Hello everyone this is adam meister the
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is december the 28th 2019 my grandmother turned 97 years old today yeah mama
returned thinking uncommon skateable she’s got a strong hand and she’s got
some conviction hey we’re gonna talk about personal responsibility being the
new counterculture we’re gonna talk about it all tonight in motion baby the
bitcoin rabbi is here he’s in motion we’re gonna talk about Hanukkah because
not only was it my grandmother’s 97th birthday today tonight today’s the uh
tonight’s the seventh night of Hanukkah so I’m happy as anything and it’s always
great to have the Bitcoin rabbi here we’re gonna talk a little Judaism we’re
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rabbi welcome to the show any thanks so much for having me really glad to be
here it is the seventh night of Hanukkah and
so I figured you know I already lit my menorah earlier with my kids it’s almost
midnight by me I’m sure you already lit but I figured why not for the audience
you know spread the light spread the miracles I’ve got my menorah here and I
figure we’ll start off we’ll light the menorah and then we’ll get into it so uh
how’s that sound for you all right you’re right you’re right okay so set
like I said since I already did it I’m gonna adjust therefore to blessings that
we say um but uh I’ll give them a little adjustment uh you know and since we’ve
already done at one time so just bear with me here bear with my voice since
it’s almost midnight I’m a little uh not not quite up to it but we’ll try hahaha
no malice Howell um I share condition album it’s us of this Yvonne you all
hardly fair ah ha ha ha t know I don t know math Harlem sauce on teasing love I
say no but I mean rhyme he’s my own house’ alright so we’ve got our seven
candles here because it’s a seven night the seventh night and tomorrow night is
the eighth night of Chanukah so that is where we’re getting out there some
pretty exciting stuff oh yeah these are these are and these are the real deal I
don’t know about you Adam but we use the real olive oil I use the Habad uh the
Chabad candles that are given to me I’ve never done the olive oil I mean that’s
like just like in the temple you’re doing there man that’s isn’t it this is
the this is the pure olive oil just like in the temple these things will last a
couple hours oh yeah I don’t wait the funny thing is Jewish people if they
listen to what you said they could tell you just did a little it’s a
demonstration is what you’re doing yeah yeah was a little bit of an adjustment
all the prayer since I already said it once you know we we don’t want to repeat
it exactly the same way since you know since I already did it and you already
did but we want to you know have the spirit of the candle lighting and and
really I mean the some people think that if they go to a conical party they think
like oh I went to a Hanukkah party they like candles there but actually every
family in every household is is supposed to light it themselves and have it there
so this is you know just to spread the idea spread light within we talking
about it so really uh fits in with the theme here so better than happy Chanukah
yeah get right into it pal that like button people you never know what you’re
gonna get here I want it and I actually I think I lit the candles yeah I let the
candles on my show the other I showed the lit candles I’ve lit them in the
past what is the connection between Bitcoin and Hanukkah so first I’ll just
get like a kind of brief overview of the history of
Hanukkah so this is we’re going back about like let’s say 2,300 years so like
300 years before the we say BCE is before the Common Era other people say
BC you know but you know before the time the talented that we use now it’s 2019
so 300 years before before that started um and basically the Jewish people were
an independent State of Israel they had their own government and their own
society and this was actually after Alexander the Great he um conquered the
whole like whole world basically like the whole Middle East and Africa and he
took over the place so when we talk about we say the Greeks were fighting
against the Jews and trying to take over Israel it wasn’t actually like Greeks
from you know from Greece but it was actually Hellenized you know Greek
influenced Syrians or Assyria is the is the prayer you know
the predecessor to modern day Syria and so they were the empire that ruled over
the Middle East during that time and they they basically took over Israel
what was that time Israel and the central focus of Israel during the
entire kingdom was the Holy Temple in Jerusalem on the beit hamikdash
and there there was a there was sacrifices and there was prayer and
there was menorah a candle that was lit every single day
and so the Greeks took over that whole thing and sent all of the Jews like you
know they they actually convinced a lot of Jews to kind of like secularize and
they sent the like righteous you know religious Jews into hiding basically so
there was one group called The Maccabees that uh said like enough is enough
we are not going to take this and we’re not gonna sit down and they started a
rebellion and they were like a really really small faction of people even
amongst the Jews most of the Jews just like we’re lying down and taking it
but this small group stood up and said no and they started a rebellion and they
started fighting and they fought this huge army which put tens of thousands of
soldiers like a real army and they were just like basically like guerrilla
fighters like they were not a trained they were not an army like they were
rabbis basically and they threw miracles of beat out this Syrian Assyrian army
and kicked them out of Jerusalem took back the city and then when they got to
the temple the place was a disaster it was all ruined and everything had been
whole like everything had to be pure it all had to be holy they’re like you can
just you know use whatever he wanted so oil to light the candles like you can
just there was no store anything the oil had
to be this like purely refined oil and had to be done in a specific way and
they needed you know everyday he had enough oil for that one day so they only
had enough oil for one day they lit the the candle the candelabra the menorah
and and it was only supposed to light last that one day but lo and behold it
was a miracle it actually stayed the oil was still there and it burned it was
gonna take them eight days to procure more oil so they had to they for that
eight days while they were waiting to get the new oil the one little jug of
oil that they had which they miraculously found lasted that time so
that’s the that’s the story story what does this have to do with Bitcoin I
think that it’s all kind of obvious I mean there was an oppressive government
that came in and told these people you know you have to walk like us you’ve got
to talk like us you’ve got to dress like us you’ve got to act like us you you
can’t live the way you want to live and most people just took it most people it
says the in the miracle of Hanukkah it said ottenby odd Robin Mian Mian der
madam that the many were the the enemies and
they were given over into the hands of the few
though the strong were given over into the hands of the weak these these people
were not you know originally the strong they were not the the mighty soldiers
but they became strong and they you know took miracles and they you know went and
and fought this war and so you know the comparison with Bitcoin I think is
uncanny that this was people willing to stand up for their self sovereignty for
their right to live how they wanted to live they were the you know they were
the few they were the 20 percenters they said you know we’re not gonna take it
and then listen to this this was great this do you know do you know many many
rosenfeld oh yes I never met him but we’re like Twitter friends and he sent
me that yet that you can think of that that you know the main thing the most or
II that you know everybody knows is like the war there was this big war and this
big battle and it was a miracle that these small group of Jews that were
