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Europeans great alright I’ve tried to find remember I spoke at Long Beach the
full speech is linked to below everything I talk about is linked to
below of course and yes as we speaking San Francisco or not I’m not I’m going
to yet they’re gonna be great I’m looking forward to all of that stuff I
love meeting people and people can say you tell you this weekend in Vegas and
in Long Beach on Thursday it was a wild wacky time dance happy arrow of the
trillion-dollar tapi arrow line another one of my little sayings there he’s got
a great quote out there and it talks about gold for all you gold and holders
who’ve moved over from old gold to new gold which is Bitcoin only two trillion
dollars is available investable gold okay the rest is univ jewelry and stuff
we we talk about how much money how much gold is worth but only a trillion
dollars of it is investable bitcoin is already ten percent the size of
investable gold incredible accomplishment for just ten years of
existence bitcoin too big to die now now that’s an anti obituary
if either red one but there’s still people doing the obituaries and I don’t
see how anyone could think a Bitcoin will die but that’s another reason it
some of those gold people think it will in and that puts it in perspective for
them it speaks there with gold language and again long-term bigger picture here
bigger picture type the stuff I know a lot of people are worried about the
short-term price this show today’s to remember what the price is going to be
tomorrow you’re in it for how what would it’s doing in terms of innovating money
for the next century Wow next all right mark usko adds to my thoughts the
greatest wealth is created by being an early investor in innovation making that
investment requires believing in something before the majority of people
understand it you will be mocked ridiculed and criticized for your
non-consensus action it is absolutely worth it pound that like button agree it
has been absolutely worth it as it hasn’t it buying Bitcoin since 2013 has
it been worth it had to have people ridiculed and criticized you
you recognized innovation we all recognize that in innovation back in
2013 and we put our money where our mouth was and it’s been great and yes
the greatest wealth is created by being an early invest for innovation huh you
know the wealth I’ve created my life that has been by far the greatest wealth
it dwarfed my real but you know what I what I did by buying a house and
everything like that what I’ve done through a big coin all right but
remember innovation is a key word here we want to keep on encouraging
innovation in this space all right innovation is a beautiful beautiful
thing and we’ll talk about that in in terms of a someone asked about the food
related to the carbon footprints of a Bitcoin mining and innovation what will
help us solve that I always I am such a firm believer in innovation I mean I’ve
lived through we we’ve all lived through some great nineveh if you lived through
the last ten years we’ve seen innovation change your whole life make it
more comfortable all right now so step back look at the big picture long-term
thinking don’t be impulsive people there’s so many reasons to be impulsive
we got a lot of people in the chat yelling back and forth I see
remember if you got just type of BIC one might maybe you don’t have questions
you’re just yelling at each other okay and if I cannot see what you’re saying
without you know calling my attention what you’re saying
so Finland Finnish authorities and I want to go to fill in
one day that’s one of the countries I haven’t been to that I didn’t want to go
to and say I guess the plane tickets are getting cheaper because everyone’s
freaking about about some virus we’ll see how that goes with my play my post
July 27th planning because I don’t know where I’m gonna be after July 27th
I guess the options are just opening up now that’s a positive take on everything
right so finished authorities have 15 million dollars in seized Bitcoin but
don’t want to sell it now it’s kind of a misleading title there of course from
point one deaths no no doubt about that they’re doing the right thing they’ve
got long term thinking there but they kind of stumbled into it they don’t want
to get rid of they got this Bitcoin they confiscated were confiscated but they
just didn’t take it from someone by hacking into it they arrested someone
and the guy gave her over his uh private keys to them or whatever I don’t know
exactly how they how they got it from him but you know idiot bitcoin is
uncommon skateable people like to say you see is Thomas capable when you talk
about a government taking it from someone it means confiscate oh no it’s
not yeah not for you are you I mean are you if you are protecting it correctly
you need Sun confiscate think that countries now that do these Bitcoin
arrests that they would learn like don’t try to sell it right away
okay to keep it use it you mean you all of your countries are broke
why don’t you try to hang on to it for as long as thought if you stole it try
to hang on to it for as long as possible and you know so you don’t have to steal
from the taxpayers as much anymore but truly confiscated the Bitcoin trove
following a successful bust of an online dark market in September 2016
the confiscate is wrong at the time Bitcoin traded at around 570 meaning the
1666 Bitcoin was worth approximately nine hundred fifty thousand with prices
just under ninety two hundred now that it’s worth closer to fifty million so
they did incredibly well they went from nine hundred fifty thousand worth of it
to fifteen million dollars and that’s Ani they don’t even clue the be cash in
