(Chipmunk voice) Jez Feldmesser here from felmesser.co with the BIG question will litecoin continue to grow Jez Feldmesser here from feldmesser dot co giving you another video today on the question of the big question will
litecoin continue to grow? …. now that is a big question because there have been a
lot of interesting things happening in the last 24 48 hours concerning litecoin
itself and this is the question ” will litecoin continue to grow?” well litecoin
as you may or may not know is a four core Bitcoin which was designed to be a
lot faster to mine and a lot more rapid in the transactions there’s a lot of
technical stuff that goes behind all of that so won’t bother with that but the
idea of litecoin is that it’s a very rapid easy to transfer form of
cryptocurrency and the programming interface that you can integrate
litecoin transactions within let’s say a game or your website or whatever and
make it easy to have currency transactions happening without having a
bank or a pay processor payment processors credit cards and all that
kind of stuff we just wiped out so my answer to the question will litecoin
continue to grow in 2018 and onwards is a big resounding yes and I’ll show you
why I think that let’s say for example that litecoin has now been added to the
steam game platform as a means of paying for steam time yeah
what if in-game crypto became the real world economy so then all these gamers
that are buying game time on Steam plain use litecoin but then what if
litecoin became the currency within the game because there are lots of video
games online that have valued assets which are digital non-physical assets
that people have been working on for weeks or months to make and then they
sell them off for real-world money so this whole scenario could rapidly
develop that the inter exchange between people is actually cryptocurrency so
that’s something to watch out for cryptocurrency
in game watch out for them well so let’s go back to this big question I’ve got
some research open here because two days ago charles lee the inventor of light
coin actually sold off all his own light coin and he says donated proceeds to the
foundation of light coin which is a very interesting move on his part and you can
read the article already and tweets that he’s mentioned about this activity some
people saying oh he’s selling off you’re selling off he’s getting out it’s all
going down mmm don’t think so but i can see the pressure that the creator of a
cryptocurrency coin is under which is why I guess the bitcoin creator is a
mister who knows who secret person nobody knows where is he who is he is he
more than one person will we ever find out I don’t know so let’s carry on we’ll
litecoin continued grow well let’s have a look at what light coin has been doing
this year just since November it was at 71 dollars or something November a hang
around December 7th and it just starts to take off see it starts to take off
big amount of interest and then it’s it’s that 360 peeks at 360 and it’s been
sort of a holding this 300 dollar mark for a little while and then
it starts to decline and there was this sell-off two days ago created a big
ruckus hooha and so a lot of people were
selling but of course when lost people sell and then the price drops then
people are looking at the price drop and think well I’m gonna start buying so
that seems to be what might be happening and if you wanted to buy some light coin
now would be a good time to do it because the price is currently
relatively low to what it was a few weeks ago so that’s up to you but no the
disclaimer I am NOT a currency cryptocurrency guru I’m a guy who’s just
looking into the situation and hoping to educate some of my peers on this very
informative very interesting part of the world so no financial advice here don’t
say that I told you to buy or not because I don’t make your own mind out
do your own due diligence and always get expert advice in financial matters
so this claim over let’s continue with the interesting information that is
available on the current of light coin and will it continue to grow well
obviously it has continued to grow over a certain amount of time and let’s just
have a look these are the merchants kind of ideas this is from like coin calm the
website and these are the merchants featured merchants in this particular
layout and you can have a look at all the types of people and types of things
that you can buy with like wine that have been integrated into their
e-commerce system so this isn’t all going to disappear overnight that’s for
sure we can have a look at the market currently as it is today we’re at 5
o’clock to 9 o’clock it’s just gone ten o’clock French time here
so we’re seeing rather a steady rise today and little microscopic dip in the
last few minutes but that’s kind of interesting if we just scroll over and
see what happens here we go back to two days ago I think it hit a low of 170
something we’re in dollars yeah two days ago
hit below and has been rising ever since pretty much so interesting graphs on
litecoin there and similar sort of situation of course same style we’re on
a one day graph here and here’s the the drop out at Tarr
earlier this is one day so this is 22nd yes this is all today so there you go
and yeah here’s the interesting news I just discovered that Steam added
litecoin that you could actually buy steam time with litecoin hence the
cryptocurrency add a long film intro that I showed you so that is kind of
something that could be that could be a big player because video games are a big
chunk of what goes on online let’s face it and if you add in crypto currency and
exchange person-to-person that is real exchangeable currency and not some kind
of fictitious game coin that could change a whole lot that could really
make a big difference so that would be worth looking at and I had a look at
this crypto ization website to see what we’re out on like coins market caps the
14 billion I think that’s that’s right am I looking at that right last tray 24
hour volume we have been sold three million litecoins in one day have
exchanged hands so well that kind of gives you an idea of
what’s going on in the litecoin scenario um so I would definitely look at this
one and I would consider that litecoin is going to grow in a big way especially
in the e-commerce and intra gaming I believe that would be the thing to be
part of ecommerce and video game exchange plus all the general places the
merchants that currently accept litecoin and that will only continue to grow with
that activity there we are that’s litecoin and the question answered for
today leave me your views in the comments section below and I’ll leave
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digital currency exchange so do you wish to purchase some so if you want to find
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today’s video see you guys in tomorrow’s video with
another exciting episode bye for now