untrained they fought over and that was great now that would have been enough
for a celebration on its own and then the oil and the Campbells was like this
extra thing so it’s like we got Bitcoin but you know it was only for
transactions and it could only do you know one megabyte per per block and this
and then we found the Lightning Network and then in that and with that it could
last for enough transactions to last 8 billion people in the whole world
so we thought this was one miracle just enough and then it could actually even
scale even greater than what we ever imagined so that’s my you know that’s my
iconic the Bitcoin connection it’s about you know standing up for yourself about
being brave and and being strong and saying you know I’m what what’s right is
right and I uh you know nobody can can be the boss of me and and tell me that I
can’t live the right way and it’s also the it shows that in life most people
just go along they just go with the flow most of the Jews they were like yeah
this Hellenized stuff is great the Greek culture is
great what why you causing this trouble Judah Maccabee why are you doing this
man we’re living it up these Greek dudes brought us some culture but they the the
few they were like no we’re not take it we are who we are we are who we are and
we’re fighting back and they’re not they’re saying we can’t be because that
was the thing the the Syrian Greek said you can’t be Jewish anymore you can’t
circumcise you can’t do this you can’t do that and they wanted their freedom
just as today we want our monetary freedom you know it’s not as hey back
then it was like death if you didn’t I mean if you didn’t go with the Assyrian
Greeks you could be killed and it was horrible but the comparison is there and
I do like the 20 percenters and it’s yeah yeah most people don’t think they
they just go go with the flow whatever the easy way is bitcoin is not the easy
way you can be you can be in the Fiat world and little pretty good life
actually you could be quite comfortable in the Fiat world and live that life and
it also shows that dude through history unfortunately even today most Jewish
people they also are secular lies they don’t really care about Judaism pretty
much at all which is uh that’s just that’s the way it is in the modern world
well let’s let’s move on there’s another comparison we we call it orange coin
good I know what’s funny uh Hanukkah gelt as a kid whenever I get the
Hanukkah gelt which was just a chocolate chocolate candy wrapped in gold tinfoil
and it made me think that Hanukkah gelt must be uh must be gold here so what is
Hanukkah gelt and why do they give money on Hanukkah
because again is it there is money is uh intertwined in in the holiday a little
bit coincidentally so it is compare it is comparable to Bitcoin yes so actually
that’s kind of a modern invention when people think the Hanukkah gelt
are these chocolate coins um and that is like a totally that I mean I don’t know
modern like past 100 years or so um but really this is like an ancient tradition
and people also think that Hanukkah is a time for giving gifts and the real
reason that they connect that is because of the time relationship to the to the
more uh more common you know in America the the holiday around the same time
people give gifts but it Chanukah is really about giving you give money that
was the tradition this is friend for you know hundreds if not thousands of years
so chronic guilt is actually the Yiddish word for money and I actually have guilt
it’s Yiddish and it’s even uh it’s a Yiddish and it’s also German very
similar uh and so I have my book my book which you know we talked about before
and I’ll mention it is called a Bitcoin money and so if you translate that into
German its Bitcoin gals you know it’s the same it’s so dope just means money
in Yiddish which is like a traditional European Jewish language so the there
are a few reasons given for why is it that we give money on Hanukkah so one of
them is that Hanukkah is actually the word Hanukkah means um dedication or
introduction because Hanukkah is when they went to the temple and they found
the temple in Jerusalem and the place was a wreck the place was a mess and
they had to rededicate it reintroduce it get it started again so it’s called the
haouka time is back for the rededication and
that same word of dedication is the same word that we use for education for like
a child’s like you know K through 12 or whatever like that’s the same word and
and in Jewish history the way we actually found is that you know adults
are supposed to have I supposed to have a long low time preference they’re
supposed to be long term thinking but children we know that they need
immediate you know a gratification so we actually encourage rewarding children
and so when a child learn something new they should get like a treat they should
get a present there’s something like that so you give them like a coin or
something like that so it’s about rewarding the children for for their
studies um that’s uh that’s that’s part of it
also it that the Chanukah candles is kind of a like it was an extra expense
it was an extra thing that people had to buy so part of it was about giving
charity and helping out the people who were
you need at this time people who because it says that even if a person is a
popper and they have no money they should they should beg to get money to
be able to buy Chanukah candles it’s that the Mitzvah the is that important
you know it’s such a such an important celebration that they should even you
know go a stand brother so you should you know have money ready to give out to
other people and also interestingly enough the candles are like a holy
object does not you know candles we don’t use candles but we’ve got lights
in our house but in all these candles were useful like you you know you like
candles because you want to use candles you know you want to light up your house
so we wanted to say these candles like they’re not just candles you light up
for for lighting up your house they’re actually like holy you kind of put them
on the side you put them something put them in a window they like show them off
but you don’t want to use it for your day-to-day mundane things so it says the
example that’s in the Talmud that says you don’t you don’t use like you don’t
use those candles like for your own personal benefit you don’t like sit by
the candles and like count count out your money so you give a kid according
and you say like okay remember that’s that’s not what these
candles are for so that’s their these are bunch of different reasons given for
why we give money or guilt and in modern days because like I said for the
connection to other holidays uh gifts some people give gifts you know money
can equate to guess or you know things like that people do it’s not the worst
thing in the world you know it’s all about being happy and celebrating so
some people give sometimes I do both sometimes they do chocolate money and
and they do dollars and sometimes if you’re like me you give your kids
Bitcoin so you know that’s a but I yeah I’m very strong into giving Bitcoin
actually I don’t know if you know about that have you ever heard of this new
company that I’m actually connected with called give Bitcoin yeah I do that yeah
yeah yes I had my keys linked to below Bitcoin rabbi is linked to below on
Twitter I’ll link to give big I look that up to but uh he’ll tell ya more
links in there yeah give Bitcoin dot o dot IO and it’s
this it’s this company that uh that I’m an advisor on and it’s an it’s how you
can give Bitcoin to your friends and relatives and stuff just by like sending
them an email and then it’s cuz I I get I love to give Bitcoin people view and
do you like give a Bitcoin to friends or family
well I gave one for my friends a very good friend for it when his son was born
for his bris and that was back in 2015 so that kids
he’s on the way point 18.0 well what happened to it does he still have it oh
yeah he’s got it he’s got it he’s got it did you put it on like a treasure I had
to hook him up a little bit with a blockchain info address back in the day
that’s where he’s still he’s still got it there but but at least he’s got it it
