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a tweet from doctor 0.0 I know this guy
is if you remember this is the beyond
Bitcoin show so we’re gonna talk about a
lot of subjects that don’t exactly
pertain to Bitcoin but I’m gonna tie
Bitcoin into a lot of things today we
are going to talk about
mmt modern monetary theory today oh yeah
I very interesting stuff lately I’ve
been learning about that so but let’s
get to this tweet if you share Elizabeth
Warren’s paranoia about big companies
why should you be eager to give the
largest employer land owner investor in
the country with the worst accounting
and least accountability more control
over your life ok so the person is
asking if you’re lucky you know
Elizabeth Warren will she tell
everyone she’s not a big fan of big
companies she likes the scapegoat them
publicly at least who knows what she
really thinks but her public persona is
blame the big companies playing them
let’s tax them let’s steal from them and
this person is wondering uh well you
don’t like big companies you don’t like
they’re too big but you’re you’re down
with the big bureaucracy you’re down
with the United States you trust the
United States you trust governments and
and they’ve clearly shown their least
accountable and you want to give them
more control over your life and the
reason for this is 80 percenters believe
that government is a magical entity
exempt from normal standards yeah so
what the government uh hires a bunch of
beneficence from people the government
doesn’t seem that seems to waste a lot
of money but they’re better than private
corporations and that’s what people
think that’s what the 80 percenters
think and the people it’s easy to blame
these corporations they’re their profit
seeking the government is a profit
seeking so they’re they’re good they’re
good they’re virtuous they’re not trying
to make a profit and everyone else is
saying they’re good and that’s that
collectivism is the default
individualism is the accomplishment
personal responsibility is a new
counterculture people what the
government to take care of them that’s
that’s the bottom line in all of this so
they’re they’re all they’re going to
default to that well that’s the
government’s led my parent the
governor’s that my mother my father how
can they be that they’re right the big
businesses are sinister so let’s I’ll
stick would think there’s no they don’t
they don’t see the logic in that if
they’re they don’t like big faceless
organizations big organizations that the
government is the worst of them all okay
whatever that’s their choice they can
default to their collectivism and the
more of them to do that that’s fine
you go to individualism you have a
chance to beat them in the game of life
basically be more
ever every opportunity that they’re too
scared to jump on you jump on so you’re
you’re winning there that’s the thing
when you you’re depending on the
government and you see business and
profit and capitalism as a bad thing
we’re leaving that’s my framing of that
is that all those people are leaving the
door of opportunity open to the
individuals who can work hard and this
do do the business thing and not depend
on the government and be proactive all
right so let’s talk about one of my big
things in life that I think all of you
have gotten by now he’s that you’ve got
to avoid the noise in life and in this
internet era in this social media era
and this Golden Age there’s a lot of
great stuff you can learn on the
Internet the Information Age is great
but with the increase of access to
useful information comes the increase in
exposure to totally useless information
and you can just get caught in a
downward spiral of living your whole
life in the noise okay when in the
cryptocurrency space its crypto noise
there is so much crypto noise and fun
that’s just a complete waste of time
and all these catchphrases that
buzzwords you shouldn’t even worry about
but people get hooked into it and it
just totally wastes their time and but
in overall in general in life because of
the Internet the information out there
the attention economy people go down the
path of noise and virtue signaling and
fitting in to this world of noise the
more fake outrage that you have the more
the more attention you can get the more
you can feel like you can fit in but
it’s not productive attention it’s not
productive at all so there is a coup and
these new so-called news outlets they
know that the fake outrage that fake
outrage noise stories they sell they
sell when you hit the emotional you
trigger points in people they’re going
to click they’re going to get obsessed
with it they’re going to want more of it
with all that in mind the Baltimore Sun
has an article about a restaurant called
the Choptank in Baltimore I guess it’s
in downtown Baltimore and and again I’m
from Baltimore originally I’m in Tel
Aviv right now I’ll be back in Baltimore
on Thursday know for a few weeks before
I go to Australia more on that later in
the next show I guess but so the the
Choptank had a sign that it says their
dress code now again the Choptank is a
restaurant they have private property
rights I believe that among you know in
this world of noise and virtue signaling
