Hello guys, welcome to my channel today I’m going to show you the banknote and Coins in Taiwan. Let’s begin with this one this one is 2000 NT dollars and right here at the bottom. There’s a hidden number 2000 Okay and the back 2000 Next we have 1000 dollar NT 1000 and Still here you can see a hidden 1000 Okay and the back 1000 NT Continue we have 500 NT dollars 500 and still hidden numbers 500 it’s not very clear Okay and the back 500 dollars Continue we have 200 dollars bill 200 dollar the back and the hidden numbers 200 And we have the last one 100 NT dollar bill 100 NT dollar and hidden number It’s not very clear OK Alright continue we have coins This one is 50 NT dollars the back 50 in numbers 50 in Chinese characters Continue we have $20 coin hidden number 2001 the bottom the back Okay next one $10 coin this one and the back you can see the shape of Taiwan in Zero And the character 國泰 And you turn this side the flower and the character 民安 Okay, continue we have Five dollar coin Five dollar coin and the last one of coins one dollar NT one dollar NT Alright that’s all for the banknotes and coins in Taiwan Thanks for watching and don’t forget to subscribe I’ll see you next time. Bye