Hello everyone this is adam meister the
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today is December the 29th 2019 strong hand confiscated what bitcoin is next
bitcoin personal responsibility is new counterculture deferral gratification
conviction golden age yes we’re about to enter it well it’s the 2020s whatever
you want to call it relentless strive for greatness people
ambition avoid mediocrity we’re going to talk about all of this today I am so
excited first of all check out last night’s show that was supposed to be the
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let us start off with something from I guess mainstream culture that I find
hilarious and I gotta tell you it’s gonna make some money for whoever came
up with this cameo calm have you heard of this before
cameo calm you you pay will stars or former stars
or former famous people from baseball players the wrestlers to 70s sitcom
people they all sign up and you pay they name a price for a little one minute or
less clip they will say anything that you tell them to say like happy birthday
cousin John or I hope you feel better grandma and I guess some of these guys
are desperate for attention and desperate for money and they’re trying
to revive their careers good for them good good I mean effects if they need
the money this is a great technique I see the million dollar man that you guys
know I like that guy for obvious reasons if you’ve been a long-term long-term
watcher of the show long time watcher of the show you’ll understand why but he
was a wrestler from back in the day and I linked to his cameo like you see the
ones he’s prepared for other people hilarious stuff he he goes into
character with his his laugh and and so we simply find I mean I almost repaid
for something like that 75 cry don’t waste my money but but it is 75 dollars
to get a birthday wish from Ted DiBiase it’s pretty funny if he could charge
more than that he could charge $150 I mean all sorts of Adam Jones the former
center fielder of the Baltimore Orioles he’s even on there I don’t know if
anybody signed up for him he’ll be playing in Japan this coming year he was
good in his day though but he’s no Ted DiBiase in terms of popularity I’ll say
that so hey I look this is such an innovative idea it’s probably been
around for a few months I just heard about it now I don’t like popular call
ultra very months I’ve got into stars and and all and worshiping them but this
is this is funny and and this is a way everybody benefits I think everyone gets
something out of this and it’s a one of the inner what the internet brings us is
so many innovations and new ideas so I really like that a lot pound that like
button so what started off even I can appreciate you know I mean personal
responsibility is the new counterculture but some of the mainstream culture stuff
like that it’s funny that it is uh and they’re making money good for them good
for them to be productive and not complaining at least
behind that so speaking of complaining and scapegoating mentality scapegoating
mentality you really can see it in America this time of year in the NFL I’m
dead I don’t follow it I don’t know who’s in fire who’s been hired whatever
this is the time of the year everyone is blaming their coaches the fire this cone
fire this fire the Cowboys coach follow up follow the fire the Giants coach
whoever it is fire fight it’s their fault it’s their fault it’s it’s the
players didn’t play well is it done every year though I mean sometimes then
the coaches might be be really ignorant and draw up horrible plays okay whatever
but it’s this every year people are impatient with rebuilding and you just
see this is that this is the default on it for everyone blame blame blame blame
they can’t wait it out they gotta they gotta find a specific person and in the
NFL it is always fire the head coach fire the head coach it that’s not it
it’s a very reactionary uh way of dealing with things
and it does show this the mob skate and everybody jumps on the bandwagon a coach
fire gonna come and it happens a baseball also and it’s it usually it’s
the players do so it is a great example of the scapegoating mentality that
really goes throughout life in general in the West for those that are not in
motion people are emotion they don’t need the
scapegoat people who are the people who are in motion don’t be the scape of
people who are not in motion they need the scapegoat like this okay so it’s
that time of year scapegoating time of the year let’s see we got people over
there in the chat hey another good day yes it is alright if you got questions
there you got type-in not bitcoinmeister alright or do a super chat compete don’t
complain I like it that that’s what I said I got a lot of sayings done’ now i
want to this is gonna seem really basic out there it sounds really simple but
few practice this thank you use that head of yours keep it fresh I
mean it could be a use-it-or-lose-it type of situation some people haven’t
thought for a long time they don’t think think people use your head exercise that
muscle whatever you want to call that thing up there and just don’t blindly
accept what the algorithm tells you we’ve had shows about that recently so
many people again they go with the mob whatever the mob saying they’re do they
don’t think oh yeah it analyzed the situation figure it out for yourself
don’t go with the mob don’t go with the 80% I know it seems real simple but
sometimes you sometimes you might find yourself doing it like why am i watching
this video Oh YouTube suggested this video that’s
why I want you to know you’re not thinking that’s the worst when an
algorithm is telling you what to do I mean that’s worse than following a mob
isn’t it blindly following something that’s not even alive but we’re about to
enter that in this golden age you better be careful people alright let’s let’s
move on to some political stuff real quick now there’s a there’s a candidate
I mentioned him before in a Democratic primary named Tom Styer who is a
billionaire he’s not doing very well at all but he is spending an incredible
amount of money and for me that just was the perfect example why do we need
campaign finance rules well why can’t somebody China give money to a campaign
well I can’t someone in Russia give him money why can’t a billionaire sponsor
someone else okay money doesn’t always it doesn’t always
work it doesn’t always work this guy’s got blue birds coming in now too with a
lot of money we’re gonna wing is Steyr gonna win I mean I know she’s not gonna
win so let regulation is the praat with all these campaign finance regulations
and all this paperwork you have to fill out if you care about elections and all
that it actually stops people from running it stops poor people from from
