Aloha welcome to the Elon Marley podcast
hosted by your boy crypto roots this is the first episode we’re giving it a shot
so it’s a little different this is podcasts we discuss technology
and how that affects the psychology of society and the individual so we’re
gonna talk about issues that I see going on with society and issues that I
personally have and we got a special guest today and just have an in-depth
discussion so we have a special guest today she goes by the name of crypto
Malala she’s uh she’s one of my mentees she’s a very intelligent young woman and
she’s got a lot of information to share an offer as far as I know she’s a
specialist in psychology and psychotherapy so I have we have a lot of
in-depth conversations about a lot of different topics and we go super deep
and I figured hey let’s just let’s just try a little podcast and see what’s
going on so please introduce yourself crypto Malala and just give them a
background where you’re from and what you’re about I need them I am known as
Krypton Malala I am from Kadapa Veracruz Mexico I have
studies in human development and I am a core energetics practitioner and I am
really glad to be invited in this podcast to talk about on how technology
has to do with social innuendoes would you mind sharing us a bit more about
this core energetics I don’t I’m not sure many but I haven’t really heard of
it and I’m sure my audience is looking to learn more about it so would you mind
sharing a bit more in depth about core energetics yes well Coolidge ethics was
founded by Jean Pierre echoes and Eva bra they the core energetics comes from
bioenergetics and it was studied by Alexander Lewin and jumpier echoes with
their teacher William Reich who was a contemporary of Freud so it has to do
with psychoanalysis it has to do with the body it has to do with energy
combined and how all of our bodies resemble especially the physical body
resemble our life story how our biography is literally engraved in in
our bodies because character comes from the Greek which is to engrave
so it is really interesting to to see the human development and the human
interactions within this knowledge of how the energy works and how we all have
five wounds of and a first soul of our hmm developmental stages and we move from a defense created because
of that wound so that’s that seems deep it’s hard for me to like really pinpoint
what it is and maybe it’s not supposed to be pinpoint it may be I don’t you
know maybe it just encompasses a lot of different emotions and topics um whether
it fits being physical and psychological I guess um that’s dope then you really
sound like you’re you’re qualified to share your personal experiences and
opinions and scholarship Oh so the topic I want to talk about today
the most is Sophie’s now the effect selfies have on the individual and as a
group as society as a whole so let me share my personal opinions and then I
would like to hear yours and I’m gonna try to be as unbiased as possible this
is this is all about to have an open discussion it’s not to say this is what
it is and this is how I feel and everyone should feel it nah it’s just a
place this is just a podcast where I want to express things opinions and I
want to see how other people feel so the phenomenon of selfies do to obviously
the the the use of smartphones and better technology selfies didn’t really
become a big deal to me until one day I was like tripping on mushrooms and I was
at a house party this was back in Maui when I look
Llanelli and there was this guy there and now that I’m a bit older he’s
conning RC he was narcissistic he was really into himself kind of like a lady
like always hitting on ladies just always you know with the smile and
handshaking everybody and so he was one of those dudes who just loved attention
and it just so happened that I was behind him one day I was just sitting in
a chair in the kitchen tripping on mushrooms and I see him pull out his
phone and I see him go through his pictures and literally almost every
single picture was of him like and he was just going through it and I was just
like shocked blown away not only am i tripping but I’m like this dude
seriously has like almost every picture and his phone album of him like and each
pictures like barely different from the next one yet he’s like slight facial
expressions and I was like whoa there’s something going on with this guy like
and that’s what really like that that’s what really stamped it in my head that
this is actually a problem now it could have been a problem for whatever MySpace
and you know but me personally that’s when I knew like yo this is actually
like a deep psychological shit to deal with and it’s not just women it’s men as
well so it has nothing not even keep gender out of out of the conversation
when it comes to selfies it just so happens that I would I personally see
more women take selfies but that has that doesn’t compare to someone being
alone taking selfies now nothing’s wrong with the person the actual act nothing I
feel nothing’s wrong with the actual act of taking a selfie like nothing’s wrong
with that what I do have an issue with and is the excessive
and need our psychological need to to take a selfie and that’s no like that’s
new like that’s new and that also also that has it becomes a habit and you
start to use that habit and other ways so you may just take a selfie whether to
show people but then when you take when you pull out your phone to take a selfie
