Hey everyone Scott Cunningham [email protected] today we’re going to be taking a comprehensive look at the various
major blockchain social platforms there are and we’re gonna be looking at their
token economics or their cryptocurrency economics because we’re gonna be diving
into how many people are holding this how much does the platform have themself
and we’re gonna just be looking at the difference of wealth and wealth
inequality on these platforms and it’ll give you a much better idea as to where
you’ll be one be investing your time and thus which platforms you should be
focused on and using because there are quite a few in this we’re gonna be
looking at some of the top platforms but you know for some people who only want
to use one or two or maybe a like three you’re gonna have to make a decision as
to where you’re gonna invest your time so it’s important to have a good idea of
how profitable these could be in the future how many people are actually
using these how many people are actually trading the cryptocurrency and then
again the wealth difference because you know in some platforms the major wealth
inequality does make a big impact as to how good of an experience you could have
because it can create social inequality like on steam for example someone with a
lot of steam even though the platform doesn’t have a terrible wealth
inequality it’s only about one third of the majority like one third of the
tokens are held by you know maybe a hundred accounts but that’s not terrible
it’s it’s actually one of the lower big differences of wealth inequality when we
look at a lot of other platforms some are as bad as 98% so you know there’s a
huge difference there and especially when people are getting away from fiat
currency specifically because of that and they’re looking to solutions in
cryptocurrency you don’t want to run into the same
problems and one of the issues on steam is that even though it doesn’t have a
huge problem of wealth inequality it does have a big issue of social
inequality be cuz of that and it’s a direct
consequence of that so the wealth inequality does actually matter because
someone brought up on my previous post which I’ve also linked in the blog here
for you to check out but this is a much much more in-depth look I’m going to be
looking at more platforms they did point out that wealth inequality isn’t so much
a problem if it’s not causing social inequality on on Steam it does though
and even though it’s small the consequences of that are vast and as
you’ll see later one person from the top ten could change the entire roster of
witnesses and what the witnesses do on Steam is they make policy changes and
they can hard fork the steam blockchain so if one single person can control all
of those they’ve completely centralize the power based on who’s holding enough
of the currency which creates a huge huge problem especially when it’s
boasted is one of the best decentralized platforms but because of this it’s
extremely centralized so you know you have to consider these different things
in terms of moderation and various other things it is very decentralized it uses
the blockchain better than most platforms do for how the actual content
is stored and used so there’s a lot of things to take into consideration here
I still think steam is one of the best platforms published in oh x2 volved that
evades and gets around the issue of inequality for wealth and there’s no
issues with social inequality as a consequence of that and then brave which
doesn’t necessarily have a platform but they just reward you with cryptocurrency
so that kind of gets around those issues as well and we’re gonna take a deep dive
into this and again just before we start I do want to say that as someone else
will pointed out they said why are you pointing out wealth inequality if you’re
trying to correct that then you’re looking for quality of outcome which is
basically socialism and I fully agree this is not to correct it but it is to
be fully aware of of what that causes and the consequences
that on these various platforms because it does make a difference especially for
example on steam not all platforms have staking not all platforms have witnesses
so it’s not all the same sometimes you’re comparing apples to
oranges but it’s definitely important to have all this information in your like
for you to know and and kind of breaking it all down for you and summarizing it I
tried doing this video already it took me 47 minutes I’m gonna try to speed it
up a little bit this time make it a little bit faster maybe try to him per
30 minutes and we’re just gonna dive right into all this information cuz
there’s a lot to cover again this is comprehensive this blog is four thousand
six hundred fifty eight words there’s a lot that we’re gonna go through but it’s
very important information it’s to make its to help you make the most informed
decision for where you’re going to spend your time on these various platforms and
one other thing that is important to note is that when you’re considering
wealth inequality on these platforms and you’re looking at the different token
economics it is important to consider whether or not the platform itself is
holding the majority of the token or the cryptocurrency because rarely are they
