Hello everyone this is adam meister the
bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister
welcome to tonight in bitcoin today is
November the 22nd 2017 buy and hold
strong hand golden hold alright did
anyone ask you where you were in 1963
no one asked me I bet no one here was
even alive in 1963 is watching this
anyway do you even know um do you even
know what that means do you know your
American history okay I’m in a big rush
to get out of here I’m in Baltimore I’m
wearing a new shirts I wanted everyone
to see it this is from hotle crypto I
linked to him below so I’ll be wearing
this out tonight on the town in in
Baltimore so that’s pretty cool right
I’m bringing a crypto currency to the
real world out on the town I’ll be in
Hamden tonight at Rob’s a DJ Rob’s event
on 36th Street I got to leave here like
right now so this is gonna be a fast
show hopefully so yea bitcoin is the
world reserve currency strong hand value
your wealth and bitcoin I can’t catch up
all my emails at all sorry that’s it
I’ll try to get to you tomorrow or the
next day anyone who’s trying to contact
me in here for me today I was too busy
so uh also I’ve been having time to look
at my trends were yet I’ve been back in
Baltimore for over 24 hours haven’t had
time to split be gold do anything with
that yet I noticed there was a be cash
pump today what’s up with that anybody
know also when I was at the dentist
today I was talking about Bitcoin
spreading the word had a lot of
questions from the receptionist there
they all involve centralization like is
there a Bitcoin Bank why I need to get
my Bitcoin from the bet you know all
these now you don’t have time to answer
all these questions and then the irony
when I was leaving I turned on the radio
and that song uh Western Union that was
on the radio you know just reminding us
of how the old school Western Union used
to be a big important thing it’s on the
verge of complete destruction now with
Bitcoin theythey
the last thing that they do but people
used to use Western Union for telegrams
it was even into the sixties people I’ve
been eat songs about it but it just you
know talking to the receptionist and her
old school questions there’s some people
who are never going to get this thing at
all but that’s cool the young people the
young people are getting in and it’s
it’s the young people who are the future
and hopefully some of the people who are
older and who can remember when JFK was
shot that they will get it too I wish
them luck and hey if you need a crypto
consultation I’m here for you a
dimitra’s or help calm we’ll work out
the fee be a golden holder though people
competition is very good in the mining
industry there is I linked to the
Bitcoin magazine article about how
there’s someone trying to take on the
trying to be a competitor in the actual
manufacturing of hardware machine you
know hard of the mining hardware excuse
me so we’ll see how that works out but
hey we we need competition people come
on in and this is the free market hey I
want to say that yeah my fast ended
today it was a hundred two hours yeah it
was cool man you know I’m used to this
kind of thing I actually told my doctor
about it and he dude you gotta be
speaking about old school just because
someone is a doctor I mean he didn’t
even know what the Paleo diet was you
know I know it’s I know it’s an
embarrassment in a shame I mean I only
go to this do so I can get my blood
tests and stuff I mean what a joke so
Tech sim has an article and I know this
was in the mainstream Bitcoin media also
how but tech Ziya my link to their
article that’s a Zimbabwe about how they
say bitcoin is illegal in Zimbabwe so I
want to give you that Zimbabwe in
perspective I actually met the guys
behind tech sim or some of them are one
of them when I was in Zimbabwe a year
ago now and I just hope that my people
that are involved in Bitcoin over there
they’re cool obviously them another
regime has changed
who knows what’s gone who knows what’s
going to happen I I hope there can be
some sensible member of the new regime
or the old regime that sticks around and
just reverses this insanity or just let
them do what they’re doing because the
guys at the bitcoin ego licks and
they’re doing a great is in Bob way they
have financial issues they need they
need Bitcoin and they’re gonna anyway
they’re gonna sell hold they’re gonna
get big they’re gonna hold Bitcoin still
they’re gonna get their hands on it
people there but it would be a shame if
the exchange is for some reason shut
down for some reason and yeah my my
doctor I mean he’s trying to tell me
health advice did I mean the deers got a
gut he’s probably carving it up all day
you know I may even get into the whole
thing he was asking me about Bitcoin too
no clue about it this is a doctor and
you know today just there were so many
things that do in real life today
running all around trying to get my
blood tests after the doctor even though
the blood plus blood test place was
closed unbelievable I mean I’m just I
was trying to get a was the my glucose
the level a ketone ketone glucose level
your key was when you’re fasting your
ketones go go up and he thinks this is a
horrible thing me this guy’s ignorant is
anything I can’t believe but what I’m
saying is you got to do things in life
that have meaning for you so I know
everyone’s really busy this time of year
for me I was very busy today I couldn’t
follow anything a Bitcoin so sometimes
it’s great to get away with from Bitcoin
the Bitcoin has a lot of meaning to me
but my family has a lot of you needs me
too so it was great hanging out my
family you know hanging out with
ignorant doctors know that that has no
meaning to me and it was the biggest
waste of my time that I’ve had probably
in over two years was was going to that
doctor’s office today he had no meaning
whatsoever so I will never go to that
doctor again who knows next time I we
even go to a doctor I mean I just pay
someone to do a blood test you know next
time just straight up you know whatever
it costs give them three hundred bucks I
don’t care what it is this is just a
ridiculous thing I mean something has
meaning to me also is health but thank
that guy aim for he dr. Siegel dr.
