hey guys what’s up Dwayne golden jr. here on behalf of quad logic I just want to say hi and thank you again thank you so much for liking our last video live in comments we appreciate it all the support we’re gonna keep putting up videos we’re gonna keep trying to educate and put out more information about us as a company and us supporting our vision and the vision of making cryptocurrency a lot more simple for people for many people it’s still complicated we want to help make crypto accessible worldwide whether you have the latest smartphone whether you have a computer at home or not we want to help make real world adoption a reality and we also wanna make it trustworthy and that actually brings me to the topic of today three things that people generally won’t tell you about in terms of cryptocurrency it’s the purple elephant in the room it’s something that people don’t like to talk about they won’t lead with when tell me about crypto and that is three things first thing is so many people literally I believe it’s millions of people if not hundreds of thousands have lost so much money as a result of scams and getting in to the wrong businesses and promises of doubling or tripling their money over three months and guarantees and stuff like that so the world of scams is something that people won’t tell you about when getting into cryptocurrency but it’s a reality so what are we doing as a company to help offset that reality in the sort of the experiences that so many people have had to go through what we’ve done as a company is to produce solutions and platforms and products that can help bring a lot more security in this area so if you have been involved with the scammer if you’re wondering how to avoid getting involve and losing money into a scam it’s simple use something that you trust this is why we spend so much time and invested so much money into building cryptocurrency ATM machines so you don’t have to deal with an intermediary so you’re not buying from some random guy on the internet saying hey buy Bitcoin from me I guarantee it’s gonna double or buy Bitcoin from and I’ll send it to you later if you go to one of our machines you’ll receive your Bitcoin on the spot and if not if anything goes bad with the transaction you’ll see our phone number there on the screen so that’s one of the things we’re doing as a company to help people avoid getting involved with scams stop buying crypto from third parties for people you don’t know buy it from crypto from someone that you can actually trust a company who you can actually call their phone and they’ll have a support representative answer and help you walk you through anything that went wrong so that’s something that we’re doing we’re offering support for you our ATM machines we are our point of sale devices in their logic pay platform so that’s one of the things we want to do as a company to help push the vision of making cryptocurrency simple making it trustworthy inaccessible for everyone something else people generally won’t tell you about in terms of cryptocurrency number two it’s simple cryptocurrency is volatile it goes up and it goes down if there’s anything Bitcoin and all the rest of the cryptocurrencies out there have taught us over the last 9 10 years is that it’s going to go up and it’s going to go way down and then it’s gonna go back up again and keep repeating the same trend and many have become multi Multi multi millionaires because of the same volatility at the same time many people have lost cars homes savings because of the same level of volatility in the cryptocurrency industry at the moment so what are we doing as a company to help solve sort of the problem where people are losing and investing so heavily whether it goes up or goes down we want to help entrepreneurs we want to help investors we want to help companies be able to win whether it goes up or it goes down one of the ways we do that is we help we offer cryptocurrency ATMs cryptocurrency point of sale devices that are based on transactions so let’s say cryptocurrency or Bitcoin or any of the different Kryptos shoot up to the ceiling tomorrow and people rush to sell it you can still make money let’s say it shoots down and crashes tomorrow you could still make money while the transaction because people wouldn’t cryptocurrency starts going down a lot of it will rush to sell it so there’s money to be made in that transaction people sell their Bitcoin you get an opportunity to make money off the transaction to be if you’re one of the Bitcoin ATM owners so that’s what we do as a company we provide tools like point of sale devices so if Bitcoin goes up tomorrow or it goes down if somebody uses the transaction the point-of-sale device you still get paid as an entrepreneur or as a company or is it person so there’s a way for you to win whether it goes up or it goes down you just have to be creative and do more research so if you have any questions about that obviously go to our site liked our video subscribe to our Channel we’ll always try and provide as much information as we can as a company to help push our vision of making cryptocurrencies simple trustworthy inaccessible for everyone what’s the third thing it’s simple security many people all over the world in the worlds of Bitcoin some people one of the most biggest one of the biggest influencers and teachers in the cryptocurrency space we saw them lose millions and millions of dollars due to a hack very scary stuff so what do we do as a company to help push that education out there so people can learn how to protect themselves how to do make secure transactions and not make themselves as vulnerable to things such as hacks what we do is obviously like I mentioned before if you want to buy cryptocurrency from us and you’re gonna buy cryptocurrency from anyone we recommend doing it from a company or a person where you that you can trust and you can call 24 hours a day and get a response from them if anything goes bad with the transaction even if it’s not calling logic a secure way to do that is protecting yourself also as a company I don’t know if you guys realize this but the majority of cryptocurrency ATMs worldwide are based on the Windows platform Windows has done some amazing thing this is in a Windows bassing session but if you’re watching this video and you’ve ever had a Windows computer you’ve had a virus nod your head right now if you ever had a virus in the Windows computer yeah obviously so we’ve made it a point as we get into the crypto industry not to use not to base our cryptocurrency software off of Windows what we do instead is we base it on Linux and we didn’t use open-source software many cryptocurrency machines and software are based on open source software that they just find out the internet and modify a bit instead we built everything in-house at koi logic to help protect our users in our transactions that happened within our network but most importantly anytime you’re doing anything was in Bitcoin a wallet make sure you have a hard wallet make sure you’re backing up your wallets and stuff like that and if you don’t know what that means I recommend you google it and if we get enough comments on how to backup a wallet or what is a hard wallet we’ll do a video on that as well but for now go ahead make sure when anytime you’re doing any transactions that you’re doing it in the space where you know that there’s a company that’s backing up that transaction that’s willing to answer your call if anything weird happens so those are the three things we’re doing as a company to help make this a clearer more simple and safer environment for the cryptocurrency community our vision is clear I’ll keep saying it over and over again because it’s very important to us and important to the community as a whole everybody us and the people we partner with we’re trying to make crypto more simple make calm make complex ideas simple inaccessible and trustworthy so on behalf of coin logic my name is Dwayne golden jr. I want to say like our video this was informational I mean if this was informative for you if this is something that helped you out at all if you have questions or if you hate it like our video leave us a comment and subscribe we’re going to keep putting up content and stuff like this so on behalf of coin logic thank you so much for watching subscribe and look out for our next video