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speaking of jeep who again i mean more
people should know about him in the
Bitcoin community and people will
eventually people he’s got a great tweet
out there that has nothing to do with
Bitcoin but because this is the beyond
Bitcoin show remember this this show we
talk about health talk about philosophy
we talk a little bit about
cryptocurrency so if you don’t like that
then watch yesterday she found that like
button G says well he retweeted one no
he said this the rate of moderate to
severe depression rose from twenty three
point two percent in 2007 to forty one
point one percent in 2018 among us
college students Wow
so in 11 years us college students said
moderate to severe depression 23 percent
said they had that which is a lot back
in 2007 now 41 percent say to have
moderate to severe depression people are
living in a and this these are young
people panic prison the very definition
of panic prison people are not proud of
theirs of success anymore they are stuck
in this victim culture where victims are
glorified there’s drug use there’s
short-term thrills the pressure to fit
in and living up the standards
of beauty and what the the fakery that
they see on YouTube and TV that they can
never be in terms of these superficial
beauty and that and they want to fit
into that and there’s a lot of pressure
and fitting in is overrated and it’s
making people depressed and it’s just
all of all the news just it’s the end
though everything is the end of the
world everything is the end of the world
this is the worst president ever worst
weather ever worse this ever this is you
can see by young people who are bit
naive would become the press in any
panic prison people have to return to
aiming for success making success cool
again like we do here in this channel
aim high being wealthy it’s not a crime
being successful is not a crime
Hey found out like button and this the
the the depression thing I I do who
people tried to before they resort to
taking drugs for their moderate to
severe depression they just try to think
things out logically that the world is
not ending and that they do not have to
fit in welcome to the Bitcoin okay so
speaking about depression of the Jordan
Peterson who’s got who often he can he
can hit set a depressing tongue because
he says life is suffering and I don’t
believe that at all life is this
incredible opportunity to make so much
of yourself especially in this golden
age and Jordan Peterson is about to add
to this Golden Age with think spot and
he has an update and that’s why I’m
talking about it www.eso.org ESO media
site coming out well here you go we are
pleased to and I would it’s gonna
explain what it is to if you’re not
familiar we are pleased to announce that
starting September 30th we will begin
sending invitations to new users please
note that due to
immense interest we will be deploying a
rolling invitation process based on
registration data and limiting the
number of new users each week our goal
is to extend invitations to everyone on
our wait list within the next eight to
ten weeks and we greatly appreciate your
patience during this initial rollout
period okay guys September 30th that’s
pretty soon be patient and then be
patient once that happens a mission hat
ping spot is to promote meaningful
respectful discourse that enables an
open exchange of intelligent ideas
inciting users to challenge perspectives
and discover interesting and informed
view points okay we’re looking forward
to this forum whatever it is
good luck Jordan you are competing you
are not complaining so I look forward to
seeing seeing this site and yeah I am I
know it’ll take until after September
30th I’m patient I have long term
thinking now I don’t need fancy success
for graphics either it doesn’t have to
be fancy and and this sounds like it
won’t be fancy it’s just gonna be pure
glorious information yeah speaking of
pure glorious information many of you
know I have watched and listened to
baseball followed the Baltimore Orioles
since I was a youth a wee little
six-year-old or something I was so done
when my dad started talking about it
with me and I can remember we’re talking
about 20 game winning streaks I guess
you never know they might go to 20 game
winning streak he told fun but he one of
the things I would do with my father I
would listen to the Orioles on the radio
was we didn’t have cable and it wasn’t
always on regular TV and my father of
course only grew up listening to
baseball on the radio every everybody in
America in America listen to baseball on
the radio and I could I could picture
the game in my head and radio a it was
all I needed
and now and I was so satisfied with that
forum entertainment
I could listen and then think it all out
and you know and have the whole thing
going on in my head and today such
entertainment so few people can can do
they can’t picture things for themselves
they need fancy sets and graphics so
work on picturing things in your head
okay you don’t need to see fancy set
because that’s no one’s the fancy sets
and graphics it’s distracting you there
