TNT Dinar | TNT Tony he works for Sterling and saying he
doesn’t work for Sterling so I’m pay ago okay and the asking the
possible challenge every third be a sterling if they all is well if the
desired armory value they will buy same at market rates
competitive with bank though are so good the they then must have are reserved with
hard currency in their possession itself to get cash to pay out track if they didn’t they would have to have
many millions it happily pay out wanna going a little
detail for that for them how we were me would you say but didn’t want to use it I yeah I’m
really in in order the way service but you know he’s literally
copied he say met and one once they have our repair they have
are reserved for as hard for it say which they have to have in their
possession sell to get cast the chaos and that’s one thing we talked about
with other healers you know where they would get the backing cue I’m too low to pay us for our
readers we put in a sale order: yes OCR I guys I’ll you know they’re their
business arm and each one on a little bit
different I’m quite sure and some ovum I just personally feel my opinion are going after issues we give you your money or you’re
doing our and you’re going to learn their and other arm have a relationship are ready with with certain bank I’ll 18 goals will be able to finance them
and doing what they’re doing so I don’t think there’s going to be a
problem arm I think sterling is a solid current
company fireworks for 150 artwork for 150
artwork for 150 our workforce is artwork for the plan 30 given me or told
me about in the process that they would go
through I i think is a good one our confidence in it that this robot
mantra Smith secondary OCR I don’t work for any where you be but yes that answers questions yes I i do their aircraft from in in
them yeah I don’t know because we’re our own
the company but we’ll see so-called entry on the
chart is required well let me see every time I do to hit 10 it frees up my getaway for the
comeback trail connecting up a county the members I in the chatroom heard you say that you
work your generally hello I don’t work market for
what for all okay they heard me say I don’t
work sisterly 90 heard me say our work
twister there and I wouldn’t say they’re it my
way creating feared going to get off work for stirring lol computer with a question worth and
everybody here we know that so I don’t know that I got a repeat that anyway and if I didn’t work for the only three
years with a backpack quebec heart care and up damn I just got that text in I have never ever work for Sterling and I wanna make clear to everybody and
I never said I work for Sterling I said i’d never work first yr I think sterling
is a solid current company fireworks for 150 artwork for
150 our word for just so everybody understands well no idea I’m never work history never had
a job for anything up here I i do think you’re a good cop all the
groom mine from are you telling me that you
don’t get paid to pump the tire then it the moderator had left the conference
I well as to best TNT Dinar TNT Tony