Charlie Lee is an idiot But this guy did something so genius that is beyond his own intellectual ability. All he did was change one integer from the BTC project. But he called LTC digital silver beside BTC as digital gold. The way this comparison resonates with people is beyond our imagination. The price that you see in Litecoin today. originates from this one single statement. But this idiot does not even know how genius his comment was. There was a point in history where he gave up on the Litecoin project to work at coinbase. But went back to helm Litecoin when he found out that Litecoin continued to appreciate in value. He added Lightning to Litecoin to differentiate it farther from BTC. If not for his statement. There was no way Litecoin would moon. The entire Litecoin lasted till today because of that statement Charlie Lee has made. That statement turned out to be true. Litecoin is now considered as digital silver. Let’s go on to another example Everything said here today can never be leaked out.