was complicated back then it was much more bright so that’s the thing and I
what I would do is I would like print out a piece of paper with a thing and
like hope they don’t lose it or maybe I wouldn’t keep a thing but would give
Bitcoin you go on the website you send it to them and not only gives them the
Bitcoin but it like sends them a whole a lesson plan for how to learn how to take
care of the Bitcoin so I like I think that’s a great way you know I’m giving
people Bitcoin for Hanukkah I nowadays I that’s what I give for every day every
gift you know any some one of my friends kids get married I give him Bitcoin
one oh you know somebody has a part one of my students has a Bar Mitzvah I do in
Bitcoin so that’s a you know gifting people Bitcoin is is uh pretty much the
way that I go beside whether it’s Hanukkah or whether it’s anything else
do lightning Network will help a lot with future Hanukkah gelt like Hanukkah
20:28 everyone will be Lightning Network
giving out how to go gelt that way yeah I mean that’s I’m gonna talk about that
a little bit in the prediction section but uh but lightning I don’t I don’t
know how much you’ve been doing with acting but I’ve been like oh very
hands-on with lightning this whole year I’ve been trying out a lot of the
wallets and stuff so well yeah mr. on yesterday’s this week in Bitcoin show
everyone should watch it that the first 20 minutes are all about
lightening you I don’t talk too much about it I had some lightening guys on
yesterday check it out people linked to below this leaking bitcoin found that
like but now I actually have we’re talking about uh they were so hang on
there was something specific with the uh giving people big I mean yeah you just
talked about giving people uh giving people Bitcoin right there
Bitcoin sadaqa Bitcoin charity let’s talk about that yeah I also I saw I made
a website um and really it’s not like it’s just a proof of concept um I saw
I’ve been using BTC pay server which is great it’s like an alternative to UM
two-bit pay and it’s an alternative to all of these like payment processors
where you run it yourself and you accept bit Bitcoin and lightning payments and
so I just you know I I’m one of those people that I like to abaya
domain names and then just like figure out what to do with it so I figured like
I’m the Bitcoin rabbi so I bought Bitcoin sadaqa calm Oh and I just set up
like it’s just you know little thing you can donate like one penny or ten cents
or something like that because I’m sure you’re aware of this you probably you go
to synagogue and there’s you know these push cuz these a little charity boxes
around and when people go to when they go for prayer service lots of people go
and they put a little a penny or a dime or a quarter in or something like that
and they do it on a regular basis and that’s part of the prayer service
actually is is that before you start praying you put charity and I’m sure
lots of people different faiths have this concept that when they go to their
their prayer of places or houses of worship they give charity as part of it
but I don’t carry cash around I never carry cash and I don’t even carry these
like coins and stuff people have so I have this problem because I want to give
charity on a regular basis and I just couldn’t do it physically and I couldn’t
even on your phone if you want to like go to a website and donate it with your
credit card or something like that it’s like you got to give five dollars and
then there’s like a $0.50 me or something so I just figured you know
I’ll collect you know collect money for this soup kitchen or a food pantry
that’s that’s near me and I’ll collect it all off and then at the
whenever we make like 20 bucks a month or something unlike little lightning
Network 10 send payments but it’s cool you know you can do something like that
that’s that’s a thing that lightning salts like you know people say Bitcoin
oh go buy coffee you know you can buy coffee a million different ways you
don’t need Bitcoin to buy your coffee but this is actually a thing that I
couldn’t do without Bitcoin and without lightning so it’s it’s actually
something that lightning Network solves that that couldn’t be done before so I
think that’s cool I think that’s nice yeah you’re right
you know when I when I read sure I could bet the Phila in Baltimore I picture the
dudes and I I did something also like I find change when I’m running so like
I’ll have the chain that I thought but these older guys are on their seventies
they got dollar bills they’re all there suck they still carry around cash and
everything like that you see a lot of those so if times are a-changing I would
say speaking of throwing around some money of Robert hearta Beck my buddy out
in Southern Cal sent ten bucks excellent content he says well thank you Robert
and you also asked if I uh if I miss the Orthodox community around La Brea in a
race south of West Hollywood in Los Angeles I do miss those guys I like
their little show and I will be back there starting February 12th until April
the 6th which is right before Passover I’m going back to Baltimore for pastor
I’ve been in Los Angeles with those Orthodox Jews living among them and it’s
beautiful there on LaBrie IDEs all sorts of people isn’t just or thank you but I
do miss them as a that’s a good question Hass and people you can ask questions by
typing a bitcoinmeister hash Lecoq says or doing a super chat
like rock with it and hasp of cook says Happy Hanukkah do
you and the rabbi and a happy birthday to granny
well thank you very much and it is yeah it’s pretty amazing to be 97 years old I
mean to talk to someone who’s not here it’s it’s great she’s great and what did
you else you said here okay Haskell cook is also watching cricket
right now because it’s Sunday afternoon and freaking Sydney oh yeah because I
mean we’ve got ass you’re great and I love you a lot of
stuff man yeah I also miss Sydney Sydney Australia that was that’s a great time
what Australia is awesome that’s part my whole thing now I think every year every
year I go to Israel definitely but every year I go to Australia also and I think
I’m going to keep that in my rotation and probably every year I go to Los
Angeles – I love all this places have but they’re warm so that that’s part of
my thing all right well now that we’re talking about countries a little bit I
got a an interesting question here you you mentioned the word gelt and gelt you
said it’s German and it’s get it Yiddish really is old German it’s the Jews of
all the combination it’s a combination of a lot of things a lot a lot of German
debates you know that you add there other words right there other languages
mixed in there but the Jews of the time they came up with this language they
were near Germany they that was the center of that spread why I mean they
weren’t like my family we were in like Russia Ukraine and Moscow really it was
all over in the euro dollar here yeah it’s close but there was a Latin words a
common language that the Jews of all of Europe could could speak and it served
quite a purpose it served the purpose because they were all in different
countries there were different languages and it was a way of you you know if you
were in Lithuania you could talk to a guy and if you ever encountered a guy
from the Ukraine I guess you could talk to him now um things have changed since
since those days a lot and the Jews are back in the Land of Israel they speak
Hebrew there do you think there really is I go to New York City and if you go
to Williamsburg and you see Satmar all they speak is Yiddish is there really a
point in like continuing the Yiddish language like other than just like for
historical purposes so you can read historical documents I see very little
point in it anymore like teaching it to the kids to speak it like fluently it’s
it’s kind of a language of its time has passed but I thought what do you think
about that so uh this is very a very tough and a controversial question
I mean the Hebrew that is spoken nowadays is really like a made-up Hebrew
meaning Hebrew wasn’t spoken at the language it was not it was a rich it
mean it was it was like 2,000 years ago mid-morning 2000 more than two thousand