to attract attention that’s when we’re dealing with some some weird shit that’s
when we’re going in because if you feel the only way to actually attract people
or to get people’s attention is to pull out your smartphone and to either
pretend or actually take a picture and you in and it’s obvious that as it’s
obvious you you could be like oh they pull out the picture to try to get take
they pull out the phone to try to take a picture a picture of themselves to get
my attention and that’s kind of digging too much in your own ego at the same
time so most people just don’t say nothing
so the habit continues to have it and it keeps growing because we’re all like all
that selfie thing is just so small it’s no big deal so the habits get worse and
um and then you have like group selfies and I see this especially with it’s
weird with high school people and old people for some reason high school
people it’s like that’s all they do it’s like let’s go out and the act of going
out is all they do is take selfies and it’s like and the same thing with like
old people in like late 50s or you know I’m saying it’s like all they do is go
out and take selfies or a group whip selfie I’m like whoa whoa like this is
crazy I’m just trying to walk in the park I’m trying to walk down the beach
like and like it’s like you spend your time always trying to capture your time
you spend your life always trying to capture your life so you’re actually not
really having a life and I like you know that trick that it
it just throws me off like yo this is how deep this is like some black mirrors
shit like this is like some black mirrors shit like yo you want to go out
and have fun well we’re out now and now just the norm of having fun is taking
pictures and taking selfies and I can go even deeper and we’ll talk about it but
it’s like this song I just want to talk about man and I can’t tell anyone not to
take a selfie I can’t say I never take selfies like there’s a difference
between just taking a picture and being artistic
those are two different worlds taking a picture and taking an artistic photo
those are two different realms of thought and intention but use of the
same tool and technology I like when I see creative images or even creative
selfies or now and then let’s go let me go into that creative selfies it’s like
people how creative are we gonna get when I mean creative like how much risk
are people taking to take a selfie it could seem creative but it can seem
risky and egotistical the fact that you’re going on top of the 20-story
building on the edge taking a selfie like no this is real shit like or in
some dog cage or some animal cage like with some Tigers taking a stuff like
it’s like yo that’s your take out like I said this is just an open discussion I’m
here to shame anyone I’m not here to say I’m better than anyone I’m just bringing
up some some things that I caught I just follow the issues so crypto Molalla what
are your own personal thoughts taking selfies do you take selfies did you at
any point Phil you are having a problem taking selfies what is your
interpretation of society and selfies and please share and by the way I’m
burning a fat one with crypto Malala so that’s just how we get down
I you notice the crypto roots it’s the Elan Marley podcast hosted by crypto
roots so sorry to interrupt you up please the the floor is all yours
thank you well yes I mean that sums up several points that I have actually
written down it has to do well first I’ll start by saying that yes there is
there is a difference in between taking a photo because you’re in new place you
want to keep a memory you’re with an person you haven’t seen in a while or
you feel like taking a fort like holding that moment yes it has something really
precious and there is this other side of it which is taking a selfie or taking a
photo out of anxiety and that has to do with not being able to live in the
moment yes and it’s not just the selfie it’s the filter and it’s also they’re
sharing part and the calling out for attention there is this there is this
developmental stage and we were children where all we wanted was kind of like be
seen by our parents and been taken care by them so what happens is what is that
we do whatever we can do to to get their attention so we start acting the way we
think they want us to act so that has to do with our social
interaction how we portray ourselves in in social media to to create an
attraction for to have people seeing you and approve your life like approve your
image I have known people who know that they have a character to maintain like
oh no no but that’s a good for my followers so they won’t do it even if
the follower is you know her aunt and some friends from high school and you
know it’s it’s the idea of of being famous and it’s it’s deeper than than
just then does than just in RC part it is
it is the narcissistic part plus a deep wound of feeling vulnerable of being on
secure about your body of having hatred or some movement around your your body
idea you know it’s called body dysmorphic disorder in which you you do
not feel like your body you do not feel connected to it you want to alter ate it
you just don’t feel right and again it has to do with anxiety and it has to do
with not living in the present moment so you saying it’s like a new form of like
body modification but it’s not the actual modify in the body it’s the
perception of it as why you’re doing it so some people may get tattoos and fat
earrings and stuff but they’re doing it because they want to be perceived or in
