Assalam o Alikum (Hello) viewers I am your host Ababeel and I welcome you on Ababeel Tv Viewers today’s video is on list of world most weak currencies if you want to know about the list of world most expensive currencies then its link is in description box below so moving on in video on 10th position its Ugandan shilling whose value against 1 US dollar is 3714 shilling on number 9 its Cambodian Riel whose value against 1 US dollar is 4016 riel Paraguayan Guarani in this list gain 8th position against 1 US dollar its value=5950 guarani Uzbek Sum came 7th 8336 sum=1 US dollar 6th position has been gained by Sierra Leonean Leone 8446 leone of this currency is equal to 1 US dollar on number 5 its Lao or Laotian kip came 8550 lao is equal to 1 US dollar Guinean Franc is 4th most most weak currency 9198 Franc=1 US dollar on 3rd position Indonesian Rupiah came which against 1 Us dollar=14237 rupiah In the list of most weak currencies Vietnamese Dong 23194 dong=1 Us dollar so in this list, on 1st position Iranian Rial came whose official rate is 41994 rial against 1 US dollar so what are your thought on this video tell me by leaving a comment if you like this video give it a thumbs up and share it and don’t forget to subscribe Ababeel Tv its totally free that’s all for today’s video bye bye