one of the things that people have
quickly forgotten about his property
rights property rights it that’s a
common that is just that’s a core
important belief of my value of mine its
if you if it’s yours you can do what you
want to do on it and use it you don’t
have to let anyone touch it you don’t
have it and you don’t have to let
someone change it you know this is yours
they shouldn’t be able to change it it’s
yours it’s your property it’s your house
you if you own a house you just don’t
let anybody in your house this is your
right it’s your property you and they
should respect that if they say hey can
I come in your house you say no that’s
that’s normal I mean come on but in this
day and age there are a lot of people
who have forgotten about that and it was
fake outrage so they they don’t
understand property rights anymore so
the sign gave a dress code and I guess
to started out on Twitter which is the
home of fake outrage and noise if you
use it the wrong way and they said it
was racist
the dress code I couldn’t wear baggy
pants or you couldn’t wear sunglasses at
night and this so everyone was picking
up on this story I couldn’t believe it
it started out in Baltimore attending
and of course they don’t guilty about it
and the sunglasses wearing people he
they can’t get into the Choptank okay
the Choptank won’t let sunglasses
wearing people in if the sunglasses
wearing people in the middle of the
don’t don’t don’t like that the Choptank
doesn’t like them then go to a place
that you know that lets you eat with
your sunglasses on in the middle of the
night in Baltimore City okay just just
fill another place and compete to open
up a restaurant but that Nicator is the
judge the people that wear sunglasses at
night compete don’t complain
but there so people just look the
pile-on when they think they can
virtually signal and and get I guess get
more hits and who knows what would it
all means but this it’s such a simple
thing to me but again it becomes a
tremendous story so my takeaway from
this is again I only link to the
Baltimore Sun story I didn’t even you
know you look at the Twitter
conversations and all the emotion
involved in it hey just just avoid avoid
the noise in life and that that is a
huge source or source of noise stories
like that I mean how many of these
impulsive people would rather spend on
rest from I mean it’s a restaurant
okay it’s not like a life it’s not like
a hospital you don’t have to go to the
restaurant the restaurant is one of the
biggest luxuries of the Western world of
your privilege I mean because everyone
it is a great time I don’t like to use
the word for Lizabeth to live in the
United States you live in a better life
than most everybody on the planet okay
and to be able to waste your money on a
restaurant and have a choice of
restaurants to go to and and then they
complain well the these people are
horrible people they’re racist because
they up there they posted a dress code
they don’t want certain certain people
to dress a certain way in their own
restaurant and I just I just wonder how
many of these people are complaining
about income inequality eating at these
expensive restaurants and then at the
end of the day blaming everyone then
someone else’s fault that they’re so
poor or they’re not as rich as Bill
Gates I mean it’s just it’s a fantasy
world but
in this golden age the positive framing
you can get in all this in this world of
some what you’re so comfortable
people are so comfortable they find
things like this to complain about and
to become obsessed about so don’t waste
your time being obsessed with things
like that be productive in that time
period watch videos it’s UX learn from
them don’t be impulsive don’t need a
restaurant use save instead of spend and
we’re gonna talk about that in a second
so individual property rights above all
pound that like there’s there’s
reticular again these are it’s always
someone else’s fault it’s someone else
go to another restaurant okay don’t go
to restaurant at all save money CNBC
story what is this alright this this is
a kind of couple stories I linked to
below they’re about the saint ones them
from August and one is actually from
last year this deals with restaurants
Americans putting more of their budget
toward eating act so it’s increasing
more more people are eating out that’s
how much disposable income people have I
mean this validates the welfare dollar
to me they can keep on printing these
dollars and and people people getting
more and more and they just throw it
useless things like eating out they
still have no savings at all if you’re
if you’re getting this if you’re getting
dollars whatever way you’re getting
dodge from work from welfare from
wherever you should get real assets with
them as fast as possible bitcoin it’s
that easy okay gets a big coin before
you eat out at a restaurant restaurants
spending set to hit high in 2019 as
consumers spend more of their budget on
dining out that’s that’s amazing again
these are the people that are
complaining about income inequality they
don’t they don’t have the first clue
about what savings is and what what
spending is okay what assets are and
what stuff is
they just confuse they people getting