a certain way so you’re saying that people would take selfies and alternate
filters and add you know dog ears and stuff because it’s the perceived as
that’s that’s how they want to be perceived and they don’t necessarily
have to monitor or do permanent body modification and it and I guess that has
to go with the same realm of anorexia and bulimic and even being overweight is
you’re modifying your body and then you’re being perceived or at least you
you think people you’re being perceived in a certain way so it’s almost like a
digital way of modifying is that what you’re yes
that and it has to do with with how you want people actually treat you you know
because you portray in an image and we all do it in a certain way you know we
dress the way we dress and we if we do makeup or we don’t do makeup because of
something you know and the thing is either you do it intrinsically or you do
it extrinsic ly extrinsic ly is that you do it because of the other ones again
you want the attention from your feathers you want of your carers you
want to be seen you want to be acknowledged as you are that is what you
actually want and you’ll do whatever it takes even altering even just digitally
your image to get that attention and to get the acknowledgement of yourself you
know you it’s it’s a paradoxical thing we we as a society do do you feel do you
feel the need to take selfies or the actual act of taking selfies is more
more rampant in men than women or vice versa or or what it’s getting it to
everywhere I don’t think it’s a it’s a it’s a gender thing what I think it’s
like the new cigarette selfie more than you see well yes so that’s I’m great I’m
glad you brought that up because I call it visual cigarettes so cuz because I’m
seeing that the the partaketh of cigarettes and it’s all I would say it’s
always on my way but I can’t go out without seeing people all of a sudden
get up and then say hey picture me like that like that’s kind of
like whoa is it you know like it’s like all right I don’t know I don’t know – do
I have self-doubt right now like I mean – you know like here you take yourself
take a picture of me now here’s the issue with these selfies that
it blows me away and I asked you this before mine I might ask you again
literally just realistically speaking how long does it take to actually take a
picture realistically speaking with the smartphone how long does it take
literally a few seconds I would say 15 seconds as as is the higher end right I
can’t believe it when I’m outdoors and I see people taking photos for literally
over an hour like over an hour like that was the whole experience of being
outdoors was taking pictures and like it just doesn’t add up like if the the
master doesn’t add up if it only takes a few seconds why are people taking hours
30 minutes hours plus worth of photos like and I’m thinking like what are
people doing with all that extra data on their phone and photo like it’s just
like yo people are gonna have so much extra junk data I need to just start
renting out data store somewhere you know because it’s just gonna be an
excess of just data that people don’t use don’t need but don’t want to get rid
of you know that’s the worst part they don’t want to get rid of illness I don’t
know everybody but I would assume that if you’re in secured enough to take
selfies excessively then you would be insecure to delete them excessively like
first I don’t know it’s almost like some hoarding I don’t I don’t know but it
blows me away when the act of taking a picture is drawn out to a whole event
outdoors and I don’t know I just think that time could it be spent more wisely
you know like learning an instrument playing a song with a group of people
you know I’m saying taking a couple shots putting the phone away being part
of the atmosphere in the environment and it’s like you’re aren’t because I’m from
Hawaii you’re not travel to touristy places and
I’m used to people taking pictures so I’m already have a threshold that you
get higher than the most so when my threshold is like crashed because people
just take it’s like yo this is crazy some black Mara shit and I just recently
watched mostly pretty much pretty much all the episodes we still got to finish
a little bit more all the black mare and it just nailed it nailed it so as a
self-taught software developer and I’m into don’t get me wrong I’m into
technology like I’m into technology but at the same time crypto roots still has
roots e vibes you know I’m saying like I have to get back to outdoors I have to
put away the digital shit from time to time a couple times a day I have to just
take a break because of my overall health physically and psychologically
now I don’t expect everyone to be perfect I’m not saying I’m perfect but I
I don’t I don’t like it when a bunch of people come to a place that has good
vibes and good energy because of the people that are bringing the good vibes
musicians dancers fire spinners paint body painters like you know I’m saying
these are people who are displaying their art their passion their talents
and yeah there’s gonna this is this is modern society people are gonna take
pictures but what happens is if there’s more people taking pictures in the more
then the people that are actually performing all right then there is
nothing to take pictures of at a certain point like you know there’s there’s
nothing is that because I used to be at a drum circle on Maui it’s called little
beach you can look it up on YouTube I’m one of the drummers is every Sunday and