actually beholden to you know actually giving that out as rewards because
there’s no like smart contract set in place it’s just we’re trusting them that
they’re going to do that so that is a very centralized component of the
economy for example with steam it’s as new coins or mined they’re distributed
with a platform like tribe or Uptrend all of the current tokens in existence
well the majority that aren’t already you know used by users is held by the
platform so 98% of Uptrend tokens and around similar percent 90% of tribe
tokens are held by the platform themselves so you have to kind of rely
on the fact that they’re not going to screw you over however we’ve seen that
already happen with other platforms so before we dive in real quick and there’s
a lot of things I have to jump in through before we really dive in
just because it’s important to make note of all these things so D live they are
the most egregious example of this I think I’m being generous to even include
them in here but I’m gonna be disparaging them the most because I
highly don’t recommend I highly recommend you not using D live they
could change their price at any time it’s not on any exchanges it’s extremely
centralized they have minimum withdrawal requirements they allow you to buy but
you can’t withdraw unless you’re sixteen and you give your ID
they control ninety-nine percent of all the tokens they have ninety-nine percent
of all the tokens and they originally incentivized users to go on and set up
verified accounts by putting in two thousand but then again if they weren’t
sixteen or they weren’t willing to give their ID or they weren’t willing to put
in more money to make up four thousand two hundred fifty to be able to withdraw
or they didn’t earn enough then they’re not gonna make any money whatsoever
and again they completely control the price they could change it any time I
haven’t seen them change it but I do know and I’ve linked in the blog here
that if you buy their token from them directly on their website it’s cheaper
than if you bought it through the app so again you already see massive
differences in in what they’re actually selling it for because they’re the only
ones selling it so it’s not a global market value it’s whatever they’re
saying to you that it is at the time that you’re buying it we’ve also seen
this happen on mines where the token value went from fifteen cents because
again they were the ones only selling it and then they were selling it for a
dollar twenty five it’s currently being sold for about ninety six cents but
again it’s on ideal when it’s completely controlled and centralized and held
majority by the platform and they can change the price and do different things
as they please uptrend hasn’t really had a big issue
for this but they did sell their coin at one point for five cents and since it
hit exchanges it’s good that it’s actually on exchanges though unlike the
other two since its hit exchanges it’s gone down ninety seven percent and now
they’re doing buybacks and a bunch of other things but anyone who bought in
originally lost a lot of their money and a lot of people were under the
impression originally that your vote was worth five cents when it really wasn’t
after four everything came to fruition it really wasn’t when you could actually
go and sell it it wasn’t going to be worth that much I mean that’s really
unfortunate so with all that being said let’s dive in I’m gonna share my screen
here so you guys can see what I’m looking at and if you want to go and
look at this and follow along yourself I’m also going to link in the
description for the publish Oh X steam and mines version of this blog and you
can go and take a look as well as these are the links to the previous one I did
based on the feedback I wanted to come back clarify some things dive in more in
depth more comprehensive and look at more platforms so we don’t let being
said I think it’s important that we understand the token economics of
different platforms so we can make the most informed decisions and though
wealth inequality is more or less a natural consequence of Zips law which
you can go and check out you know that’s generally how economies work and steam
does a good job of fixing this publish o X however completely solves this with
crypto agnosticism which is not having a token or cryptocurrency tied to the
platform itself and only using sponsors and this way there’s no issue of wealth
inequality or social inequality on the platform everyone just earns and has a
great time and there’s and there’s no problems there and and there’s no
staking or anything like that so with all that being said let’s finally get in
though I’m going to be very critical I’ve already made many criticisms of
these various platforms however I really enjoy using these platforms except for D
live and I highly recommend checking all of these out except for D live but if I
had to you know before we jump into if you’re just here to hear what the best
ones are I’d say check out published show X because it avoids all these
issues steam is the most profitable check that out and lbr why library is a
great platform because you can just link it to your YouTube if you’re making
