so hello people are you going today and
today I have these consecutive 2100 this good old banknotes from Portuguese team
1 1 97 97 3 & 2 1 0 & 6 9 now you don’t know any history about East Timor as
it’s currently called Portugal run ran this country into 1975 in which time it
declared independence and then it was invaded by the in donations and to been
on and on yay many injured in donations patrol after
they virtually destroyed the country you know it’s an independent anyway so if
these can see Kieffer banknotes they have us some stains probably improper
storage anyway but it’s pretty hard to get consecutive coins from this country
all banknotes sorry I mean consecutive banknotes not coins but this one is
issued in 1967 you can see from that date you know Lisbon and it has a
denomination here young man this was probably just a name of the currency
enum Chinese and it has Chinese up here you saw it’s 20 universities you know Portuguese IBM has a decree that allowed
these banknotes to be issued and these are the same
see no see it’s different than the decree only 100 it’s good open up so
this Bank now has virtual Alex a leak so he was a 19th birthday more his person
but he fought against the Japanese during the Second World War and you died
in 1943 I can’t remember how it died I think you might have been executed by
Japanese so we have the coat of arms as well that’s Portuguese coat of arms it
doesn’t actually have a team race coat of arms on this side and it’s a nice
pattern here beautiful coloration yes sir security fruit as you can see and on
this side he has the coat of arms of Portuguese team says that Portuguese
coat of arms and this is the team will coat of arms and you know Portuguese
colonies this is generally had a coat of arms II I accept his sword he usually
change depending on the place of issue you have this seal of the bank national
Austral Medina which still exists in Macau and you go to Marquis red regul oh
the lake so butch it is named very well Dino and the 100 escudos pretty much the
same it’s just larger it’s a brown color and this one is a green color there is
also a 50 100 and 1000 is good of the most expensive is a 1000 I’m looking to
pay few hundred dollars if you want to buy one of those and the back is pretty
much the same as well so yeah I would like to actually get a full set
of these the it looks unlikely because he won fairs in schools as well as being
expensive is actually pretty hard to find anyway I hope you like this
banknote I’ll leave a link down below if you’d like to just browse eBay just to
see if you like anything and just have a awesome day