This mindset is all about the value of
time and how it’s the most precious currency of life. This one’s gonna hurt
some of us. Think about this: if you’re with a friend and they left the room
with their wallet out would you take their cash and leave?
Very few people would ever think about even doing something like this. Yet we
steal from people all the time. Dale Carnegie said “if you
make an appointment with someone, you’re really assuming a trust. If you don’t
keep faith with them, you’re stealing from them if you say you’re gonna do
something do it time is the currency of life the wealthiest people in the world
in terms of money still have their days numbered just like the rest of us the
thing that holds the most value in life is time and when we take it from someone
else by showing up late or canceling an appointment with them at the last minute
we’re stealing their most valuable resource relationships are about quality
not quantity and diluting the quality of our relationships dilutes the real value
of life make a commitment make your verbal words and your digital words your
bond realize that you’ll be respected and remember by the commitments you keep
as much or more than your accomplishments mark your calendar to
lock in your commitments starting today don’t waste other people’s lives even if
you don’t want to do it stick to your decision time is the most valuable
currency of life thanks for watching like comment and
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