YouTube content it’ll automatically upload and then you can earn
cryptocurrency that way so those are definitely the ones that I would
recommend checking out I really enjoy using mines
there’s a lot of potential there they are introducing mines Pro where you can
now earn more money it’s still very very early stages so I’m not going to throw
too many criticisms at it because you can’t really earn very much but I’m
actually gonna be talking with the CEO this Friday and we’re gonna dive into
mines Pro and get a better look at where it is right now and where it’s going so
stay tuned for that as well so I do recommend mines bit tube sapien
tribe all the other platforms I don’t recommend as much if you want to place
your bets on you know hopefully they might get better in the future and it’s
good to get started you know you might as well
I do recommend taking some time to at least check them out and know what
you’re looking at but I’m not a huge fan of platforms that don’t have much of a
community yet it feels like you’re wasting a lot of time and they’re pretty
restrictive like tribe has moderation approval for all your posts uptrend only
lets you talk about cryptocurrency there’s various things that you need to
consider but let’s start actually talking about the token economics
because that was the whole point of this before you probably spend like 10
minutes here so steam and I’m gonna try to roll through this a little quick so
I’m not gonna read everything verbatim but uh first we’re gonna look at steam
again to reiterate it is it has the lowest wealth inequality so either doing
the best job of managing this and distributing very fairly however as I
explained before because of the way that it’s kind of based on anarchy in it’s
got staked value which increases your influence and creates social inequality
even though only 1/3 of steam is held by the top 10 accounts they are able any
one single person on that roster is able to change all of the witnesses which
then control the blockchain and then control the inflation rating all these
other aspects that majorly impact the value they could easily be changed by
any one person on that list mind you if they were differing an opinion that
would make it difference but currently none of them
have made any votes but if they did they would evil they would be able to
completely change the entire list say tomorrow I started a steam node and one
person from the top account voted for me just one single person I would be the
number one witness so I think that is very concerning because it is poses
being very decentralized it is very decentralized but in terms of where the
blockchain is going and people thinking that their votes matter in terms of
foods are voting for witnesses it really doesn’t matter because it’s all based on
paid influence it’s not necessarily based on a one to one vote which would
be a much better way of doing it but then again they can’t track multiple
accounts so that creates issues there so at the end of the day you know it’s pick
one of two evils and unfortunately their control over the blockchain is extremely
extremely centralized in wealth so the wealth and equality though it’s small
the social impact and the social inequality created from that is more
egregious than any other platform so do keep that in mind so they do like you
can look at the amount and the supply and everything here I think this is it’s
not super important just the general stuff that I just said is the really
important takeaway here the top witness for example has four hundred and forty
six point seven eight mil of s in people voting for them with their staked
influence now the top ten accounts combined have a hundred and ninety five
point two seven Giga vests which one Giga vest is worth a thousand milivoj US
twentieth is more than all of the votes for the
top witness so again they can easily change it I’m not gonna bother going
through and sharing all the numbers on the supply you guys can check that out
yourself it’s not as important as the general results and consequences of
these and that’s where I’m really gonna focus on for this video to make sure
that it doesn’t go over you know like 40 minutes again and again their moderation
is really good but there’s some sense zatia where there really shouldn’t be
and where people I’ve been led to believe that it is completely
decentralized when it’s not entirely the case again I really enjoy steam I highly
recommend it no platform is perfect this is what
prevents them from being perfect again published O X isn’t perfect either
they don’t really use a blockchain a lot it’s mainly a crypto monetize social
platform has regular centralized moderators who go around you know
removing spam comments and all the rest some people prefer that some people
prefer a more decentralized environment that steam creates but then again you
have these centralized aspects that have been brought in because of wealth
inequality which is hard to avoid publishing X solves this though by
having no token or cryptocurrency of their own and essentially they also
don’t have stakes so there’s no way to exponentially gain it’s just taking the
sponsored crypto that is given to them and then you know using that and tipping