from running if you were a poor person and you wanted to run for governor you
get somebody to sponsor you a billionaire to sponsor you and you could
get in if if you’re just a regular paupers you can’t get a sponsor you got
to do so much we’re for twerk – beg beg beg beg you
spend all your time begging you spend all your time filling out paperwork let
this is a perfect example of government regulation messing up something totally
so we’re and we’re seeing it so I a bit but most people are they hate
billionaires they hate rich people so they think that they’re gonna have an
advantage because they have a lot of money go that is not that book look use
your head Tom Steyer isn’t becoming present he’s
blowing wads and wads of money so Politico has an article in this together
Tom Steyer and Michael Bloomberg report nearly 200 million dollars into
television and digital advertising alone with the former New York Mayor spending
an unprecedent 120 million dollars in roughly three weeks since he joined the
presidential race that’s more than double the combined ad spending of every
single non building her candidate in the Democratic field this year and he’s got
to lose so hey if billionaires want to blow their money on elections that just
I mean the election it’s an industry elections USA is because so so people
are making money off of the great people are getting jobs because of this are
they’re pretty pointless jobs I mean I I don’t get caught up in this I I haven’t
seen a Bloomberg or stai or ad yet nothing you know why because I don’t
watch me TV and I probably not going to the size targeting or I’m not seeing the
things they’re talk targeting um who knows I probably get trying to get the
80 percenters I don’t go where the 80 percenters go they’re trying to go where
they the they think they can convince these uh follower type of minds but I
haven’t seen their ads yeah I’m sure I people have said that the Bloomberg ads
are if you’re if you’re watching CNN at the airport you see them all the time or
you seen that airports I don’t maybe I’ll see you at the next airport I’m not
gonna be at the airport for quite some time actually cuz I’m taking the bus to
el paso texas yes i pay three dollars for that bus I’m gonna be in El Paso
Texas starting January the 14th until February
the Tyria the 11th and then LA until April we’ll talk about
that in another show okay so everything I talk about is linked to below what
else how would you someone says what shirt ever if you can get shorts like
this they’re they’re all linked to below everything’s linked to below season’s
greeting from the UK yes Happy Hanukkah to all and to whatever
you’re celebrating definitely season’s greetings
now whatever just celebrate happy happy happy have a fun time with your families
whatever you’re doing today is the 8th night of Hanukkah tonight and again you
want to learn on Hanukkah watch yesterday’s show with a Bitcoin rabbi
and it was great so speaking of a Jewish person you’ve all know Noah Harare he is
Jewish he was born Jewish at least he’s in Israel or he’s Israeli
really smart guy talked about him before philosopher talks about the future uh
AI things we need to worry about now again he wants governments all to get
together and develop a plan he centralized he worships governments on a
certain level but he is a thinking man he cut I love his concept of the story
people buy into stories he he’s not my puppet I don’t share the same politics
with him he is smart I mentioned him before he got interviewed by Russell
Brand another guy I don’t even know why Russell Brand’s famous anymore I forgot
why is he famous why do I even know who he is
I forgot it’s so awesome and I don’t even remember how he got thing did he
maybe he was married to a hot woman once or something hurry but he was in movies
I don’t know what did he do better he says controversial things well he’s got
a podcast never watched it before but I but since you’ve all was on it I watched
it now Russell keeps begging him basically to talk about like tearing
down the system and almost starting some type of socialist revolution for the
people they exploited people but you vow is not falling for he is not falling for
it he just talks about you know we’ve got we’re about to experience a
technical change in this world we’re moving very fast we’re evolving very
fast in terms of technology and we should think about it now so people
don’t end up useless in the future and people don’t end up angry in the future
and it is good to talk about what is on horizon I agree now do we need the force
people to do certain things no we should talk
about it if we talk about it we will naturally come up with solutions and
ideas through the capitalistic prospect process now Russell Brand doesn’t like
capitalism at all he again he calls it exploitation
I’m not gonna get to his politics but in a very interesting point about this
Golden Age that we’re about to enter there is a big difference between
irrelevant people the people who are useless people surrounding us as I said
it’s a bad word call people and the exploited the exploited that people who
have been exploited in the past they they did have some leverage they could
form unions they could quit because people needed be exploited people needed
those factory workers people needed the cheap labor labor they could just go on
they could go away they could go on straight they could go away they were
needed to to run now I’m not saying capitalism exploits people at all I’m
just I’m just talking about something they ended up talking about when you are
irrelevant you’re not needed at all when you’re useless you’re you can just be
ignored these people can be totally forgotten so we’re about to enter an age
because of technology that some people if they just choose to be welfare
recipients and choose not to move choose not to learn new technologies to choose
not to change their ways they will be useless people
this is again they’re not forced to be useless people now I think me I’m not
gonna put words in their mouths but maybe Russell thinks that people are
going to be forced to be useless people it’s not for you always have an option
you know if you’re in the able-bodied person you teacher even you do not have
to be useless okay there will be opportunities out there to be productive
to be happy but there will be easy ways to be useless also and just go on the
government welfare or whatever it may be but it will be very interesting in the
future when we mean maybe now we even have these totally irrelevant people
like they have no leverage because they have their skills they are not emotion
at all they choose to be whatever you want to call them and they’re gonna be
left behind and don’t be those people but it is it
is an interesting it’s an interesting interview and interesting interaction
