hey guys. David Downs so, if you have a
chance, check out my new e-book.
it’s less than 50 to 60 pages so you’ll be
able to get through what I’m talking
about and just create a baseline on what
the dApps look like Tron
and Ethereum but today I just wanted to
talk briefly about Tim Draper. A lot of
people are aware of him on the periphery
and you know think of him as an
eccentric billionaire but he’s really a
meaningful contributor to the crypto
world in so many different ways. I was
first introduced to him at CIS Los
Angeles, where he was speaking to a group
of oh geez maybe 200 or 300 of us and
he went on to talk about how he just
came back from a trip from South America
and he was meeting with a leader of
Chile and various really prominent
people that were running countries and
he was talking about the benefits of
crypto currencies and specifically
Bitcoin and making sure that they wouldn’t
be continually illegal and a part of the
economy down there you know of course
it’s widely known that Brazil has a
thriving cryptocurrency ecosystem and if
you look at many sites that are crypto
specific and you take a look at the site
traffic and you’ll see that it’s hugely
Brazilian and then touchstones to many
other different countries down in South
America as well so he’s putting a big
footprint in that area but what people
don’t know about him is that he is first
of all like one of the leaders in
American venture capital you know he has
a really stellar pedigree
you know his dad knew George HW Bush
they were in Skull & Bones and Yale and
his Dad really formulated the beginning
of venture capital in Silicon Valley so
he had a baseline of connections and
understanding of how it all worked by
virtue of his familial relationship
there but at the same time if you look
at the wide swath of investments that
he’s been in, it’s completely run the
gamut and you know his grandfather was a
political appointee under
Eisenhower and he has some political
leanings in terms of breaking up
California into three different
states and he has a book about that and
so he’s got a whole bunch of plates in
the air but what was really interesting
about his speech is that it did focus on
smart contracts and how he very honestly
talked about how professions are gonna
have to very meaningfully pivot in order
to adapt to the you know as I talk about
my book the increasingly wide use of
smart contracts and yeah the ubiquity
that’s gonna completely engulf the
market so he has very prescient
knowledge about this and as a venture
capitalist that does has done very well
in coinbase and Tesla and
all of the early movers in you know
going all the way back to hotmail he’s
proven his ability and the fact that as
a be next to its net worth and he was
well-heeled to start out and he’s got
some good Stanford Harvard pedigrees but
he’s proven himself in being able to
identify hugely influential companies
and the fact that he’s this guy is
coming out and has purchased tens of
thousands of bitcoins and then put his
resources you know where his mouth is
and has got involved in a very
meaningful way in
to Bitcoin and has been like a spearhead
in taking a leadership position
and staking his reputation and the
investments that he makes into
cryptocurrencies says a lot and the fact
that he’s pontificating on smart
contracts and how they’re gonna
represent a very meaningful resource in
the future and being able to automate
many tasks that are now what we
understand to be you know integral to
the accounting profession the legal
profession and all these different
professions that are very time intensive
and for countries that are service
industry countries like a lot of first
industry first world countries they’re
gonna need to more meaningfully pivot
and his time so valuable that you know
this gentleman that was running the
conference that I attended see is in Los
Angeles earlier this year like Draper
just went ahead and bought the whole
convention company and so his moves are
extremely influential and this was a
good symposium talk he gave away his
book startup hero at the opening session
you know he opened the conference and so
I was just very impressed with his
ability to speak with authority on the
subject and he has the wherewithal to be
able to make moves and I was taken so
much so about his discussions about gaps
that I decided to you know write that
book and talk about the ubiquity and
talk about what I saw
by virtue of getting involved in some
projects on Tron’s ecosystem and how I’m
seeing it becoming increasingly more
prominent and how this is just another
touchstone of how yeah smart contracts
are gonna represent a material change
and at the front of it
Tim Draper is gonna be able to be
benefiting but more so the whole
these solidity based networks like Tron
and Ethereum are going to benefit as
well through their more wide adoption
and the playing out of the daps into a
wider adoption ecosystem and while the
numbers are big now I mean the volume is
many billions of USD as he was saying in
his speech the potential is not even
scratched the surface of you know it’s a
tip of the fingernail of what’s possible
for smart contracts and cryptocurrency
as leading the way and of course through
a Bitcoin which is taking an
increasingly big percentage share of the
crypto market but he has a huge stake in
Bitcoin gets spent a good amount of time
talking about smart contracts which are
integral and are most closely associated
with aetherium and their backbone ERC 20
tokens of which there are hundreds of
thousands and people are utilizing
through various decentralize
applications so I very closely follow
Tim Draper and I encourage you to do so
too because he’s definitely made some
prominent statements and it’s been able
to back it up with his net worth and
influence among very influential crypto
leaders of which believe that he’s
really the top dog or certainly in the
company of the top dogs that are
lighting leading the way on many crypto
fronts Bitcoin of course being one of
them so be sure to download my book and
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find more interesting updates from Tim
and people in the ecosystem that are
very much worthy of being followed and
listen to