really isn’t any content at that point
you’re just mind um and you’re not
really even thinking like things are
exploding in your face and you’re like
ah be have your mind working where you
can listen to a podcast and you’ll have
listening comprehension you’ll
understand it and then you’ll be able to
picture it all figure it all out in your
head so there there are some benefits of
being a baseball fan or growing up being
a baseball fan because it did strengthen
my ability to picture things in my head
and to listen carefully ah because you
know you need to know who’s on second
and tell me else there are having
strikes there are who’s pitching who’s
up who’s up next
alright but again listening people if
you are if you’re watching some fancy
second graphics crypto show
cryptocurrency show and you’re not
paying attention it’s not benefiting I
mean if you are understanding there’s a
lot of people who just want to feel
smart I guess and they like well I put
in my 15 minutes I heard this technical
show didn’t understand a word but hey
it’s hot no it’s not helping listening
comprehension alright and I so speaking
about listening and hearing this is a
good segue my grandmother I was talking
to my grandmother yesterday and many of
you know she’s 96
and her hearing is has gotten real bad
there’s a number who knows what what the
real reasons are she had her thyroid
taken out and they might have messed
something up in there that she said
anyway that the point is she’s saying
Adam uh your mother took me to Costco
and we ordered a hearing aid and I’m
gonna get it in a month and she was very
excited about this this hearing aid
because I again it’s it’s deteriorated
really okay if you’re standing behind
her and you start screaming I don’t
think she can hear anymore and once I uh
I had to take her I haven’t told the
story before I had to take her car to
get gas or to fill her tires up I got
into the car I turned it on and the
radio was on it was like a torture
chamber he’s so incredibly laughs like
for a normal person with normal hearing
it was physical torture how loud she had
with us only wish she could hear but my
point of bringing all this up and she’s
on the road baby found that like button
and her license doesn’t expire until
she’s 100 now that like but now but it’s
amazing you go to Costco warehouse the
Costco warehouse and get yourself a
great hearing aid apparently it is the
third if you link to it below on this
Costco warehouses page the third thing
they have listed that the warehouse
services gas station food court and
number three is hearing aids so we’re
living in a society today where a lot of
people are going deaf a lot of people
are living longer and they can just go
to the Costco and get there if they’re
hearing hopefully improved and it’s good
it’s it’s an amazing time that we live
in I think I can get all as a positive
and a lot of people complained all these
these Walmart’s these warehouse places
they’re so generic they’re so horrible
and again yeah there are but people it’s
a one-stop shop you can get your you can
get your food you can get your hearing
fix hey and you don’t have to go there
but it is convenient for a lot of people
a lot of
lower-income people people on fixed
incomes and whatnot so and it’s some
good stuff she’s getting a good good
good hearing aid it’s a golden age we’re
living in okay and we should be happy we
lose a lot of people complained all
Walmart as evil Costco is evil evil evil
evil okay well did you don’t participate
in that compete don’t complain
I’m happy Mike I’m very happy that my
grandmother can get our hearing fixed at
Costco she doesn’t have to go to the
doctor the ear doctor or whatever with
all the crazy insurance stuff all right
I’m saying things like that should be
easy it really should be easy the whole
medical experience should be easy like
that you should just be able to a Costco
all this paperwork is ridiculous and but
regulation has made it ridiculous but
hey I I’m not complaining I I just
picked when I first of all stay healthy
and that’s one of the things you III
wear and I’ve talked about this before I
have I do wear earplugs when I am in
loud places which is very very rare now
but when I was younger I did I was in
loud places quite often and I would wear
earplugs and one of things my
grandmother says is she says that she
thinks she lost her hearing because she
always sit at the club that my
grandfather and her you know the social
club that my grandfather and her belong
to you she they would be sitting near
the band a lot and she thinks that
master here so okay may you prepare that
you don’t need hearing aid in the future
you don’t need to rely on doctors and
whatnot you stay healthy I mentioned
other ways to stay healthy besides your
ears and I can paint I can pay for
things out of pocket if I got for it I
need a doctor and all that stuff okay
you’re you safe long-term thinking
comment like button ah what do we have
here we oh this is a YouTube video Oh
dick Tulsi Tulsi Gabbard was on Dave
Rubin show
and I watched the whole thing and she
Google has too much power she said and I
don’t I think it’s be us it’s a PS line