there that they got along the way and it’s well dues thank God for your
horrible your out your your bureaucracy slowing you down now think straight keep
it longer stop stealing from your people I know you got that sub social welfare
state you got to pay for it somehow pay for it with this in twenty twenty eight
or something I don’t know icon they should country should be trying to get
Bitcoin it’s going to help bail out some countries but of course they could just
keep on printing their we know the United States will just keep on printing
and printing in for me but everybody values a dollar more than these other
countries so that’s for another show pal that one the the speaking of countries
be great elk 201 nine one sounds like a ZIP code in Maryland to 109 one probably
is if your country bands bitcoin is a sign you need Bitcoin oh man powerful
stuff retweet that one that one oh that one really sting is there that’s great
if your country bands bitcoin is a sign you need Bitcoin alright we have people
screaming back and forth still in there I see a lot of action but here we got a
question can you comment on carbon footprint flood with Bitcoin do you see
mining electricity needs as a hindrance to mass adoption no it’s the the
mainstream media flavor of the month in all of the news is the panic about
climate change and YouTube and and this has bled into the Bitcoin world okay
that o doom and gloom you can’t have a big carbon footprint we’re destroying
the everything is destroying the environment we need to take drastic
actions and shut everything down shut it them and I know because we are living in
this golden age that that is in sad insane talk we solve it with technology
we solve it with freedom if it’s really an issue we’re entering a realm because
of Technology that power use electricity use
generation it’s going to become more efficient okay it’s going to become more
efficient and neutral air power will help I will say this we don’t even know
it’s all wood wood and i-i’ve Center on their shows
I don’t worry about that stuff at all okay I don’t get into those arguments I
don’t get into those arguments I know it will technology wins the day innovation
wins the day I mean we’re back in 2000 that people
are wondering why countries have monopolies or money why they will always
have a monopoly on money why can’t we create a decentralized currency and look
they did it happened I mean the world changes so many things will be on the
moon by the end of the decade again I mean there’s so I’m not worried about I
think it is just one of those it’s the biggest FUD in the mainstream world just
dealing with everything and it’s bled into of course it’s bled into the the
Bitcoin world and people scream it and try to take Bitcoin down this way so
oh it’s gonna you know kill the environment Bitcoin uses more power than
countries who cares who cares a Bitcoin uses more power than countries I I don’t
what’s the problem we’ve we’ve gotten to this mindset where countries are sacred
they’re the ones who can control everything they’re the only ones that
can print money no Bitcoin can use as much power as it wants you become anyone
independent companies can use as much power as they want if they’re paying for
it independent countries can print independent companies can print as much
money as they wanted we’re gonna learn soon with Libre alright
so know that that’s my overall take on that I’m not I’m not too worried I don’t
get into the stick I don’t get into the technicalities behind it because I know
it will be solved is that a light coin sure
no it is a shirt that I got from the great I love this shirt and you this is
this question gets asked like almost every time Jeff maybe you’re new to the
show cryptography has been in this space making art at least since 2016 this is
one of my favorite shirts I’ve ever received from him and it says a few
different coins on it and I love how the shirt looks it’s just throw my favorite
shirts and so I wear it and so it says yeah it says like that doesn’t mean I
like litecoin or anything it means I like the shirt and crypto graffiti is a
great guy in the space so and heartfelt patriots dead the day will come when
those who live in countries with dominant currencies with Dominic
currencies will notice Bitcoin appreciation inflationary monetary
policies will help us well yeah yeah I mean yes it it first will be noticed in
countries with non-dominant currencies okay but you’re right eventually it will
be noticed in dominant currencies people and they will be happy that they own
Bitcoin bus’ and then they’ll really see that slowly but surely even the dollar
devalues and let us move on I love the questions guys by the way I love the
interaction I mean I like you know having to think and you know not but not
just read over I mean I’m thinking when I’m reading over this stuff and I’m
generating thoughts when I’m reading over my notes cuz it’s not scripted
it’s just ideas I have written down but I love ideas that I haven’t thought of
for the show and would see what people are interested in people ask about oh
yeah people always ask about a coin based competitor okay so here I stumbled
upon Swan Bitcoin calm a swab Bitcoin calm for the best way to buy Bitcoin
with lower fees than coinbase live in 49 states in March and so I linked to them
obviously it’s why I don’t know much about them I maybe I’ll try to get
someone the show about them Twitter calm I spy a link to their Twitter feed – so
March March is soon right yes it’s a few thing
three is it three days we got 29 days this month in February was fast we
always said that right so yeah I guess it’ll be live very soon and Swan a