and I did that yeah if you make yourself irrelevant you’re gonna have no leverage
whatsoever no leverage what that is being totally irrelevant all right so I
hadn’t really thought about that before at least in those terms because against
some in motion I have no worries about being phased up phased out or anything
you know Andrew yang solution just giving everybody money we’ll see now
that’s uh I’ll still be that’s just living off the government now if they do
nothing with that money but if they do actually start you know he’s just andrew
yang case if you give people money they’re gonna actually do stuff with
productive with it a lot of people were just smoke weed all day I mean that’s
and become completely more useless than they already are
crypto HW give away they’re giving away its link to below I mention this on
another video Joseph out in Southern California the owner of crypto HW wallet
is giving away HW ones there’s like the original ledger wallets and you just
click on the Twitter below and see what you have to do to get it I don’t even
know but I thought that was nice I mean if people want a free storage device
from a trusted third party there there you go what’s see increasing
homelessness and poverty in LA is crazy to see tents on the sidewalk yeah Robbie
I agree with you when I and I’ll be back in LA it is crazy to see it is it’s
amazing how a guy can just set up a tent right outside the freaking sprouts on La
Brea in south of West Hollywood I mean it’s it’s it’s a nice area I do just
sense of a 10 a 10 right caddy corner to the sprouts sprouts is a healthy out
west it’s a it’s a healthy supermarket food store but we’re going to talk about
that in a second now I do want to say we jug we just had we just had the best
decade in human history seriously this is an article from
something called a spectator they remind us that a lot of people
have said for years and years we’re gonna run out of resources run out of
the gold run out of this run out of that and peep we find replacements for those
resources and so many people predicted so much doom for the previous decade or
this deck whatever the teams that were in and it was the best and we’re gonna
enter an even better one now so you can be a doom and gloom er you can generate
fear and and when you generate fear people run to individuals for they run
to the government for the solutions they don’t when someone’s scared they no
longer think they can create solutions or they no longer think solutions are
out there we’re gonna get to that in a second real quick this is a tweet from I
don’t know who this dude is forget about bike lanes and smart cities for a second
I know G retweeted this a simple test of and this this goes with LA here a simple
test of good urbanism is whether or not your children can make their own way to
and from school safely or not on foot using simple dumb tech like human scale
streets and paths yet that is awesome because you’ve got cities like Baltimore
who like oh yeah well we’ll create some bike lanes and that’ll make everything
safe that’ll do Aereo be a great city and you know what the bike lanes work
and they can’t even do that right in baltimore the bike lanes were good for
the hipsters they still get hit often by cars and i I have known a few hipsters
in Baltimore who have been hit by cars because people drive so hard it’s so
horrible in Baltimore they don’t respect bikers which is unfortunate because
that’s uh that’s definitely I mean Brisbane did your car beat when you’re
in a car it’s a responsibility take personal responsibility don’t don’t hit
the hot redhead hipster in um on the bike and I knew uh she had fake red hair
not my ex-girlfriend but another good she’s my ex-girlfriend real red for hair
another hipster that I’m she was me but anyway the point is I knew a fake red
hair hipster I got hit by a car and she should have been hit by a car
I think her boyfriend as you guys here’s the point here’s the point all right
besides Adam knowing a lot of hipsters in Baltimore and think redheads and real
redheads is that a city like Tel Aviv although
they do they like their bike lanes also I see kids walking to school there all
the time it is so safe that’s what you should aim for your city to be creating
a system a mentality within yourself that you can spread to others where it’s
safe shun people who commit crimes get it out
of there okay don’t don’t uh don’t cater to the criminal class and I mean this is
I mean urbanism on one level I guess is is a centrally controlled belief system
as I go let let let’s let the government tell us how the city is going to be
shaped and how the streets are going to be et cetera et cetera and you know it’s
kind of putting the government on a pedestal there but this is the world we
live in if we’re going to have the government on some sort of a pedestal or
if we’re going to have some kind of public-private partnership that is that
revolves that makes up low good urban ism or whatever you want to say the goal
should be let’s make make this street safe for kids to walk the street walk to
school okay whether it be private school or public school then you know you’re
doing things right okay then you know just because you throw in a bunch of
bike lanes it doesn’t mean things and you need a
freaking smartphone to get around that that’s that make it so that a kid can
just walk to school without a smartphone know how to get to school and safely get
back and forth and there’s a lot of places you cannot most places you can do
that anymore LA now you really would you send your
kid to walk to school a short distance there’s some parts of
LA it’s pretty but then who knows this is intense city good all of a sudden pop
up who knows what’s going on over there okay so was I in that neighborhood where
at where I hang where I will be in there many Orthodox Jews and there are
Orthodox Jewish schools the kids like live two blocks away so those kids can
walk to school actually when he lives like that but if they live the longer
distance away all right forgets it but hey oh water here’s a health tip
as you know you got it I drink two of these a day two filled with water a day
you want to do it at least two hours before your meal so this is way before
my one remember only one meal during the day and you want to space them out – you
only want to have one of these per hour you don’t have to in an hour so I you
know I had one of you know about 90 minutes ago so now it’s time for the
other I’ll still need some copies and finish it okay so yeah I’m like using my
tip of the day to you know remind me that it’s actually time to do something
okay Adam thank you for sharing your views with the feet with fearless
honesty unique piece pound that like button era rock rock solo yes being
piece I I want every all my people out there to be able to share their thoughts