and it’s based on envy and her just
appearing on this show shows that the
media landscape has changed so much she
would never have even been a serious
candidate in the old days before Google
okay it doesn’t think about that at all
they have too much power
yeah if they did not exist she the whole
tulsi phenomenon would not exist okay if
YouTube did not exist which is part of
Google no no I would know her no one
would know she would have been
considered a second or third tier
candidate that made the first two
debates or whatever the heck she made
her name wouldn’t be known at all she’s
got a cult following in before YouTube
and she would never have any chance that
you can have a cult following or
whatever she has so Google has too much
power is if a line that appeals to the
masses know a and again she she’s not
used to what she’s gonna have to get
used to you that corporations like
Google and Facebook are can be more
powerful than countries and shouldn’t be
allowed to print their own money if they
want to make their own cryptocurrency
pound that like button and I did predict
that candidates Bernie was on the Joe
Rogan show that there would be more
appearances like this and so she comes
on Dave Rubin show and she’d also been
on Joe Rogan show before but Dave Rubin
show is not as big as your Oh bitch oh
hey this is an amazing time we’re living
in and I’m not a political guy at all
but they in the old days if you were you
had to you know hope ABC or NBC or CBS
were talk about you now you can go on
these shows on YouTube and people you
will get a cult following and she
complains about she complains about the
DNC that the Democratic National
Committee and she is free
not to be a Democrat okay she doesn’t
like their rules that they kept her off
in the third debate and you know the
bigger question is why does she stick
with the Democrats if she doesn’t like
the DNC it’d mean the DNC is free to
make up as arbitrary rules okay they can
ban anyone from their debates they are a
private god they’re a private political
love organization and political party I
came in say the word so that they can
you know if they don’t like her and
tough look the question is why is she
sticking with him and uh she’s free not
to be a Democrat you know why not run on
principles and and it boils down to this
that the Mott she wants the mindless 80
percent deliver to her so many of the
politicians want that they won’t leave
they won’t leave these clubs
he’s they won’t become independence
because they they know that just having
addy next to their name for certain
people will deliver so many mindless
votes and if they can get to the top of
that pyramid somehow that they’re gonna
get a lot of mindless votes the same is
true on the ER side too okay
there’s just they don’t value twenty
percent and I mean this is what the
disaffected democracy boils down to
you wanna debt as as many 80 percenters
as possible as it takes little work the
20 percenters who are the producers it
takes work to convince them it takes
work to stick with your principles that
are going to attract the 20 percenters
so yeah my rule caters toward the mob it
caters for the 80% and that’s what she
wants she wants that’s I mused that’s
why she doesn’t drop the Democrats she
it does not have enough confidence in
her when she believes in in her in her
values in her putting her principles
that she can win an election and it’s
probably and it’s true you aren’t gonna
win a lot of elections on principles and
she knows that so she wants the dancing
to deliver it to her all right so she’s
animal when it boils down to it I know a
lot of people are gonna like that but
she maybe she’s a little bit outside of
the norm I give her that she doesn’t say
the usual Democratic talking points but
in the end she won’t leave their
plantation she won’t leave that
so this boils into a subject I just had
randomly written down desire for 80% of
market fuels so much in society people
are not satisfied with sticking with
their principles and getting their share
of the 20% they want to fit in and the
beauty of Bitcoin is we don’t need to
care about the 80% we don’t need to care
about what the 80% defines is fitting in
we can be successful in the lands of 20%
hey even even outside the Bitcoin
overlay there are plenty of businesses
you can start that don’t need to fit in
the mainstream society that appeal to
20% producers are 20% yeah 20 percenters
so so but so many people are blinded by
the majority by the 80 percenters like
let me dumb this down as much as
possible so I could get as many people
and then I don’t stand for anything I
have no principles
I say you stick with your principles you
appeal to the 20% or some of the 80
percenters will buy your product I think
you there’s there’s a lot of money to be
made off of 20 percenters and you stick
with your principles and you can expand
it from there and an 80 percenters will
join people think of appealing to the
masses the 80 percenters creating some
dumb down thing is a shortcut to victory
and perhaps for some but appeal there is
great wealth in the 20% there is great
among the 20% so you don’t need to make