it’s a world-famous spot people from around the world travel there and you
know people take pictures but I had a certain
the people closest to me who just got the camera right in my face and just
like and people just like are so clue like they’re so stuck on trying to
capture the moment it’s like invasive and it like ruins the
vibe of like yo and I just have to tell people sometimes like after whisper
there is much it’s much more fun if you join in and they just end immediately
just put the phone down and then just like hey there’s like just shame like
it’s like yo like add on be a part of it you know it’s like and it’s just it’s
kind of rude because just like you’re just here to take you’re here to take
that’s the same thing we put up with the picture and record you’re just here to
take like add on positively in a way that’s you’d benefit you know so that’s
what that’s what irritates me obviously you can’t stop and you can’t get pissed
off if you’re gonna be performing in a public venue that’s just the way it is
you know um and who knows that video could make you make you go viral and
whatnot but that got annoying it’s frustrating it’s annoying because I’m
paying I’m playing these drums passionately and you find it almost as
just something to entertain and to capture and show your friends and and
it’s like yo just drop it grab a drum and drum with me or start dancing with
us so it’s like who’s really living life at this point it has nothing to brag
like yeah I’m just not afraid to be myself publicly in public I’ve already
dealt with humility and I’m I understand that what I have to offer the world is
so much more beautiful so I’m not ashamed to you know occasionally be
recorded or but at the same time that we could do so much more as a society if we
didn’t feel the need to capture everything you know I’m saying so that’s
what I do miss about like the night I wouldn’t say I didn’t grow up but I
can’t I would imagine life in the 1960s 70s and before that like just a little
bit more less anxiety I would oh I can only imagine because just people
wouldn’t didn’t really feel the need or have the technology and tools that just
capture them moment all the time so what are your
thoughts in your feelings about that wow it’s deep that’s why we started that’s
okay yeah that’s why we have to get this podcast going that’s why Elon Elon
Marley hit me up said hey crypto roots you want to host my podcast you know I’m
saying and so my boss Elon Marley you know he
cool dude we go we go at it every now and then but we always burn a fat one
and he said he’ll look out for me if I if I host his podcast so it is what it
is you’re filming Heyward okay um people are focusing so much on
capturing the moment that they forget on or they have forgotten or maybe they
have never actually lived the moment we have to learn how to live the moment to
be to actually be present in all of our senses
bodily interactions mentally if you’re thinking about the past you’re dealing
with depression if you’re thinking about the future you’re dealing with anxiety
if you’re dealing with the present moment you get life as it is without
subtracting anything and without adding anything to it you know that’s that’s a
point I want to make about aiming to perfection about aiming to have the
perfect selfie or the perfect moment of the beach and you put are you you upload
it to Instagram and all your social media and you put beautiful quote about
a book you have never learned but you’ve searched for a quote that fitted
whatever idea you wanted half for you that’s a point when if you
think that one hour is a lot or more than two minutes it’s a lot Danny Bauman
actually spent ten hours every day from he took school days off and had issues
with their parents he lost 28 pounds who’s this guy his name is Danny bellman
yes is this this person this man who was in high school and he wanted to get the
perfect selfie he had something called body dysmorphic disorder which didn’t
well it has to do with self-esteem low self-esteem low proprioception which is
the ability of actually knowing where your body is and and the it’s dimensions
you know and this man killed himself after a while he went he went really
really deep into into aiming for perfection so much that when he realized
he couldn’t get it he decided to take his life now there’s something I want to
point out of here because everyone tells you that nobody’s perfect and it that’s
like to to make you feel that you are imperfect you know and the thing is that
you are perfect just as you are just the way you are you are perfect and now
sorry to interrupt you now I get what you’re saying but to someone or to most
people that really doesn’t hold much weight you are perfect and I’m saying it
it’s it’s like it doesn’t like it’s not like damn this is gonna stick with me
for like a week now you know it’s more like almost
immediately dismissed because it’s what why why don’t people accept the fact
that they’re already perfect that like that’s the Nisshin you know I’m saying I
want to pinpoint that why doesn’t that really affect people to the point where
you know I’m saying like they’re just like but you tell them that it’s like
almost immediately dismissed hmm you know like like you know I’m saying
or you get the idea of or the little voice out behind saying but you could be
even more perfect and that that has to do with that vulnerability you are
afraid to touch okay let me ask you a question now let’s switch it up as far
