[Music] good morning good evening good afternoon wherever you are in the world I’m Sam I am and today we’re gonna talk about AIB the Asian infrastructure investment bank now these guys first showed up on my radar about four months ago I was looking through the ripple escrow transactions ripple of course gets a billion XRP out of escrow every month and for a long time they have been taking 200 million out of that and using that to fund their programmatic sales and their OTC sales and so forth and then taking the other eight hundred million and locking it back up in escrow well I think about six to eight months ago they made a change instead of taking that eight hundred million and putting it back in one transaction they actually started breaking it up and they were doing you know six and two six and two I think they did some for two and twos and that continues to this day this is the current month’s escrow release right here there’s the billion coming out they moved a hundred million instead of the normal two hundred million into their working fund I think they had some residual build up from the previous month’s two hundred where they didn’t use it all and so they just did a hundred this time and then they moved four hundred and three hundred in two separate wallets and then of course they’ve gotten nine hundred million in this wallet and if we track those down a little bit here’s the hundred million working that came in right here and they spent about 70 million and they have about a hundred and twelve million in that wallet left and then the four hundred came into this wallet down here and then they did an escrow create for a hundred million they did an escrow create for two hundred million and then they took a hundred million and moved it over here here it is coming in and of course here’s the three hundred from the original escrow release and they combined those two into four hundred million and put that into an escrow create function so they did this month they did four hundred two hundred and one hundred why do they keep changing it up so you know that was my question is why the change now I see a couple possibilities here from a business perspective if I’m managing escrow a triple I might want to sort of refill the buckets so that every month I have a guaranteed billion that comes out but the window shrinks down over time that might be easier to manage then you know knowing that several months out I’ve got 800 coming out and then 600 and then 400 and then 800 and you know whatever be a little bit more difficult but my thought was that these you know why why would they go to the trouble it’s easier just to put it back in one bucket my thought was maybe these are reserved optioned for some institution or fi or Bank or customer whatever it is and I initially thought well of course this is gonna be for the IMF who else would be would have the resources and be buying hundreds of millions of XRP and would need that many down the road and I was on I think a discord server several months back kind of talking about this and that’s when I was given the hint a IIb and so I came and I looked here and I’m like who are these guys I had never heard of them they you know it’s a consortium of banks and other institutions they do infrastructure projects all around Asia you know they’re China based I’m sure it ties in with the one belt one Road initiative but that was it I couldn’t really find like it didn’t make sense to me why would these guys be the ones that these XRP are actually reserved for and then we got this farewell message from Marvin Gaye and a IIb is right at the center of it and boy did it catch my attention if you remember he’s done some previous puzzles that I’ve done videos on this was one of them where he’s talking about brexit triggering a national emergency that with the cue stuff tied in with Trump of course Trump’s been making deals with Putin with China with North and South Korea bringing peace to the region we’ve got the gold here tying in with bricks and all of these countries of course the deep state is has deep roots and swift in the debt based paradigm and the dollar system the Illuminati showing everybody’s against Trump down here because he’s draining the swamp and trying to put some of these people in jail no I don’t know if you’ve been watching the Q stuff and what’s going on with the FBI and the whole investigation and collusion with Russia but it looks like the FBI lied to the FISA Court like outright fabricated evidence to kick off the investigation and there’s already one guy that’s reported for jail this week I think there’s gonna be more so there’s I know there’s a lot of you out there that thing oh is that Q stuff is all bullshit I don’t think so I think we’re seeing more and more interesting things he also gave us this one which you know has a lot of Asian Eastern iconography in it of course I think this is a reference to s bi we’ve got quantum technology here this is about witnessed the paradigm shift the power transition only one shot left it’s confirmed moving ahead quantum finance you know there’s IBM in here and their computer they’ve they’re the ones doing this quantum computer thing so lots of interesting stuff so we’re gonna go through his final one here and he’s saying behind the curtain what’s happening right now mr. Trump zing and Putin are ready to push the plan the faster the plan rolls out the better nobody will control the new financial system now that’s interesting because today the paradigm is Swift is the global system and even though it’s not us owned it is us controlled they threaten the board members with arrest and sanctions and you know all kinds of craziness in order to force their foreign policy on other countries and Iran is a perfect example of that if you go there you can’t use Visa or MasterCard because they’re cut off from the global financial system at the behest of the US government so the US has been really abusing its position for a long time now and I think the rest of the world is pretty fed up with it so Swift will soon be replaced it won’t be there for long before 2020 or by 2020 change of structure will absolutely occur Digital credit and in parentheses got trusted liquidity will soon be injected which will be XRP okay so kind of what he’s saying there and I think what this is showing we’ve got Swift right here and it’s saying transfer of system west to east saying HSBC will play a significant role let me get out of the way there HSBC Hong kong-based Bank plays a role here in transfer of system old to new liquidities are still flowing at the moment left to right yeah I think I did that right for you guys it’s always backwards for me and then he’s saying that AIB will use the sips will use sips now a lot of people think that is the China International payment service it’s not actually that’s the company that runs it but it is the cross-border interbank payment system it’s a payment system which offers clearing and settlement services for participants in cross-border remember payments and trade so essentially what this is is like the Chinese version of ACH which is the u.s. Clearing House so it’s it’s doing clearing and settlement for international payments for to and from China so kind of what the big picture here is you know we’ve had this global standard but I think it’s he’s showing us it’s fracturing so a IIb and sips is going to be the Chinese kind of standard or version then you’ve also got bricks which is Brazil Russia India and South Africa you’re gonna have a IIb you’re gonna have bricks out there and then you’re gonna have I can’t see Swift going away but who knows maybe it will but I think the point here is we’re kind of seeing a decentralization of the global payment system and XRP is going to be the one that they all have in common the same beginning of quantum financial system new before 2020 that of course ties in with some of the previous puzzles he’s given us and he’s saying gold-based XRP true liquidity as a real time settlement so and if you also look at what all these central banks are doing Russia has been buying record amounts of gold China has been buying record amounts of gold and not just recently for years you’ve got all the repatriations Venezuela brought their gold back from the US Fed Germany brought their gold back from the US Federal Reserve Bank in New York I think there’s at least a half dozen to a dozen different countries that have made that same move what do they know that you and I don’t I think it’s this right here so he’s saying gold base but XRP will be the liquidity tool for settlement which is kind of you know what we’ve been talking about all along now here down the corner he’s saying the dollar system is now gone however Fiat is here to stay it’s tied in with gold the gold is tied in with AIB and it’s also tied in with XRP Gold is the backer I think he’s ain’t backing with his new friend the standard of the new economy XRP so that’s kind of you know the big picture that we’ve been talking about here for almost a year now is that we will have there Fiats not going away there’s countries that are just not ready to make that leap and I don’t it’s too much too soon but there is a confidence problem there people are losing faith in Fiat they’re getting too educated about it quite frankly and so the government’s appear to be doing backing there whatever new system they roll out they’re gonna back it at least partially with gold and that’s how they’re going to secure value between themselves as well and XRP will be the liquidity tool to move that value around the globe so very interesting big changes here this like I said this really caught my attention cuz I don’t know that these I don’t have any indication that the person who gave me aii be like four months ago is in any way connected with this with Marvin Gaye I think Marvin Gaye you know kind of based on what’s in here and then some of these clues I think it’s somebody that probably works in the government maybe for the u.s. under Trump or China under zing but you know wow did it catch my attention and this makes a lot of a lot of sense so there you go hope you learn something I’m Sam I am we’ll catch the next video [Music]