like this being the Bitcoin overlay work for yourself know that you can’t get
fired I can’t get fired yeah even if they shut down my bank account who cares
I still have my Bitcoin I could just start a new life and when I say day I
mean it because I don’t I don’t believe today when I when I just a day I mean
it’s like for some reason I the government officials and the United
States became strict and said you know people who say things like Adam they’re
not allowed to have a bank accounts anymore
Bank of America your we’re friends with you please shut down his a bank account
we Wells Fargo please the city everybody that he’s got bank accounts with who
maryland’s shut down his bank accounts and then I have no back who cares you
shut down to eight bank accounts of mine I still get that big coin baby and
that’s well I know I kid and I’m not para you know the United States we might
like maybe one day there’ll be something like bad balance I don’t I don’t think
they would ever shut down my dad well can never say never because they do shut
that back accounts of people who are doing involved in all sorts of organized
criminality I will say that so in theory the United States could declare what I
do to be organized criminality I guess I don’t I don’t foresee them but
definitely other countries heck yeah so there will be balance in other countries
there will be bank accounts that that’s why just being the Bitcoin
overlay again okay so we went to Bitcoin there for a second so let’s talk about
Golden Age and in cities even more even more City stop here so this is about
private C’s when I’m about to tell you about private urbanism so I like this a
lot Milton Freeman’s grandson named patrie Friedman okay he was on scott
adams show and it’s linked to below the first part of it you can watch it I have
heard about this before it’s called a pro Novus and everything about patrie
and pro Nomis it’s linked to below they want to build they ask countries
permission to build their own cities in these countries like in Honduras they’re
gonna build a private city and it’s gonna involve the Hondurans and
everything but they’re gonna be able to create their own rules and laws and it
won’t be totally governed by the Hondurans and it’ll be able to be
replicated in different countries so it’s it’s cool this dude this is what
we’re entering in this new decade with 2020s
if you believe this is the start of new I know the official start up that new
decades– 2021 but let’s get we’re getting to the 2020s
okay Golden Age and so I like this Patrick Freeman for putting it out
apparently a lot of people in Silicon Valley are sponsoring him he mentioned
some of the names big big names and one of the names he he mentions Bible Way is
king of the trolls so I know king of the trolls habit has been interested in
building private cities for a while I think that you know I’m not a big fan of
king of the trolls but apparently he’s putting his money where his mouth is and
I support that but but Scott Adams said when Patrick Freeman like
listed all the people and one of the names he listed was king of the trolls
scott adams was like well i think a lot of viewers right now they might not know
who all those people are those are some of the biggest names in Silicon Valley
and I’m like dude kela trolls is not a big name in Silicon
Valley at all you just made a big generalization a lot of the people were
but if I don’t think Scott Adams knows who the king of the trolls is but he
would have said like if he understood how controversial figure king of the
trolls was and he heard that name it was said yeah those are some of the
biggest names in Silicon Valley except for that last name who is this
cryptocurrency guy who is very very controversial okay so Scott it now Adams
is not the expert in everything that he might convey to others I think he does
and that’s part of his persuasion is to make it look like he knows more than he
really does but whenever I give him a lot of credit for having this Petri
patrie Freeman on the show and by the way Jim the other day and I think I’m
gonna mention this on tonight’s one Bitcoin show because we’re gonna
hopefully be a doubleheader it will be late tonight but I got conviction I
gotta do two shows in a day baby what the heck I’m Tim gave me a super chat
the other day and I went on a show that was and now the third normal form game
gave me a fist bump symbol and he said three dollars
– thank you third normal form and thank you GM the other day and I appreciate
all the support to keep you asking those questions
Oh Lele said all I have is one Bitcoin now is that enough well Lele that’s
better than your usual commentaries about my backside I know you want to see
my back do you want to see a baby you want to see it lately no but seriously
do you think you’re gonna be able to live
beep live off of that in the future when do you when do you intend to retire is
that enough to live off of if you intend to the time in 2040 how much do you
think a bigger was gonna be worth in 2040 you think that’s gonna be able to
sustain you I mean some people do believe that some people I can’t say I
aim for a much higher number of Bitcoin to get my retirement stash and because
when I when I created this I when I thought of what it was Vinnie lingham it
inspired partially because he said he said but by a certain date a Bitcoin is
gonna be worth $3,000 and then I thought well you know how many how many Bitcoin
need if I really believe that’s going to happen and I got that many Bitcoin and
they was a with it was it was a good calculation there
so the amount you need to be comfortable and to live in the Bitcoin overlay I
have already attained that number a long time ago and apparently it’s going to be
able to uh at this rate it’ll be able to sustain all of my siblings descendants
also they will never have to work if it continues to be the way on the trend so
I’ll keep my ears cross about my descendants and I don’t have any kids
yet but if I had kids they would get the big coin before my siblings children but
but right now I have nieces and nephews and uh yeah I planned it out for your
help and didn’t I but you complain the same thing so maybe
you need ten Bitcoin maybe you need a hundred big I don’t know you gotta make
them you gotta do the math yourself okay but uh for some I mean one Bitcoin how
about this if you’re a kid dude is just born yesterday where that kid that kid
will be thirty years old in 2050 2050 partying hard 2050 but like so in 2060
when they’re 40 will one Bitcoin be enough to live off of
maybe that that’s pretty interesting to think about it but uh obviously I’m not
zero years old I got to determine it a little differently all right so we talk
about the Golden Age so now let’s talk about fear again fear Drive so much it