as the positives of taking selfies and smartphones now in certain rare cases
there is individuals who have physical what’s the right injuries physical
deformations from birth or from any major accident and they’ve never gotten
the chance to really feel confident about their physical look and maybe some
I’m just trying to put myself I’m trying I’m trying to be or I’m not just trying
to close mine I’m trying to be open-minded maybe there is some
positives into the augmented reality into the selfies into the sharing for a
person to kind of adopt a new look that they never you know I’m saying put on a
new mask and and if it does give them a boost of confidence is that anything
wrong with that because you know because they have maybe one eye or a mess step
nose or a cliff lip and you know and it’s not that you’re trying to like
trying to mislead people but what if you can use these filters and ease them to
creatively draw out the the the beauty in that individual do you
think that is sustainable for that individual do you think that’s
misleading or do you see it as it’s just a tool and people can play with it
however they want if they can make themselves look beautiful they can make
themselves look even uglier like hi woody what are your thoughts on the
person who who really quote-unquote is you say it perfect but from they know
they have default they know something seriously is physically not attractive
with them and they’ve already accepted that but they’re choosing to yourself
like I don’t know like this is me being as open-minded as possible what are your
thoughts if you are a person with any kind of disability or physical
deformation I told you that you are perfect just the way you are you deserve
love just the way you are and you are welcome
in this planet just the way you are you are needed just as anyone else now
is it wrong to take to smoke I see in cigarettes negative numbers now people
yeah yeah yeah wrap it together people who want to know man a feeling a deep
deep feeling it smoked a lot have that in the mind is it wrong to smoke
cigarette just because you’re feeling a little down and it may take you into a
cigarette addiction and actually get cancer you know if you modify your image
to in an in a photograph just to uplift yourself
it is going to get to a point in which you modify your body oh okay it is
actually dangerous word um yeah I mean word so how do you do you feel so fees
should be regulated do you think you really think that should be like an app
on your phone that will not allow you to take pictures of yourself after
limit or do you think people should just not ever take selfies or do you think
this should just always be free range of you know non-stop as much as you want
all day every day like dthe do you really feel that it needs to be some
sort of like self-regulation technology regulation damn they’re government
regulations do with Sookie taxes that’s what we’re gonna call this LLS what
we’re gonna call it episode selfie taxes selfie taxes tax that shit you fucking
take a selfie with your ass I want fucking eight cents off that shit you
know you know start saving the planet saving some whales with selfie taxes bro yeah I would be I mean you really could
do some positive shit know how it morning I guess you would yeah I don’t
know I don’t know but that’s okay that’s a good idea though um this self
regulation I am as I as I don’t know how to help on this out but it is better to
take an and a direction or you know a decision in your life if you do it
because you want to do it and not because someone else wants you want you
to do it if we get to ban selfies I believe that society will get to a point
into getting them somehow we would return to drawing yourself with me so
you’re saying this is instinctual it’s almost genetic we want to see ourselves
we want to know ourselves to know our body to to actually we hold our Father
and our mother whether you have them or not they are your biological parents you
know because people have told me but I have gay parents I have two
two fathers you know I don’t mother well you were carrying a wound so
you can read that DNA you can read that information and it is encrypted in your
body it’s also the progenitor you know so it is a way of holding not only them
but all of your ancestors it gets deeper you know the the body perception the the
the actual loving yourself as you are because you are the perfect
manifestation of the universe that’s why you’re perfect you know and perfect for
who you have to be perfect for you and because of you because you own you are
the universe you hold every material and every single shape and color you can see
in it I don’t know I dig it I dig it you know I’m saying I appreciate it now
let’s switch it up I switch it up I want to talk black I want to talk about black
mirror with you have you have you seen the Netflix series black mirror I have
seen what are you what are your personal thoughts and feelings about without
giving away any spoilers on any episodes but are your personal feelings about and
yeah what are your personal and I’ll share mine is this one I believe it
portrays truth and possible truth it is the future but the future is now and it
is presenting it things things happen just as just as you see them happening
or on this serious dough yeah so I’m not
I’m not a big Netflix do not saying I don’t watch you know help cover but I’ve
just been in my own world but I was introduced to black mirror and I got