years ago for a long long time Jews were speaking Aramaic actually and then they
were speaking so that’s the thing kiddush is what the Jews have been
speaking for the past thousand years and then um and particularly the the
religious Jews and the Orthodox and the rabbi’s and all that work spoke in
Yiddish in in Europe like I said in different Jewish communities in like
Arabic countries spoke Arabic and in a Spanish country they spoke Ladino and
there are different versions of that and there are there are other Jewish
languages that that and dialects that were in different areas and even yet it
has different dialects depending which part of Europe you are in like Russian
Yiddish versus polish the addition and all of that um where so there is kind of
like a feeling that like the Hebrew that’s spoken in modern Israel today is
what somewhat of a foreign language to these communities you know the South
Park community and the you know Yiddish is what we’ve spoken so like you guys
made up a language and it is you know we we write with that language and we use
those words and we even in there’s different pronunciations it gets
complicated because there’s you can pronounce
Ebru in Ashkenazi way which is the European way or the Sephardic way which
is like the Arabic and Israeli way um and it sounds very different how you say
different words like Shabbos and Shabbat you know that’s the difference between
those so I appreciate you know people that want to speak Yiddish and and want
to keep that because it’s you know we juicer or not we’re not gonna the way
we’ve been strong and the way we’ve done it is that we don’t just change just
because something popped up you know 50 or 100 years ago we’ve been doing
something for a thousand or more years there’s something to that there’s
something special to that actually you just remind me and I have this up here
I found this um and I wanted to share it this quote and especially tonight I
don’t know if you heard but there’s been a lot of anti-semitic attacks and there
wasn’t one tonight in a in a rabbis house in Muncie somebody ran in just now
an hour ago somebody ran in and with a machete and and stabbed a lot of people
and you know Jewish people at a Hanukkah party it’s been the whole Hanukkah I
don’t know if you’re you know you people shouldn’t be following the news and you
know but but I can’t avoid these kind of things a lot of terrible stuff has been
on the rise recently of like anti-semitic attacks in New York
particularly and so like keeping on to the things that have been kept us strong
like I can always a value that so I want to just repeat to you this quote and
this is actually from Mark Twain Mark Twain you know a famous author wrote
this in 1899 maybe I know this I love this quote I think I know it he said the
Egyptian the Babylonian and the Persian Rose filled the planet with sound and
splendor then faded to dream stuff and passed away the grief and the Roman
followed and made a vast noise they are gone other peoples have sprung up and
held their torch for a high time held their torch high first time but it
burned out and they sit in the Twilight now or have vanished the Jew saw them
all beat them all and is now what he always was exhibiting no decadence no
infirmities of age no weakening of his parts no slowing of his energies no
dulling of his alert and aggressive mind all things are mortal
but the Jew all other forces past but he remains what is the secret of his
immortality and so you know Hanukkah that’s what Hanukkah is about and that
is where why I say that you know Yiddish don’t don’t don’t don’t don’t push it
aside because it’s held with it’s stayed with us through all of those
difficulties of of the darkness of Europe in the the Dark Ages and and
even to this day so I mean you know I you don’t have to learn that you don’t
have to teach your kids but uh but but it definitely has a strong place and a
warm place in the hearts of a lot of Jews and I think it’s gonna keep on in
in some capacity is it gonna be the thing that we all continue speaking is
it gonna grow in in its you know modern use I don’t know but it’s it’s still a
powerful it’s no powerful force all right we’re gonna go back to you – in a
second but there is a language question for you because I have a few more
thoughts on that but first let Mark Twain quote palnet like when I used to
have that printed out on my refrigerator when I lived in Baltimore so all my
friends and all my wild parties would seed and everything just to know who
that’s why no matter what um all right just learned Bitcoin says first of all
happy Chanukah does the rabbi plan to release his children’s book in other
languages and I believe hmm okay so let me get the edge of this all right so so
far the book here’s the book called Bitcoin money at a love bit bill
discovering good money um it is a children’s book I mean it’s really good
for all ages my father says it’s the best thing for
you know for him to learn Bitcoin a lot of adults like it and we’ve translated
it into German Spanish French Italian Japanese and Finnish that’s what it’s
been trained that is available in all of those languages so far right now on my
website the bitcoin rabbi comm on Amazon all of those languages that’s what we’ve
done so far in this year in the past eight months or so but I have more stuff
ready the problem is is that it costs money to every time you want to publish
it and it costs money to edit the design and to put it out there and so like I
can’t you know if somebody wants to like put it in like Bulgarian it’s like five
people are going like somebody wrote a trend I no offense to Bulgarians but
like somebody wrote a translation to Bulgarian but like if if if only five
people are gonna buy in Bulgarian and it’s gonna cost like
$500 or more – I don’t know whatever much it costs to print that it’s not
reasonable to do that so I have waiting ready to print just I need help
you know I need like a distributor stuff we’ve got Danish Russian Norwegian Hindi
Dutch Turkish Bulgarian Portuguese Arabic Chinese Indonesian Vietnamese
Korean Gujarati Ukrainian Czech Estonian and Swedish all because it’s a short
book it’s only a thousand words all of those languages are ready to print we
just need somebody who’s like oh I can I can sell a hundred of those books and
then we can print it there we go in motion people there’s for the people who
speak Portuguese out there but I know there are some watching this in contact
with it becomes a distributor makes them make some money off this thing we
actually have both we have two we have Brazilian Portuguese and we have
Portugal Portuguese we’ve got both translations ready to go I just like you
know I don’t know anybody that that can you know distribute the books in those
countries so Korean Korean is great – I can’t believe someone who knows Korean
here you got an opportunity in motion baby I’m bringing you jobs on this job
bring you all sorts of stuff so contact him all sorts of links are gonna be down
there right now you could just send him a DM on Twitter but they’ll be me my
hands are open like you know send me any questions if you’ve got if you have you
know if you need spiritual advice you know from a Bitcoin rabbi in both your
rabbinic needs or your Bitcoin needs whether you’re Jewish or or not I’m you
know that’s I’m open my D ends are open I’m happy to answer and help in any way
I can okay that’s what I love about Twitter
and I love about the Bitcoin community is I have talked to so many people who
are booked both Jews and not Jewish people who have just like asked me for
advice or you know wanted to learn something or all this kind of stuff I
actually started a weekly Torah learning class with with a
guy that I met you know a Bitcoin er a Jewish fellow and that’s I I just love
like making these connections and and meeting people and you know helping in
any way I can as the Bitcoin rabbi you know that’s that’s my job okay now I
want to go back to the language thing real quick just to give my my opinion on
the situation is there you said is a controversial subject and is
controversial um well first of it you use the Hebrew in Israel is different
first of all Hebrew guys it’s in the Torah the Torah is in Hebrew no doubt
