Hello everyone this
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bitcoin today is December the 6th 2019 strong hand bitcoin is the next bitcoin
value your wealth in bitcoin offended by selling unn confiscate able ok dudes we
got some newbies and we got some oldies we got everything here
adam paulmor is making his debut he’s rocking it ken Bozek he’s here this week
he’s made his comeback and Alex you can’t see him but he’s here but and
guess what somebody’s got someone’s got this show on in the background so turn
it down was we’ve got a little bit of an echo alright so hello my elite friends
good to see you today so we’re gonna start off with something we talked about
earlier in the week a an inspirational tweet by Adam which is linked to below
and again that Adam not this that all I’m saying is look at the price of
bitcoins then compare that with the amount of Twitter reddit real life
conferences etc interest in Bitcoin the two don’t match up if all these people
talking about Bitcoin actually held bags the price would be greater than $100,000
so dude they’re not as many holders of Grasse resorts out there are there no I
think the people are are waiting on the sidelines or they’re interested in it
and they may think that they’re into Bitcoin because they have like $100
worth or $200 for us but if you take a look at the total number of of people on
Bitcoin Twitter and that’s just a small subset of the Bitcoin space and the
cryptocurrency space in general and then you take a look at what the prices I
mean we only have 21 million bitcoins and I mean I understand you know like
all the bitcoins that are out there are accounted for and somebody mentioned
that but if you really had hollers of last resort
like I’m not selling my coins at all like even if Bitcoin went to $100,000
tomorrow I’m still holding on to him for at least another ten years because I
understand the value proposition of it so my not fear my assumption is that
most people are are actually they’re into Bitcoin but they’re waiting until
really hyper Bitcoin ization is is gonna take off then they’ll get in as soon as
they can and then you know try to ride it to the top as opposed to tying up the
capital now I have already allocated the capital I’m gonna allocate other than
just like a monthly dca amount and I’m that’s where I’m at right now so I’m
happy with what I’m holding and I’m gonna keep on holding so those satoshis
are off the market completely yeah and they’re not and you’ve no plans of but
the problem is is we had a lot of guys going back and forth tethering it up
doing all sorts of things and I don’t and if only they were not if only
everyone had the planning and in treated it as a savings account Alex your
thoughts on this uh in what sense in the sense that you or are there a lot of
people talking a big game out there that are really holding I mean we probably I
just dunno you know there’s any I don’t know if you
can actually measure that kind of data so um so who knows maybe there isn’t
maybe there is I wouldn’t have a clue the other possibility that I think is
it’s possible that like trace has the you know Satoshi run you know January
3rd and I think that it’s possible that some of the the exchanges are actually
playing fast and loose with their actual reserves and so it’s all it’s all paper
trading and it’s not real I mean obviously I can’t prove that that’s what
I need I think that I think there’s a real possibility I don’t think we should
discount that that is what’s going on that’s a proof of keys is going to be
about and we will we will talk about that I mean that that will expose
definitely that there some of these guys they say they’re
trading Bitcoin over there but you don’t know you you don’t know if you have it
until you really control your private key people are gonna learn the hard way
okay you tried to say something in there I don’t know what I was saying but I was
thinking of saying like you know it could be the other way around also you
were talking like you know individual weekends but institutional strong hands
also are happening where they’re getting into this and not day trading it as much
as just accumulating it even corporations are starting to acquire
Bitcoin in the sense of uh for security reasons for ransomware recently even
like airports was just hacked for Bitcoin ransomware and you know European
companies have publicly stated that their ha telling Bitcoin in case they
get hit with ransomware and it’s not like their day trading it so I like to
think that you know there’s institutional level of strong hands out
there as well we don’t have to just look at the individuals yeah but III think
again I think Adams point was that a lot of people are talking like like they are
they if all the people that talk to big game really held it really had strong
hands I don’t think the price would be what it is right now but Antonopoulos
doesn’t live all in on Bitcoin yes that’s true I mean that that is that’s a
great point down at like button people he is he talks all the time and he’s
spending it all the time and I mean that’s that’s I mean you spend all the
time to can you’re uh that’s your thing you’re not all in here yeah you’re
living your life off of crypto and I think more people than we more people
than when you think are uh well you’re not doing what you’re doing but just not
really holding it ah some of these big talkers out there but we’ll we’ll see I
guess the reason I’m so uh I’m such a holder of last resort I just wish there
were more I wish every uh personality out there in the space had a rule
there’s no price in which I would sell my Bitcoin as in like all in or selling
like they make profits from by the time that point comes there would be nothing
to sell my Bitcoin for because there’s no more US dollar if anything would be
pair to Gold and I’d be trading it for that
well let’s stop so Ken’s living in his own Ken’s living his own personal hyper
Bitcoin ization right now and that’s great if you’re not that that’s what
you’re fated nightmare yeah no keep going out of your no I’m saying
you know if you’re at that point now where you’re you’re earning your living
in Bitcoin that’s amazing and and you I mean you’re actually gonna be paying a
fee to go back and forth unfortunately I make money going back and forth every
time ok well that’s that’s the me anybody can get paid in Bitcoin by the
way if you work at McDonald’s and you get direct deposit you can get paid
directly in Bitcoin a big wage you said you set up account with bit
wage and they give you an account number a routing number you give that to your
employer and your direct deposit is instantly sent to a Bitcoin address that
you provide so you have the keys and you get paid in Bitcoin I did that back in