other people and getting tips yourself so it’s not donating it’s the tips are
actually coming from the sponsors and then being given to you as the reader
and to the person you’re donating to you could give a full hundred percent but
you are in complete control of the tip being given out you can see in the
publish o X earnings because there’s no blockchain Explorer because again they
don’t have their own cryptocurrency that’s how they solve this issue but you
can go and check out the earnings and you can see how this all works out brave
is not a social platform but it does help people work with social platforms
that are currently in existence if you look at b8c growth there’s over two
hundred and thirteen thousand dat addresses and currently there’s over I
don’t know if I wrote it but on dat growth you can see how many people have
signed up for example for a YouTube so their YouTube videos can get rewards in
brain there’s over two hundred twenty six thousand publishers on YouTube
currently signed up with the brave creator program which is an
astonishingly high number and that’s really awesome to see so
again they’re doing really really great with helping you monetize in AD crypto
monetization to legacy platforms but they are not a platform themselves the
reason I wanted to include them though is because I highly highly recommend
using brave and it is an amazing amazing platform because it’s just a way for you
to get more money with little to no effort if you’re signing up is a brave
crater you’re not really doing anything you’re just getting free cryptocurrency
and if you’re just using brave and allowing ads occasionally you’re gonna
make money too so everyone wins with brave is a great platform though when
you do consider that the top twenty counts do hold about 16% of the total
bat which is two hundred forty nine million out of the 1.3 four billion do
consider though well there’s also a ugp reserve of that 141 million so the top
25 accounts in total hold 57.6% and oh sorry
originally i need to make sure i correct this in the top 20 accounts these three
exchanges hold 16 percent of the bat and then that has 141 million themself but
in the top 25 accounts in total there’s 57% being held by those accounts as well
as other private accounts but again this is about 27 percent is held by bat for
giving out you know rewards and it’s it’s held in a reserve as well as these
exchanges are used for trading so I don’t think that’s very concerning and
when you consider that this is much much lower so it’s actually probably a little
bit lower than steam and there’s no social inequality because there’s no
platform for this to happen on so I think this is a very very equal platform
there’s no staking everyone can earn very equally and then it’s just what
people want to donate to the people in the creator program so it is a very very
fair no issues with wealth inequality on this
platform so I highly highly recommend this and and there’s really no drawbacks
to using brave it’s just a slight addition to what you’re already doing
and then you can link it with your phone and you can just make money even if
you’re not even using the creator program you’re just using it to allow
ads or if you’re just using it to block ads and improve your browsing experience
in general so definitely check that out library or lbr why currently the top
five accounts hold 60% of all the their coin LBC and the top ten holds 69% do
you consider that the first three accounts as well as the ten thirteen
50th and 51st are all controlled and held by library the platform I couldn’t
find the overall number of accounts that are actually holding like LBC but
regardless you can see all their stats here on the explore that they are
willing to list and you can actually see all the transactions I looked at the
transactions for the accounts held by library and they weren’t giving out a
ton of rewards so I don’t think they’re actually reward accounts so I’m not
actually sure what those are for and whenever a platform holds the majority
of the cryptocurrency it’s always a little concerning to me because that
creates wealth inequality because they’re just benefiting off of your hard
work and then selling off the token and well I still think library is an amazing
platform and its really really great to use and in addition to yourself creating
on YouTube and other platforms definitely keep this in mind if there is
a big difference in the wealth and its kind of unequal right so us we’re
assuming though that they’re just holding on to this massive stockpile for
all we know it could be used for something else but there’s no there’s
nothing that points to that in total eventually there will be over 1 billion
but again how much of that is really going to be distribute amongst creators
and how much of that is really going to go to just the
form itself when you consider how much is actually being traded there’s only
0.8 percent of the total supply being traded so that’s a very very tiny amount
the rest is being rewarded and then and then a massive portion is held by them
so again it’s hard to know exactly I do really like the the platform I do
recommend it but do keep this in mind that the wealth there is a big