just dry drive so much in this world and so there are a lot of people who want to
fear China and so they think China is so successful you Ron Brooks has a video
about this and it’s he’s basically commentating on senator Rubio from
Florida saying that the United States government should basically pick and
choose industries to help and punish those that deal with China
it’s fascism I mean he’s talking about fascism he’s talking about replicating
the Chinese model which is fascism right now they pick and choose winners the
government is behind so many so endeavors over there so many businesses
over there now sure it looks like they’re doing well now China’s doing
well but in the long run are they going to be able to sustain that picking and
choosing winners no they’re not and we shouldn’t be in panic mode saying yeah
we should be more like China we need to pick and choose winners we’re skip China
it’s unfair they’re beating us oh they’re gonna take over the work don’t
see there are individual businesses in China some of them are ahead or heavily
invested in by the government they are producing things that we want sure how
long are they gonna be able to produce things that we want I don’t know um that
doesn’t mean that the United States should tell producers in the United
States no we’re gonna do things more like China and we’re gonna interfere in
what you’re doing interference as I said before it
distorts entire markets so don’t panic don’t be scared of China we should be
going in the opposite direction of China letting all the businesses in the United
States be free without government invent intervention at all and that is how we
will be China because it’s not we its individual businesses its entrepreneurs
that are gonna do well and produce value for everyone and they’ll be more and
more abundance the more freedom the producers in the United States have so
don’t fear China don’t fear anyone because when you fear you run into
demagogues you run to philosopher Kings for the solutions you don’t come up with
your own solutions anymore you see control to these philosopher kings and
politicians and and overlords and it’s the wrong direction
check the Chinese system is the best system the true best system is true
capitalism and freedom which is what American leans toward now but these
speeches by that are greatly that are critiqued in a glorious way by the Arab
Brook they are disturbing they’re disturbing we don’t need centralized for
lesser Kings we don’t need a set centralized guidance from Marco Rubio
Americans are spoiled and they won’t move for good jobs and then what the
government to bring them the jobs ok no don’t don’t rely on the government just
because you might not have a good job now just because your things
be bad and with the brass door wherever you are West Virginia move don’t look for the
government to have a centralized solution Americans should not be looking
for the government for solutions out of fear of what’s going on in China all
right and here upset classified sent two bucks
thank you very much he says hello friends yes hello my elite friends so
moving on but Americans a lot of Americans are sick with self-hatred the
metal of the West is sick with self hate hatred okay so having the title of this
was you know 2020 so I’m giving you some different perspective on directions
people are going into 2020s friends that are in the 2020 some are really glorious
some are fear people are always gonna be scared don’t jump on that fear bandwagon
but people did the self-hatred and I know it’s a strong word that’s in the
West people can no longer envision greatness for themselves they don’t
understand why people would want to improve themselves anymore and why
mankind would want to test boundaries and learn people are very comfortable
and they get stuck on purpose at almost I mean they’re like yeah I’ve reached
this level got the wife’s got the kids that’s it and then I’m stopping I’m not
trying to better myself anymore I got the white picket fence I’m in debt
whatever but I’m fitting in and then Envy forms and leave forms because they
see other people there are people that are doing better and they think that’s
unfair it’s unfair Why Why are they striving for greatness and the jet you
know popular culture tells you it’s horrible to be a billionaire it’s
horrible to strive to be to even get more money when you’re already rich if
you’re already a millionaire you’re evil if you’re trying to become a billionaire
you’re eat if you’re the wincle by brothers you’re evil for trying to
become the richest people in the history of the world that I mean that’s what the
general then people vilify the van winkle by so much I think what they’re
doing is great they’re using cryptocurrency they want to become the
first trillionaires on the planet earth God willing it happens God pound that
like button because if they become trillionaires that they’re big boys –
you’re worth a lot and that’s good for all of us big coin holders okay but but
but that’s the thing so I’m not envious of people like that I do not have
self-hatred for P for myself like saying I’m horrible I shouldn’t try to do well
no I want to do as best as possible I want mankind to strive for greatness but
we are living in this sick world now where people don’t think greatness is
something to be admired that innovation is not to be a mire that the government
just can can come up with solutions no it’s the Prince the private industry
it’s the mines it’s the people who strive for greatness they change this
freakin world so test your boundaries you need to remember how rare the people
who strive for greatness are though okay those are the true elites of the world
when I say even my hello my elite friends I think that you guys are in
motion and that you guys are striving for greatness and since there are so few
left because though the West is is stuck in the south patron mentality
vilification of success mentality you are so way ahead you’re gonna be able to
do so much so I talked to the Bitcoin rabbi last night about how he’s got this
great attitude in with he’s only been around the space for less than two years
he’s met all these people because he’s positive he’s created this book he’s
done well off of it and there’s other opportunities by the way if you speak
Portuguese contact the Bitcoin rabbi you could be a distributor of his book
translate it you can make money off of this idea okay that’s the planning be
positive strive for greatness and what a better world it would be if everyone
could dream bigger and have great and and to have greater lives and to
actually be in motion to try to do it instead of being jealous of other people
with that have more and just saying government you should take away from man