2016 how I never even heard of this and I’m on Twitter like eh check it out guys
check it out uh Alex you’re you’re a guy that in Australia at least the lets
people I think I gotta let you get in a plug right now then let’s people bye bye
Lydia mean this kind of blends into what you do at amber apps
talk about Amber app real quick for the Australian people you know I guess
really simply is you know whether you get paid directly in Bitcoin or whether
you just earn dollars and convert it to Bitcoin actually doesn’t make much of a
difference you know at the end of the day like outside of the the exchange
fear that you’re gonna pay which is getting smaller and smaller and smaller
as competition heats up um you know getting Bitcoin isn’t as hard as it used
to be and you know what we’re doing with Amber is just making that simpler so you
know download the freaking app link your bank account if you get paid weekly just
tell the app to swap an amount of Bitcoin for cert swap an amount of
dollars for Bitcoin every week if you get paid fortnightly do a fortnightly if
you get paid monthly do it monthly whatever the hell you want to do you
just totally have to do it for you and it takes the stupid out of you trying to
time the market or whatever other you know ridiculous notion that as a human
being you might have so you know just shut up and you know let the app by the
Bitcoin for you Australia Australians then that’s key there okay
so all these dudes are linked to below you can find out more about amber app
also through Alex and there’s something else that Alex is doing that he’s gonna
talk about that I was not that familiar with so I’m pretty excited we got some
some news but before we get into that they’re people okay
people in the chat if you have questions we actually will answer it this time you
can just go who the tricky plucking about hexa oh your skin call it for it
can your fights noise its noise that’s uh I usually yeah and you have a
moderator in the chat they show you no there’s no there’s no moderator what
happened that whole thing works that the the way that spread that that thing that
crypto dividend that you should just get for free and turn in the Bitcoin they
got people here and there they just bring it up and then hope that it gets
brought up on air so much free you’re giving up your well yeah ain’t for you
at all really your date in private information comes at a cost there is a
value associated to the cost that you are paying for this Bitcoin X yes you’re
buying it you are buying fortunately the thing is the way he’s got it worked out
is that you even saying negative things about it just brings more attention to
so we’re not they’re not talking it wasn’t scheduled to be talked about
today and so we’re not we’re not a we’re not we’re not going to talk about it but
that guy can people can yell about it in the chat if they wanted that’s what the
chat can be a cesspool sometimes and that definitely is a cesspool related a
thing that’s going on but but moving moving on from that moving on from that
I do want to say other people in the chat you can ask your questions just
type in bitcoinmeister and we will answer that but there was someone in the
chat I saw beforehand said they didn’t think or I thought I saw they didn’t
think proof of cheese is gonna work as well this time I think it might bring
down an exchange I really think that I think I think trace he’s doing it very
professionally he’s first of all proof of keys to anyone that doesn’t know as a
trace mayor initiative and it’s just trying to educate people you can’t keep
your Bitcoin on these exchanges take it off now do it by January third which is
uh that’s the the eleven year anniversary of a Bitcoin so I’m spread
the word here I’m sure Ken’s everyone’s trying to spread the word so is this
news of the week it’s news of the month because he started we’re a month away
more a little bit under a month away now so I don’t know I actually think it
might really do something this time like maybe a minor exchange could be brought
down and that would be great because people would learn the hard way and be
like not even not even brought down but the amount of people that could be saved
exchanges exiting overnight with 90 million dollars worth of volume you know
for daily volume it’s that’s a lot of money that could be lost in just one day
so like you know the amount of people that could be saved from some kind of
event like that it’s it’s better than that guess like the negative side of
saying bring down an exchange I’d rather say save the traders or save the people
that are you know unfortunately dumb enough to hold on an exchange yeah I
mean yeah that’s that’s the pot that is the positive take on that I mean that’s
there then it’s the bottom line everyone get your stuff off these exchanges
whatever you got it’s they’re not for storage we’ve had nine major hacks this
year all right Adam anything on uh prefer keys you want to say well the
only thing that the only thing way would work is if it was kind of a coordinated
not attack but a coordinated run from one particular exchange because suppose
suppose an exchange is really playing fast and loose with the reserves right
and suppose they’re they’re trading half they only have half what they say they
have um you’d have to have you know fifty-one percent in order to bring down
the exchange and lots of exchanges have already said that like they they have a
hot wallet and they have cold wallets and they’re hot while it’s only you know
one or two percent or something like that
yep so you know so you potentially like erroneously bring down an exchange like
an exchange could be 100 percent reserve but yet have everything in cold storage
and then they have to cut off withdrawals but that’s a security
measure so I love the idea I I have the only the only Bitcoin I have on exchange
right now is on cash app that I’ve dc8 so that’ll be coming off but it’s hard
to tell if it actually works I think I think the the educational aspect of it
is the more important thing but you’re right if we had another mal
Kok situation or another big exchange that that collapse like I think we’re
still actually reaping the benefit of mal Cox because you have people that are
aware that these exchange a lot of exchanges are not regulated they’re
overseas or whatever and we you need to be eternally vigilant so that you’re not
you know not your keys not your coins okay but unfortunately there’s those
quote unquote legitimize the exchanges that you know don’t matter if they’re
overseas or not like with that mal Cox level of notoriety even uh what was it
uh quadriga yeah in exchange and that was a pretty
damn legit was like Canada’s coin base and they just straight up gone with all
their money that was really like cats I don’t know I didn’t know the way that