difference in wealth inequality so I’m not a huge fan of the model but I’m not
condemning it in any way because it’s still really really great it’s very
decentralized they do a great job on the on library but you know you got to keep
these things in mind with uptrend currently there’s only 668 addresses
holding one-up points they started off with 10 billion they burned 9 billion so
it’s a deflationary token which is really good currently their withdrawal
account holds 98% of the tokens and so like that’s the majority there’s only 19
million outside of that and about I think it was somewhere around 9
million have been distributed to different people it’s somewhere in here
I wrote a lot on this one because you can see how it all works when you
consider that they sold it originally for 5 cents they only sold 40,000 44,000
and then they stopped and now it’s just whatever it’s valued on exchanges
currently last time I checked it was zero point zero zero to 3 but originally
that they sell it for they sold it for 5 cents
meaning it’s lost 97 percent of its value so the people who bought that
originally and they originally claimed that well you’re up vote value is worth
5 cents because one point was allocated to 5 cents worth but that isn’t the case
anymore so they obviously don’t claim that but
all the people who believe that at the beginning might feel like they’ve been
you know kind of tricked or cheated I don’t think it was necessarily on
purpose but that’s still the consequence of what ended up happening so definitely
something to consider because like I don’t know how that’s gonna keep
going or how that’s going to continue and where that’s like it looks like it’s
doing better slowly but again it’s also only a cryptocurrency platform they
don’t allow you to really talk about anything else so if I posted about
something related to like fitness they would just not let me post it so you
know do consider that and they’re trying to make it better and more decentralized
as they go ideally that’s the case but again they are not beholden to actually
truly giving out all of that 980 million which is supposed to be set aside for
withdrawals because when you’re using the tokens on the platform they’re just
points and they’re not real they don’t have real value until they’ve been
withdrawn because their hope is that you you stake the tokens or lock them in and
then they get them back and you can never run stake them so it’s not like
Steam it’s locked in forever and then they just get those tokens and then they
never actually had a value at that point it’s really just to get some of it back
without having to give you as many as you would otherwise just withdraw but it
allows you to earn more over time which eventually creates some wealth
inequality because if we ignore the fact that the first account holds 98 percent
of all the tokens and we look at the second account and then compare down to
the 50th account the first account are the second account has two million seven
hundred seventy seven thousand seven hundred seventy seven tokens and when
you go down to the fiftieth account it only has seven thousand nine hundred
twenty tokens meaning that there is a huge wealth difference from the second
top person to the fiftieth and below that you know people have a negligible
amount and considering it’s only worth zero point zero zero to three people
barely have any value to their tokens whatsoever on average I’m permanent
probably only earning like a dollar or two dollars a month from posting there
almost every single time that I post which is like every two to three days
and again while I still like uptrend it
could be going in the right direction if once it really expands out and allows
all topics to be talked about it’s you know it’s not the best place to be
investing all of your time thinking that it’s going to explode and become super
popular now sorry one moment now when we’re looking at tribe tribe I’m not a
huge fan of EOS applications so you know you could say I’m a little bit biased
there’s three thousand three hundred seventy nine tribe holders and
occurrence a playoff one billion in a Mac supply of two billion six of the top
accounts are owned by tribe and apparently they’re used for rewards and
such but they do own 489 million of the tribe which is just under half of the
current supply the top ten accounts hold about ninety five percent of the current
supply so you know you have to consider this because that’s the majority of the
tokens held by very very few people and the reason that this matters is because
you know discounting what tribe has if if people decided you know one did that
they wanted to just sell all their tokens all of the other people on the
platform all their tokens would be worthless if they were all bought and
you know that’s definitely concerning but I mean when you consider the fact
that it’s got a very very low trade about a trading volume you know you you
can make the decision yourself as to whether or not it’s worth it for you to
bother you do also consider outside of just the liquid tokens there are a lot
of stake tokens for example the top ten snaked accounts hold about seventy seven
million accounts eleven to twenty five hold 43 million