some nonsense fitting in product was in
a long run it will fall work principle
principles last principle people last
pound that light button
hey I know some unprincipled people what
life is it
just some unprincipled people are gonna
win – okay fine you you do what you’re
gonna do okay follow me on Twitter tech
I’ll tch be alt me hang on
all right now mgt o w money he’s got a
video out there three red pills it’s a
really good video it’s linked to below
of course everything I talked about slip
to below here is three red pills that he
added that he stayed you could depend on
no one to your friends will rarely
celebrate you and three life is not
there which is something I just said so
yeah you can depend on no one that is a
great point to pendulum yourself
personal responsibilities new
counterculture to your friends will
rarely celebrate you and yes what he
means by that is most conventional
people living in conventional lifestyle
you know living in nine-to-five if you
say oh I did something really cool
like these are so well in Bitcoin don’t
expect them to be happy for you don’t
get your your happiness from them and
don’t get your sadness from them either
because many of them are gonna be
envious and many of them just not going
to care and that’s their right don’t
derive your satisfaction from other
people derive it from yourself again
create don’t don’t let others be your
gatekeeper you don’t need to fit in fit
in with yourself be happy with yourself
life is not theirs number three and yeah
it isn’t fair
life isn’t there keep on room you’re
gonna have bad things happen to you stay
in motion and the less dependent on
people you are the better your life will
be okay so that’s that that’s something
to remember also because if you if life
really isn’t fair when you’re depending
on other people and they just drop you
in a second or it doesn’t seem fair
it actually that’s just that’s just like
you if you what’s fair is when you’re
you know you’re gonna do the best for
yourself you’re going to be fair to
yourself if you’re depending on someone
else to those within you all right so
it’s a great video check it out link to
below Baltimore Sun opinion piece about
Howard County redistricting Howard
County is a suburb of in the Baltimore
area and it’s got some of the best
public schools in the country apparently
and they want to bust people around they
say it’s segregated oh my oh my all
those buzz words are coming out to make
everyone feel guilty about how things
the way things are let’s say you move to
a certain Street specifically so your
child can attend River Hill High and you
are suddenly told that you that know
your progeny isn’t going there but to a
less well regarded school farther away
maybe you paid tens of thousands more
for your home because it was near River
Hill and yeah so a lot of people are
angry about that and that’s that’s the
thing you are you’re too dependent on
the government and people will continue
to be too dependent on the government
for public schools and the government is
random the government succumbs to
pressure that oh this is – the school is
so – segregated so all those people who
thought they were gonna send their kids
B schools who paid thousands more in
property taxes you paid hundreds of
thousands more for their houses well
tough luck they’re going to the bath
school now and so many of those people
are gonna pick up sell their houses move
along play in that Fiat dollar realm
that so many of you think is going to
disappear it’s not disappearing for it
for reasons like this okay because the
see you CK’s out there they don’t they
love having a big fancy houses love
sending the kids to the bit best public
schools they don’t save to send in the
private schools they don’t have the time
to home-school them so they need to fit
in baby doll
if they’re gonna send to these kids to
these lower income schools where the
kids are all misbehave I mean that I
understand they don’t want to if they
aren’t stuck in this public school realm
because they’re stuck in the dollar
realm they’re stuck in the plane as
property taxes realm they’re not going
to send their kids to two places where
their kids are gonna get hurt where it’s
dangerous with the lower income with the
impulsive the kids that were produced by
impulsive parents okay so they will real
fully sell their houses pay higher taxes
take the losses all in dollars work
harder hours keep on moving to get keep
away and some might eventually submit
kissa private schools a few might
actually homeschool what they want they
this is a form of welfare dollar also it
really is because they are they think
that well they think they’re getting the
best school that money can buy when in
fact they can get redistricting in a
second and the really the best school
money can buy is if you send your kids
to private school or better yet
homeschool them because the public
school the government schools can just
change on a dime just like that bus in
busing students they’re gonna be
impulsive and misbehave or bust your kid
to a new school so yeah I understand my
people in Howard County are up in arms