more and more stuff and they’re
wondering why the people they don’t have
assets they’re wondering why they’re in
the financial predicaments that they’re
in how about that and and this is
another thing and the other link is
restaurant it is it just shows what the
percentage of people’s income they spend
on restaurants but one easy way people
ask me how do you afford travel how do
you afford to travel well I never eat up
and if your motion you don’t need that
when you try to no I never eat however I
haven’t eaten out I haven’t paid for
some someone’s taking me out to dinner a
couple times in the last nine year or
whatever since 2013 2011 maybe I’ll even
know the letter no no I haven’t paid to
eat out other than I there was a
bachelor party or something I consider
that a present when I did that once but
take it like I took my ex-girlfriend out
on 2011 is the last time I take money to
eat to sit down and eat and then people
will afford to travel around the world
that’s how I do okay the people that II
think they work in offices they go out
they eat lunch at the eat lunch out
every day of the week every day of
weekend and then they go get pizza at
night and Carrie I miss that I don’t do
any of that for years for years and
people are gonna live life dude that’s
living life to me that’s on living life
look at the good life you make your own
food it’s delicious it’s fun oh it’s so
healthy and IV and I believe I
definitely lived life dumb things that
I’ve regretted definitely do okay it’s
not all about you know the rock and roll
lifestyle people trust I tasted it
before and you get good stories from its
Shore but I mean you can gets real sick
Rebecca look if I do go back don’t that
got a little off track there you know
it’s not a guess
and rock and roll I came and say that SD
in rock and roll it’s not it’s not about
that you know it’s whatever you know the
satisfaction of life happiness and life
that from what I’ve seen in life you
know the SD in rock and roll
it can be fun you can get a buzz off of
it for a while but if it means you get
burned out and there’s little meaning
behind it in the end of the day but yeah
now we’re going to talk about nmt modern
monetary theory okay which has actually
been it’s just it’s gaining popularity
because of aoc okay and so a lot of
people including myself when I heard
about it that she was the one promoting
it I was I was immediately turned off by
the entire thing because you associate
her with socialism and then you you
associate M&T with socialism now I will
say this very quick mmt definitely he is
associated with statism no doubt about
it is statism okay so I’m not a status I
don’t like the government interfering in
the economy okay but and this is a very
big but I like big butts state that
since 1971 we would you know say
something off the gold standard and you
can’t deny that the dollar is a total
status creation since then it’s backed
by nothing
it’s totally backed by nothing just
belief in the dollar belief in the
United States they print it they borrow
it they date whatever it so get that
down nineteen seven and we’re not going
back to nineteen there’s no gold
standard that’s it
I know a lot of the tumors think one day
they’ve been dreaming of that for 50
freaking years okay not happening so the
reality on the ground is that we really
are living in a modern monetary theory
world right now okay
we’re really living that’s what the
dollar is right now they just print it
whatever and you can describe the way
they print it any way you’d like to
it has nothing back
but the United States and people believe
in it they get welfare in it and they’re
not going to stop believing in it and a
lot of people it’s people just don’t
want to admit that they think people
should be smart enough to understand
that it’s just it’s just a piece of
paper how can they keep believing in it
well they keep using it too they want
all these stuff they want to keep on
going out to restaurants and every night
of the week and thus they’re not going
to just say well the thing I’m using to
pay for the restaurants is worthless now
hook line & sinker into that they’re not
gonna change that paradigm in their head
now going to the mmm tears again I want
to say oh god I jumped I really jumped
around here second hang on
I am it some mmt people they think to
solve that the United States government
just people printing more and more
dollars even more so than they print nap
and those dudes they they’ve got the way
they book the world or the country is
that there are people in need okay and
they think these people need can’t help
themselves so that and they’ve seen in
the past that the dollar has been
printed to bailout backs there’s no
doubt about that when the bench were in
trouble when the banks were in trouble
they were given money they just knew one
he was printed out and given to them
that can’t be denied did that happen
okay so these people and then tears say
well why can’t poor people be given
money they can be paid to do jobs and
don’t do the government could make up
jobs for them to do or why can’t we do a
green new deal that will save you now
I don’t it really it’ll save the
environment if the banks were given