Kent they had a lot of money on that stupid little exchange man I felt bad
because it was like real is a common sense but then you look at how much
money’s on Queen base and just because they seem like the legitimate exchange
it they are it doesn’t matter how legit you are if there was bit coin or hack
they’re gone doesn’t matter you know Queen babies was
legit or not well it’s people’s confidence in the
government regulation they think it’s so super regulated uh uh the coin basis and
it is I mean apparently they I mean they follow every way we’re gonna we are
gonna build ml just like if the banks lose money we bailed ml that’s what well
that’s exactly what will happen hound that like button that’s a really
good that is that that would be interesting to see if a coin base or
Gemini like exchange actually got hacked taxpayers will pay for it guaranteed
that would be horrific but it might have I mean tell me wouldn’t happen with that
the level of institutional backers they have they can’t they’re not too big to
fail but they’re too big not to get some type of Hell Mary help if something were
to happen that’s a good possibility thinking about that I just hope it
doesn’t I mean yeah well I hope it doesn’t happen because whatever exchange
hack is an inside job bro so hacking quotes hacking quotes it’s always an
inside job at some level always in forever it’s never been hacked you’ve
been robbed by a level of form of employee at some base that’s
true that it’s well yeah someone gave away a secret to someone outside so they
were able to get steal every even if it’s not intentional they had their
phone hacked because they were on a shitty Wi-Fi networking they because
they were in charge of the hot wallets and brietta for the thief keys the users
were hacked that’s all they need it for the multi-sig ok get some truth here
about the freaking this dis should wake everybody out it’s still key for their
stuff on there just be a stared straight segment I want I want to get Alex in
here though about this type of thing Australians are they still doing this
man are they still keeping their Bitcoin on exchanges your thoughts on proof of
keys look for me I don’t keep stuff on exchanges because I’m more experienced
I actually think most people shouldn’t store their own stuff not until they
know more about how to do it effectively I’ve actually seen more people lose
Bitcoin from their own incompetence than from someone else’s incompetence so I’m
gonna take the alternative view just to play devil’s advocate but um most people
are more retarded than the employees that are working at potentially
ridiculous exchanges so what you’ll find is more Bitcoin has been lost because
people are dumb as opposed to Bitcoin lost from exchange hacks I would argue
that that’s probably the reality so I’m you know I would you know put a strong
caveat like one I agree with what Adam said earlier about you know exchanges
that you know are 100% reserved you know they have things in place like you know
cold storage amounts and all that sort of stuff
to ensure that you know funds are kept safe and you know having a run in
exchange that is doing that might make it look like the fucking exchanges
illiquid or doing you know playing funny buggers when in reality it’s not the
case so that’s one thing that we need to you know be you know cognizant of and
then the other part is that people shouldn’t pull their stuff off exchanges
unless they know how to properly back everything up I mean the amount of
people that I know that oh yeah go to Leger and then the 24
words that you know that come with the ledger they’ve got that in the fucking
top drawer you know I’m pretty sure all the fucking exchange is gonna be more
secure than that yeah so you know good because they let’s say accidentally they
decide to wash their clothes and the fucking 24 words go into the washing
machine and then they don’t know and they think they’ve got their fucking
ledger so I actually think yeah I’m not a huge fan of the whole the whole
January 3rd push because I just don’t like you know it reminds me of you know
ideas like I equality is great and then people run off with the fucking idea
without you know questioning it any deeper um yeah for example you know not
understand a difference or the nuance between equality of opportunity equality
of outcomes so you know these things are nice and principled but they need to be
more more deeply there is an educational initiative around it too it’s not just
take your keys off take your coins off learn how to store it too he is trying
to he is trying to do that so that you make a very important point if you’re
just you can’t just blindly take everything off if you’ve been keeping
your stuff on there for two years and you never learn how to do it then yeah
you’re gonna be prone to making a big mistake
you gotta learn how to do it but no I do I do like the other side that problem we
don’t have the measurements but more bitcoins probably has been lost through
people just not storing it properly and three to four million Bitcoin are
currently considered lost or dead Bitcoin because of the inactivity
yeah how many people do you know that jumped into a pool with their phone in
the early days hmm man the amount of people I know that
lost Bitcoin in the early days holy crap like that you know anyway anyway I just
think we you know instead of running around and just you know making blanket
claims you know we just know students need to think a little bit deeper know
is this a good point good good point and again it’s there there’s also an
educational program with this hopefully três três will actually be on the show
next Thursday so I’ll have to to bring that I have to bring this
aspect of it up with him so this is that this is good I like this I like any
thoughts all on what Alex just said you guys yeah I actually wanted to ask you a
question that a group like what do you guys think of these exchanges
blacklisting stolen Bitcoin and you know freezing it on their exchanges when the
Bitcoin enters that exchange in hell I believe that that’s a form of you know
some for like I look at when an exchange is hacked as some form of a false flag
event and how are they going to utilize this in what way to manipulate the
population and now we see these exchanges saying that they’re gonna
freeze Bitcoin that have been considered stolen Bitcoin from that exchange and
basically steal it so if you were to for some reason in some way you become in
possession of these Bitcoin and goto onto an exchange to trade it for
something else you’re gonna lose your money because you got stolen goods
yeah that’s antithetical to the whole essence of what bitcoin is supposed to
be so yeah like I I you know big middle finger to those guys because the whole
