and I I felt so bad it’s so terrible I felt like I missed
out on an opportunity to change my finances and changed my life and be
brother polite smile so I said man if I ever have the money it was thirty five
hundred dollars the for the minimal mentee if I ever had that money I would
invest it with brother polite and I would change my life you know
financially yeah you know so I got I had the money it was over 100 green
and I head up a light like the moment I got out of the bank
I hit a brother polite and I said hey I got the bread I’m ready to start the
mentorship and he was like oh he realized that I was in Hawaii so it
wasn’t just like send a chase source in the world’s Fargo there’s two different
bank accounts so I had to send it wasn’t sending him money it was sending other
people money women man people I didn’t know about you but I thought are assumed
we’re his financial advisers or people in his financial realm so we were
texting we’re talking Western Union money Graham it was literally for like
weeks I’m sending him bread and so before the yeah I sent him bread for the
mentorship that alone and then once that bread was sent was $3,500 he started
talking to me give me the the mentorship and gave me the whole spill and I was
like wow man I can’t believe it like I can’t believe like I’m talking to
brother polite like I can’t believe like I’m in his mentorship and he was so the
first the first investment he was like so he has a deal with tax liens and if
he buys a bunch of tax liens at once then he gets a discount from the county
and it’ll cost me about thirty thousand dollars to invest in the tax liens and
he said I would he said I would triple my money or something like that
I don’t maybe wasn’t thirty thousand it was twenty five thousand I would triple
my money and a half that’s what he told me 3.2 times my return and he said every
14 days every 14 days that’s what he told me
3.2 times your return every 14 days from your twenty something twenty thirty
thousand dollar investment then whoa is crazy like I could come up like like
that just every two weeks and then so I started sending him that bread like wow
man I can’t believe this is really happening and um yeah so he told me I
would get back for forty two point three thousand dollars from that from the
money I sent him I was like Doh doh-doh and I think I paid for the trust – I’m
not even sure how much that call oh so what I said I slipped up and I fucked up
and I told him how much money I received that was my fault and I know in
retrospect he took full advantage of that he took full advantage and he’s and
as I said I’m sending him money I’m thinking like hey man like what else is
on the next level of the mentorship oh that’s about five thousand there’s
from five thousand nine and you get this and this you get another strings of
incoming it’s like three six and nine different streams of income so I’m
thinking like it’s just a little extra investment why not just get that other
mentorship why not just step it up a level
he was like all right cool send me the bread so I sent him the money
and um and then and then I’m like we do sending him more money I’m not even sure
like and then I’m thinking like wow I don’t know I was like what’s the next
level he’s like the celebrity mentorship and I’m like asked when I told him how
much money I got is like oh I’m gonna just keep you the the mentorship I get
Floyd and all the celebrities I’ll just give you that one I’m thinking damn like
for real it’s like dialing I’m just gonna get the celebrity mentorship from
Brother polite late alright like for sure and um and then later he was he was
like oh you want to come out with it I later buy a condo that’s gonna cost
seventeen thousand dollars was was just 17 grand for sure like no problem is
like oh my wife wrought a she’s property manager so manage it for you
you’re gonna be an entrepreneur you’re gonna you’re gonna be another stream of
income and I’m thinking he was like so when can you make it out to LA and I’m
like damn I don’t know like next week or something like you know I’m saying I was
just living out it so I ended up have enough money to live out of my van I’m
polite you know I’m living on my van right now I just got this bread I didn’t
I didn’t spend hardly anything you know I’m saying hardly anything I’m still so
in frugal state of mind and just you know I’m saying wanting to invest you
know and change my future and so yeah I bought the ticket you know and I bought
a few music instruments just to hold me down cuz I need my music spiritually and
then I bought a ticket to LA and then I was like yo I can’t wait to meet you I
can’t wait to meet you you know and I’m like yo yo so I go out to LA I go to I
forgot the gallery or whatever’s I forgot what they call it
you know over there in Beverly Hills and then you know so I made him a person
like he old man like you changed my life like like seriously brother I’m so