money why can’t baby and it’s it’s
actually it’s an argument it is it isn’t
argument now those people who say that
purely say that let’s just print money
and they don’t because a lot of mmm
tears are like well print a bunch of
money will pay for all these programs
with that money that we print everyone
believes in the dollar so it’ll still be
worse elite but we will get inflation
eventually in certain sectors and at
that point we tax now those people or
they’re just are there some sinister
ones that are just they know at the end
of the day they’re going to have to tax
a lot so they’re just hiding behind mmt
to tax the rich to get back at the rich
and some revenge thing okay it’s some
envy thing those people no I’m I’m not
down with them but if you really think
that the United States can print a bunch
of money and to pay for some programs
and then if inflation starts then you
just stopped reading the money that that
would be the way to stop the inflation
as we you stopped printing money totally
in inflation those people okay alright
I’ve got no I’ve got
no issue really not not a major issue
with those people because I you
shouldn’t save in dollars you should be
saving in real assets Bitcoin so big
pointers and those mmt people once again
remember we’re already living in the MMT
United States is already doing this
stuff it’s already printing the money
and in a crazy fashion go down to banks
but no we can coexist are we going and
so what was the worst thing that could
happen if there’s major inflation in the
dollar and I own a bunch of pickle oh
what’s the problem what’s the problem I
don’t see the problem and I also think
these Amman tears their attitudes toward
life it’s they actually have a more
positive outlook on life to the gold box
the gold-bug boomers the gold bugs who
want the end of who want to tear
everything everything to fall apart so
that finally they will be vindicated and
then holding gold will be the best thing
possible and they will rule this new
world of I guess nuclear waste with
their gold everything will be torn down
I mean one group was to build and one
wants to destroy one can have Bitcoin
fit into their world and the other the
gold of doom errs they can’t have
bitcoins into their world because their
their world involves a world of barter
where there is no power anymore
okay so we’re living in like the
eighteen in the 1720s again basically
and they’ve got gold and they can buy
their horse with their gold so there’s
no world there’s no room for Bitcoin in
that world there they ripple in Bitcoin
now I know there are some mm tears a
ripple Bitcoin – but for the MM tier
they are just completely comfortable
with their thesis that hey we just the
dollar can be just printed and printed
and printed everyone will keep believing
in it first they’re not trying to take
anything for me okay because I
understand what the dollar I understand
what the dollar is the dollar is not
savings the dollar is not saying it has
not been so you cannot argue that it
should be
all of his savings since 1971 at least
and I mean it’s out there it’s clearly
defined yet there are still people who
have dollar savings accounts who think
it’s cool getting interest in dollars
they value their wealth in dollars I
don’t I don’t see how they can I really
don’t see how they can do that when the
it’s clearly it’s clear what’s going on
there okay so looming catastrophe people
I just wonder about these looming the
looming catastrophe people when there’s
no power how many of them are truly
physically prepared for such a situation
if there’s no path of it if we really
have a catastrophe
we’re brought down to old world
how many can run a mine how many are
obese how many can go five days without
food how many have ever fasted for more
than 12 hours and are constantly
stuffing their faces
how many have diabetes or prediabetes
how many are mcdonald a me a mcdonalds
mill away from a heart attack they talk
a real big game and they would be
destroyed they would be destroyed if we
ever have this dreamy apocalypse they
dream of okay they wouldn’t last a day
some of these people and so I do not
understand that mindset you know I mean
I guess they just they are so out of
touch with reality they’re so out of
touch with reality they want this to
happen yet they themselves would
completely fall apart now some of you
might say well no there are some
weightlifting totally healthy Preppers
make maybe if maybe if of the people
that you that come to you on YouTube
that say oh big coin is worthless well
the power goes down I got my gold and my
god some bread right yeah how many of
those dudes are in shape really how many
of those days could really survive such
as such a horrible situation and it’s
just a mindset
some people want something like that to
happen I go I do not get it they want to
tear down the world there’s that
unsatisfied dissatisfied with life that
they just want everything to reset they
want everything we’re not having a reset
we get again D Petrus 1971 off the gold
thing has changed and everything they
talked about you can’t keep this up you
can’t keep up the money printing it’s
all going up it hasn’t fallen apart if
you I mean if you were a young person