point of Bitcoin is you know I mean let’s don’t get me started cuz I’m gonna
stop swearing and I’m a lettuce where he’s from Australia found out ok keep
going keep going keep going with metallics keep going it’s just I mean
the you know they’re playing God with other people’s money so so they’re not
they’re not like I remember chain alysus reached out to us at amber saying oh you
know we want to work with you bola and I told him you know where to stick it and
which building to jump off so like first things first like you know if you’re
gonna go and use an exchange and have a look at you know who they work with and
all of that like no exchange on the planet should work which analysis no
exchange on the planet has the right to look at you know where that money came
from or you know all that get the hell out of here like you know we’re not you
know we’re trying to rebuild finance and money and make it free flat and open not
just reinvent the same crap that I’m you know where we’re bound by at the moment
so yeah man I don’t know that that stuff really
really really really gets me worked up because I’m know nobody’s got the right
to tell you what you can and cannot do with your money and particularly
particularly when something is you know fungible as fungible and digital as
Bitcoin is and you know you coming into possession of something that whether
it’s allegedly stolen or allegedly come from you know what somebody thinks is a
black market you know or darknet or whatever you know that that’s just
somebody’s opinion first and foremost but you know irrespective like these
Chan Alice’s companies and all these guys that they they can’t really
ascertain what’s what or who’s – and you can end up with people yeah effectively
having their Bitcoin confiscated by some more on exchange trying to play God I
tried really hard there not to swear but you did no you did well and I want to
say chain of that not a lot of people are putting the middle finger up the
chain analysis because they just had to fire or they had to fire like 30 people
or something but a lot of people so I that that was that was good news that
that maybe that business model isn’t working out too well for them that the
spying on on people model but again to avoid having a blacklisted your Bitcoin
blacklisted you know you can go to bisque if you need to buy some altcoin
you’re not gonna get blacklisted there so yeah do you know what sorry I’m gonna
interject it first of all don’t sell your Bitcoin yes of all don’t touch crap
coins you know we know what the real word for that is yeah third of all right
that you know follow step one and step two well in something like the real
hazard here is the the concern people are gonna have when purchasing Bitcoin
OTC peer-to-peer not going through that deity channel is they’re gonna be
worried about getting blacklisted Bitcoin and it’d be worthless because
they can’t use it anywhere even merchant services are starting to have issues
with accepting Bitcoin I can’t remember the name of the service but it basically
tumbles Bitcoin oh the mixer yeah yeah one of them I can’t think of it now
anyway go enjoying I’m going yeah yeah they’re
having a lot of issues accepting coin join BIC
at merchant side retailers because a lot of their services are saying that those
Bitcoin could potentially be malicious though they’re not acceptable the best
thing to do is just to taint every single Bitcoin in existence Thank You
problem 100% either taint every single Bitcoin or you know we see the rise of
products like BTC pay server that just don’t care and that’s what we need more
of we need less bit pays we need more BTC pay service yeah can I think you’re
bringing up I mean you bring up good points I don’t know how I don’t know any
entities personally that are uh that are not accepting up big I mean
a retail or if I mean a retailer on the street if they accept Bitcoin they don’t
know about this stuff yet I mean that I I mean is it something it’s something to
take into consideration definitely this this black listing stuff yeah I think
white listing addresses is another way that they’re gonna try to centralize
Bitcoin I don’t mean as Sai Jack the convo but I worry a lot about the
potential that waitlisting Bitcoin addresses has by basically making kyc
Bitcoin bank accounts I mean what we shall see how this all I’m glad you
brought up this topic cuz it was aa it was not scheduled but it definitely uh
generated some interest there I’ll leave it with that Adam I mean you you’re a
libertarian type of figure any any other thoughts on this coming from your your
viewpoint no I agree with Alex and there’s really no reason for anybody to
do any kind of business with a chain analysis company or any type of business
like that um the fact that they’re they’re spying like it just makes me
want to take all my coins and like just continuously coin join them because just
for the principle I like I mean I’m into Bitcoin because I’m into freedom and I’m
into liberty and for somebody to try to subvert that I feel that there are more
of an enemy to me than the government it’s actually at this point yep yep yeah
yeah that’s a that’s a really good point to end this part of the conversation we
are there the traitor government she was doing what they do they’re the ones
they’re like selling you down the river pal that like button
and an X a Y a my buddy in the chat sent four dollars of 20 cents
he said pound it well thank you I guess that’s an honor of Ken being on the show
today so uh I want to move on to Alex your new the project you were telling me
about off air what’s that about what is it okay so Bitcoin x was um it
originally started off as a talk that I gave at a at a conference at a
blockchain conference and my talk was blockchain is dead the futures on
lightning and you know futures on lightning in a Bitcoin in that you know
pissed the whole lot of people off and then in the in the in the lead-up to the
to the talk I you know wrote notes and you know my half now talk ended up
blowing out for hours so I turned the all the notes into a publication and we
called it the Bitcoin times and we kind of released it as come it’s kind of like
just just some content for the exhibition but then you know I got so
much good feedback from it and you know I passed it around to a couple people
like you know Dan held Nick Carter and stuff like that mate absolutely loved it
so we turned it into something where basically the idea is that twice the
once or twice a year we’re gonna release a a publication called a Bitcoin times
which is full of long-form essays and well-thought-out content on Bitcoin so
it’ll have a maximum of eight riders it will be done a maximum twice a year and
the idea is just timeless Bitcoin content and addition to which is the
