We are at the very interesting spot right now at the Bitcoin Embassy which is right in front of the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange I’m here with Sarah who is supporting the Bitcoin Embassy. Since when is the Bitcoin embassy here? I think it’s like almost five years It opened in 2013 late 2013. – Wow very impressive! – By a guy. It used to be a architects office. He decided that he is going to open a Bitcoin Embassy and like Quickly, like like tons of people came here. People can come in and there’s the ambassadors, people that are part of the place – Like you. – Yeah, because you’re at a time and we explain to people about Bitcoin and we also have a very like lively community. We can talk to people about your life about Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies and politics and what’s going on – I’m Itay. – So since when are you into Bitcoin? Okay – A year and a half – In the beginning he didn’t trade a lot of Bitcoin cause he thought he missed the train. – Oh, really? What did you buy then? – He bought Ethereum and Dash – When they were 7$. – 7 $?! And then Dash went to 1300 or something, no? – He sold Ethereum when it was 30 $ – You sold it?! – Me too! – Really? – After a month it went to 300. … He bought 60,000 of that coin. – What is the name of that coin? – Capricorn. So when he got to.. – Now you don’t own any of that? – Then he bought it back. – You bought it back? At how much? – At 80 cents. – So he bought it at first at 10 cents, then he sold it at .. – Wait, so how much money did you make? – So he bought it 10 cents? – Yes, he sold it at 2,50 dollars. And then he bought it back at 80 cents. – Yes! – Very good! There’s also ATM here. – What you do is – this is scanning your QR code. – What is the commission? – They take 5%. – In the last few months with the craze — there were times there were hundreds of people here every day. It couldn’t take it – it is a small place. – It was really nuts for a while, and now it’s like really, really quiet. – Okay, yeah, it’s the market in March. Maybe. No, it was really crazy. Fascinating to see like if we forgot to see the Bull Run – like tons of people that don’t know what bitcoin is want to buy it. -Why are you supporter of Bitcoin? What made you believe in it? – Well, first of all, I like the general idea that it’s no reserve. It’s the positive money. It’s like gold. You can’t create anymore of it It can’t get corrupted by central bank. And second of all, technology is amazing and powerful. So like you’d have to like Ideologically .. and the same time you have a stronger technology. So it’s like a win-win! Thank you for watching! Like and subscribe!