before 1971 and you’ve just been waiting
since then for everything you’ve wasted
your whole entire life waiting for the
end when there’s been so much
opportunity during this time okay and
now we’re really in the golden age with
the big with the big coin I’m getting
tested so so I have set I said before
that and pounded like them first of all
did em and we’re I’m gonna talk about
N&T on some future big coin shows too on
the one big coin show which I do every
single day I’m talking about it here
this is the beyond big coin show and I
linked to a year on broke video that
explains mmt okay he doesn’t like it he
doesn’t like it and he did he because
he’s the best explanation of it out
there but it is something it’s something
that bitcoiners
can support because it does not hurt us
it doesn’t hurt bitcoiners it if the
current world that we’re living in is
controlled by the United States dollar
it’s quite a good world I mean look at
the amazing things that are happening at
the printing of money no doubt about it
causes distortions it will cause
distortions it picks winners it
definitely picks winners but it doesn’t
pick loot if you don’t tax at the end of
it if you don’t raise taxes to pay for
it at the end of it then it doesn’t
really pick losers so here is a and
people all over the world and in the USA
believe in the dollar story just as
strongly as they believe there are seven
days in the week now think about that
for a second I think that with that for
all of you that say well all of some
people are gonna drop that the they’re
gonna if the United States prints too
much dollars to pay for a green new deal
or something ridiculous like that the
whole world is gonna stop believing in
the dollar people in other countries
you’re stuffily people in the US or no
stop building the Dom are they it would
be that their life would become much
easier if all of a sudden
because there’s a green new deal just
because they sprinted on but people
didn’t stop but we’ve me the dollar when
we got out the banks they’re gonna give
up this this tool of theirs they use the
gain stuff does this kinda obviously
give it up it’s just as easy to say you
know what I don’t believe there’s seven
days in the week anymore the nine days
in the week and this is eight day today
is eight day
okay today is eight day I’m not
believing in it’s Saturday today is
eight day it’s before why would anyone
do that why would anyone just change
they would be it just like wouldn’t work
for them anymore it just would not work
they are – they okay I saw one could you
imagine if you did that if you no longer
cared about what day of the week you was
you can make up your own oh then this is
the eighth day of the week there are
people that are that wealthy that are
that independent that can’t do that
I cooked many in many aspects of my life
I could do something like that I could
just live oblivious to what day of the
week it is I can no longer believe
there’s seven days of the week but there
are some and sometimes my leg would boil
back down to that but for most people
what I just said in terms of believing
there’s an eighth day of the week it’s
that hard for them to give up the dollar
everything they have in life is built
around stuff and acquiring more stuff
with that dollar so it has a quote out
there if the world’s seven billion
people are going to tolerate US citizens
having a first-world standard of living
and will provide them their labors for
cheap in exchange for a social contract
called the dollar then absolutely let’s
print prosperity and someone was saying
that you know as a joke but guess what
dude guess what that is the way the
seven billion people of the world
tolerate US citizens having the first
world standard of living and will
provide them their labors for cheap in
exchange for the social cost of carbon
dollar they will they will because it is
in the all those currencies are backed
up by the dollar okay so people are
willing to work in the end of the day if
they work for some South African Rand
you said well I’ll give you $1 for the
South Africa man they do in a second for
the argentine pesos be given in a second
okay they would change it so very much
people of the world are willing to work
for the social construct called the US
dollar because it benefits them it is
they the dollar brand the dollar brand
is supported by what the United States
is by our culture by by everything that
surrounds it that brand is not is not
breaking just but people are going to
change their minds just because it’s
some more of it is going to be printed
and I I think that psychological aspect
of mmt they don’t talk about that very
much but I’m I’m talking about it right
now so I believe the United States could
couldn’t print more dollars from you
know these programs that all these
socialist candidates are talking about
in the United States that the innate
some of them say well we’re going to do
XYZ tax to pay for this okay we’re going
to remember Andrew yang says we’re gonna
do a VA t taxer or we’re gonna check
we’re gonna attack the stock
transactions we’re gonna tax the top 1%
no I like that’s stealing
that’s stealing right there what they
should try before that because again
