First, let us understand the difference between
money, currency, wealth, and abundance. A lot of people make the mistake of thinking
they are all the same thing. Nothing could be further from the truth. Let us now re-define them, clearly. We shall first distinguish between money and
currency. Money and currency are almost exactly the
same thing, but they have one important difference. You see, both money and currency have the
following properties in common. Both are a medium of exchange, which means
we use them to exchange value. Both are a unit of account, meaning we use
them to keep records of transactions and amounts. Both are portable, meaning we can easily carry
them in our pockets. Both are durable, meaning they don’t easily
rot or wither or die or otherwise get destroyed under normal conditions. Both are divisible, meaning you can break
a one hundred dollar bill into twenty dollar bills or one dollar bills, easily. Both are fungible, interchangeable, meaning
a dollar in my pocket is the same as a dollar in your pocket, so it doesn’t make a difference
which dollar you hold. Good. Now, we have described their similarities. So now, let us describe the crucial difference
between currency and money. And this is the most important thing for you
to learn at this point. So please pay very close attention. The difference between money and currency
is in their ability to store value. Yes, they can both exchange value, but can
they both store value? Not at all. Money can store value, but currency cannot
store value. Please listen carefully. For something to be classified as money, it
must have all the characteristics we mentioned earlier, plus it has to store value. For example, gold is money. Gold stores value. The same gold the Egyptians used 6,000 years
ago can still buy something today. However, the paper currency the ancient Egyptians
may have used 6,000 years ago is worthless today. 6,000 year old gold stores value, but 6,000
year old currency is useless paper. Another example of money is silver. Silver that is thousands of years old is still
valuable today. That is money. Now, currency on the other hand, cannot store
value. That is because of three main reasons. Reason number one, is that most currencies
are based on debt. The US dollar is a debt-based currency. The Kenya shilling is a debt-based currency. The Australian dollar is a debt-based currency. The Euro is a debt-based currency. The Mexican peso is a debt-based currency. The world’s currencies are debt based currencies. Almost all of them. And so, because of the interest rate attached
to debt, they all lose value over time. Over time, the system always accumulates more
debt than there is available currency to settle that debt. Reason number two, is that currencies are
made of worthless material, such as paper, cheap metals like zinc, or simple records
on a computer. Gold and silver have value in and of themselves,
because they can be used to make many, many things, from electronics to jewellery. But the paper that the dollar or any other
currency is printed on, is just paper. It has no value except the one the public
agrees to give it. It is a confidence game that collapses the
minute the confidence is shattered. Paper cannot store value. Reason number three, is that to store value,
one requires a finite supply. If the supply is infinite, it is impossible
to store value, as such. Now, gold is finite. Silver is finite. You cannot make more gold, you can only find
more gold. That is why it is valuable and stores value. However, currencies are printed every day
by banks,. Every single day, there is more and more currency
on this planet than there was the day before. It may not be in your pocket, but it is in
the system. You see, this planet has an over-supply of
currency. There are possibly about three to five trillion
dollars worth of currency floating about on earth. And only 2% of that is used for goods and
services. This is what causes inflation, loss of purchasing
power, and so on. That is why people feel that life is getting
more expensive and harder by the day. Not because there is less currency. But because there is too much. It sounds crazy but that’s actually the
reason. A dollar today doesn’t get you what it used
to get you ten years ago, or twenty years ago. So even though there are more dollars today,
they are worth a tiny fraction of what they used to be. So now, let’s get one thing clear. Money is not currency. And based on what we have seen so far, all
currencies, including the US dollar, the Euro, the Australian dollar, the Mexican peso, the
Kenyan shilling, and just about all of the currencies of the world, are, by definition,
not real money. So stop calling them money. Money stores value, like gold and silver. Your salary, your income, is paid to you in
currency, not money. So now we have clarified the difference between
money and currency. Now you can no longer be fooled and told you
are being paid money, while in truth, you are being paid currency. And now, let’s consider the difference between
wealth and abundance. These are simpler to define. Wealth is your time, your health and your
freedom. Period. That’s it. Your time, health and freedom, is your true
wealth. Abundance, on the other hand, is life itself. It is everything that happens in your life,
and in life as a whole. Abundance literally encompasses everything,
including what you call scarcity. The manifestation of scarcity is made possible
