so hello people here you going this is
Glenn back with another video and today we’re just going to have a look at the
features of the United States $1.00 right now so I did make another video in
a pass but these bank notes that I have here where that was in relation to their
collecting today we’re just going to be talking about what are the different
features on the banknotes cuz I didn’t actually know and to actually look them
up and there’s actually quite a few websites actually look them up some of
them describe features and then they go on to like conspiracies about masonary
and all that stuff on the banknotes so I’m not going to include that I’m just
going to include what the actual back now entails so we have the front side so
this is the obverse of the banknote because it has George Washington so you
can see George Washington and there’s no real conspiracy about that on this
banknote but you would see that it has the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta
Georgia so in number 6 and the F they correspond so f is the sixth letter of
the alphabet and six is actually the number of the Federal Reserve Bank of
Atlanta and it was Federal Reserve actually has 12 different divisions so
they have like the reg Reserve Bank of Richmond which is just north of Atlanta
Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia and New York Boston Cleveland Atlanta
horridest Atlanta Chicago st. Louis Minneapolis Kansas City Dallas and San
Francisco so it has 12 and you can tell where it’s
actually issue could actually Satan and he used to say on the ever banknotes but
they’ve taken seal off but they’ve you and get the numbers on it and then we
have the first letter of the actual batch so this corresponds with the
actual date yes so 2003 I had F and 2003 actually
had D and different years corresponds to different letters at the front so the
last one 2017 they all issued as in so this number just changes with the actual
year that was actually printed and I actually occurred in 1996 99 was be 2001
was seed to pheasant and free was dnf2 president forwards e 2004 I was G 2006
was I 2009 was J and L no sorry 2006 a was K 2009 a was L 2013 was am in 2017
was and so it changes depending on the year okay
and then we have this nothing here a to this actually just indicates where on
the actual plate this banknote actually occurred so you got your four quadrants
you’ve got one two four eight and four so this is on two and then you’ve got a
b c d e f g h so maybe I’ll do another video on that but that’s basically it
just the position on the pipe the actual bank note was so that one with a two and
this one’s in the same position but it would correspond to a different plate so
I would say all the numbers on this plate were actually be pretty much the
same they’re not to me with that and then we have the face plate number so
this one is a 104 and that just means the printing plate so a 104 is a
printing plate they use and this one was a when I five so did
I’m printing plate if W means Fort Worth it’s in Texas so thank you for person
who pointed it out to me and that is one of two places that they actually print
the banknotes you have one si Washington DC but that doesn’t have any identifiers
on it and here we have the green seal so older bainite you get yellow seals and
red seals and blue seals which correspond to different types of
banknotes so that’s just a legal tender Department of the Treasury so and then
we have oh this is what I wanted to show you so this a conspiracy about is here
some people think that is actually an owl and some people think it’s a spider
so we’re talking about just there you can see let me see them get closer so
when you have a look at it Intel data actually it’s just like a knot and it
actually actually goes down so you know just that there and it actually goes
down so let’s then get closer I’m actually talking about this part here so
you can see and that’s close up actually looks like a bit like a spider it’s just
part of design and some people will saying I letter it’s something to do
with it that Mason’s or whatever not too many of their Masons anyway so on the
reverse we have the Great Seal so two circles have the Great Seal so this is
the front this is the back and this would in some other countries would
correspond to the coat of arms or as you need to leave the emblem of in Toledo
which are they put on any documents and stuff like that so with this one we have
the bald eagle or as I call it the glorified seagull and we have 13 stars
which correspond to the original 13 States and that also includes the
footage drives down there and everything on here
is actually foot in so this foot in leaves in the oak branch it’s 13 arrows
and just like I think there’s a few let this is a certain number of actual
feathers there’s not 13 but it’s just like multiples 48 or something like that
and it has a Paribas Poonam for many comes one pity that’s not mean like
Apache whatever that would actually be a lot better than Latin and then we have
over here a pyramid so here we have the date then the bottom and that date is 1776 that’s in our Roman numerals and
then up top we have our and wait call this and that means fighbird our
undertaking whether it’s called I’m not too sure much like ladies refers to
God’s firing you know undertaking then on the bottom on the bottom we have had
Novus Ordo seclorum and that’s a a passage taken out of Virgil’s one of his
books and it means a new order has begun and they say that the shadow on this
side represents the unexplored west of the United States and this is a new
United States and the eye I haven’t actually found that much
information on the eye it may represent that the pyramid is unfinished and it’s
an ongoing project and now de Ville is looking over the United States and it’s
still to be finished by the people so that is on this side and here we have 79
so that’s just a plate number for the back of the banknote so on this one is a
76 so I did just plate numbers really nothing really substantial just like a
just like an accounting being or whatever and the rest of it is just
basically patent design it actually used in that 1870s 1880s they don’t really
use an alchemy cuz it is no longer a security feature printers can quite
easily count the fit this type patterning and it really is only kind of
fitted feature where now these were actually engraved so that’s quite a nice
banknote and they haven’t changed it because it’s really nice it’s really no
reason to actually change this banknote probably costs about to say one dollar
the counter fee anyway so that’s what I actually focus on 50 and $100 banknotes
anyway so those are the features of the banknotes oh and the number changes or
debate changes when they do something differently so they add a different
signature to the actual banknote and they usually just print those when they
actually need it and these ones probably last bit
this a is five or six years in circulation but I would say they’re
probably lasts up quite a lot less worry one or two years in circulation because
now do really just as not really buying much these days
anyway let’s a thank you very much I hope these clears up what the features
of the banknote ER and have an awesome vino collecting time people thank you
very much in bye-bye