and some are not being politically
correct some are just bending over and
take and taking it either okay but they
it’s personal responsibility as a new
counterculture they got they opted into
this public school they didn’t have to
smoke kids the public school so they got
to deal with these consequences and so
this is a huge part of people’s lives
their kids their public schools their
redistricting and this is another big
reason why I’m telling you people the
dollar isn’t going anywhere the whole
United States tax system a lot of it
depends on people receiving welfare
people receiving free public school the
best public’s going to the best public
school paying the high taxes it’s all
it’s not going anywhere but my advice to
you if you’re trying to have if you’re
thinking about having kids take this
into consideration how are your kids
going to get educated are you gonna do
it or are you gonna rely on public
schools which is gonna which may inflate
your income tax bill and are you going
to need to fit in with everybody else
and have that nice big house in Howard
County all right
and because things can change on a dime
when you’re depending on the government
they can just read district in a second
yesterday I mean last Saturday show
after the show I walk the walk as I told
some people like I’m gonna start doing
some runs after I eat instead of before
I eat so write yesterday’s show well
when I when I film Saturday’s show when
it was live I actually ran two point six
miles it was like 11 o’clock at night I
eaten a few hours beforehand like well
four hours five hours beforehand
and yeah I ran two point six miles in
the streets of Tel Aviv I thought all
right little cut the food in me a little
bit there uh so yeah I experimented and
I just don’t talk totalk I walked the
walk I did it a little later in the week
enough I think it takes you it no no I
didn’t do it again I did something
different but anyway but the point is
well also when I was one of the reasons
I’m bringing up the story this is I’m
running 2.6 miles through the streets of
Tel Aviv on a Saturday night and when
she bought obviously ended so a lot of
people were out on the streets and
someone says Adam Adam and I look sure
enough there’s a girl I know from
Baltimore just walking around what a
what a small world it is but you could
be walking you could be running in ball
to be running at Tel Aviv and running to
somebody from Baltimore as if you were
running on the streets of Baltimore so I
thought I would I would add that a
friend of mine from some classic of
Baltimore Times
all right who’s apparently moved here
now as a teacher here
what do we have here yeah it’s talking
about bitcoinmeister on steam it there’s
also so many things are anything here’s
the in motion tweet from James clear
remember people this is beyond Bitcoin
show that’s why we’re not talking about
thing all right James clear said a
principle a principle for writing
investing and life in general it is much
easier to notice when something is
working than to predict ahead of time if
it will work take action make many small
bets and run lots of quick but
thoughtful experiments then double down
on the winners that’s being in motion
right there that is being in motion you
know keep keep trying new things don’t
do it if they fail then move on
you know don’t get obsessed with certain
new things but always be think always
Network always create ideas write down
ideas take action put out new types of
videos whatever you got to do alright
because things aren’t going to change if
you’re actually not doing and
experimenting compete don’t complain is
this was this here if you don’t like a
system okay like the public school
system that I was just describing if you
think that’s unfair if you think a
system is wrong and don’t participate in
are you only legitimize and there are
people out there you know complain about
the banking system but then they’re in
the banking system we saw an account at
Wells Fargo and you know it if you don’t
like it opt out of it you just
legitimize it and you help to grow by
talking about it and complaining about
it being part of it and hey that’s why
the Bitcoin just opted in the Bitcoin
often the Bitcoin overlay participate
that in that instead of complaining
about all these other things you
complain about that you don’t opt out
all right and remember if this channel
my elite friends I first to say hello
Maile friends
but something I want to remind to you
guys is that being elite nothing wrong
with being elite making success cool
again success is cool you do not have to
be a victim you do not have to live in a
panic prison individualism is the
accomplishment collectivism is the
default you do not need to fit in but
you’re going to have to work to be that
individual and yeah you can be
successful as an individual i’m adam
meister the bitcoinmeister the disrupt
meister getting the bitcoin first of all
pound that like button bang that Belva
and click on all those squares out there
back to the regular one bitcoin show on
sunday and of course if you want to
listen to this go to sports monster calm
as for all my podcast Arcia