we’re gonna have to face this people in
United States if you ever realized it by
now one of these people are someone like
them will become president one day and
they will set the tone the 80 percenters
want free health care they want they’re
more of them all these impulsive people
then there are nine impulsive people so
they’re gonna vote they’re gonna get
their way eventually so and should they
steal from the people that have stuff
with wealth taxes or should the United
States print more money and I think you
can see about it why not try out the
print more money I would like to see
some of these socialist instead of
saying we’re gonna tax the rich let’s
print more money and the scary thing
that might make people sick to their
stomach is that the one person who
suggested something like that is aoc and
Bernie Sanders
as advisors that are into this mmt thing
now he she still talking about taxing
the rich although some of these programs
that he talks about he just says well
we’ll pay for it somehow maybe that’s
the way they’re gonna do it ok ok now ok
this is not I don’t think we should have
all these darn programs everything like
that I think it should be the free
market I think we should be the
insurance thing has completely been
messed up by the government interference
alright it should be totally through
tomorrow right I wish everything was
free market but I’m living in reality
I’m talking about the the situation on
the ground how do you make the most of
the situation on the ground okay well
you if the government is going to have
programs they have to find out a way to
pay for them
so I would rather than prick the darn
money because I understand what that
dollar is it is not a savings account
and I am well prepared as I have assets
I’ve gotten dollars over the years I
turned them into real assets especially
one called Bitcoin now you’re on Brooke
says his video he says they
and that with and with the MMT with mmt
he that that one it was he actually seen
his explanation he says that what the MT
fans say is that we’ve been talking to
Peter shift it’s been talking about gold
going to a hundred thousand for years
and it hasn’t happy
it hasn’t happy and the United States
has clearly printed more and more money
so why has a gold gone to a hundred
thousand in years so that’s that’s one
of the things the mmm T’s the MMT or say
and and Iran Brooks I said that they’re
right about that they’re right about
that observation and he says though that
it will cause distortion it will cause
inflation eventually in in certain of
parts of the economy
it causes distortions and that it is
government it is total government it’s
government picking winners they’re in
that and that’s that is not morally
right he’s got but this is the situation
on the ground and I say most regulated
industries the industries that are the
most regulated they will be inflated the
most by
out of control more and more printing of
money which is what MMD talks about now
again there are some EMA tears and say
well then once the inflation happens
next when we tax now that that’s part I
don’t like because you could just stop
the money printing at that point and
that all would say you know we have to
tax it that way I get me talking in a
non negative way about mmt does not mean
I said I think we should tax people I
definitely do not think we should pay
tax people to pay for these ridiculous
programs I say what the heck the dollar
is not a safeties mechanism what let him
print more of it let him pray it’s not
it’s not hurting people who understand
what true assets are because if you have
true assets and they’re printing more of
this dollar thing which is not an asset
then you’re fine you have you have true
assets and it is everyone out there this
is where the big boys play you either
you choose to go the way of stuff or you
choose to go the way of assets it is a
personal responsibility we’ve had
separation of savings and spending since
1971 you have to understand that the
dollar is for spending the dollar is for
spent it is not a savings mechanism you
can use it to spend to buy savings
mechanisms okay there you go right there
but you should not be saving in dollars
you should not think if you’ve got a
hundred thousand dollars of the bank
that that’s real wealth because who
knows what could happen
nowaday we haven’t inflated it away
hyperinflation we will never
hyperinflation I say so we’ll never have
hyperinflation never just because the
brand is that strong there’s a
psychology behind this people I know
what some of you are saying well
mathematically if they did next y&z it’s
it’s it’s not happening it’s the brick
the hole I traveled this darn world they
want to be the United States everywhere
everyone emulates our culture everyone
emulates the culture of the West of
England of it when I say I an England
could pull this thing off – they could
have mmm tea with the negative mmm tea
with the pelt and i and jeremy corbyn
yamato visit grow found that lakeland
jeremy corbyn that monstrous individual
i believe he believes in this type of
thing now again i obviously I’m no fan
of his I just said something in Hebrew
about him but I think of some people who
enjoy but um yeah it it can work certain