about that so there weren’t certain words back then
so it’s you know when you’re speaking Hebrew in Israel there all these new
words that are added in and stuff and there’s different pronunciations etc etc
but for though people are saying I think in the chat I sold said Hebrew was lost
no it’s the Torah has always been in Hebrew it’s in he generation and
generation that is that is Hebrew but yeah it just wasn’t spoken it was
written and Princeton also said and enchanted but it wasn’t the it wasn’t
the dialect that was it wasn’t even said out loud but it wasn’t the
conversational dialect it was it was the language of study and learning and of
the Bible but it wasn’t how people spoke to each other that’s like us right now
we’re speaking English but if we were to learn a Jewish subject in for study we
would learn it in Hebrew and we would speak out loud those words in Hebrew but
we we don’t talk to each other we we talk to each other in the vernacular so
it’s been that way for look for about over 2,000 years yes
so I mean the question came about there at their many their religious Jews have
thought it should only be used in religious context for ever and ever but
you know when when it when Israel was reestablished thank God they had to you
know what language shall we use I mean there was Judas was an option
English was an option so they went with the Hebrew option now the issue with you
dish that I had is that it is the language of the Exile it’s a language of
a time that was not that great and germán it is really the base is German
and what happened in the early 20th century with Germany it’s just it’s a
little weird now that you know the Israel exists
the Jews were almost destroyed but of course they were not but they would
never be destroyed and yet there’s still some people and the Jews were spread all
over the world and to Israel they were cleared out of Europe basically but
there’s still some Jews in Brooklyn especially that are that are speaking on
the street they’re not speaking English even though they live in Brooklyn
they’re speaking German they’re speaking Yiddish and it’s just to me it’s like I
can understand you you know maybe they have strong opinions about what they
speak in Israel with it what what a notice Satmar has very strong opinions
of israel period but but no I don’t I think you this should be talked as a
historical language is I I think it’s it’s time has passed because either
you’re Jewish and you’re living in you know like the United States why spit you
just just just speak English when you’re studying Torah and if you’re living in
Israel the why speak Yiddish did their their language is Hebrew now now I know
there’s historical traditions but it’s uh it seems like we’ve entered a new
stage at that that’s my uh that’s my whole take on it but I do want to say to
everyone to know that Hebrew is Hebrew is Hebrew it’s what’s in the Torah that
is obvious and you write Yiddish with Hebrew letters so you knew what he had
letters look like and well I knew I knew what Hebrew letters look like and I’m
running around Williamsburg and I see these weird combinations of it I try to
sound it out I’m like this isn’t Hebrew it wouldn’t let you see two olives in a
row or something but so yeah yeah yeah anyway that that’s my whole that’s my
take on it everyone’s everyone’s got a different thing a different opinion of
the whole thing and this you know that you you got two Jews you had five
different opinions right in there all right all right so we talked about
language and now we’re gonna move on to listen for getting your questions here
and that is awesome that the book is Oh one said with the book what about a book
couldn’t easily be translated and formatted well front I mean the cool
thing about this book it’s you know it’s got the graphics and stuff I mean and
it’s for kids so it’s really cool that oh let me go baby so the whole book so I
mean I never made it as like a Kindle because the whole point is like you know
it’s a it’s a colorful book it’s like for kids it’s not really something that
goes good as an e-book it’s not something you’re gonna like read on a
Kindle it’s a thing you give as a gift that’s like the whole point of it you
buy this as a gift and you give it to a kid or you really what you give it to
your ear you give it to your nephew and then you tell your nephew to read it you
tell your your your sister to read it with the nephew so that your sister
learns about Bitcoin that’s really the trick that’s the whole point of it is
that it is you know something for a parent and a kid’s read together so it’s
something really needs to be handled but I made the whole book into a free
animated audiobook so if you don’t want to buy the book one if you really want
to read it on digital obscenity you can read it on digital it’s fine I didn’t
make it a funny book cuz like I said I don’t think it’s really that’s the right
format for it but um I put on me to hold for free on YouTube and on my Twitter
but the entire book read from start to finish it’s 15 minutes long I narrated
myself and I animated it and you can read and watch closed entire book so if
you want the whole book you can read it you can read the whole book you can you
know get a digital copy you can watch it you can read it in 10 or 15 different
languages any way possible but the best thing to do is to buy this a gift and
give it to your Neff niece or nephew or you know cousin or brother or something
like that and help them you know learn about the coin
yeah old-school style I like that works the best the old-school book style down
that like button alright let’s get back to what do you uh rabbi’s and religious
Jewish people think about Bitcoin I’ve gotten some opinions lately but what it
what I bet you have I heard about that I think we probably have this
we’re still early that that’s my experience I’ve been so I basically I’ve
been doing this for about a year doing the Bitcoin rabbi and like going trying
to talk around I given my presentation I think four times not as many as I would
have hoped you know I thought we would already I thought this year was gonna be
a full run we’d be already a new two all-time highs there’d be FOMO and I’d
be like asked to speak on a you know different Jewish groups all around but
things didn’t get as hyped yet you know I’m gonna have to wait till after having
and you know 2020 stuff for that but uh so it’s people are still you know still
kind of kind of skeptical they they just you know they’re not they’re not
skeptical as much like they’re not you hear from younger people they’re not as
afraid of the technology part of it but they still just like don’t you know
uh so I do assure our and younger Jewish people are not that different than the
Jo even very Orthodox even you see people that look like they’re not you
know interested in technology and stuff these no you know they distance
themselves from things like social media and and all various types of media
movies and television and the radio and stuff like that but they still know
technology and that’s not you know scary to them they’ll still have you know in
their car GPS and you know and and use at the hospitals whatever kind of
technology and all kinds of stuff and out of Israel so it’s not that but like
the world is still very it’s still fresh and and people are now they now they’re
familiar with everybody I talk to now is heard of it um and they uh you know and
they and and even when it comes to like digital money stuff like everybody’s got
like digital money go to any store they’ve got the the highest newest
freshest credit card processors and digital things like that
lots me you love smartphones but Bitcoin is I mean you can say it’s a it’s a good
sign that we’re still we’re still very early
but but the the like fear and like hatred of of Technology is it’s not
there anymore and and I and I think that we’re progressing in that like
especially with young people they just take it as a given like yeah technology
yeah okay a digital currency that makes sense like it could happen yeah they’re
not like opposed to it yeah well I stopped the thing I’ve run into and I
think it makes sense with a kebab rebeis of a certain age this yeah it’s all
