So the client is expecting some pages by
now, and we’re not even past the title.
I just want to lock something in, huh They LOVE the Old Testament…and they basically want the same thing, except new… Ahh…’The Bible 2: End Game’ Well you fucken come up with something then… Alright, alright, alright… Well that’s because you’re old, you’re 37 years old – I’m surprised you’re not dead I literally just recovered from a stroke! Ohh BORING… Well, because Jesus is a die hard for
Judaism and he’s impossible to kill –
DIE HARD Hey hey hey! What about this: Well, the client wants the same thing but they want it to be new…so Yes, ok I get it… (Combined laughter) You know what? Fuck you guys! Good luck coming up with something! No I will not come on! Who came up with ‘Old Testament’ by the way? I mean it’s such a weird title for a new book… Yeah…it’s like calling your first book ‘The Best Of’ Holy Shit, that’s it! That’s it! Holy Guacamole!
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