so hello fellow banknote collectors are
you going today my name is Glenn and today I’m going to show you these
Australian ten dollar banknotes now if you are in Australia probably be
somewhat familiar with these these were issued between 1966 and 1993 they were
replaced by former polymer banknote that’s been replaced now in 2017 and
well these ones are in sequence so if you can see they have you you see drop
one and I’m wearing cotton gloves just to protect them from my sweat so you’ve
got 14 15 16 17 and 18 and they have you can see the person’s name just there mr.
Greenway and what’s his full name Howard Greenway he was born in 1777 and
died in 1837 and he was well as you can see here he was probably an architect
and he designed many buildings now this Bank no has the Johnson Fraser signature
series so these were printed between 1985 and 1989 at this time destroying
banknotes didn’t have any dates on it either an actual date like I know 1985
or something like that you just have to go on these signature series and the
actual date sequence that he’s in the current banknotes was actually alright
I know it’s Switzerland had dam in the 1970s so Australia just adopted it from
another country and on the reverse we have Henry Lawson it was born in 1867
and died in 1922 and he was actually a poet
and when I actually changed the banknotes a lot of people who actually
like him real awesome were a bit upset because he was being replaced by being
Joe Patterson it was Australia’s most famous pallet
any watermark he’s like can you see the one mark yet it’s a Captain Cook
Captain Cook water marks we’re on the banknotes from about 1954 hmm
nineteen well whenever these paper ones were placed between 1992 and 1996
depending on the denomination what is the value of these banknotes
well basically whatever anyone wants to pay for the first series which is are
you CD in the last series which is m.a.c so these series went from a u2m they
well they get a higher price then this is just a general sequence and in
uncirculated I have a Book value about $60 each but realistically you’re
probably not gonna get that much probably 30 or $40 each not too sure you
have to check on anybody way is probably the best place to see the value of
banknotes cuz you can actually see what people are currently trying to sell them
for and what they actually sold for and what they sell for is pretty much all
over the place like some Indies you can if you’re lucky depending on the time
you can get him for like 15 $20 each but if you’re unlucky you would actually
pay a lot more and I actually have a if you see here let’s even get it closed up you can see it’s a letter G day that is
actually the the number of the the the print sheet that it was actually done on
so you for actually get another a lot of the banknotes
ooh here we have another one if I actually focus on that one it’s not
gonna focus give you a clear shot near so here we have a look ah this one has
AP so yeah I presume you can get them from A to Z but I haven’t actually I
haven’t actually looked at them quite it as part of a research but I’m not really
going to know there’s a date 1825 junior are we
I know government or government something like that so these bank notes
well they’re not my favorite Australian bank note that would actually be yeah $5
Australian but I just wanted to show you part of my collection awesome
I’m actually trying to get rid of these bank notes because uh yeah I have too
many so anyway thank you very much for watching if you like this old 10 dollar
banknotes please keep your your farms up go to my eBay store cause actually sell
these products in my store and I have awesome but you know collecting time
people bye-bye