hooked I got hooked man I did I got hooked and and the reason I got hooked
was the use of modern technology and how it affects how it’s used to control or
you know I’m saying or or manipulate the society and I just felt like it was very
creative and I could relate to it I could see how that could happen and I
could see certain things already happening like pretty much like now I
walk around and be like y’all I’m in an episode of Black Mirror like everyone’s
just got their cell phones out like and da da da da da so it helps me it gives
me a reference point that’s what I appreciate about the show it gives me a
reference point to at least refer back to something because I doubt it you know
I apparently had I had like more anxiety not knowing what to make of it or how
did how it can be creatively put into an art form such as a film you know I’m Sam
so it’s got me thinking just to action to to to representing my ideas and start
not seeing everything as a negative but find ways I can creatively use
smartphones technology 5g like I really that’s my things like I don’t feel none
of this technology is anything to fear it’s your lack of control over it is the
only thing you should you should be fearing is the fact that you don’t know
how to how these software and these programs and how the internet works HTTP
and you know I’m saying just packaging managers front and back in not knowing
that is how it works puts people in fear not
knowing how a AI is essentially if-then-else statements that’s all it
really is if this then do this if not do this and it just does that so fast it
eventually starts to put all the truths and the ones together so I mean once you
know how this is work how it all gets now a machine learning like you’re more
clear and you’re actually more creative but when you don’t know you know that
there’s other people that can utilize this technology to control you and most
people don’t understand that they’re already being controlled they’re already
being controlled the apps make the decisions for them the YouTube videos
make the decisions for them people barely they think they have choices when
all the choices have been made for them so smartphones and Technology it’s just
a tool and you can either be a slave to your smartphone
meaning you go to work to pay your smartphone bills you go to work to pay
the apps on your bills like you work and Wow while the cell phones collecting all
your data or recording you in the background or it’s got all your
menstrual calendars like all that all that all that data that you that you
share with your app and then you go and pay for it you’re at your phone becomes
a liability it becomes something you constantly have to keep paying for and
keeping up but on the flip hand if you’re if you see it all as opportunity
you see your smartphones as an opportunity you can actually be an
entrepreneur a full-on international entrepreneur from your cell phone you
can record videos post them on YouTube get however many views you can edit
videos on your YouTube there’s different trading apps there’s different there’s
Etsy there’s different eBay apps you can somebody you can take
on the street like literally you can be a entrepreneur all on your smartphone
and your smartphone becomes an asset it’s something that makes you money you
can pay and send people money around the world
and you know whether you specially if you do it decentralize you can mine on
your smartphone like that so it’s how you use this tool that is well just like
anything else but it’s how you use this toy and I choose to use this tool as an
asset I choose to see my smartphone as an asset and if I see it as an asset
it’s something that should be valued and respected and I don’t need to spend most
of my time on it it only I only need this tool on on the right occasions you
know I’m saying so it’s just a different attitude I have about my relationship
with my smartphone and when I do take a picture I and when I do I see it it’s so
feeling far between that I feel like yo this is the right moment no this is the
right moment you know I’m saying and I barely am on Instagram but when I do I
post a picture once every 3 or 4 months just to even let just to let the people
that I used to be cool with or you know still care about me or whatever know I’m
still alive you know and I feel like there’s just much more swag and posting
a pitch a selfie once every you know maybe three three or four times a year
like at most there’s a lot of swag in that there’s a lot of swag because it
shows that you’re the peak that things that you’re really taking pictures of
and posting have nothing to do with with yourself personally and or you’re not
posting pictures often and you’re just doing other shit like it’s weird I just
fell your audience respects you more the less selfies you post and I could be
wrong I mean this is just an open discussion you could share your comments
but crypto Malalai what you got any anything else you would like to share
with us yes about about technology and how it is literally
as in etymologically a tool like it that is what it means technology and there’s
this wealthy city he’s a philosopher and he’s a lawyer and he’s a mathematician
he was a who’s his name is jean jacques cousteau and he thought about in his
book about education about men nature and the nature and the man communicating
with nature by the by the use of tools and and how we are educated into into
relating to that right and we use the we use our thoughts to communicate with the
