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today my name is Glenn and today I am back with some $10 banknotes from Hong
Kong so these ones were issued in 2002 because people were not happy with the
$10 coin so the $10 coin was only issued in 1994 95 and 96 so far they might have
had different years but we’re not too sure and now these ones are basically
not senior circulation I really don’t get these at all and I’m
really we’re not asked for them really there’s not many coins to be had and the
first issue was actually in paper so here we have paper versions there is
free date sewed is July 2000 to January 2000 free in January 2005 finally 2002 a
quite easy to get but the other two actually very hard to get the 2005 is
actually the hardest for me indicate that’s waste ones in pretty pretty poor
grade and 2000 freeze not that easy to get to person to is easier to get so
that’s why these ones are consecutive and currently for the past few years
I’ve actually not been able to get many paper banknotes I got one last time I
went there but I believe that the government has actually probably pulled
most of them from circulation because oh just so right now they don’t really last
that long so the watermark is the beginning of flower which is the symbol
of Hong Kong that you can see on the back of their coins and this is actually
issued by the government it’s not issued by any bank so Hong Kong this one a few
countries that allows banks actually issue banknotes they’re not assured
these designs so there’s a whole see a person horse-racing there’s a
ribbon and basically this is just really just a abstract design and I’m not too
sure what any of these actually represent that could be mathematical
formulas I’m not too sure that would be cool if it was so the next one I have is
the polymer note and this was issued five years later in 2007 so all these
dates are actually quite common so I’ve got 2007 first January 2012 first
January 2014 as you can see these are polymer they’re actually quite different
than any paper banknote design Oh but basically the design is nearly it’s
same like you don’t these features on the polymer you have a window and the
beginning of flower is actually changed it’s part of the actual see-through
window um most of features here are the same except for that doesn’t have those
lines or these lines and hesitate the end of water and the same type of cereal
numbering to the latest one is 2014 so it’s about five years ago Wow so the
last quite a long time these pink news then they print them in quite a lot
they’re not Hong Kong Bentley is actually printed in Hong Kong at a
printing work so it was established by Thomas de la route so as you can see
it’s missing that part it doesn’t actually put it on so these ones are
actually quite a nice type of banknote in Hong Kong’s issued new type of
banknotes before the EverBank denominations but not these not this one
this one this one seems to be fine it’s not counterfeited at all because only
worth a bit dollar ad you stream more better dollar 25 us so really such a low
value it’s not really worth counterfeiting and here I have some in
consecutive order so WL 9 80 81 82 83 84 85 this is probably the
most common one use for red pockets do ever get yeah I have ever denominations
but not really know any difference between all these banknotes is just
really at a date I’m Polly polymer banknote section and I just find it
quite attractive so when I go back to Hong Kong I’m expecting these ones to be
out because you know large numbers because last year when I went there I
didn’t really find many of these I actually got these from my mother-in-law
who uses them for read pockets and she gets new ones from the bank but in
circulation most of the ones I still got within 2007 and I did get a few 2012 for
most of 2007 so it’s still quite common as you can see from the serial numbers
they’re actually nearly running out and these dead sewer numbers should be a
actual replacement banknote so what is serial number something’s no b.s yes in yes in and with the twenty dollar
banknotes for HSBC the last series no 2000 free shoes I realized that they
actually reused some of the serial numbers again so if they do run out
they’re probably just kept on using serial numbers and here I have a lot of
$10 coins from Hong Kong so I have a six of them actually all most of them a 94
two of them a 95 this 95 one is actually in pretty good condition and 96 one it’s
actually hard to get so this one’s been out since 94 since the 90s actually but
I just keep whatever ones I get anyway because quite like a bi-metal coin
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