certain countries have a brand certain
countries can’t can do this because
people are hooked on their currency they
are hooked they could try out this this
money printing thing because money the
money the fiat money is not it’s not
wealth it really it is not wealth it is
a way to transact it is definitely a way
to transact alright you need real assets
so man again an empty first they spend
they spent they spend money into
existence they print money that is a
core belief behind it the government
spending that that’s what creates that’s
what creates the money there you go and
that create and that is what creates the
US dollar and so many people worship the
state so much and are dependent on it
that it has down it has meaning it has
meaning that allows them to get stuff
now if this if this keeps going by the
way if if MMP really picks up and does
cause inflation in certain in certain
industries and certain yeah it’s good in
certain Retta very regulated I mean in
health care in eating out I’m sure
that’s a very highly regulated industry
dining industry you know big Boeing
savers are not going to have to work
nine to five jobs again they really are
not going to have to work nine to five
jobs because they
we’ll have this real real assets well
everyone is hooked of because the more
the more money that is thrown into the
the more dollars that are printed out
there the more people are going to be
able wanting to get more stuff okay it’s
it’s it’s a form of crack okay
the dollar is a form of crack people
immediately want more stuff with it they
want more stuff with it okay so if
you’re not buying stuff with the dollars
you’re getting your your becoming your
assets or gaining more value or becoming
much more valuable so yeah you might
need to work every once in a while get
some dollars buy buy some things but
your big coin will be going up in value
in a bed if you rent a house you use the
big coin to buy a house and that’s
another asset right there not as good of
an asset is Bitcoin but I think if you
think about this long and hard you’ll
see where I’m getting at here so let the
80 percenters have their dollars let
them have their dollars let them value
their wealth and dollars good good we
can all get along so I if we’re gonna
have all these government programs which
by a by 2024 we probably it something’s
gonna happen whether it be reparations
whatever then print just printing just
printing don’t tax me don’t take for me
just print it print that print more
dollars trick more dollars let’s see
what happens because we’re already in
that world where we’ve been printing
dollars for quite some time that are
backed by nothing and what what’s the
worst that has happened we become even
more more powerful technologically
advanced country now again it is true it
is true that probably without the
government interference
we’ve become even more powerful more
tech more things would be accomplished
okay it causes distortions I’m not I’m
not doubting that but we’re in we’re in
a statist world you can opt out of it by
getting in the Bitcoin you can opt out
of it by getting into Bitcoin and just
what would popcorn watching the status
world go by and see if the MMT thing
works and of course voicing your
concerns with you know when you talk
about to say okay print your money but
you get down
but you don’t get to taxes okay if you
start to debt that’s when you’re going
to run into some social problems and and
people in terms of the way the United
States is set up now if they said well
we’re just gonna print money to pay for
all these programs I think people will
be like ok I’ll vote for that guy but
then we’re gonna have to tax the middle
class to do that then there’s a problem
there’s a problem we still have that
cutoff there so very very interesting
times we’re living in here and so and I
have listened to these mmt guys I this
weekend I’ve watched some videos and
everything and some of them are very
liberal there can be no doubt about it
summit and that and they’re doing
themselves a disservice when they make
it political when they make it political
it turns people off and like it turned
me off initially you think it’s a
complete scam joke when you hear some of
these when you when you hear coming from
some people’s mouths just because they
believe in other things that are
nonsense but there are some that are
like no this isn’t this isn’t left or
right it’s it’s status that there’s no
doubt about that it’s it’s status it’s
just a different way of looking at the
dollar it’s it’s you know we don’t have
to ball and we don’t have to issue all
these buff the United States doesn’t
have to have set these interest rates
and everything like that it should just
means we shouldn’t be borrowing dollars
into existence where we’re printing them
and then paying some interest on them
that’s ridiculous that is ridiculous
bill still has said that for years and I
never really and he bill still has said
for years that you could just print in
West dollar and I just never really
caught in my head but there there is a
difference between you know printing it
and paying interest on it then just
printing it so just forget about this
interest stuff that’s been going on okay
