in this video I’m gonna show you guys my
top 10 photography spots in Tokyo so
when people first come to Tokyo’s
Shibuya is one of the places they hit
because it’s an awesome photography spot
just look at behind me and all of these
people so I want to show you guys my top
ten favorite places to take photos in
Tokyo which might be a little bit off of
the beaten path but it should help out
your Instagram game I’ll make sure to
leave a link in description so you guys
can get to all of these spots and one
thing in this video I won’t be including
any of these scenic shots or any of the
skylines because I wanted to show you
kind of like a more street level view of
Tokyo but if you guys want me to do a
video on that let me know in the
comments section and Zhiyun was kind
enough to send me the Crane 2 so in
the rest of this video I’ll be filming
with a Zhiyun Crane 2 but one note
is that I’m not a pro photographer and
this is the first time I’ll be using a
DSLR gimbal so you guys be kind to me in
the comments section number one Hie
shrine you might have seen pictures like
this from the Inari shrine in Kyoto but
this one was taken in Tokyo and it’s one
of those hidden secret spots that no one
really knows about
Hanazono shrine in Ueno
Park is similar
but packed with tourist so it’s difficult
to get a good shot and the shrine gates
are not as photogenic number two more
Moreru Mignon if you’re looking for
something more Japanese pop then check
out this ultra cute put it could a shop
it’s at the gateway of Tokyo Disney
Resort in the Ikspiari shopping mall it
has several photography areas serving as
a perfect Instagram killer number three
Sensoji I know this photo shop is
probably already on your list when
traveling to Tokyo but since it’s just
so beautiful
it had to make my top 10 tokyo photo
spots during the day though when
there are crowds of people I was able to
isolate the subject by using the bottom
up mode on the crane 2 gimbal as it gets
an ultra low close to the ground
buttery shot like this number 4 tokyu
plaza now this spot is a Tokyo Instagram
classic mirrors everywhere even on the
ceiling and now you guys know where it is
number 5
graffiti wall this spot is hidden in the
back area of Shibuya not a lot of
tourists know about. It was challenging
to capture the entire wall in one shot
but luckily I was able to use the gimbal
to balance my DSLR camera and walk along
with a subject like this. Number 6
Todoroki Keiko ku and you believe just
15-20 minutes away from Shibuya there’s
a beautiful ravine securely hidden away
you can keep walking the path and you’ll
eventually reach a waterfall
also if you ever want to go selfie mode
with the gimbal just tap the mode button
three times and you can even capture
yourself like this. Number seven
Gotokuji inside of this beautiful go
gotokuji temple you can find these cute
and all these scary cats
aka my Manekineko. You might want to go
to the spot early since it’s right next
to the cemetery. Number eight Omoide
yokocho. Omoide Yokocho is a well-known
Tokyo tourist spot for getting food and
drinks but it’s also amazing spot for
Tokyo photography at night with cute lanterns
and friendly stores set the perfect
scene. number nine Meiji Jingu. Meiji
Jingu is just right next to Harajuku
station a lot of people visiting meiji
jingu b-line to the shrine but along
the way there’s a dope set of 201
barrels of Sake all beautifully lined
up. The name shown in the barrels are the
sake makers from all over Japan who made
contributions.Definitely an Instagram worthy
spot in my book. And number 10 Tatemono-en
Tatemono-en is also known as
Edo Tokyo open-air architectural museum
is located inside Koganei Park which is
30 to 40 minutes away from Shibuya it
costs 400 yen for admission but it’s
completely worth the money in the travel
check out this cinematic reveal shot of
this place while I start from the
subjects feet working up to ultimately
reveal the old school bathhouse ahead of
her oh and not only do the buildings
make for amazing photographs you can
even enter each building to find
authentically curated interiors
here’s a map showing you relative
locations in Tokyo of all the places
we visited. again all the location links
are in the description of the video
alright so that concludes my top 10 hope
you liked the video and I hope you like
the footage from the Crane 2 you can
actually have a payload of 3.2 kilograms
so even heavy cameras like in my DSLR
with a huge lens this thing was able to
handle it plus it came with a cool
tripod so that when you actually hold it
out like this you can actually just like
prop it up without any problems
and if you guys are interested in the
Crane 2 I’ll leave a link in the
description and like always if you guys
want to see more of my ventures in Tokyo
or Japan hit that subscribe button and
I’ll catch you guys in the next one!