about the age all about what need you are we could all like over 50 no wait
not not gonna get the the Habad that the rabbi’s they are all very familiar with
the stories of the Rebbe and his family and many other rabbis throughout the
generations who were stifled and imprisoned by the communist Russians or
by the Tsarist Russians and just the government just really cracking down on
Judaism so their first question is well can’t the government stop this how will
the government’s not bitcoin that’s and I think they like that they know from
those experiences just knowing that you know governments can be very powerful
and can do very bad things and so and I say no no I govern the United States
government no government can stop this but that is a good I mean a bomb rabbi
who’s older that’s what he asked me said how’s the government going to stop this
can’t they stop this and so but but yeah younger people indeed they they want
technology younger people have cell phones and so so yeah there’s it’s
definitely a generational thing but there’s been I mean in the Orthodox
Jewish community there has there been any big statements on on Bitcoin at all
I’m I this year a great article was written just about a month ago well so I
wrote an article that was published in a um it was like a lighter article I’ll
share with you is called eight lessons from the blockchain it was an article
you know for Hanukkah for the eight days of Hanukkah so what I write like eight
connections between if stuff it’s kind of rehash things that I’ve
connections I’ve made before between Bitcoin and Judaism like about
proof-of-work and about the consensus and about you know the let’s see you
know holding your own keys various things and I connect them to like Jewish
concepts of of various types so I wrote that that was just published and sent
out in a Jewish magazine called soul wise um but I read a really great man
article that was on East calm a familiar with ish he’s also a you know Jewish
organization so on acecomm an article about a Bitcoin but no like there hasn’t
been any like big rabbinic leader you know saying anything I mean I wouldn’t
suspect you know a grand rabbi to like say anything about Bitcoin it kind of is
it’s still under the radar and you know I so I think that is still pretty as as
he does it everything is when you’re like in the heat of things it seems like
it’s so big and but but for people that are out of it like it’s not really you
know like it’s fine Bitcoin is if I mean I I’m Bitcoin is everyday part of my
life like that’s what I’m learnt reading about and listening to and like I follow
the technology and I follow like the updates and everything um but but
they’re still just kind of like it’s going on there like goes but people see
acid they’re like if that’s still a thing it’s still going on you know when
the price is flat I like what’s going on you know and we haven’t hit new all-time
highs yet so it’s not on everybody’s radar yet it’s still kind of in the back
of people’s minds yes I’ve also been asked by people like oh
we got hacked I thought it was gone what once it gets bigger and it will
again long-term thinking people there’ll be all sorts of religious authorities
giving opinions on it and all sorts of religions I’m sure no less I’m hoping
that’s why I’m kind of like I’m kind of pretty you know setting I I want to be
part of those conversations conversing so that’s what I’m hoping for is that uh
is that you know when when that day happens because they need to
come you know rabbis aren’t always necessarily technological apps experts
and I’m no photographer myself but I you know spent the past two and a half years
you know fully immersed in this technology and I look at it every single
day I’m you know looking at what the new you
know developments and pull requests and softworks people are working on and so I
think I’ve got a good understanding so I think that rabbis do need that just like
with any kind of new technology they actually need a real understanding of
what’s going on so I hope to be you know a part of those conversations as they
happen it’s it’s important to note that you know everyone it’s of a rabbi is a
religious authority but but some of them many of them they they have specialized
they specialize just like doctors specialized their servers that are
experts in kashrut in determining if something’s kosher I mean you can you
can specialize in anything correct yeah absolutely and there are different
degrees different layers there are rabbis that they can speak and they can
speak for a million people you know they can speak for an entire country they can
speak for an entire they can speak almost for the entire world um and and
other rabbis are you know if you’re a pulpit rabbi you know what you say maybe
half your congregation listens you maybe half of them don’t you know I’m not a
pulpit rabbi I’m trained as a rabbi I give classes I’m a teacher I’m gay you
know in a day school I teach elementary and middle school and high school
students so you know hopefully some of them listen to me sometimes and I go
around I talk about the coin and technology in general um but uh so there
are different levels of authority and knowledge um but but yeah rabbis a grand
rabbis who do speak on behalf of whole communities have to consult with when
they’re speaking about medical topics they consult with doctors and when
they’re speaking about other legal topics they can solve with legal experts
and so the same is true for technology yes yes this is so this it’s you’re
positioning yourself well I I’m saying that long-term thinking there all right
let’s uh I want to get your her logic pool okay all right this is it’s about a
historical figure if he was Jewish and well did he ever
smell Jewish so here we go Karl Marx dissing bees there’s all these people
out there they love the anyway they’d love to bring up Karl Marx and say he’s
Jewish in these centers and now at least I want your opinion on this Karl Marx
his mother was Jewish there’s there’s no doubt about that his
mother was Jewish his father was Jewish his father’s name was Herschel but he
changed his name he converted from Judaism to become some to join an
evangelical church that’s it that’s Karl Marx his father it could be converted
then Karl Marx as a child was baptized as a Lutheran he was baptized as a
Lutheran so and then you know Karl Marx went on to write this godless developed
his godless philosophy and he did not like Jewish people but when he was
baptized Karl Marx was baptized he was a youth so he didn’t really choose to be
bathtub so in the history of Judaism there be many forced baptisms and people
say well that that person if you’re baptized as a child you’re still Jewish
because your ensures to be baptized you’re not you didn’t decide to exit the
Jewish religion so is Carl did Carl Marx did did he die a Jewish person but just
not a Jewish person no there’s absolutely no it doesn’t matter if
you’re a child or an adult or you chose it or not there is no such concept of of
not of not of losing your Jewish identity in according to Judaism a
Jewish person is who is either born of a Jewish mother or who converts according
to Jewish law is Jewish for their entire life regardless of what they do so
meaning they can be they can worship foreign God’s they can become any
religion they choose to be that doesn’t change their according to Jewish law
that they are still Jewish so it doesn’t matter what he did in his life or or
anybody for that matter it’s it’s it’s a binary thing
and then somebody geyser is Jewish or isn’t um and if I I’m not an expert in
his history but if his mother was a Jewish person and he was born that way
then he is Jewish and was always Jewish makes no difference what what worked
what he worship her how he lived his life yeah yeah Eve so if a Jewish person
so this is a good clerk if a Jewish person today says I’m leaving I’m
converting to Catholicism there’s the under colossal adair still
Jewish they don’t have to uh yeah I mean because it’s not it’s not it’s it’s not
about their religious practice it’s not about their religious beliefs it’s just
an identity I mean you can say that about you know lots of different
