Hello, everyone this next game. I’m about to show you was played in 1962 soviets team championship between the one and only Rashid Nezhmetdinov and Oleg Chernikov, and In my opinion the beauty of this game can rival that of any game in chess history Well, I’ll have to show it to you and then you can decide for yourselves Rashid Nezhmetdinov is white and Oleg Chernikov of is black, so let’s see this game Rashid plays e4 c5 Knight to f3 Knight c6 d4, C Captures on d4, knight captures on d for the Sicilian Defense We have g6 knight to c3 Bishop to g7 Bishop to e3 knight to F6 Bishop to C4 black Castles Bishop to B3 and If you’ve seen my game between Bobby fischer and reuben fine Maybe you remember that in this position reuben played knight to a5 going for this light square bishop and Fischer destroyed it with this e5 move But in this game Oleg Chernikov chose a different approach. In this game chernikov played knight to g4. He decided to go for this Dark Square Bishop on e3 and also he opened up the attack on this knight on d4 So on Knight to g4 Nezhmetdinov plays queen captures on g4 Knight captures on d4 and Now Queen to h4 so Chernikov plays Queen to a5 pinning that knight on c3 and Rashid castles, so in this position. We have bishop to f6 and in this position Oleg Chernikov thought that Well Nezhmetdinov would probably realized that this is a drawn position and he would offer a draw So as the story goes Chernikov went for a walk and he was enjoying his stroll and checking out some of the other games and He thought that well The only thing Nezhmetdinov can play is probably queen to h6 I’ll just repeat bishop to g7 then again Queen to h4 and I’ll repeat the bishop to f6 and if he plays something like queen to g3 well Then Chernikov has this idea of playing Queen to c3, and after the queen is captured then knight to e2 to check so we have king to h1 grabbing the queen and This is better for black as white’s pawn structure is all messed up But even if this is playable for white it would still be a very long drawn game probably so after Chernikov played this bishop to f6 move The story goes that rashid was thinking about the position for some 40 minutes and a very excited boy Ran off, run over to Chernikov and he said well mister he sacrificed his queen and As Chernikov rushed back to the table. He saw that Rashid played queen captures on f6, and this is a move Well, I mean, I always look for these kind of moves And I don’t think I would I would I would play this or even or even get an idea like this So let’s see how the game continues obviously Oleg Chernikov will accept the queen but first he plays knight to e2 to check just to discoordinate white’s pieces for a bit so knight captures on e2 and only now he captures on f6 and Rashid Brings his knight back knight to c3 and okay look at this position if you ask an engine, engine will say okay black is better but okay you have your queen and a5 as black But white has these two bishops eyeing that King at g8 And he has a potentially very dangerous knight that’s ready to jump to d5 nothing can oppose him and Blacks Rooks are undeveloped his bishop is still undeveloped and Well, let’s see how Chernikov handles this So Chernikov plays rook e8 and Rashid defend this pawn on e4 actively he plays knight to d5 so now the pawn can be captured because the knight f6 checks, so Chernikov plays rook to e6 and now, Rashid plays bishop to d4 again going for that f6 pawn So we have kings to g7 defending the pawn and we have a rook to d1 activating this rook so we have d6 preparing to develop the Bishop and Rashid plays rook to d3 prepares for a nice Rook lift to f3 Bishop to d7 and now rook to f3 again going for that f6 pawn So we have bishop to b5 attacking the rook on f1 but rashid the first plays bishop to c3 attacking the queen on a5 The queen moves to d8 to help with the defense of the f6 pawn and now we have knight captures on f6 so we have bishop to e2 and in this position well this was the probably the losing move bishop to e2 in here black has to admit that he’s not better and that he should probably play something like rook a to c8 and well continued this game, but he plays the bishop to e2 and after bishop to e2 allows Rashid Nezhmetdinov to play this beautiful move knight captures on h7 and what’s the idea of knight captures on f7 well if you look at this position if the knight is captured then look at this strong bishops diagonal and look at this rook going to h3 It would be extremely dangerous for black so Oleg Chernikov plays king to d8 King to g8 and now Rashid plays rook to h3 So we have rook to e5 Oleg Chernikov would love to exchange this rook for this Amazingly strong dark square Bishop But Rashid plays f4. He’s not interested in the rook so Chernikov plays bishop captures on f1 and King captures an f1 and still now this rook is attacked on e5 by the pawn So we have rook the c8 and now again, Rashid does not capture the rook with the f pawn But he plays bishop to d4. He is protecting this bishop like it’s made of gold So we have b5 and now we have knight to g5 we have rook to c7 protecting that f7 pawn and This is where Rashid goes all out he plays bishop captures on f7 with check Rook captures on f7 and now we have rook to h8 check King captures on h8 and now knight captures on f7 forking the King the Queen and the rook on e5 So king to h7 Rashid grabs the Queen and e8 rook captures on e4 Knight to c6 Protecting the Bishop rook captures an f4 with check king e2 and in this position Oleg Chernikov finally resigned and if you look at this position white has two pieces for the rook and he’s also a poor knock, but Black has three pawn islands and well it will be it will be impossible to play this as two pieces by themselves that are stronger than the rook and Whites pawns are much better So yeah an amazing game and what an amazing guy, rashid nezhmetdinov Lev Polugaevsky said once that he beat Nezhmetdinov at least a dozen times But the one game that he lost to Nezhmetdinov was so beautiful that he was trade all of his 12 other games just to be on the side of the border when Rashid defeated him they have those pieces and Mikhail tal once said that Losing his game against Nezhmetdinov in 1961 was probably the best day of his life So yeah, I don’t think I will ever do a video Solely about Rashid nezhmetdinov But you know like I always say you should all you should check out a video made by Jessica Fischer So type, Jessica fischer to YouTube and check out her video about Rashid Nezhmetdinov it’s an amazing video I’m sure you will enjoy it. It’s in three parts, so I think all in all it’s maybe 30 minutes long, so Yeah, that was that was the game well now you can tell me if you agree that it’s definitely one of the most beautiful games ever played and as usual, you can check two of my previous videos here and I’ll see you soon