by abundance itself. Abundance is infinite, it literally produces
everything! Abundance is a function and characteristic
of Life itself, of Light, of Love. Life creates infinitely. There is no such thing as scarcity; there
is only apparent scarcity. Abundance cannot be owned or cornered or restricted. Literally, the statement ask and you shall
receive, seek and you shall find, knock and it shall be opened unto you, is the definition
of abundance. Your thoughts and emotions automatically create
your reality, whether those thoughts are positive or negative. And all this is powered by the abundance of
nature. Which is to say, you ARE abundance! You are abundance itself! And abundance is everything, both positive
and negative. It is your choice as to what you pull out
of the field of unlimited abundance to be your personal experience. And so now we understand that abundance is
the universe itself and everything in it, and how it also responds to your beliefs,
your thoughts and emotions, to co-create your reality. Abundance doesn’t mean more currency, although
it could mean that, if that is your choice. Abundance doesn’t require currency to even
exist. It can create entire world’s and universes
and all sorts of life experience, without requiring a single dollar bill. What abundance requires is not currency, or
money, or hard work and suffering. Abundance is not earned. Abundance only is. Abundance is a state of being. You cannot earn being-ness. You can only be, or not be. And therefore, what abundance requires is
self-mastery, self-knowledge. Heart-mind balance, which means thought and
emotional mastery, which in turn requires awakening the unconscious aspects of yourself
and growing, and that requires an open mind and emotional vulnerability. And so here is the BIG Secret. The secret is that money and currency are
NOT The Source of your wealth, money and currency is not the source of your abundance. Money and currency are simply a tool. And they are optional, which means Life itself
does not require them. The human being is the only creature on Earth
that pays to be here, and it is the only creature that earns a living. Yet it is we, ourselves, who set it up that
way. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Money and currency are tools, and they are
not even a required tool. It is possible to have a highly advanced society,
with advanced technology and mastery of resources, and abundance for all, that doesn’t use
currency at all. And most definitely, debt is not required
at all, for life to work. You can eliminate debt 100% from the planet,
and society will continue to exists, and do so even better. Life doesn’t require debt. Debt is an enslavement mechanism. There is absolutely no reason at all to have
debt-based monetary systems, except for the purposes of enslavement of the masses. The debt=based currency system is design to
take away your real wealth, which is your time and freedom, and give you currency in
exchange, which is just worthless paper, debt and computer numbers. You are giving away your real wealth, your
time and freedom, in exchange for currencies, which are paper, computer numbers and debt,
and no one is paying you any real money, which is gold and silver. Can you see this? And the reason why this works this way is
because this currencies are debt-based and issued by privately-owned banks. We shall look at that in the next video and
clarify how this system works. For now, it is important to see through the
lie. You see, the Earth has enough resources to
solve most of our problems, and to do so ecologically without destroying the Earth. We simply have to switch from our current
debt-based death economy, to a new monetary system that is based on positive life principles. Unfortunately, privately-issued debt-based
currencies and their politics are actually an interference. They are not an enabler, they are not part
of the solution, they are part of the problem. Debt-based, privately-issue currencies, which
are almost all the world’s currencies, actually limit our ability and limit our dreams. Money is good, but the current monetary system
is corrupting it. Imagine the possibilities of an unprecedented
global mobilisation of scientific and technical alliances aimed toward global problem-solving,
without the interference of privately-issued currencies or politics. Imagine such a mobilisation to initiate global
unification and restoration. A total, global, systems-approach to all our
challenges, without the interference of power-based divisive politics or debt-based currencies
and banking. This could easily enable a high standard of
living for all mankind. And it can be done, if we, the people of the
Earth, say so. The Earth has the capacity for it, as long
as we are willing. We, the United People of Earth, are the One
True Superpower, all of us. United we Stand, divided we fall.  And it starts with the desire, the intention,
to be so. Don’t buy into the lie that it will never
happen. It will. Do your part by making up your mind, your
positive desire for it, your supporting intention for it. And in the next video, we shall look at a
new type of monetary system that is debt-free, ensures global equal access for all mankind,
transcends national politics, is not owned by any private institutions or countries,
stores value instead of creating inflation, and fosters global co-operation instead of manipulation, suppression, and enslavement.