excited to meet you in person and I wasn’t sure what to do do oh he also
told me bring as much money in cash on the plane with you and I was like how
much can I can bring he’s like up to ten thousand dollars and so I brought nine
thousand dollars in cash and so yeah the moment I met him I gave him the $9,000
in cash and I didn’t know what was gonna happen and he was just like all right I
got things to do I need to hang out with my wife I see you later I’m thinking all
right let me just get like an Airbnb you know I’m saying I never hear every
Airbnb before and so so yeah and I’m just kicking into my
Airbnb thinking like all right what’s the nest next step and thinking he’s
like yo you can written one of my cars I own a part of the luxury car company
and how much I’m he’s like this is how much they can cost $1,200 and I’m
thinking damn so I gave him like three thousand dollars to rent the car or the
rental cars a luxury car and that’s when I that’s when the first sketchy thing
happened that I really that that the first came up and he so him innominate
and I pulled up I said hey you know you guys changed my life you guys changed my
life let’s go upstairs so and he was like I’ll be back later
what I’ll drop off the car later and I was like hey um yo I just want to go see
my old homies I’m from LA I want to go see my old homies and and he was like
I’ll drop off the car later no word from him that night and I hit him up late
like yo you still dropping this like yo oh yeah I’m if you still need me to drop
it off I’ll drop it off and I’m like all right it’s like you know I’m busy and
I’m like okay and then I think the next day comes by and he know nothing yet
and I’m like he’s like no I just want the car to be ready it was raining
somebody else couldn’t wash the car this the car washed and down to that and so
straight up no fucking car and I really think the next step after that yeah yeah
so and he was so that’s what happened and um I don’t know for some reason I
let it go because the next thing was like yo I’m about to go to Vegas this
weekend you want to come with me you want to come – I’m about to go in the
music studio we’re Vegas in Vegas I want to see if
you want to come with me you know you want to come and I’m thinking like yo
like what does that mean like do I got a drive behind you like are you
gonna be with your wise cuz he’s always like I don’t have any been around me I
don’t have any men around me so I was trying to be like respectfully it’s like
what do you mean like and I’m like yo I’m not sure and so that’s the first
time he flipped out it’s like did I ever tell you something like did I ever tell
you that I’m like nah bro I’m just trying to be just like I don’t know he
just kind of flipped a little when I’m like whoa all right like yeah of course
I want to go like of course like I’m totally down to go and I’m like you’re
I’ll even Drive I offer to drive it’s like nah no you don’t got to drive I
want to give me the mentorship I want to go over the mentorship with you on the
way there so just knock out a few things and I’m thinking dope man dough dough so
yeah we go and then I didn’t know it was Nina at the time but we go and pick her
up and then we go and pick up the camera man and so we start driving and then
literally like he was like a cheat you want to drive and I’m like all right so
yeah I pretty much drove the whole way there to Vegas and no mentorship for me
he was writing lyrics going over what Nina
he was doing other mentor ships and I’m just having to drive and then he’s
tripping out about how soon he needs to be in the studio because it’s gonna cost
them more money and so I’m literally speeding like speed
into Vegas I get the ticket I get the ticket and it’s like don’t worry put
that in your trust write it off it’s all good so I get and then we drive to the
studio and and yeah we get to the studio and then we were just chilling we’re
just chilling and then check this out so I stopped drinking I was going clean
because I’m thinking we’re brother play he doesn’t even smoke we he doesn’t
drink alcohol like I you know I’m saying like Dan I don’t even want to mention
marijuana like you know I’m saying and then he’s like yo you drink G and I’m
like no I don’t drink he’s like oh alright well can you run in
the store and coke can you go grab some some Hennessy for us and I’m like on the
way there I was like sorry bro but if I don’t drink
that’s my rule I don’t pay for other people’s alcohol he just didn’t say
nothing and so him and they go and they they they they grab the Hennessy and he
Rob’s like potato chips a bunch of fucking garbage from the from the liquor
store like seriously my and my health master teacher just eating a bunch of
fucking garbage grabbing a Hennessy bottle and I’m thinking damn yo you
apologize too much if we don’t fight you around again you not now you know why he
set this shit to me and I’m like damn man like I’m already fucking up with
this dude like I’m just gonna shut the fuck up and just just don’t say nothing