computer as a programmer you know that you put on the computer what it has to
do so you create things right you make them possible and you make them possible
and not tangible but seeing on the virtual reality so we create worlds we
create virtual realities which is a reality that exists but the only inner
realm you know and what happens with people who get hooked in the virtual
reality is that they believe that everything that they see in there is
absolutely truth like people would tell you know it is truth because I saw it on
Facebook like I’m not going to say Facebook is good or bad you know it’s a
tool for communicating but if you see it and just because you’ve seen it and it
has a lot of lights and not abuse it doesn’t mean it’s actually true you know
and not because people like it it’s it’s a good thing we have to to get to a
point in we separate the virtual reality from the
well vertical physical reality or the real reality you know and when I have to
say about how we communicate and how we must be careful with our not only are
our thoughts but our consciousness and more than our consciousness our
intention will have our intention to create or we have an intention to
destruct you can login into the internet that day and in the morning you want to
you wonder you feel wonder with yourself you ask yourself do I want to create
something good today something better from my community or do I want to
destroy something and if you want to destroy something I mean there are ways
to to transform the destruction part into transformation you know if you if
you hate someone first respected from the distance and since you when you are
cool you know you make creative ways we you think it should be done so you can
put on the things you want to see not only in your virtual reality but on the
physical reality like if you see something that you don’t like create
something better do not fight it just go and and do something proactive and see
how that switches everything in core energetics we talked about two things
which is consciousness and energy and I would say the consciousness about the
energy how you are energy your body has it it is fueled with the Sun with the
water with the food you know and if you are if you are
conscious about how you create your world you can create a better space for
you a better world for you a better story for your life
you modify reality just as you can create and modify virtual reality that
is what what I have to say Dan that shit is deep hit this smoke this shit right
here that’s all you right there I should eat go for real um yeah I’m all about it
I’m all about it um Sophie’s at this point I think they’re a
hazard to society there’s an excessive amount I feel it’s it’s only getting
worse when when your parent when 50 parents grandparents are the ones hooked
on Facebook all the ones hooked on posting and it’s all let’s talk about
this it’s like a jealousy thing I notice especially in Hawaii it’s like I’m only
taking pictures and me and my cousin or my aunt just to show you guys because I
was jealous when you guys took a picture of somewhere else and I wasn’t invited
or now that you know I’m saying like it gets kind of weird in like family wars
over like so I’m not trying to dictate but it’s like some of these older people
they get so jealous and envious and the only reason they even travel was to show
off a picture just to post it it’s like the only reason even in this act of
doing this in nature or whatever is just a post it just so you
I hope that you feel bad or guilty or insecure unfulfilled like I felt when I
looked at your picture so it’s like this deep it’s like deeper and deeper and
it’s like within families and your cousins and and it’s just like this
whole fake feed of people just smiling and hugging but they all fucking hate
each other or they’re all jealous or secret or you know it’s just some weird
shit and I personally don’t deal with this but I personally seen people deal
with this and it’s just like that it’s like deep like people who would normally
not be taking pictures or just taking pictures to make other people feel
jealous mm-hmm like this shit is like it’s crazy like this shit is crazy like
do you what are your thoughts about that like jealousy with them families over
selfies on Facebook and like you think that’s a real thing if I make this up
like you know I’m saying and it starts just to fuck up the family inside out
bro Wow it’s it’s even it goes deeper down remember there is a stage well when
we are born all we want in life if we want anything is to be held to be loved
to be nourished to be seen you know to be warm to be told that everything is
going to be just fine you know that you are loved so that’s in a perfect
scenario right but most of the babies and babies right now babies in this
generation what they get what you seconds after the power of the water
wounds he’s a fucking telephone yeah and in
their faces I got a telephone in their faces it’s what they see so attachment
tells you thank God we’re not dogs but attachment tells you that you get
attached to what you see more you get the reward if you do what what mommy or
daddy the caretaker does with the cell phone yeah I have seen children being
with their parents that are like the forensic that’s the phone so they know
they are going to take a selfie right and they keep poses and then continues
doing whatever if trains yeah they train the kid or
and/or the kid is training the parent because it goes both ways it’s a way of