first time I’ve done it with somebody else is coming out probably next week
so we finished all the content in October it’s just been in design since
then and like I not to Bush markup mass but I think this will be the most
important bit of or the most profound bit of Bitcoin content ever written so
you’ve got eight riders there’s me there’s Robert Breedlove there’s Rory
high side there’s Hosmer cook there’s Gigi den hilde Nick Carter and Connor
Brown so it’s like eight like really really good writers and the theme is the
theme of um personal sovereignty like you know like the article that I did in
there was the rise of the individual the fall of
the state so I think it’s just really really really it’s it’s gonna be potent
content so look forward to releasing it’ll be free online as a as a digital
version for people to learn to download and then we’re gonna do like a limited
edition physical print run probably like twenty one thousand or something and
then and sell it for um for Bitcoin only but um yeah and then look forward doing
another one next year what you are at is is there a URL will be it is it’s um you
don’t do the WW so it’s just the HTTP four slash four slash Bitcoin x dot news
Bitcoin I’m writing it down Bitcoin times and it’ll be linked to
below guys yeah got a Twitter handle as well it’s at timeless Bitcoin at hi
everyone right there at timeless big okay so that that hopefully I will add
that below and again Alex has written things I mean that’s how I found out
about Alex a while ago got him on the show long ago now but because you’ve
written some profound pieces to people Reading Is Fundamental it’s not just
about you know listening to podcast and watching us here read the stuff too it’s
it’s I always link to it below great to hear a hassle rewriting and a GG all
these Nick Carter’s been all them been on the show before so I’m looking I’m
looking forward to that that is good and I of course I will as soon as this is
out it will be mentioned on my show all right any just anything else about that
Alex before we move on and one day no man I mean the the old like because I
edited the whole thing just made sure everything was all sweet like the
articles are so good like everyone’s pieces like some of the best pieces that
any of them have ever written like this so you’re gonna redistribute this on
platforms like Steam it uh I’ve never used to theme it or anything like that
so what do you mean by redistribute like just copy paste you know the you said
free digital version the free digital version could be on Steam it and you
could like monetize it that way okay maybe I mean I don’t know nothing about
that staining which someone could do it for I mean that yeah I know it
capabilities are at some point so if someone calls
I’m sure someone called curating content McKenney you said that if you said the
Alex hey dude you’ve got this whole thing printed out here can I just
reprint it on another platform so more people see it I mean I don’t think you’d
have an exact problem with that if you ask permission people usually are
willing to let the content publisher support yeah it’s it’s I mean it’ll be I
mean it’ll be easily copy and paste able I’m sure if you know read spread the
word that way but yeah you know actually on that topic there well first of all
can I want it I don’t know which topic to go to next that the social media you
you you can are all over crypto social media and a last last show that we had
on Vlad was on the show talking about how many people have been demonetized by
YouTube and he had written an article in Bitcoin magazine again linked to below
last week’s show about how people can just dye their ways of using lightning
Network to to raise funds for your to get little contributions for your videos
I’m of the mind that you can just put little your bitcoin address right
underneath your video or on your your publication you know like Alex’s has I’m
sure at the end of Alex’s publication there’s a bunch of there’s a Bitcoin
address says you know donate here if you’d like what we’re doing that that’s
what I like but I mean can you you go deeper here man you’re you’re you just
talk about steam at you and you’re mentioning the float thing before so so
what’s up with that oh yeah enough for nothing but you don’t
even have a Bitcoin address on your screen being displayed so it’s no I do I
underneath the moment right now you know underneath my video if people are
watching this tape didn’t mean I list all these big off my Bitcoin info yeah
an info yeah yeah yeah that’s what I mean that’s the simplest thing you can
do right that’s yeah yeah I would imagine it being like right on the
screen there like a like a company logo or something like a fox or whatever you
need that’s true but my adam meister bitcoin meister no fancy Setzer graphics
Pepa knowing that how that like Minh but I know I I would be up for now
of course I mean that that’s my unstoppable domains and you can get Adam
Meister dot Zillow or whatever and you could that could be your Bitcoin domain
name because I got one well I mean that’s taking it to a halt I mean that’s
okay that so there something people can do but for me I keep it simple I just
look there if you want it I think simple is posting it on float or steam or so me
or others like what is it what is float I want to know I’m people want to know
what this float thing is all right so I make sure I’ll say Edward Kingsley and
Aaron Nakamoto they’re my friends from Vegas they designed this social media
platform that basically utilizes crypto for content creators and for social
media you know mobiles I would say like people that have like you know the
influencers or whatever like when you go onto Twitter and you’re you have 10,000
followers and you do technical analysis you can’t easily monetize that as much
as you know you would like to without selling yourself out to make sure you
talk about TA on a specific exchange or some bullshit but like on float you Adam
can sign up and you can set up a subscription-based model like patreon or
like you know Kickstarter or whatever we’re I can give you like a dollar a
month in Bitcoin or ten bucks a month in Bitcoin and that gets me access to your
premium content that you’re posting that’s very well-thought-out and things
like that that you would normally post on Twitter and get no ROI for the amount
of effort you put in other than those artificial likes you know and it’s all
Bitcoin so float is float FL OTE app and when you super chat somebody on there
unlike YouTube that 4:20 we got from Zayas aza yeah youtube stole 30% of that
before it ever gets to you and it loses how much value on its way from then till
now in the pending process you know so it’s just Bitcoin on float so when you
