Aloha youtube this is ya boy crypto roots and I want to talk
about time and you’re like what does time have to
do with crypto with programming you know what my channel is centered around and I
talk about assets I talk about scarcity rarity value and how a Bitcoin how that
relates to Bitcoin but what I also understand and teach my mentees is that
the most valuable scarcest thing we have out there is time you know I’m saying we
we can’t get it back we only have a limited amount of time we all know this
yet what we do with our time is it’s crucially important I see it’s crucial I
see time as like blood like it’s sacred and you know you can’t lose too much of
it I never felt that way about time some days would just take forever like
and time is a dimension it exists and it does exist at the same time it slows up
and speeds down you know I’m saying for different perspectives of the time and
I’m going off on that tangent just to emphasize like i I couldn’t have become a self-taught
full-stack software engineering if I didn’t choose to spend my time
differently you know I’m saying like so I knew the most sacred thing I had was
my time so I had to make a lot of sacrifices to have more time to study
and that’s a big step for someone who is a huge like it’s a huge mountain how do
I change everything in my life now to have more time to study
that’s just we’re not talking about the discipline we’re just talking about
making time like making the room bigger so yes you have enough space so you know
I’m saying like you got to do this in your head and you got to do it in your
life and you have to rearrange and change they’re gonna have to make some
major rearrangements in your personal life to free up your time if you don’t
have it now if you have it and you’re not doing nothing with it shame on you
shame on you shame on you because as much as I smoked
we as much as you know I do psychedelics occasionally like it doesn’t throw me
off of my hustle it doesn’t make me not like I am more healthier and consciously
and conscientious than I’ve ever been and I burn we like all day every day
but it’s how I how I use my time that like I’ve been studying like now that
I’m like really getting at the top of the mountain for full stack development
I realize yo I can’t quit now I came this far I finally understand JavaScript
fluently I can I’m saying I’m learning express Jas MongoDB I’m learning scoff
the venom or the methane stack it’s called view Mongo expressed and no like
I had never done this so I have to put in a lot of time
and then I have to also practice you know so it’s I’m doing all these
calculations in my head and I realized yo I don’t have enough time for social
media I don’t have enough time for Netflix like I just I’m so limited
because I realized that where I’m trying to get my goal and how much time and
focus and discipline its gonna take to get there but so time just flies by I
kid you not it’s like I’m waking up and before you know what I’m going to sleep
and I realize like wait what did I do with the whole day I think sometimes I’m
like I don’t feel like I’m doing anything but I have to realize when I
look back it like all you did the whole day from like 7 o’clock til fuckin 10
o’clock all you did was study all you did like when I watched documentary when
I was eating dinner I’m watching documentaries my lady we do like it is
I’m reading make sure I got a routine now I read before I sundown and you know
it’s so I’m in the zone I’m in I’m in the fucking zone and time flies by man
sometimes I felt like yo did I even do anything and it’s like that’s what
happened when I started studying programming everything I never knew I
would be spitting game you know I’m saying on some bigger platform I never
knew I would be quote unquote in the spotlight like I never knew that shit I
never planned for it I never I never planned for it it wasn’t even in my
realm but so I know from now on whatever I’m choosing to learn right now
it’s always going to come a point in time where this is going to pay off
whether it’s in the everyday conversation whether I get called on the
spot someone throws some intellectual bullets at me and I come back with the
heat like you know but I never knew that I would have to pull that Arsenal or if
I’m if I’m talking to someone you know like all these little things show up and
it comes out in your behavior in your demeanor the way you talk act
and dress what you do with your time and people can feat read off that and feat
that and and if people see that you use your time wisely that you’re always a
producer that you’re always coming out with some men it’s just more more more
things attract and I can go on forever but just be very mindful about how you
use your time and everything you do now we’ll always at some point come or come
around in the future and it’s always better to know that like yo I read 1984
I read Animal Farm like I can keep up with these types of conversations in
these certain group and then you just Excel there’s more power and control you
have man and it’s all but that’s how I became a full-stack software engineer
from not knowing nothing about programming I learned about
cryptocurrency and blockchain it’s like yo like it’s precious and especially
when it comes to mining cryptocurrency like yo that’s time like you know my now
start mining crypto now because all the minutes in ten ten minutes and 60
seconds every every blockchain has its own time limit of when a new block is
mine but that’s value that’s money that you can be creating 24/7 so just value
your time sorry for the rant I like to burn a little bit and you know just
bye-bye with my woman so thank you I appreciate you for listening Aloha take