Hey guys, it’s Kay Kay and welcome to another vlog now Exactly this time around last year is when my channel took off from 5 subscribers to 50 subscribers So for those of you who have been all the way along the journey I’d like to thank you guys. In today’s vlog….. We’re going to learn a thing or two about crypto currency trading and we’re gonna go and meet our favorite nephew , but before that Kasim needs some pictures and for that he called me to the one place that I would not want to be right now During my vacations Because Carson’s new haircut what to say exams muskegon Joker get idea Which means is Amsterdam bald? You guys you know see something This background, but it’s not mixed Marik too narrow oh It’s like ah I’m standing here, and you be taking a picture like 10 100 meters away howdy everyone We know you’re like that chick from my high school who asks me to take 200 pictures and isn’t satisfied with one Oh, I’m so picky, bro. You gotta take 300 then you’re gonna take another 100 then I pick two Do you think I’m gonna do that? Yeah, it’s like I’m gonna pay you you know (he never pays me) I got everything with money makes much easier choices you know And there goes Kasim, so now we need to go to the licensing of Licensing office, finally got done from the licensing licensing licensing Office they messed up on my name, so they just decided to keep shut about it and not inform me at all So now I’m on my way to learn a thing or two about crypto trading – How’s the crypto business ?
– not bad booming Booming booming So you’re trying to find my lebshub that time does whether were they’re super active, and then there’s something uh Are you done transferring your Bitcoin do the Iraqi resistance no yeah Pro no no no Iraq your assist taxing resistance I Gotta win the war you know Look at that see the coat you don’t join til I say yes – hoorah Whoa, I’m a forward you wasn’t like a notification t the Chimera for dead batteries, huh? I lose because of that $10,000. I could have made if my phone was charged while you’re flying your drone outside Everyone 2x Yeah those things that drone around your neck every name we cover your cubby They cover your computer. See how good I am a forever in there like Nick? Oh? Okay thumbs up yeah, yeah bear he got Bob watching a gator qaqortoq a job dougie Are you tell him you were a full-time Bitcoin trader? So this guy just sits over here Observes these two monitors, and then makes a shit ton of money Mike you’re trading right no So, I’m sure what’s your goal to make like in percentage? let’s just say I wanna Lambo He wants of them So I’m sorry bad taste in music. We’re gonna show him what good music sounds like So what was your opinion on that literally gave me aids, I think I have you both laughing Any last you do I used to be moved for cryptocurrency um to be honest at this point just Just told Right my stop Licensing licensing whatever office and they said That they made a mistake in printing my name and now in order to fix that mistake I need to go there again with all my documents and Given that I don’t have a car. This is not freaking easy to do I should have just gone to someone’s advice and changed my name to a white name so from now onwards my white name is Kevin Kennedy so why Kevin Kennedy well one of you guys suggested me Kevin and it starts with K So I guess it’s fine and as far as kannadi is concerned I just came up with odd off the top of my head because Kona is one of my Favorite dishes in Pakistan, and then I just made it into karate because it sounds like a fancy name from some foreign origin But in actuality it doesn’t mean anything. I’ve been starving since the morning, and I haven’t had the chance to eat anything yet So I’m probably gonna go and eat something. Can you guys guess what it is? I Have this tendency of ordering the most spices rerun around and then I? Spend the entire day in water those of all that extra masala Another round just look at how tiny this thing is I mean you a star DJ asparagus tiny Yes guys that says for today’s vlog I hope you guys liked it if you did like it leave a thumbs up below and make sure to subscribe to my channel Make sure to follow me on Instagram, and I’ll see you guys next time peace