competitor you guys asked me about competitors the coinbase Americans asked
me so here you go here’s a tweet from bit max double-oh-seven
ding-ding-ding-ding if you fear let others is great again
this this pits puts it all in perspective people take it take a step
back bigger picture stuff for it here something for you short term people
though if you fear liquidation you’re not investing in Bitcoin correctly this
is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity so don’t mess it up by being leveraged
invest in Bitcoin hold on a treasurer and use time as your ultimate leverage
there you go man there you go so Chris black so oh here here Jeff asking has an
ether question right when I’m going to talk about Chris black and eath is ether
scam they have been talking about that upgrade for years and it never could no
it’s not a scam no I mean how can you say it’s a scam it is a real coin it
exists no one’s being forced to buy it if no scam is a word that is so abused
in this space it is it is no it’s definitely not a scam and people are
innovating over there okay and I’m gonna read you I’m gonna read you what’s going
on there now from an honest person and they have been talking about a change
for a while so what if they can’t get their fork passed we’re gonna talk there
changes past whatever you want to call it past we’re gonna show you what might
happen I’m gonna Chris is talking about it right now
Chris black you might not agree with him the man isn’t honest he’s dishonest man
he’s a straight shooter he likes a theory I’m and defy but he he tells it
like it is over there they get angry at him so you know the Bitcoin people are
getting angry at him if the Aryan people are getting angry at
him that he’s he’s stating what he really believes that couldn’t be right
could be wrong yeah all right so let’s let’s read it he says nobody is making a
strong case why we need prog proof of work okay I get that I get that some
people want it but it is not worth the GV chain split risk okay clapping hands
sign defy can’t afford a content just change split Oh clapping he’s
clapping yeah I just read out clapping hands this is yeah you can’t defy can’t
afford it contentious change splits he says nearly 1 billion dollars is at
stake here can we stop acting around with this now
please so he’s bringing up the point that aetherium could have a split and
thus defy would be on two different chains all the money it’d be very
confusing type of stuff so this is a legitimate paper asked is it a scam it’s
not a scam but it they would have an issue if it splits a real big issue
which one’s the real one what are we gonna have two different now do I have
all this defy uh etherium that I’ve been saving up do I
double it the other one meaning anything all sorts of questions jump into play
it’s much more complicated then before you know back in twenty sixteen when it
had it split all right much much more complicated so much more is sitting on
top of etherium now so so they do want to do things the right way they do want
to avoid a chain split it at any call state a contentious one at least that
doesn’t where people are arguing which one’s the real one so it’s out there
it’s out there I’m not trying to fund it he’s putting it out there so those guys
can get their act together I guess if they want to and things would be good
for them will be good for them in my opinion this
is from Tour de Meester and my opinion number one question to answer for
investors considering Bitcoin versus other coins can new tech be adopted by
the Bitcoin stack he agrees with Adam back and says that the answer is yes
I also agree I also agree that Bitcoin and I’ve been saying this for a long
time it can adapt adopt technology that that’s created by other coins so you
don’t necessarily need to use other coins at the same time let there be
other coins out there to develop that technology so Bitcoin can adopt it
there’s nothing wrong with those coins add up creating innovation and Bitcoin
picking it up that’s great and Bitcoin can Paquita so
that’s why I’m not into hey let’s have a mining attack on this uh let’s waste
millions of dollars an attack an altcoin for the heck of it to say that we’ve
destroyed it yeah I mean that’s destruction create don’t complain
compete don’t complain innovate innovate that’s how we solve our problems that’s
how we get rid of Fudd like the carbon footprint fight Romek Jews got a
question here we’re getting picked back hat loudly 210,000 block rules so high
do you think Bitcoin well the theory it’s a theory well you do you think
Bitcoin will have at least one unfriendly hard fork ie B hash every two
hundred two hundred ten thousand blocks well yes yes yes I do I think that’s a
good bet I think that’s a good bet maybe that’s the way to time it we’re gonna
get the 42 million the inflation one coming up after this fork obviously a in
this next two hundred thousand blocks starting in May that I predict during
that that two hundred ten thousand blocks sometimes before 2024 we’ll get
the people forking off their forty two million uh Bitcoin and then maybe we
will have the private saw some privacy related one to if not now but then maybe
the next one who knows surfer Jim OH so for Jimmy the house hey there add up a
good very good question and very good looking way of looking at things out of
roaming q I never I never considered that that every two hundred ten thousand
blocks we’re also gonna have a be cash type unfriendly Fork hey there Adam
thanks for the shoutout met John from Bitcoin twenty twenty last
night in New York City at an Unchained capital sponsor meetup I’m making a
custom version for the 2020 conference oh you’re uh you’re awesome card you’re
