We are changing the world here, guys!
– Are you leaving Luka? Yeah I’m off to change sex so I can join the f*#king boys’ club! (Hallelujah…) Hey Luka? What’s with the… The what…? It looks like you’re growing a… A what? Please ask, so I can ask about your… Never mind Ya know, it is so hard to find a solid antagonist for Jesus… I don’t know…I like the evil whispering snake guy in the desert Satan’s not bad…but you know once you’ve made the hero all-knowing and all powerful… I f*#king knew we went too hard out of the gate with that, I said let’s make him invisible and if you find him he gives you a bag of wheat but no, John had to have is all-knowing and all-powerful God… Not this sh*t again… Give it a rest, ok? We all voted on it. I didn’t vote for all-knowing and
all-powerful – Where do you go with a character that knows the ending? Nothing’s a surprise, everything’s part of some grand, convoluted scheme… Yeah it’s called planning, Mark Well maybe next time plan for something that isn’t shit, John! Oh I’m planning on something right now… Oh are you gonna go ‘all-powerful’ on me, are you? Oh I’m gonna work you over in mysterious ways, just keep talkin’ girlfriend! Oh I forgot about the cop out of the century: ‘He works in mysterious ways…’ Ya know what? That’s it! Come at me! Calm down! Calm down alright?!
Fuck’s sake Mark, f*ck’s sake. Whoa guys, guys, guys, what if…the real antagonist was the Romans? I hate the Romans… Yeah, yeah Romans could work… Right?! So, the world is like: Hey, the Jews aren’t super popular right now, so the evil Romans might kill Jesus… King of the Jews…but God doesn’t see it
coming because he’s so busy knowing all the things and seeing all the things…
– That’s it Oh, oh, much like God I didn’t see that coming! Come at me! Meeting adjourned! Can you just check, if there is something in my moustache? Don’t pull it! Don’t pull it… That looks like Baba Ganoush…
No, it’s hummus… Hummus, it would be hummus… Hi, this is Strauss from The Cameralla My heartfelt love and appreciation from me to you for watching and good on you for giving yourself the time to laugh, and to live, and to imagine
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