let’s not play that game anymore either
so watch some of these videos some some
of the guys are much less political and
it really does not have to be a left or
right type of thing and bitcoiners can
definitely shouldn’t feel threatened by
these people at all the ones that aren’t
talking about taxing at least the ones
that aren’t talking about taxing you
shouldn’t feel threatened by me I’m not
there and by them not again I’m saying I
don’t have their way let’s see what
well it doesn’t we have Bitcoin what’s
it matter to us what’s it matter to us
if it here’s your old man I think there
will be hyperinflation oh okay it won’t
be but if there was then we have Bitcoin
so our bitcoins worth trillions of
dollars all but I really don’t think I I
do not think there will be major
inflation I don’t because so many people
are hooked on the dollar as crack it is
it is just such a brand that people are
forced and forced themselves there in
order to live their lives they must say
no a dollar is gonna be worth a dollar a
dollar is gonna have that is gonna get
me this stuff I need it to be worth
something so I can get this stuff I’m
not giving up that
that that thought process in my head
because again it is all an illusion it
is an illusion it’s it’s a it’s a shared
illusion that the dollar is worth stuff
it is but that’s what everybody shaped
just like it’s a shared illusion that
there are seven days in the week there’s
no logical reason there’s no way there
could be nine days all right so yeah
and we’re one thing about the year on
Brooke video that it just shows how
people don’t pay attention to they get
very emotional right away and they think
something is left or right and then they
just stop paying attention and there’s
in the Yahoo you’re on Brooke who does
not like mm tea but she describes what
it is very nicely video link to below
people read the comment section people
are getting angry in his comment section
for him being a fan of mm tea when he’s
clearly not but they just they don’t
they stop wit I mean maybe that’s just
uh that’s the state of listening
comprehension in the world today clasp
clasp something I you guys know that’s
one of my things comment like all right
what’s this
all right talked about the picking the
losers and winners all right SATA Ben
Shapiro show had the rapper’s ubi you on
it and he said he’s a good guy anti
victim type of guy shadows like okay
this guy’s got some interesting things
to say he’s like don’t be a victim
pressure responsibility he talks about
health at the end he he said he had a
hilarious tweet where you know he’s
powerlifting and he says you know well I
just set a female power with lifting
record and he just shows that if someone
is born a man and they start saying that
they are female and taking female
hormones that it’s really easy to just
set all sorts of female sports records
that there is a real big difference
between females and males okay the truth
is his Ruby
he’s just a he’s a big guy but he is not
a professional power lifter at all but
he is little clips of him setting every
female power lifting record there is he
could do it easily just as a regular man
say I mean it just shows you for the
people who just there’s no difference
between men and women physically this is
nonsense in a tuck and he just showed
that that was a good tweet on his part
but he’s a logical guy and so I said to
myself I got a contact his doodle I got
to be in motion I got a contact this guy
on Twitter about bitcoins so I go to his
and I’m you know I’m about to DM him I’m
looking at all this and he oh he’s
already tweeted not big so I did DM him
still and I told him like I liked what
you stand for I was about to tell you
about Bitcoin but I see you’re already
into me like I sent me a little smiley
face back or whatever so a good dude and
you can also see that you know when I
see a good dude out there who I think
has some reach into some interesting
communities I try to tell him about
Bitcoin but he already knew about it
he’d already tweet about it which is
very positive – but a guy like that is a
that gets on the bench of purest show
and is also on the freakin Dave Rubin
show they had to sting guest sometimes
that’s a little they should try to plan
that I mean maybe it’s just coincidence
item they’d like the same type of guest
but whatever who knows what’s going on
behind the scenes over there moving on I
doesn’t become a big mmm t-shirt yeah
I’ll have to see what everybody thinks
about that and and what and and for the
people that didn’t properly listen to
this what they’re gonna be saying about
what I said
you know twisting around my words I’m
sure they’ll be a few people moister is
a he’s not a Bitcoin guy anymore he’s a
mmt you just don’t understand they can
let the 80 percenters have their enmity
let us have era Louis have our Bitcoin
all right I’m trying to I got so many
things written down here was at the end
of the show right there that was my last
thing I wanted to talk about it might
have been my last thing I want to talk
about hang on I talked about Ben Shapiro
and zubi that’s it that is it
all right everybody hope you enjoyed the
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