that will solve the problem government I’m jealous of the billionaire so take
away from him and redistribute oh no no no no no no no no that is the opposite
but so many of you watching this you’ve got that positive attitude of being in
motion and that makes you so way way ahead of these people so many people of
the of the complainers and the envious people and the way ahead of the people
who are about to become useless and yeah all right so moving back to Scott
Adams I mentioned this on another show because I wasn’t sure I was gonna be
able to gonna be on Bitcoin show in before the end of the year i scott adams
is a guy who says you don’t make predictions show how accurate you could
be now I’m not that big of a prediction maker but I wouldn’t make a prediction
about Scott Adams he has been talking about that he’s
going to make these his videos are entertaining okay I give him that it the
reason I watch his videos is because it does give you some thinking outside the
box ideas like that patrie Freeman thing I mentioned okay if you’re thinking one
while you’re watching Scott Adams if you’re just not like mine Lee – Lee
watching and picking your nose and just saying oh I’m becoming a better person
because I’m picking my nose and I see this bald guy on YouTube know if you’re
actually understanding and thinking about some of the things he’s saying
some very good outside of the box ideas they’re not always right but they can
inspire you and I some of inspire me but so he says he’s about to do a series of
shows with his girlfriend now she is recently just in the last few days
become his fiancee Scott Adams he’s over 60 years old and his fiancee is in her
early 30s and she has two children by another man okay now I predicted on the
show one of my regular one Bitcoin shows and I’m predicting it again and so you
all hear it was I made the prediction a little early because I didn’t know how I
was gonna be able to make it today as I just repeated that Scott Adams would do
the show with his girlfriend and he would either totally erase his first one
or start removing it from Twitter something would be pulled down and he
hasn’t made the show yet but because he is gonna get insulted up the yin-yang
he’s not gonna be able to take it he’s just not gonna be able to take their
social media criticism so something involving the first show he is going to
erase or remove and that’s something I I do not do I do
not erase my shows you know no matter how a controvert down again I there was
a there was a show that once had a music music in it that I took down because I
didn’t want to get a copyright strike or something like that that didn’t have
anything to do with big one but again if I don’t remove anything that is you know
not gonna ruin my channel what I’m saying he’s gonna do is just censor
himself erase something from history that doesn’t need to be erased from
history so I pretty easy now since I made that prediction a
couple days ago he has taken it to the next level and I wanna I wanna and said
and he’s going to marry this woman now let us go back and this is an example I
don’t want to pick on the dude or anything but he’s supposed to be a very
smart man he is a smart man he has attained a lot of success his Dilbert uh
comic he’s written books he’s rich he lives in Silicon Valley and in a bubble
of sorts he is already divorced he’s been divorced once and with that woman
she had a child by another man and that child became a teenager and
unfortunately died of a fentanyl overdose became a drug addict and he
died it probably of fentanyl overdose and this is affected Scott Adams and you
know Scott Adams whenever he talks about China he starts cursing and he’s not
very logical about China he he doesn’t want you guys to replicate China I’ll
tell you that he talks all these grand things like he’s gonna make individuals
in America decoupled from China no individuals in America they don’t care
about China doing that China’s doing horrible things to their people there’s
no doubt about it but people who shop at Walmart they don’t care about that they
they just want cheap stuff but but beyond the point so my point is China’s
Scott Adams has been affected very much by this very horrible tragedy to happen
in his life that was avoidable if he didn’t when you marry someone that
already has a kid that kid isn’t gonna be like you okay
genetically at all and then I’m probably not gonna listen to you very much either
because you’re not their father and so you could go on a rollercoaster of a lot
of drama and and it can end horribly like that like so he’s getting himself
into a situation now where he’s gonna inherit two other kids he could end up
divorced again diamonds really young and what I just learned
which is sickening and this is sickening a year ago when Scott Adams stepson died
of that overdose this woman this woman who he’s about to marry broke up with
him on Twitter and what’s that say about a person like that what’s that say I
could boot obviously she got back together him with him again
but this man suffers a tragedy a tragedy that cannot even be explained
um a tragedy that is really again because he was a nice guy he got into
that situation and his girlfriend at the time his hot girlfriend of simple
Twitter because she’s not getting it probably because he wasn’t giving her
attention you know he was crying that his his step son had died horribly and
then this woman Britt and now a year later he he’s supposed to be smart he’s
supposed to be a genius look even genius smart guys they fall for it over and
over again you see the same thing happening you see this is worse he’s
gonna get together with a woman who shamed him online who embarrassed him
humiliated him who clearly wants attention
who and by the way this woman who he’s marrying she’s one of those like pin-up
girls on Pinterest her I don’t even know I don’t know the names of the things
she’s at so closely a model okay and she wears a lot of makeup apparently and so
she likes Manny admiring her she like that’s what she she loves attention
attention attention from her looks so it is this gonna end well for Scott Adams
it does he have a prenuptial is he gonna have a prenuptial how smart is he it’s
sad it’s really really really sad that so guys use your brains rip don’t think
about that guy when a woman with there is no excuse he should have when she
broke up with him on Twitter why even get back with her at that time a year
ago okay well I even do that you were a rich millionaire it but he clearly there
must be a self-esteem issue there is must be like this that he values his
wealth in women in that type of he needs to have a woman no matter how horribly
she abused him and that is abuse that is horrible mental abuse no man should take
none of you should ever take that none of if you have a tragedy the tragedy