Siegel in Reisterstown he heeds not big
he has nothing to do with health he has
I don’t know what he has to do with
collecting a paycheck I guess I don’t
know what he
seeing a bunch of old people you know in
Pella not giving them more poisoned to
kind of keep them around a little bit
longer so I can get more poison all
right yeah so this is more than a big
coin day for me definitely I hope it was
more of a Bitcoin that you can’t have
total Bitcoin days all the time and the
hoffman has a great link why would their
Manero link i’m an arrow pump today and
you know there was a – one the other wit
day is there some anonymous coin noise
that the news that I’m missing yeah I
really want to go out right now I do you
want to see a couple of my friends again
I don’t even know the price of Bitcoin
right now and the bitcoins Bitcoin has
meaning to me anyway Andy Hoffman does
have he has a great art he has a lot of
good things out right now but one thing
that inspired me made me think don’t be
tempted to do anything with your Bitcoin
and people started asking me again about
Genesis mining okay just hold your
Bitcoin if you’re doing something with
your Bitcoin you’re putting your Bitcoin
at risk and here look I just remembered
I wrote down on a piece of paper earlier
today some things that are actually
really good that should be in the title
of this thing
all right so Bitcoin dominance is about
to go down people you know why because
the be gold is not even on the crypto on
the owned remains the dominant site
whatever it’s called coin market cap
they don’t take into account be gold yet
and so be gold will be included that
will bring down the Bitcoin dominance
but that’s alright that shows you why
the Bitcoin dominance doesn’t really
mean that much because be gold isn’t
like competing with them I noticed there
was like a Fudd article about beagle but
it’s still at point O 3 3% of a Bitcoin
again pal Matt like button people if you
like how I don’t forgot to say pound
that like button 50 times during this
show all right so the Bitcoin dominance
is going to go down nothing to worry
about I’m giving you but then some
people will make you try to make you
worry about ain’t ready for you to sell
your Bitcoin or invest in Genesis mining
or all sorts of other insane things hold
your Bitcoin you get a crypt of
dividends like be gold which is great
because it’s going to be one of the
largest altcoins it’s going to be the
top ten top seven real soon in terms of
if you care about the dominance anyway
what you should care about the market
capitalization of some of these up some
of these all coins is interesting
a takeaway that I just had take away
from cryptocurrency that just sums it
all up for me always take precautions
when I was running today yeah I like ran
three miles on during one hundred a
hundred hour fast whatever man I could
do this is health all right
but during up I would like to get a nice
sleep tonight you know I said tonight
will be a great night before
Thanksgiving sleep because you know you
last night was the jet lag sleep all
yeah the takeaways always take
precautions in Bitcoin and
cryptocurrency always take always be
careful if you haven’t taken a
precaution for a while take a precaution
I took some precaution today actually I
did have a little time I had to look at
my tiny tiny Manero stash and I well
actually that precaution was taken the
other day but I checked on it real quick
today if that precaution uh I changed
the address basically so you know you
always got a but there was more than
that but always take precautions in
cryptocurrency it never hurts to take
too many precautions this is because in
the end of the day you do not want to
lose your cryptocurrency and and it’s
easy to lose your credit cards he’s easy
to be scammed it’s easy to be tempted to
do something for the sake of doing
something do nothing okay oh baby have a
strong hand I think I covered everything
there that’s enough for tonight I’m not
gonna be able to say hello to everybody
in the show in the chat but this is a
really nice shirt and yeah I’m gonna be
wearing this thing out of town because I
don’t give a darn
hahaha no I do I won’t and I do give it
all I want everybody know about Bitcoin
and I’ll talk about it with anyone but
in Baltimore people are mostly 80
percenters to say the least
I found that like button I’m a demotion
to pick on my started this from nice to
remember to subscribe this channel like
this channel it’s Steven Seagal by the
way he’s the doctor who I will never see
again and no one should ever see that
guy he’s terrible I’ll see you later bye