identities I mean now we’re in the day and age of self-identification
but you know people say that but it’s similar just like if a person says you
know I a person is you that’s just their their identity that’s how they were born
they can’t hidden they can’t take it away from themselves any more than they
can take away various other identities which I won’t go into that whole subject
but but you know you can’t take away your identity even if you act or believe
a different thing oh well so as much as Karl Marx and his father tried not to
meet yours they were Jewish but anybody can become Jewish it’s not like an
ethnic thing I mean anyone in the world that wants to be can become Jewish
there’s no restrictions whatsoever easy process it’s not it’s a you know it’s a
it work if you want to do it it’s hard if you if it’s if it’s stuff you don’t
want to do it if it’s stuff that you want to do then it’s not hard you know
if you want to follow the rules of the Torah you know that then and that’s if
that’s enjoyable for you then then it’s not so hard it you know it’s rigorous I
guess you could say you know it’s it’s intensive to go through the conversion
process according to Jewish law but um anybody in the world can do it so it’s
not exclusive like that that anybody is excluded from it yeah very very good
reminder there that that is that is very true you see the
two ways you could become Jewish or the two ways your Jewish you’re born of a
Jewish mother or you can convert and do it the proper the proper conversion way
which I get people see kind of like famous Jewish people TV or whatever and
then they’ll say well that looks pretty easy well that’s nothing that but that’s
not the way you become Jewish by like emulating some secular Jewish person you
got to actually follow the Jewish laws if you want to that’s why I’m saying
it’s hard because again Jewish people don’t really follow though they
assimilate everything it’s not just like I said Adam tell you this I mean you’ve
been this entire year going above and beyond even what was comfortable for you
and what you were may be accustomed to because of your year of mourning and I
have to say it was really inspiring to see that and to hear you talk about it
and I’m really you know for I’m sorry for the loss of your father but I have
to say that what you’ve done with your prayer and your cottage for your father
it meant a lot to me to see that and hear you talk about it so you know in
your father’s marriage and in your family’s merits that that’s really
something special so you know call the kavod to you for doing that and for for
doing what might have been hardened you know to go to synagogue all those days
and do that it really it was touching outside of just you know for you and
your family well thank you very much that means a lot to me that you said
that and my father would be so darn proud right now that a rabbi said that
to the whole world about him and me and everything that was just beautiful they
really found that like button people that that meant a lot
okay this obviously the year we all encounter challenges during the year and
everything like that and I want to see this is you’ve been a Bitcoin out for I
mean it’s been over a year now but you became prominent I mean I remember you
you start up the Twitter account and I I thought it was a scam at first as it
disappeared first because Twitter didn’t trust you now
when you make a new Twitter account they become paranoid and stuff but what what
has this year been like thoughts on the past year for you here
your physics with year your first few yeah yeah I started it was just over I
started like October I think you know whatever so it’s been she’s like 14
months for the first full year it’s been a wild ride I mean it started out with I
did I think I did probably 15 podcast something like that um yours I did we
did before Passover that was so much fun I did the Bitcoin Haggadah um I went to
a couple different conferences um so that means I went to was called magical
crypto conference in in New York City that was so much fun I went to the the
Bitcoin New Yor NYC bitcoiners meetup which is not conference but just like a
meet-up and they actually made that maybe I told you this last time that
peer rashard writ runs that and they they made it at the kosher restaurant
for me and they used switch the day so it wasn’t on Shabbat that was incredible
and a lot of these conferences I really wish I could go to but there on Shabbat
there you know most conferences are on you know Saturday Sunday so like if I
have to travel it’s very difficult to do that but um I went to crypto Springs
which was in Palm Springs in I think August or September or something I went
to that that was run by um Melton des mirrors and and Stacy Herbert and and start and Elizabeth Stark and they and I
spoke there I blew the shofar there I don’t know did you see that video
I brought a show cuz it was it was right before Rosh Hashanah so I brought a
shofar with me I’ll send you that video that was fantastic so I spoke there
about you know what does it mean to be a Bitcoin rabbi and like I reach out to
people I brought a shofar them like you guys want to hear the shofar you know
and this the because they’re so far yet is there two times we blow the shofar
when we blow it on Rosh Hashanah but actually I don’t know if you know this
but it says in the we don’t do it nowadays but in the times
of ancient Israel they would do once every 50 years it was called the Jubilee
and it was it was like the freedom it says proclaim freedom throughout the
land and all everyone goes to back to their farm and all the reasons everybody
is like free and so all the slaves are free so I was like let’s blitz blow this
horn for economic freedom and that was it was fantastic so I did that I met I
went to New York I met um who else did I meet I I spoke with uh with Murray bent
you ever me Marty I met he’s done the show before
he’s doing a show so so I met I went to New York City I met him I met pomp pomp
was like a bursting fire of energy that was like so much fun he was great
I just was like I had nothing to talk with him about I give him copy my book
and like I had nothing you know like he works in the financial business like I’m
a rabbi I’m not really selling anything to him he’s not selling anything to me
but I was like dude I gotta meet you I got like I I just wanna like he’s got a
you know such an energetic person and I had a black talking him really really
great a guy I really enjoyed that I met up here we started a couple times you
know we went out to dinner and I met you know so it was just it was it’s fun it’s
been a great year I’m an old I met a lot more bitcoiners than I expected to I
thought I would like you know kind of be on line make a few tweets do a few
things and I ended up meeting hundreds of bitcoiners you know from New York to
California to all these different things it was a blast like I you know I didn’t
know when I started this that I would be welcomed with such joy and and warmness
into a community you know I didn’t realize that that’s what was gonna
happen and that is what happened and so as much
as people badmouth the Bitcoin community and talk about toxic and naked to me and
stuff I just thought it was like I really liked it I I really like being
here I like sharing with people so that’s my take on on 2019 and my
experience with the Bitcoin well I want to say that’s the thing
you’ve got a really positive outlook so you’re in motion in a positive way and
just like that you’re everybody’s friend and you meet people that’s that’s the
attitude you got to have that’s what I admire your you’re trying to build
something here you’re not complaining you’re not you’re not picking on you
know blaming other people for your problems you’re just going out there
with that positive at this this is what works people he shows this is this is
what we’re take a positive attitude do you create don’t destroy there you go
that’s that’s that’s what I like well what is there anything and you know you
talk a lot about the book the book being translated anything else new with the
book possess I mean that’s your big claim to fame of course the book I mean