go to super chat or subscribe and do the reoccurring donations to a content
creator it’s all Bitcoin and you get all of it except for you know the obvious
transaction fees yeah that’s I’m glad they built it on on
Bitcoin or they’re using Bitcoin yeah the only bit going to
i-i’ve heard of that I actually meant to contact that Kingsley do well can you
actually or I I’m gonna let you do a doubleheader in in talking here because
you got to get out of here at three o’clock here you’re limited but we can
stick around you want that you want to mention that coin Telegraph article
about microsoft announces token collectibles on a theory and blockchain
I’m skeptical of things like that but you what you wanted to mention that I
just think it’s an interesting proof of concept that this thing costs nothing
they put effort and resource into it they had to put manpower and that cost
money so they invested in in theory I’m in a sense in producing these and I
think that this is just a beta test of the technology at hand where they you
know Microsoft this huge gaming platform and that’s just you know whatever but
they’re only using the NF T’s that they create it for rewarding the developers
in our ecosystem based on like how well they’ve contributed to the community by
contributions of like charity or like noble deeds of honor and they get an NF
t that could be traded on an exchange at value or something to that effect which
is really cool but I think that that’s just them in-house beta testing this
technology seeing how it works and then I would assume reasonably apply that to
their gaming side of their business what Microsoft does with their skins in-game
content loot boxes things like that like right now I know that engine helped them
build this and they’re working with Samsung so you have Microsoft Samsung
engine all of these big players working in the NFT
you know market looking at these non fungible tokens and maybe alright it’s a
gimmick use case but it’s definitely I think stirring the pot that could
potentially cook something interesting up okay you got a positive spin on the
whole thing I like that I like that whenever I hear about tokens tradable
tokens I’m just like oh it’s such a gimmick like their pet rocks with googly
eyes for sure but of by those because even me babies gain value and that’s the
thing I I say innovate people innovate just because I don’t like so unique tokens on a theory I mean they
can’t do it I don’t want to destroy maybe I get my own collectible an engine
I am tokenize as than NF t so III I could send you one you just got to get
the wallet I never think Ken’s got his own coin on Steam it now – or not yet
and with two N’s Ken with two N’s but there’s only four hundred and twenty of
them so you can’t die okay that you dabble it many different things well
someone in the you know we’re talking about alt coins here let’s let’s go back
to someone asked the lightning to network question can you gents discuss
the benefits of lightning on exchanges well and that it was and I forgot to
bring this up or to write it down as a topic that was it one of them was a bit
connects now you can do lightning exchanges is it as great it possible to
buy things on bit refill and stuff like that but but the exchanges now the
BitFenix or somebody like that is accepting lightning you can use a
lightning network on there apparently you guys know about that at all
lightning and do you guys have any Lightning Network comments in general
because people usually want to hear about that but that that that exchange
announcement I know I don’t have the yes I have an interesting take after these
guys yeah do you guys have a lightning things to say my experience with
lightning is so limited and it’s basically just to send tips back and
forth to other Bitcoin I’ve never actually bought anything with lightning
ever the only the only thing I’ve ever bought would with on chain transactions
this is actually a good point there’s any it’s early on in lightning yeah oh
yeah I never either Alex any lightning from you yeah I mean I guess the whole
point of it is to be able to fund him withdraw from exchanges really quickly
and to also do it without you know getting fee congestion which you know at
some point in time is gonna come again and so I mean you know it’s it’s a
preparation thing at this point more than anything else and so you know from
what I understand BitFenix partnered with bit refilled to do something
with it but I didn’t you know I haven’t looked into it much so I dunno yeah
actually that that’s good that the way you describe is perfectly so it’s a way
to prepare for the future congestion I think I think that is a wise you know
everyone yeah that that’s that that’s a good way of summing enough I can you
said you were gonna say something different yeah I think that there’s
gonna be a very interesting positive unexpected result of lightning on
exchanges and that’s going to be a large bag holding in order to facilitate a
transaction on a lightning Network the channel has to hold more than what is
being transacted so these exchanges are gonna have to hold a shit ton a Bitcoin
in a channel that’s long that’s hot holdup that’s gonna be there and it’s
it’s you can verify it you can see how much they’re holding its I think it’s
interesting and it’s also gonna I think in intrigue institutions like banks in
creating lightning channels that have large amounts that can facilitate huge
transactions on the Lightning Network if you want to send two million Bitcoin on
the lightning you need two million in the Satoshi in the channel to facilitate
it so and you can profit from these micro transactions in essence on their
Lightning Network so they’re incentivized to participate in some way
and I think this is a great way to see Bitcoin being held a long term for that
use case and then incentivizing large you know institutions that have a lot of
capital to just hold it as a means to monetize it for the transaction fees
that facilitate for the trend for the exchange because exchanges are going to
have to use specific lightening channels and they’re probably going to be become
bank operated channels dude that was a great take on the future of I hadn’t
thought about all that stuff in terms of the exchange side of the Lightning
Network there good job smoke some time bro no he’s galaxy brain right now yeah
that pal that like button for bringing that up
all right dudes did you anything else you didn’t want to want to add to Ken’s
uh talk right there all right cool well uh well we will move on can work I mean
I don’t know if you really got a jet do you man
yeah I gotta go guys I’m gonna be over on the – podcast at 3:00 p.m. so I guess
I’ll be afraid on time for that if I head out now man I’m sorry dude man – is
come why would you drop a Bitcoin podcast for a shit coin podcast man calm
