Hey everyone – Quissy here. Apologize for my stuffiness, I’ve got a
bit of a cold right now but wanted to get this video out ASAP. Don’t you love seeing familiar faces? Look who’s back in Patch 8.1! To spend the new Azerite Impurity currency
in Tides of Vengeance that you can earn from your weekly Mythic Plus chest as well as scrapping
or disenchanting epic-quality Azerite Armor, visit Thaumaturge Vashreen! Vashreen just appeared on the PTR and for
Alliance, can be found in Tradewinds market alongside your Seal of Wartorn Fate vendor. And for Horde, within the Grand Bazaar of
Dazar’alor, as shown here on the map. Right now, Vashreen sells two main types of
items. The first are caches that reward a random
dungeon Azerite Armor piece for a given helm, shoulder or chest slot, separated by item
level, with higher level caches requiring more currency to purchase. The prices go as follows –
125 Azerite Impurity for a 355 piece, 400 Azerite Impurity for a 370 piece and 1250
for a 385 piece. Vashreen will also sell Item Level 385 versions
of specific dungeon Azerite Armor pieces for each class sold for a higher premium cost
of 3,250 Azerite Impurity. What’s great is that when the next Mythic
Plus season begins, Thaumaturge Vashreen’s items will also scale up accordingly. Vashreen was just added to PTR Build 28202
just a short while ago, so I grabbed this footage as soon as I could log on to the PTR. As always with the PTR, just a warning, that
some of this information is subject to change as time goes on. If so, I’ll be sure to update you guys accordingly. Cheers! Thanks for tuning in guys, if you like the
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