like you know I’m just not just shut up and don’t say nothing
so that’s so we hit the music studio that night
I stayed up I was attentive Nina the artist is wired for whatever fell asleep
I was soaked because it was my dream to be what brother polite it was also my
dream to be in a professional recording studio making a professional record so
p’lice like a let’s break out the shots let’s break out the shots and then he’s
like yo its spiritual its spiritual and you know I’m like yeah it’s kind of like
Bobby ham it I get it I get it here’s all right cool G so I take some shots
like I have you know I don’t want it literally I felt some kind of peer
pressure I just didn’t want to miss out on the vibe or ruin the vibe so we yeah
we did the Vegas thing obviously drove back and what ended up happening it was
him and Nina got in a big fight and Nina started disrespecting us and so he
flipped out I’ll need a really hard like extremely hard I guess that that moment
he felt like he could trust me because the whole time I didn’t tell him to calm
down I didn’t shut up I ignored the whole situation so it was afterwards I
told him back Nina food and I felt I got that moment
he opened up more to me he really you know and so is it still going I don’t even know I
think that the story goes so deep it goes so deep so it ended up happening
where we get back and we ended up going to dinner as one of the other live
streams and at the end of the meal I had to pay for everything it was like a four
hundred dollar bill you know I’m saying and I was just like whoa here’s like oh
that’s an investment gee that’s that’s putting to your trust put into trust I’m
gonna try to keep this as chronologically as as in order that can
but there’s so many different times and situations and every time I was driving
him I’m from the jungle I’m from Hawaii yeah I’m originally from LA but I spent
the last 10 12 years so there was so much pressure to drive in LA and get to
flight two things on time and just like you know and then I was getting pressure
from right at like why are you going so slow and you know and I’m worried about
driving his pregnant wife around I’m a net-like and so there was just it was a
lot of anxiety and stress on that and then I’m paying for air babies and I’m
just literally waiting on polite to call me I still don’t have no car oh yeah
when we get back to Vegas he’s like all right G all right G you know what you
can keep the car right now just drop us off right so I ended up having the car
for a little bit but it was his car I never got the car paid for you know I’m
saying so I was driving around a little bit I had a little fun but at the same
time I’m spending left and right Airbnb ease and fast food thinking like all
right so when are we gonna get this condo I’m gonna get this condo literally
like weeks and weeks went by and he was like yo pay for the front
also I had to pay for the furniture it was like we’re for a grand before I went
out there so I paid him that and he was like oh there’s real estate fees I had
people looking all over so I paid him that and then they ended up being
storage fees forward the furniture so I had to pay him that and I’m thinking all
right like I’m about to get all this back I’m about to get all this back and
there there’s just so many times where I had to rush him and his wives or him and
Nina to airport had to go pay for the baggage he’ll pay for this you’ll pay
for that all this I had to pay for him left and right and I’m thinking damn and
there was times like the first time I kept asking him for books Europa like
can I get a book when can I set up the trust when we can’t get a get the condo
and at that point I felt it was kind of cheaper just to sleep in the car you
know I’m saying so there was and then I hit a point where I’m like yo honestly
like I can’t do it and he just flipped out and he was just like you know what
I’m giving you your refund back I got a private interest Holdings account
dah-dah-dah I’m just gonna refund your money dah dah dah how disrespectful I
did all this work for you and I’m thinking like bout to cry like fuck did
I just ruin this opportunity or like change my life like man he’s just like
yo we need to meet up you know so he goes we meet up and we started building
and started talking and I don’t know he this is what he does he’s he’s a
magician with words but he ended up calming me down and I said all right
cool don’t worry he’s like yo oh yeah and just need a little bit more
investment right so I gave him like a couple thousand dollars two thousand
dollars and also man there’s just so many times and so
so I’m trying to think about all the times I gave him I gave him money and so
no the tax liens I can’t bug nothing I haven’t heard nothing he said that was
pending the trust never heard I was begging him for books hardly ever got
him you know I’m saying and then that’s gonna be part one right that’s gonna be
part one pause it