tries in your life and then the woman breaks
up with you and they get and then you don’t go begging for her again
don’t go begging for her no she clearly is it at an attention-seeker I’m not
gonna use the word okay don’t get stuck with these attentions you yeah hey this
doesn’t just happen to rich white dudes either no no I / I know of a black man
in the Baltimore area uh I’m a little younger than Scott Adams he um he was
divorced he married a woman just to have company this woman verbally abuses him
it’s horrible it puts him down and his son is also a drug addict ending up in
the hospital almost died in the hospital so the man comes to take care of his
dying son almost dying son in the hospital his wife becomes angry at him
in the hospital because he was sitting next to his ex-wife thinking because the
ex-wife or the child is the mother is a child of is the mother of the child
that’s suffering in the hospital this is the attention the technique it can
happen here through a regular black man it can happen you’re a rich white this
is happening all the time and I’ve just I’ve rambled on about this for a while
but I think it’s I think it’s really important I think it’s I can’t believe
Scott Adams doesn’t even see that he’s doing this and this is please learn from
this please learn from dope don’t end up like this dude do not end up like this
dude and I know some men are thinking like well how could someone be so
heartless how could a woman be so heartless yes yes they can be this
heartless be it a a black woman in Baltimore County or some rich hot woman
in in Silicon Valley it doesn’t matter doesn’t matter who it
is they can be heartless because they some of them just care they value their
wealth in attention and if their man isn’t giving them attention and you
better believe it too that these same type of weren’t there the first wants to
cheat – because they did Jeff okay we’re not gonna get down this don’t go down
this anymore okay I think you’ve gotten the point I guess good luck – Scott ABS
I hope you got a prenuptial dude it’s not gonna end well for you what else do we have here okay no no
other questions we got all sorts of we got some funny
guys in there you guys should watch all the funny guys in there quoting the
Bible or something you watched yesterday’s show that that’s for you
that was biblical yesterday it was biblical
vikrum rabbi okay moving on we talked about Scott let’s talk about I’m gonna
talk about this on Friday night show real quick I told you that I’m not a
youtuber I’m a Bitcoin and we just experienced where the algorithm punished
a lot of people with cryptocurrency YouTube channels it they revamped
algorithm a YouTube and it’s it started up giving people strikes and not
allowing them to upload stuff everybody thought was a conspiracy all these
people are screaming they’re picking on the the crypto youtubers owed YouTube
doesn’t like cryptocurrency and with me I was saying it’s the algorithm they try
to tighten the algorithm to make it safer for children you know you
shouldn’t be reliant on this algorithm you should have backups you you clearly
you dudes are youtubers and not bitcoiners because all you care about is
getting your show on YouTube and now that the algorithm the algorithm that
used to just write these like litecoin a million dollars by 2021 you know those
things that trigger the algorithm now that the algorithm is against you you’re
crying like a baby and saying is some conspiracy etc etc etc well lo and
behold five days later it’s everybody’s been reinstated whatever they fix the
algorithm it was the algorithm was doing something they didn’t intended to do it
wasn’t just affecting cryptocurrency people but I want to I want to point
something out to you guys so you know the difference between a Bitcoin or any
youtuber for 50 hours during that time period I also had a strike I also was
not allowed to upload did you hear me talk about that at all did it stop me
are the people listening to this on my podcast now did you have any clue that
anything had changed the people who watch my videos there’s been a new video
every day there’s been tweeted out every day everything’s been out there now
something good could there occur if you go to
mr. Kondo seats all the correct amount of videos did I that’s the difference
right there man huh I’m a Bitcoin er I do not rely on the YouTube at all did
it make a difference I there was 50 hours that I had some magical strike
against me didn’t start screaming I didn’t want to be associated with those
people at all and I’m like and I’m not so I mean but but the thing so now
they’ll go play their little you know they’ll make their litecoin videos and
ripple videos again and I’ll make my big boy videos but just just remember this
time period and who who was screaming and crying like a baby
and who wasn’t so who is who is an employee of YouTube and who works for
themselves okay who’s an employee of the algorithm never works for themself so
but there’s your difference if you didn’t get what a Bitcoin er is and what
a youtuber is what you’re probably never gonna get it but I think I think we’ve
just seen the ultimate the ultimate example of that alright so and I
probably talked about that in the show later tonight college then and now this
is linked to below 45 percent fewer 18 to 29 year old say a college education
is very important that then they did in 2013 so 40% fewer 1829 year olds are
saying that college education is is very important compared to 2013 that’s a huge
change in something so basic in just six years
yep yes now just because they say a college education is is not very
important now or does that mean they’re not gonna there’s they still don’t want
to fit in and they’re not gonna buy it yeah probably most of them are still but
we are we’re trending toward a situation where officially people are gonna break
away from they’re just not gonna care anymore about fitting in and there isn’t
going to be very important for them they are gonna go their own way they’re gonna
learn things online so this is this is the beginning but we I’m saying the 80
percenters the people who probably shouldn’t even go to college they’re
gonna be the ones still pumping up the price of college because they just want
to fit in oh yeah I’m going to university of southwestern eastern
central Arizona look at me I’ve got this paper now I
can’t get a job but I got a paper you should give me a job right all right but
so that that’s but some of the more elite thinkers out there uh they they’re
they’re into this realm with it like yeah I’m not down with this anymore but
will they act upon it we shall see 2020 should be interesting
Doug Casey speaking of I love the brink bring up these Doug Casey ahead lines
from his spam newsletter that I get our best minds say gold is the place to be
