hello everyone this is Adam Meister the Bitcoin Meister cloning my sister and i wanna talk about
Mike Koreen in its rides didn’t and now even the last to few dailies yeah July 26 I had been in
Sydney Australia for a little while I’ve Sony storyteller
how my travels thing is we’re not gonna get to them right now this is just a the corn meister crypto currency talk time anyway Litecoin is around by now worth over five dollars and try and look
at my notes and I i’m not quite sure why I was the
Greek situation is awesome for big quinine you advise all
you people in congress to buy up some big coin might when the amorphous a very
speculative type thing I actually I own some light
point I mean the time I purchase like coins because I doubt
I’m you know he had gone up were you at one point seem very high and
then he was around 10 at one point accounted like one dollars two dollars nothing you
know what the heck it’s it’s it’s better than spending you know money on buying soda I’m getting cancer
whatever her I’m not that I would do those things by I’m the value of my queen I see more
room a valuing dash which is darkcoin because he can he can hide your
transaction like when this is basically a masturbate coining any this is worth
math I guess it’s easier to use you know chaos in Yemen you know alike line is like 75 bucks
which is easy anything happen to send you point
no to big point I mean that’s a positive
another suspected speculate who being about Litecoin is
that they’re they’re always been rumors and it’s going to be put on
corn-based where you can buy the point where I
bought pick one before Coinbase where you should buy it but if
you could buy it like growing online one point being yet a place like one
would go up lot I am because right now he’s hard to
get it’s hard to purchase Litecoin is how you have to know what you’re doing hammered deal with Russian exchanger or
whenever you just can’t you know put your dollar somewhere by like point
absent his it was on corn-based that would help the
value but again what we’ve seen in the last few days it is the Greeks do the
proper thing and reject a the banker ballet now and we
should increase the price a PICC line home
because people actually you’d be crying I’m I’m a fan at like one by the way I’m
I didn’t like on form for over a year me and I just the maybe one you can explain to
me the value up like pointer and maybe
Greeks are buying yet the I think it’s just right now this is
expected speculative type of thing said you have lost some
money on my point in the past have been if you bought it at forty
years something a now might be time to to south on the get some your money back
for all your money back so that you totally ahead in the lake one game and down you now I actually am totally ahead in like point game anything can
happen to it and it still have made a a little bit of a little
much better money on it and that’s how this is all about again for the pic on my sister this is about
everything everybody ought to be 102 currency in Haiti like one is of
funny thing is people really think there should be gold
standard after two currencies and and silver
standard and yeah I guess that like when could be the summer I do
think dash does more things my point hey who netted now again I am you’d be crying my sister
and my sister and I you know I haven’t seen any good reasons why
Litecoin is gonna except for the speculative mom you know
about Greece am them has must be something else I
want me believing it II with the same but that’s good for the people who
bought it you know one any game she checked she she guy I know
I have to mention them you can get like point there relatively easy and other cryptocurrency Adam Meister the BitcoinMeister take care spread the word