committe boy he’s real skin in the game no I’m a fan of crypto man it doesn’t
matter what team wins as long as team crypto wins and Fiat loses that’s my my
whole spiel but all right guys much love every day alright see you Ken what we’re
sticking here so yeah yeah – is a go for Amanda Johnson – Ken Bozak
alright good so let’s move let’s look we’re good we’re gonna talk about
something that we don’t really talk about Adams got a really interesting
feed out there now Twitter feed now we’ve had the Bitcoin rabbi on here
before he’s died he’s brought up a little bit of religion and Bitcoin but
but Adam you’ve got a couple tweets about that – save anything you wanted to
share with the public about all that you know I mean one of the things that
brought me to Bitcoin is the fact of how good the the platform is like the fact
that it’s it allows people to transact without like it prevents them from from
cheating each other or at least cheating each other from like a central bank kind
of standpoint and so um my interest in it is not just like to get rich although
that was my initial thing like I the reason why I got into cryptocurrency and
I was mentioning earlier first thing I ever bought was aetherium and I was just
doing like I doubled my money in a theorem I thought I was the smartest guy
in the world and then I was like and then I actually lost a bunch of money
you know with the roulette wheel the crypto roulette wheel and I started to
actually realize like what what Bitcoin was good for and it goes way way deeper
than just-just payments and buying coffee and
things like that it really allows people to get back to creating really
civilization and getting back to to storing their wealth which is a good
thing so people say like oh hoarding money or you know trying to accumulate
wealth that’s a bad thing that’s a greedy thing that’s actually the way
that people are able to provide for their families they’re able to build
things that lasts and have value if you’re if you’re a good person with
money you can do a whole lot of good with it instead of like letting the
government take it from you and and start form Wars for no reason so I see
Bitcoin is fundamentally changing if we can get this thing we can get this thing
off the ground it’s really gonna fundamentally change the way humans
interact and I’m not saying anything that anybody else hasn’t said it before
but just you mentioned the Bitcoin rabbi I mean him get along real well I’m a I’m
a Christian I’m a elder in a Presbyterian Church PCA Church so my
view is that anything that’s good true or beautiful is something positive and I
think Bitcoin actually ticks all of those boxes like not only is it true
like you know you’re verifying transactions and you’re making sure
nobody’s cheating you it’s good because it allows people to transact around the
world without without theft without stealing it’s actually beautiful because
the protocol itself is just like people try to say you know oh it’s the next
Internet you know or it’s you know as good as the Internet in my opinion
Bitcoin is is an invention that’s actually better than the internet
because the internet really if you think about it is just a glorified Telegraph
right I mean you’re just getting information from one person to the next
with a string in between but but this solved the double spend problem it’s
solved triple entry accounting Byzantine generals problem like it actually did
something new that we had not had before and so from that that perspective like
when I put all those things together it’s it’s almost it really is a
religious experience for me it’s like an angel
so Satoshi was an angel came down and like blessed us with with manna from
heaven I don’t even know how to how else to explain it no
oh good Old Testament reference there with the mana Alex your your thoughts
deep thoughts on Bitcoin from you as as what is the religion or not as a
religion no that’s not your side to face is anything I mean he brought up you
know it’s true I mean yes floor is yours for you always have something profound
to say the ethics of it what do you think with the ethics of Bitcoin well I
mean I I was on the show with Marty and Matt odo a little while ago and I kind
of said you know bitcoins first the first thing that we’ve had or the first
entity that is actually a prospering of the Commons right history we’ve always
had a tragedy of the Commons when whenever I’m sort of comes into
something that they will have access to and working in their own self-interest
we end up depleting the resource and whereas with Bitcoin in the process of
working in our own self-interest we end up strengthening the common resource
which that like I actually can’t think of anywhere else where that’s happened
you know maybe you know maybe the internet also qualifies as prospering of
Commons in some sense and because it’s also you know a network affected in the
process of working you know in our own self-interest doing our own content
doing our own you know self-promotion we sort of broaden the the content based on
the internet but bitcoins such a more economically powerful network then what
the internet is so I do agree with your notion that you mentioned Adam that
Bitcoin is bigger than the internet I think it will be and I think you know if
we look on a long enough time horizon I think the internet will sort of like the
first step to allowing something like their coin to proliferate you know that
they’re very similar just I just released the piece which it was an
excerpt from Bitcoin times edition one which is which was called you know
Bitcoin in the internet like a high-level comparison I can drop the
linking here later if you like but um yeah I talked about how how you know
what what the similarities are between the two and you know one of the things I
mentioned is the fact that you know when we had communications before it was
really at this point to point on communications where as what the
internet did is or actually started back we had point-to-point communications and
the telcos and the powers-that-be were thinking that we were going to have this
new information superhighway which was still from a topological perspective
going to be a point-to-point type of thing so you know they went around
saying oh you know this new information superhighway is gonna have video course
blah blah blah what and and you know all of these corporates were trying to build
something with that frame of reference now what the internet did was it
reinvented global communication by not creating a point-to-point topology it
created a mesh network where you know every point was effectively you know you
could get to any other point through any other point and this this whole this