I’m like in the tel-aviv Bitcoin I’m seeing like five copies there I mean
wherever I go they’re copies later but what anything needs a book any
predictions for this coming 2020 and uh the decade of the twenties yes I’ll say
that the book we’ve sold which totally blew me away we sold over 5,000 copies
it might be over 6,000 copies but but for sure at least 5,000 copies was just
incredible um included with you know with the different languages um we’re
hoping to do more languages like you said I want more of these languages I
want them to come out that’s entirely you know we did a bunch in a row we did
like one after another after another and then you know we kind of got stopped by
like that that we needed we did like all the major languages and then you know
distribution was what’s the issue so that’s one thing other people have
suggested kind of revamping it to do like older version maybe like a comic
book version that like teens there’s like if you give it to like you know you
can give this to like pages like canon under maybe something like that you’ve
seen you’ve seen you’ve seen your mother’s teachers you read the book well
like maybe if you want to give it something to a 16 year old so maybe we
could take the same idea and like make it a little bit more mature and make it
in a format so that’s an idea um you know I don’t want to like force it
people have asked me you know what’s gonna be version – what’s so I don’t
know but like I don’t know about making a different book but I have thought
about that that’s like the most reasonable thing of like
the same idea but in different age brackets um you know different formats
but still like kind of the basic of like basic intro to Bitcoin so those are the
the two you know the two updates and those things that I’m looking forward to
a hope that they have and I don’t have anything set yet if we move forward and
what I would like to see in this coming year is more languages and then maybe
like an updated version all right all right so predictions for 2020 in 20s I
think it’s it well I think it’s gonna be a big year you know i from technology uh
there are and I just listen to you know I try and listen to all as many podcasts
as I can you know I listen to stefan Lovera I listen to Peter mcCormick um
you know I heard though those are where you get like a lot of technical stuff I
really like Marty Ben and Matt Odell you know for rabbit-hole recap and and tells
from the Crypt I love the guys uh noted um and a few others that I’ve been on
what bitcoins Bitcoin citizen and coin Icarus a bunch of podcasts that have on
technical people and so I’ve been hearing about there are a lot of
technical stuff like that that are working on like actually getting into
Bitcoin um so like snore and what all these things I don’t even really fold
tap routing and grab through it and all these things that are supposed to make
privacy better and and and and payments cheaper and all kinds of things so those
are cool stuff that’s happening but I think lightning is as much as people
learn you know saying it’s not growing as much as it I use lightning a lot I
use all the different wallets I test them out I use it a lot
I make Nate way more payments on lightning than ever on Cheney you know I
love lightning payments they’re they’re my I think lightning payments are
superior to Bitcoin payments by far there’s there many aspects of its
superior the the privacy is you know how you make a Bitcoin payment a Bitcoin
transaction and you Freed’s you know you know what I mean
every time every time not-not-not something every time you
make a Bitcoin transaction you’re free with the lightning transaction you’re
not afraid for a couple reasons because it’s an invoice so you can’t get
it wrong there’s no such thing as a lightning came it to the wrong place or
the wrong amount there’s no such thing as like a lost lightning payment because
it’s really peer-to-peer it’s like your account to their account so it’s much
more direct and and there are a lot of other things that’s just like one
example but I really like like me and I think that there’s gonna be a lot more
direct onboarding to lightning people just getting lightning directly you you
open up a wallet and you get lightning you get bitcoins that are on lightning
and they are there they’re just so much easier to use
then then on chain transactions you know there’s none of those waiting and none
of this figure how much fee do I want to do and you guess and then you look at
the mental and all this stuff gets so I I’m very excited for for the more
developments that are happening lightning I think that it’s going to get
simpler and simpler and so you know that’s I think there’s gonna be some
cool developments on the Bitcoin core I think there’s gonna be a lot more user
friendly lightning and an onboarding onto lightning listen I’d love to seen
all-time highs in 2020 I I you know I I don’t know I think things are looking
pretty good I think it could happen I think we could have a I think we could
break 20k and in 2020 why not so uh that’s it’s not my official
prediction but why not you know you’re your first having this is gonna be your
first having so it is my first having my first having that’s right I wasn’t
around I I came in the middle of 2017 so huh I gotta say I like your lightning
Network uh you made it real simple for people to understand that was a good
selling point they should say you know people are scared when they send their
bitcoins did it really go through you’re saying with Lightning Network you know
you don’t have that fear that you just it’s nurse there are a lot of things I
saw I think from Alex Bosworth he works for
lightning labs and he’s working on this he wrote a whole thing up you know
whatever whole tweet or couple tweets or something explain all the benefits of a
lightning transaction over a non chain transaction that really makes you feel
more comfortable you know it’s like a regular like or credit card transaction
they tell you how much to pay and it’s a it’s an invoice and then you pay the
invoice and and there’s no you know there’s nothing to get lost in between
there there’s an invoice you pay the invoice but a Bitcoin transaction like
you know you’re you check that you you you have to check you double check the
the number make sure you know is it is a three and capital j whatever there’s
none of that you don’t have that it doesn’t happen so there’s none all that
fear is taken away well do that that’s that’s awesome way to conclude the show
there I like that it has been quite a show the Bitcoin rabbi today do you have
any uh conclusionary thoughts before we sign off it is late back on the East
Coast it’s 1246 man you later great Liz you know I I really love you know I love
what you’re what you’re doing I’m so glad that you have me back on the show
glad that we got to spread the message of Hanukkah and you know it’s it’s a
joyous time um you know there is darkness in the
world um but you you know my Rebbe and little
baggage Rebbe says that we defeat darkness with light and so you know you
just got to be a light to to for yourself and to the people around you
and you know try and spread good messages and good behavior and to be a
shining example so I hope these these uh comic candles are part of that and you
know we’ve got one more day left you know tomorrow night it’s gonna be the
eighth day the the the big the grand finale so hopefully it should be really
a grand finale of light we should have good news for everybody who’s
celebrating New Year it should be a really great new year of really good
things for you I wish you all blessings and God’s blessings for everybody
bickering world and and throughout so uh Thank You Adam well thank you be the
light everyone be in motion be that light that’s in motion
thank you very much Bitcoin rabbi for being here tonight everybody remember
new show here every day Saturdays be on Bitcoin show we’re at really beyond
today but then we went back to Bitcoin Tim so it was a very special it is great
to the last beyond Bitcoin of the year was very special there okay i’m adam
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happy Chanukah and that is