I couldn’t get all the statistics obviously because I’m just going off of
what’s in the air drops but beyond the top 100 you there’s not a lot left and
it’s just something to consider as part of the wealth inequality when we’re not
just talking about liquid tow as if we’re including steak tokens it’s
still pretty similar but it’s you know just to account for everything
essentially and the tribe team issued a statement regarding this when I was
asking questions because I tried to inquire to various platforms about this
they said we still own most of the tokens in various different accounts
these have been issued but they haven’t been distributed we will be using them
for content rewards and staking rewards over the next few years the road map has
changed a bit from the initial intent from having a token sale and we’re just
rewarding the community members while that’s great
I again I’m not totally trusting to any platform that holds all of the tokens to
themself because again they’re not beholden to this by any means there’s no
smart contract there’s nothing that forces them to uphold what what they’ve
claimed and we’ve seen many platforms you know change their mind and change
the price and do a bunch of things so it’s hard to to rely on that when we
look at narrative there’s there’s no way for me to know exactly how many accounts
there are in terms of addresses but there’s nine thousand seven hundred
seven members so we can assume if every member has an address assumption there’s
only a max of just under ten thousand there’s a hundred and now there’s one
thousand and seventy three active niches which are the topics on the platforms
which I don’t recommend you getting involved with because you have to pay a
lot more for the niche and then renew it every year then you would ever get in
earnings from having a niche and I’ve seen a lot of other people who own
Nisha’s complain about this and the fact that they’re actually just losing money
because they had they’d they’d essentially bet that the platform was
going to be more popular than it actually is
if you actually look at the trade volume it’s extremely low the day that I
checked there was only 270 dollars worth being traded which is extremely
extremely low it’s not as bad as like what we’re gonna see with like Sapien
but it is very very low given that they have distributed and given out
over eleven percent of their total supply in rewards I think that’s pretty
decent so there’s no there’s not really wealth and equality issue there but
again I can’t look at who’s holding what so it’s also hard to tell because
there’s no information on that but you know when you look at their
certification system and their reputation system it’s a bit more
concerning so with a reputation system based on your conduct and how good your
posts are seventy percent of your potential for earning is is made up by
that the last thirty percent is made up by whether or not you’ve certified your
account or verified in which means you have to give them your government ID and
you have to pay them fifteen dollars for some reason which no other platform asks
for and you have to use PayPal so it’s very weird that you know this is a
blockchain cryptocurrency platform but then they’re forcing you to use a
centralized payment processor which again is the only way that you’re gonna
earn the full potential of what you could earn so it’s not that you can’t
earn it’s that they’re going to in some way penalize you for not certifying and
not giving them money and using PayPal and I’m sure a lot of people who are
very you know intense about blockchain technology and decentralization are not
going to want to use PayPal or give their government ID just to earn a
little bit more on a platform because no other platform really asks for this so
that’s very concerning but you can see here under reputation you know what
earns more and what’s the multiplier etc and you can check all that out yourself
when we’re looking at Sapien there’s currently 227 million out of the total
supply a circulating sorry out of the total supply of 500 million and there’s
only 11,000 current holders the top 10 accounts have 345 million which is
almost 70 percent eleven 250 hold 51 million meaning that accounts 1 through
50 hold nearly 80% of all the Sapien so there
is definitely some wealth and equality there and the fact that the token is not
being traded right it’s only being trade well sorry you can trade it on idec’s
and there’s over three million in sell orders but there’s no trading going on
if you look at the khyber Network they do have a tiny tiny volume fifteen point
nine seven cents so essentially literally no one is buying or selling
this token there’s no trade volume actually going on so it’s very unlikely
that you could ever make money with this unless this drastically changes so there
is some wealth inequality but it’s not of much consequence because no one’s
even trading it or really using the platform it doesn’t have a big community
anyways it’s probably something you should just not really bother with when
we look at bit tube I can’t see all of their information all I can really see
is how many users they have for example and how many videos twenty one thousand