network all it did was it routed dumb packets of data there was no smarts in
the actual data that was being transferred it was just ones and zeros
and then it allowed companies businesses entrepreneurs or whoever else to
abstract concepts on top of it so if we look at Bitcoin Bitcoin is also a dumb
network that is not point-to-point like the banks are today it is this flat
topological Network where money is routed you know really dumb data or
effectively Bitcoin doesn’t know you know who you are what you are
you know how much is like that doesn’t care about any of that stuff all it’s
doing is its routing data on this similar flat censorship resistant type
network so that money can get from A to B irrespective of the the path that it
needs to go now that that’s not entirely you know technically correct but from it
from a conceptual standpoint you know they’re both very similar and you know
the internet reinvented communication by doing something new Bitcoin is
reinventing money by doing something completely different to you know what we
had before and I think that that is a very profound
I guess concept is that profound enough we Adam yes profound found that like
button pound that profound like one I like that your your feedback on that
Adam if any yeah that well that’s why it’s it’s supremely repugnant to me when
someone is trying like chain analysis company trying to – you know
unscramble the egg as far as the routing of Bitcoin and things like that and and
also in a similar way people trying you know Facebook or Twitter or other social
media networks or where ISPs trying to censor various types of ideas that
people don’t like I like I really do like the idea of communication being
free and open as well as the transmission of money being free and
open and we’re gonna let the best ideas win out in the end and instead of having
this especially a government censorship of it now a facebook wants to censor an
idea that doesn’t like and everybody wants to promote that idea they move to
a different network and everything works great the issue is when the government
comes in and usually that’s the way these think these types of things work
we’re trying to censor things in the public interest because we want
everybody to we talked about equality minutes ago we want everybody to have
equality or equal time or whatever I’m of the opinion that I don’t want anyone
government involved at all at all in Bitcoin at all in any way shape or form
I like the fact that the exchangers are the Wild West I like I like the fact
that I like when there’s no money transmission licenses
I want Bitcoin to be as free as humanly possible a beautiful beautiful okay well
that was profound from both guests so I’ll leave you two with final with final
thoughts as we’re approaching the end of the show
Alex anything you want to promote anything that was left off anything you
want to say anything your floor is yours III just think if anyone hasn’t read the
Bitcoin times yet a hundred percent check it out you know some of what I
just discussed there is um is in there it’s it’s a really you know cool long
piece you can read it over a weekend and they definitely keep an eye out for
addition to its it’s buddy it’ll be so good and then um and then obviously here
in Australia download Amba and just start putting away some Bitcoin you know
don’t let your own do you know thinking that you can time the
market or whatever get in the way just just DCA what while you’re doing it you
know if you’ve got a stash great but just continue to accumulate I think
that’s the smartest thing you can do yeah and Adam thank you again for having
me on I appreciate it dude actually just out
of curiosity that dude that was on before his name was Ken right yeah Ken
Bozak baby yeah he’s name sounds familiar
yeah he’s big on the North American side of things I will tell you that but you
know everyone’s got different people you got your Australian king is free well I
know um passes anyone asks those ken has snow definitely knows ken Hasson ken
know each other definitely yeah they’ve been on the show together maybe you said
maybe that’s where you stumbled upon uh Ken before but uh no he’s a good he is
all Ken dips his fingers in a lot of different coins I mean I’m not gonna
another another was as bit of a shit cleaner is he well I don’t want to say
that because he does love Bitcoin I mean he said it he wants crypto to win I mean
that’s his date that’s his dick he’s a he’s a wild man he loves to go to events
all over the place so a lot of people every everyone’s different I love it I
bring together all sorts we got Australia in the house we got Ken in the
house we got a religious man in the house we got everything here pound it
baby Adam what are your final thoughts I have nothing specific to promote I’m I’m
a hablar of last resort I’m just spouting stupid information on Twitter
I’m interested to read the Bitcoin times that’s a lot of the lot of the authors
that he mentioned there I’m actually real I’m gonna promote that for you
thanks Alex I’ll definitely go check it out somebody in the chat mentioned the
idea of you know we need we need easy to digest things for the masses and and I’m
all for that but I think that there’s a we need we
need to as humans in a society like stretch hire and and do the best we can
to to tackle some hard things that are above our pay grade a little bit so I’m
really looking forward like when I when I hear that there’s interesting well
researched Bitcoin or and stuff I’m all for that so I’m very
happy for that thank you yeah yeah Reading Is Fundamental people it is and
I understand it too people want easily digestible Twitter Twitter’s you can
learn from Twitter also but there’s sometimes you got to read the articles
you can’t just read you can’t just read this the cliff notes you got to read the
the articles it helps you it makes your hands stronger and yeah alex is gonna be
rutgers is writing some deep stuff with his friends but it’s it’s good I you
need to deep you need the deep stuff at time so we got but we definitely have
both in this in this space we got a lot of people on Twitter just uh
shooting out one-liners but we got this also so thank you to both of my guests
and keep on keeping doing your content anyway you guys can Adam you’ve been
love your debut here he shall return Adam Adam will be back here of course
Alex will this is out I think this Alex’s third time of the show and Ken’s
been on plenty of time she’ll be back also but I hope all you guys enjoy I
don’t know if a lot of you know who Adam is now you do he’s awesome man so I’m
also Adam I’m adam meister the bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister
remember people subscribe this channel like the video share the video check out
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