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Welcome to Hipfig Travel Guide series on Tokyo, Japan. we’re really happy to
share our currency exchange experiences with you through Hipfig’s video Guide
series on Tokyo. In this Tokyo currency exchange video guide will be sharing
where you can find currency exchange counters and provide useful tips for
visiting travelers to Tokyo. The official legal currency of Tokyo is the Japanese
Yen ‎¥‎ . In Tokyo you can change currency at the airport, banks, tourist areas, and even
at convenience stores and post offices. For arriving passengers, Narita and
Haneda airports are convenient places to exchange currency. Both airports have
Bank currency exchange counters in the Arrival Hall. In Narita International
Airport terminal 1 you will find banks on the south and north side of the
Arrivals hall. In Narita Airport terminal 2 Arrival hall you’ll find banks to the
left and right of exit A and B. Most Bank currency exchange counters in the
Arrival Halls at Narita International operate from 6:30 a.m. to 11:00 p.m.
daily. In Haneda International Airport arrival hall, there is Mizuho Bank which
is open 24 hours. The banks give decent rates and you’ll need cash in Tokyo as
many smaller vendors don’t take credit cards. It’s always a good idea to change
money at the airport if you don’t have any Yen. Unless you’re changing a large
amount of money the difference between the best rate and the lowest rate is
not much. In the city currency exchange counters and currency exchange machines
are available at transportation hubs, like Tokyo Station, Shinagawa station, and
Shinjuku Station. Currency exchange counters in Tokyo Station are located by
the marounouchi north gates and the Jr east travel service center marounouchi north gates and the Jr east travel service center. You’ll find a
travelex counter next to the ATM machines. Currency exchange counters at Shinagawa station are are next to the entrance of the Keikyu Shinagawa station. There’s a travelex currency exchange counter which is
across from the jr ticketing center there was also another travelex located
to the right of the central gate of the Shinagawa station. At train stations the
rates are okay but not the best. We found the most current exchange
counters with better rates in the shinjuku area located east of the
shinjuku station. In shinjuku you’ll find private currency exchange counters banks
and currency exchange machines and around Shinjuku Station, World Currency is a branch of Bank of Tokyo- Mitsubishi and
is a popular currency exchange counter which provides good rates. The Shinjuku
branch is located in the shinjuku building along the underground mall
SubNade which is connected to shinjuku station. On the east side of
the station this currency exchange counter is open from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. on
weekdays and 11:00 to 5:00 on weekends You’ll also find the J market currency
exchange counter tucked away in the corner of the Subnade underground mall.
The Galireo currency exchange counter can also be found along the
main main corridor of subnade mall. There are also Galireo and other currency
exchange machines which change 13 major world currencies in the subnade mall.
Located near the east exit of shinjuku station near the main road is Yasukuni Dori.
You’ll find banks and other currency exchange counters along Yasukuni Dori
Street kitty corner from the Marui men’s department store which has
the logo 0 1 0 1 is the currency exchange counter near the corner called
Tourex currency exchange and across the street you’ll find the Sakura exchange you can also find the private exchange
counter that Daikokuya in the Isshiki Bldg and the Sakura currency service
in the Hakuou Building. We also found a Family Mart which offers currency
exchange through a machine. Rates are decent and this is a good option since
it’s open 24 hours In the Asakusa area, we found a Family
Mart across the street from the tourist information center which has a currency
exchange machine. There’s also a Travelex currency exchange counter inside the
tourist information center. Nearby is Mizuho bank and an ATM center, In the
Shibuya station and near the Centergai famous for its diagonal crosswalk, you’ll
find currency exchange counters as well Wherever you go in Tokyo you’re bound to
run into a currency exchange counter Bank or currency exchange machine! Happy Travels! Go to hipfig.com for more information or go to our Hipfig Travel
Channel on YouTube and be sure to subscribe for regular updates