telling me I agree to this we are making any transaction you know the mom is like
I cannot interact with myself I don’t like me and I don’t like my life and I’m
not sure if I want to but I think I look ok don’t I please tell me that I look ok
and here is my child hey child say I know I don’t know what to do yeah he
does the filter ah you look so funny and I’ve seen worse I’ve seen mothers being
with their children and taking the filter and scaring them there are videos
on internet about that and how they they scare the children so it’s it’s like the
moment they have to interact with their mother who is a robot that is a stick to
her phone yeah they the children grow up thinking that the mum is attached to the
cell phone so the cell phone is the representation of the mother so they
will be attached to the cell phone or the tablet because that is the way they
know how to interact with adults and most of adults are with a fucking
telephone or tablet or something electronical in their hands they’re too
busy to be with children they’re too busy to actually raise them they’re too
busy to be in the moment it goes both ways
check it out sometimes the only way to get rid of your kid is to give them a
tablet or a cell phone sometimes like it’s got because of everything the kid
like the parents will just give it because it gives them time away like
like it’s just like yo go and then it gets to the point where they’re arts all
the kid one is wants to do and doesn’t even want to interact with the parents
where the parents have to take the phone or the tablet away because like no that
is so unfair so users are telling me their first day telling them here is
something that I take care a lot Allah more than you and I see a lot more than
you a cave the tablet call it like that yeah and there’s a lot more more than
you when I want to be with me that I love more than anything else in
the world and I don’t want to be with you I give you the tablet and you better
take care of it right and they take care of it and not
always most kids don’t really know how to they bang it they break it or sue me
sometimes like angry at their mother because what they want is a diction
attention again all that we want in the world is to be held to be loved and to
be told that everything is just fine stop in your bout to make me I get it
alright I mean all right that’s that’s we’re gonna wrap it up we just wanna I
just wanted to vent thank you for for sharing it was expressing yourself
krypton Malala thank you guys for listening so you can holler at me crypto
roots holler at email me uh crypto boots at protonmail comm for the counseling or
the consulting or the mentorship crypto Mahalo where can they find you and what
services can they can they receive from you or your offering emotional support
I’m a coroner Jetix practitioner so we may have a video phone and no counseling
session yes like a pre thing and if it works out you can charge a little you
know just like she’s very affordable she cares her about her profession and
she’s just willing to go the extra mile where can I find you what’s your email
on your IG crypto Malala at prayer spell the Malala M I am going
to spell it all c ry PT o mal à l a at proton mail that come back oh right and
that and I Oh teach Spanish if you want to learn
Spanish she’s a Spanish English teacher I also make programs for parents like
developments all games that they may use stage by stage and they are really
affordable like the things that you can find at your home if you want to give
your children another option then rather than just the tablet and I just want to
wrap the old part the older people part it has to do with as you say fear of
missing out people are doing things that they used to they would never imagine
that people would do my grandfather my grandfather used to say that in the
future people would have televisions on their phones right he said that he said
that he had like this vision another from my trip yeah and and yes and I
didn’t get just there and then they talk cell phones are great too for everything
you know for almost everything but yes it has to do with fear of missing out
they are there like imagine the development we was to think about
development as linear but it is actually like a spiral like a Fibonacci spiral
look it up we we give a wave spin throughout their stages every like seven
years or so we give another turn to to the stages we have lived so all people
are living like children they are actually acting out like children
although they are not children they are grownups and they do have another
experience so I can I can see how this vulnerability and fear of missing out
can jump out just there just do it yeah they’re just doing something they
wouldn’t baby is and make a better phones because they can afford them
because they have worked their asses all of
their lives you know so yes yes and teenagers take selfies the most yes
because teen aging the in ager years are stage when you’re trying to find
yourself and you search it approval with the
others again it’s the another spin to that part in your life where you were
searching the approval of your parents like look ma now we can walk look ma I
can I can sleep in my cup without dripping all the water you know yeah I
want to go I could go deeper but let’s I’m I wrap it up I’m gonna wrap it up
I’ll leave the comments on and share your opinions if I should wish it we
should continue to do this and have these talks and Aloha much love take
care my mojo