Welcome back to our Top Stationery Releases of 2019 series! In this video, we’ll cover notebooks and planners, pencil cases, and planner accessories. Check out our other Top Releases of 2019 videos by clicking the card above! Let’s get started. Notebooks & Planners How gorgeous are these Field Notes National Parks Memo Books? Each pack features three different national parks. The stunning cover art was done by the artists of the Fifty-Nine Parks Print Series. There are four packs available and twelve national parks are represented so far. They’re limited edition, so pick them up while you can! This year, we introduced our JetPens-exclusive Kanso Sasshi Booklets in the regular TRAVELER’S notebook size! They feature exquisite Tomoe River paper printed with a soft dot grid in white- or cream-colored paper. Click the card to get a behind-the-scenes look at how these booklets were made! Maruman finally has a monthly planner in their Mnemosyne lineup! The Mnemosyne Diary gives each month a calendar and a Gantt chart, which lets you manage your time and keep track of projects in one notebook. It uses the same fountain pen-friendly paper found in other Mnemosyne notebooks. You can even get a variety of matching accessories! TRAVELER’S COMPANY makes the original TRAVELER’S notebook and its accessories. We were stoked when they came out with these refills and accessories! The classy, vintage-inspired Brass Clips are especially handy for keeping your TRAVELER’S notebook open. We’re also smitten with the newly released Travel Tools Collection. It features travel-themed stationery, including letterpressed stickers and cards, notebooks, and more. Pencil Cases Kamio Japan’s Paco Tray Pen Case was featured in our Top Pencil Cases for 2019 video and for good reason. It opens up into a tray to reveal three compartments for easy organization. This year, they released these adorable Peanuts-themed cases, featuring Snoopy and his friends! The Raymay Clam Pen Case sold out almost immediately after it launched and it’s not hard to see why. Its charming design will fit in on any student or crafter’s desk! It has a roomy interior and opens up so you can clearly see everything inside. A convenient magnetic closure keeps your tools securely stashed. The Sun-Star Delde Flat Pouch looks like a stylish wallet, but it actually opens wide to become a tray! Magnets hold the case open when you push out the sides. To close it, just lift the upper half of the tray to release the magnets. You can choose from six lovely colors. Planner Accessories Midori’s Journal Sticky Notes are the perfect planner accessories. From habit trackers to weekly and daily logs, these colorful sticky notes will help keep your planner organized and looking cute! Some of them are even sized to fit perfectly into monthly planner squares. How genius is that? These mt Fab Foil Stamp Washi Tapes add eye-catching shimmer to your planner and other craft projects. The dappled Dust series plays with light and shadow, while the ombre Piece series captures color shifts, depending on the angle of the tape. We had so many great washi tape releases this year that it was hard to pick just one, so go to our site to check out our complete collection. Our favorite discovery of the year has to be Nombre Mizushima’s amazing stamps. From traditional wooden stamps to adorable clear stamps, you have everything you need to spruce up your planner. Be sure to check out their other stamps too — we especially love the modular Calendar Stamp! And that wraps up our top stationery releases of 2019! These make great gifts for your friends or for yourself. Will you be picking any of them up? Let us know in the comments below and find them all at JetPens.com.