making you’re saying yes yes do that that that is awesome surfer Jim made
this awesome card it’s like business card size not not the size of a Bulevar
that want Galt gave me but a size of a business card I actually got it over
there and it’s got all the information if you want hardcore Bitcoin people and
learn about Bitcoin I’m and all these other people are you know
best guests in the frickin space or on it in Jim’s and Jim’s opinion there
alright moving on we have but that good to see you here surfer Jimmy
great great to meet you in person baby really really it was awesome you can see
the smile alright bigger picture okay bigger picture stuff here I’m gonna I’m
gonna tell you and this is coming from the great Jack at Twitter Bitcoin for uh
and he says for first of all square sold over half a billion dollars worth of
Bitcoin to 2019 and outpaced broader crypto exchange volume growth in the
fourth quarter so there’s another coin based type
competitor there’s some news from them and I said that’s gonna talk about
quantities competitors but Jack who is a very influential person in the in the
tech world he says Bitcoin for us is not stopping
at buying and selling we believe this is a transformative technology for our
industry and gives people more access to the financial system so we are going to
ensure we are learning and leaving the industry from here dude incorporated
into Twitter too but there you go people take a step take a few steps back and
think about Jack what Jack Dorsey is saying here transformative technology
for our industry transformative freakin technology people so you can think on
that transform with the transformative technology frame or you can think oh my
god I went down five hundred bucks in a day frame its longer-term type of stuff
impulsive type of stuff so tried steam it tight news again did the steaming
people some aren’t exactly cool with their little paranoid about Justin Sun
and the takeover I don’t want to make broad generalizations there was an
article about it but the dude he has a steam it post out there and I got a sick
it’s a good post he’s trying to calm down the people who are paranoid about
him you might not like him he’s a good marketer he’s gotten rich somehow he
prints his own money he has ideas for steamin if you read this he is in motion
ran right now Steve really slow at least that you know
there’s issues when you go to popular posts that a lot of people comment on
it’s slow the hopefully they could fix that that’s really important but I think
the people over there should be really intrigued and happy about this corporate
takeover by uh up steam it he’s going to clearly there’s going to be a tron steam
switcheroo exchange and remember people remember people there’s a lot of people
have been confused about this lately I get steam for free by posting on Steam
it this is posted on Steam it just because I’m staying the word steam just
because I have a t-shirt with some altcoin listed with it doesn’t mean I’m
saying to buy I’m saying if you get steam it for free Steam for free you
turn that baby in the Bitcoin and if they turn that steam in the Tron and
that boosts the price of Tron or steam or whatever you turn is a Bitcoin okay
so this is good for those of us who get free free steam and there’s there’s
there’s plenty of people who do and I will be happy we P since 2016 when steam
it came out I’ve been on there since that it came out that June I got only in
July alright so I and we’ve been waiting for a and it’s disappointing in a lot of
ways we’ve been waiting for the combination of cryptocurrency or Bitcoin
with social media to be a real competitor of Facebook or YouTube maybe
he could take it to that next level because it hasn’t really moved up any
levels in the last two years at least three years at least and there was a lot
of excitement he’s got plans and he was a better entity is taking over I will
say this they need a new management or are needed new thinking over there and
some of you’re like why are you talking about this so much it’s just because
there’s a lot of people in motion in their space that are content creators
that yell and scream about how they’re not able to make money they’re yelling
about YouTube demonization I want them to be able to make money okay and it’s
it it’s crypto related which is obviously Bitcoin related more power to
them it’s better it’s great and yeah I’m just trying to see you just read his
book it was a bear he’s a vet he’s a positive guy he’s a positive guy I
admired Newt or her positively keeping it real alright
so now we’re going to talk about the MWC crypt of dividend that we all got for
free obviously it’s been in the Yenta news lately everyone’s gossiping about
it it’s it’s it’s insane on a certain level and there is a link here hot bit
which says there was a double spend attack and they had a release about it
and it’s kind of not as there’s not really much there anymore they like
change what they said here’s the deal I mean we’ve known for a while it’s been
mentioned on the show before that hot Pitt has had to shut down like three
different times the MWC account because there were some sort of hacked or double
spend we knew there was attack that that other miners were attacking or grinning
or being people I don’t know who it was we’re and this has been mentioned before
show it was one of the reasons that has been said why the heck does it keep
going up in price why would anyone in their right mind pay money for something
we already knew that was being attacked that was that stable okay why was that
going I mean it was insane to the beginning in beginneth so whoever was
doing it whoever was buying it was scamming themselves was like taking an
