Hi, I’m Nate Martin from 99Bitcoins.com
and here’s what happened
this week in Bitcoin.
Bitmain opened sales for its new Antminer S17e
and T17e Bitcoin mining ASICs this week.
The first batch was quickly sold out.
The units are said to achieve high efficiency
with max hash rate of 64 Terahash per second
but cost up to $2700.
Crypto payment service BitPay
was heavily criticized for blockading
donations made to the Hong Kong Free Press,
the region’s first crowdfunded media outlet.
The agency’s editor Tweeted that
no crypto donations had been received
since the protests began in Hong Kong.
Perhaps in response to BitPay’s
blockade of the Hong Kong Free Press,
Square Crypto made a $100,000 donation
to further the development of alternative,
open-source, and decentralized
crypto payment portal, BTCPay.
France’s Economic and Financial
Minister said that France
“cannot authorize the development
of Libra on European soil”.
Minister Le Maire said that Libra threatens
the monetary sovereignty of states.
This highlights the political risk inherent
in centralized the virtual currencies.
It was reported that Bitcoin
transactions are a reality in Cuba.
Crypto is becoming popular as a way for Cubans to avoid U.S. banking and payment sanctions
to make online purchases.
A local expert estimates about
10,000 Cubans are using crypto.
And finally, a vulnerability in the Lightning code
was confirmed to have been exploited by hackers.
Anyone running an LND, c-lightning node
or Éclair node is urged to upgrade
to avoid any issues.
That’s what happened this week in Bitcoin.
See you next week.