users ninety thousand videos you can see some information on their block Explorer
but it doesn’t give you enough for you to make an informed decision I can’t see
you know the percentage of who is holding what it is being traded on a few
exchanges but there’s not a lot of trading going on again I’m not going to
give them the benefit of the doubt because most platforms that don’t have
this information are more than likely have a very small amount of people with
the majority of the token again we I don’t know for sure but it’s safe to
assume when we consider mines there’s only three thousand one hundred and
thirty six addresses holding mines tokens and you have to consider that the
top two accounts represent about seventy five point six two percent of the tokens
and the top ten hold 90 percent of the token so there’s an extreme wealth
inequality on lines mind you mines is the one holding the majority of these
tokens anyways because the way that the system works is it’s supposed to be a
utility token you buy it from them and then you use it to spend on boosting
your content throughout the network I think it the boost system is actually
really decent but they’ve since limited you to two
booths a day and they increase the price from fifteen cents up to a dollar
twenty-five it’s now only ninety-six cents but it’s still extremely extremely
expensive for the value you get out of it you can also spend mines tokens on
mines Plus and mines Pro I’m going to be doing a video very soon with Balaam and
the CEO of mines on mines pro diving into it and where it’s going it was a
little underwhelming when I first used it for the first month I only earned
about a dollar and if you were spending you know one hundred and eighty dollars
a month to have mines Pro you’re losing 179 dollars a month so you know do
consider that but you know it is very centralized in terms of how they can
control the price entirely they’ll they have stated it isn’t meant to be a
regular token it’s a utility token you’re not meant to profit off of it
it’s meant for boosting and and just it’s really just for boosting when you
consider D live which is the one I recommend the least or rather I
recommend that you just don’t even bother with it it’s like mines accept
extremely worse in terms of the way that it’s set up they’re supposed to be
independent from lino and yet they rely on each other for buying earning and
withdrawing when you buy Lionel points you can be any age but to withdraw it
you have to be at least 16 and provide a government ID and you can only withdraw
after you have 4250 as I explained it originally very very deceptive and it
really feels just like vulture capitalism because originally they
tricked people and said well you need 2000 to become a verified streamer I’m
not sure if that’s still the case but I’m sure many people did this and then
eventually when they realized that they weren’t earning anything and they wanted
to get their money back they couldn’t and if they were younger than 16 they
also couldn’t and if they weren’t willing to give their their ID again
they could not they also hold ninety-nine point nine
four eight percent of all of the tokens that is an insane value it really just
feels like a scam and it’s unfortunate because PewDiePie has been streaming
there exclusively and promoting them and I’m assuming he’s just getting a huge
chunk of money and maybe he thinks it’s part of the blockchain because he
doesn’t know anything about blockchain technology but it is it is a sham and
I’ve given tons of information as to why this is the case in other reviews and
kind of re re summarize that again today you can also see that if you look at
their application and their website they charge you different values for their
token which just again goes to show that they could change the value at any time
or charge different lien I mean it might be a better alternative than twitch but
it’s absolutely not a good blockchain platform it hardly used the blockchain
it doesn’t reflect the values behind them and they also aren’t for free
speech either they banned Alex Jones so extremely centralized moderation as well
I hope this comprehensive look at all the different token supply and and
everything that’s out there gives you a really good idea looking at
the holders the activity the equality of wealth how that affects social
inequality and how that will impact your experience on the platform ideally this
will give you the most amount of information possible so that you can
make the most informed decision when choosing a platform for crypto monetized
earnings for using the blockchain for decentralization and you can consider
and compare all this information you can also take a look at some of my other
reviews to give you a better idea of the platforms themselves rather than the
token economics I hope you enjoyed this if you really did enjoy this make sure
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of information and might benefit from knowing the differences and
understanding the different tokens and and in all the things behind that again
thank you so much for watching your your amazing have an amazing day and you know
stay classy I’m Scott Cunningham aka @scottcbusiness signing off Cheers