incredible chance by buying something that was so and so now it’s out in the
open that like MWC excuse me hot bit lost MWC it lost a lot of em that we see
so the MWC people are gonna have to give them MWC or something I don’t know it is
what this happens in all coins it happens in that world that’s why you
don’t buy these things that’s why you get them for free to get rid of them
when you can get rid of them before things like this happen now
so but I wanna I want to say this and this is very very very important okay
Chris is the dude who came up with MWC and he’s Bennifer with all this
screaming lately he is a forgotten man here and chris is a great man chris is a
very very good man okay and he had very great intentions for this okay
so don’t get lost in the emotions and the noise around all these big-name
people and then like say oh I was intended
to be a scale from the very beginning and it first it’s not a stick it’s just
an OP coin that some dude was buying a lot of okay and was having technical but
that wasn’t on any exchanges he Chris he liked the MWC protocol okay he liked it
he and so he wanted to do something with it maybe not to add the member wendel
protocol choose me he is a good guy he let’s see what he brought about in this
world the positivity that he brought about he created some altcoin that he
gave away for free as a crypto give it an airdrop because of him people learned
how they sign on their treasure or they learned how to sign messages they
learned how to use another wallet there he made up a wallet he learned he taught
people how to claim crypto dividends okay he taught people how to move all
coins okay some people buy these alt coins they only know how to move them
okay he these are skills you might just think you know what take some of this
stuff for granted there are a lot of people though who were new to the air to
air drop some crypto beauty of the dens and and alt coins or whatever and they
don’t take this for granted these are all skills for this Golden Age decade
from the 2020s okay you’re gonna have to know how to claim a cryptic dividend
you’re gonna learn need to have to know how to sign a message alright and use
all sorts of different types of wallets and whatever that’s out there the skill
set he added the people’s skill set okay by creating this experiment and he made
people better people here alright all the people who participated in this who
just wanted more Bitcoin who just wanted to dump it or whatever he made them uh
but and he brought the the privacy aspect of nimble and mobile technology
to go to the will trip show a lot of people who wouldn’t even known about now
is nimble when will technology that great I don’t know I don’t know I don’t
know at all I I’m interested in people who are
innovating who want to give out their alt coins to free for free to the
ultimate holders I’m interested in people who want to make people’s Bitcoin
hands stronger and Chris is a person that wants to make Bitcoin hands
stronger you gave away something that they made Bitcoin hands strokes I want
everyone to take the emotion out of all of us for a second and really
see what this dude did he did a really good thing okay we’re talking about
skill set for the 2020s as so many people have said to me like I didn’t
know how do you sign a message how do you do this how the hell you learnt the
people who did this the people who did quite well off of this learn how to do
this and this is something that I want everybody to think about when if anyone
ever I mean people aren’t saying his name or anything but they are saying
it’s a scam it just it was it’s not a scam it was never meant to be a scam and
he is that he’s a very good guy and and a friend of mine and you know that I
personally met he and was saying I just want to read up and what he did was this
member will think he create people said well there’s great and there’s beam but
a lot of you don’t know there were many others that tried to be number three
okay many others and he tried that he had a
limited supply take on this technology alright so I I mean I thought that was a
great gimmick I thought that was a great idea if if minimal wibble technology is
so great why do these coins need these huge supplies or unlimited supplies so
he did it and the it got the name recognition all right it is number three
now now obviously there’s a lot of craziness going around it right now he
clearly got some wealthy either a wealthy individual or a wealthy group of
individuals thought it was a good idea to or both an entity of some sort
thought it was a great idea to an extent that they started buying buying buying
buying I mean it’s ludicrous reasons but he got it got to number three he
accomplished something – okay he was in he was in motion so yeah it’s gonna be
controversial for a while because a lot of people are screaming about it because
of someone buying it all up trying to buy it all up but there it is I just I
just want to put that out there and people shouldn’t really if you got it
for free and you sold it that’s great that’s awesome you people all those
people I don’t know why any ones like making – well because there’s a big
personality involved in it now that’s why people are go
while I mean that that’s human nature I guess that’s human nature I guess all
right that that is it keep on creating Chris keep on creating dude and and
everyone out there that creates keep keep on creating I I admire the people
that are creating alright i am adam meister the bitcoinmeister the disrupt
meister remember to subscribe this channel like this video shows video
check out the links below pound it bang that Bell button I will
say hi to you dues in the chat and I got to go running alright see ya bye bye