in 2020 oh he will never stop people go to his grave saying that stuff remember
that people there are gonna be people that if their thing they know how to
make something clickbait they know how to make people scared go with his old
dude if you and and again remember gold Doug Casey has gotten in the
cryptocurrency also so but he’s still talking about bingo game for all his
gold friends got it gotta keep up that up to keep up that reputation but it is
ridiculous at this point you’ll be in gold with everything falls apart in this
technologically advanced decade we’re about to enter yeah sure hey but the
headlines people coming in they’re hilarious our best minds say gold is the
place to be who are our best minds please
tikka tikka tikka taco taco taco re the guy in Florida that has the fake
newsletter or whatever that you employed or they that you’re associated with tika
taka peka all right best oh here we go I said we were just talking about
youtubers all right now again I’m not a youtuber I’m a Bitcoin er I’m a guy who
likes Bitcoin that’s my that’s my thing I hold the coin if YouTube were to go
off the face of the earth I’d be fine any mob say do youtubers though there
are many many people out there they create content all sorts of kinds that
they rely on YouTube if they does something to them they’re gonna be broke
they’re gonna be laying on laying on the street I don’t know what the 30 do okay
it’s their employer okay fine is your employer and as long as people know the
difference in our space which few do if you take the time to actually think
about you know the difference between the haughty talking about ripple and you
know vortex talking about bitcoin there’s a
big big difference but most people don’t care
they’d rather just you know be enthralled with the hottie and that’s
why they end up like Scott Adams also but so moving on up there so Hollywood
is huge in America alright youtubers are now huge in America musicians
entertainment type of stuff its fluff it’s social media well guess what the 80
percenter world pays for it okay so so many people rip on America well America
produces nothing anymore it doesn’t produce any ironing doesn’t build
skyscrapers gotta get the Chinese and do this blah blah blah blah blah oh it’s
going it’s going down the tubes dudes the 80 percenters have spoken the
mindless have spoken they pay a pretty penny for anything about with America
okay hey people in other countries could make
these mindless YouTube videos some do but the entertainment industry is so
centered in America Online Hollywood music and all the world they pay for it
are they gonna stop paying for you know any percentage of they’ll do what
they’re gonna do so people try to say it’s illegitimate industry entertainment
YouTube etc etc one of the people in your country doing and what and it
generates and one of the people in your country buy it from us from America okay
from the American producers so do I want to be do I want to make movies in
Hollywood do I want to make dirty rap songs no do I buy that stuff no is it a
legitimate industry yes it is it is legitimate and it is something this if
America keeps them if Americans keep on doing that and the whole world keeps on
buying it which they are good for them good for those individuals they
shouldn’t be this shouldn’t be guilted into I guess
what torn on welfare or not doing that anymore I don’t know if that’s the only
thing that you do that they’re being productive you might not like that type
of productive and you might insult America for that
like our Americans should I say that Americans are just these mindless
they’re creating dirty videos are creating dirty movies oh it’s so we need
to think and yeah so think watch the smart YouTube videos watch PBS do that
you compete don’t complain but uh I people predicting America’s downfall
because of this culture that is center centered around so many superficial
aspects of life now with it they’re they’re getting rich off of it these
individuals are getting rich off of it I’m not saying to participate in it I’m
definitely not participating in it but it is people again people have sought
Americans for this type of stuff oh look who’s fat Americans they’re producing
they’re producing this and the world the world freakin wants it alright finally
the last I’m no fan of Hollywood but la is la man it’s it’s there it’s not going
away because people all over this world love what’s coming out in LA and yeah
you can you can complain again about Kim Kardashian and what’s-his-name her
husband Kanye I’m gonna buy their stuff but the whole world’s – they love it
they love it this is what America produces compete don’t complain stop
buying it stop buying it if you don’t like it but they like it
here’s a three-year-old story is from South Africa and it just it shows you
government why you don’t want to be involved in government education they
lower the passing mark for mathematics to 20% three years ago if you got it if
you got 20% right you passed in South Africa apparently in their public
schools it’s like two below it just shows you you have a government if
you’re not getting educated if you’re going to a government school or if is
someone from a government school in South Africa shows you a diploma that
might not mean that doesn’t mean very much if you’re if you’re trying to hire
them for something that involves some basic mathematic
that that is an interest that just shows you what a wacky wild world we live in
when 20 percent could be a considered a passing grade in a pretty legitimate
country um again and it just shows you the insanity of centrally controlled uh
you know political correctness when that takes over a country it’s still there
are dudes in South Africa that are very productive and I guess they got to give
their own tests when they’re hiring people but in South Africa you are
forced to uh there are laws that force you to to hire certain ethnicities
certain percent isn’t there’s a huge affirmative action powerful in
affirmative action laws over there so you’ll probably get stuck with some
twenty percent IRR and when I say that’s a bad 20 percent the one who oh we got a
twenty on their math test that’s real bad so going back to things found that
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this golden age be a twenty percent or compete don’t complain we’ve got all
these state coders out there there they’re the most it said but leave them
in the dust that’s the awesome also thing when you’re in motion you leave
those scapegoat errs in the dust just to like roll around in the dirt with each
other and that’s how they get their entertainment in geology that yeah
compete don’t complain ignore them alright I’m Anna meister the
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