It’s almost that time of year again and I’m
about to give you ten stocks, which in 2018 will keep some serious. Welcome to another
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drop me a comment. So without further ado, the big video of the year: I’m giving you
my top 10 stocks for the coming 12 months. Some are stocks which I own, some aren’’s
just about 50/50. There is a little bit of everything. I haven’t gone with all tech companies
or all US companies, but a little bit of everything so a good mix. We’re gonna start off with
one of the obvious plays, which is Nvidia. It’s the best chip-maker in the world and
their chips are used for everything, like running computer and computers can do a lot
of cool stuff. They’re used for artificial intelligence, autonomous driving, bitcoin
mining, machine learning…you name it. Alibaba, the largest e-commerce player in the world.
Massive in China and going global really fast. It’s both businesses to consumer and business
to business e-commerce. They’re in cloud, entertainment…all sort of stuff so a really
good play for the growing global economy. Activision Blizzard…the best video game
company in the world. They’re firing on all cylinders, pretty all of their titles are
doing great: Call of Duty, World of Warcraft, Hearthstone, Overwatch, all their mobile games.
They might also have some big releases coming up, who knows? This is definitely a good play.
Boeing, still the go-to airplane manufacturer. Airplane demand is surging, especially now
that Asia is coming online and more Chinese, Indians and Eastern-Asia, in general, are
starting to fly. Boeing also has strong military production and want to put people on Mars.
I definitely think Boeing is going to beat Elon Musk with their “space-taxis”.
company in the US. Not just firing on all cylinders, but dominating everything..taking
over the US. Prime is stronger than ever and I don’t see any reason why people in the US
would shop anywhere but Amazon. I trust Jeff Bezos with all the money I can give him. Taketwo
Interactive, probably the second best video game developer..,ALSO firing on all cylinders(we’re
running out of cylinders ppl). NBA(basketball) is going strong and they’re setting up an
e-sports league with professional teams buying in. GTA online is one of the biggest things
in gaming and they’re making more money from GTA than they ever expected to. Who knows..maybe
in a couple of years they might release the next GTA game. They’re also releasing Red
Dead Redemption 3, which is gonna be massive. Definitely a game of the year contender (before
even being released? wow). Bayer (German pharma/biotech) is one of the biggest pharmaceutical companies
in Europe so good play for the region. This is a German company and Germans are the best.
pays a massive dividend(2.5%) and has taken a big big hit lately. It’s far off from its
52 weeks high and is pretty much in the middle of its 52 weeks high and low. Very stable
company and I like the biotech space so this is a stock I think will have a big rally in
2018. Facebook..pretty much the second biggest player on the internet, after Google. Facebook
is going stronger than ever without any competition in sight. Instagram is doing really well,
better financially than Snapchat. Whatsapp is one of the most used apps in the world.
I don’t doubt for a second that Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg will further diversify their
company and keep buying small business and become a massive company. It’s a cash cow
with high margins, strong balance sheet and more money than they know what to do with.
One of the safest stocks out there. JPMorgan is my bank. It’s considered one of the safest
and most stable. The global economy, as well as the US, is not just recovering, but doing
really well and banks are some of the first sectors to benefit from global growth. This
is a global bank, more so than Goldman Sachs or Wells Fargo. JPM also scores high on the
financial crisis stress tests, which they have been doing since 08. A very safe bank
and also pays a very good dividend. Most banks are also very cheap, down at 15/16 p/e ratio.
I don’t care too much about p/e ratios, but it’s very good feeling,, being in an undervalued
space, which I think financials and banks are atm. Paypal..probably the most exciting
financial technology company. The big move happening now is from cash to cashless, not
cash to Bitcoin. Bitcoin is somewhat overshadowing the big move happening. Where companies are
actually making money is in the cashless payments space and Paypal is your play. Such an innovative
company, nimble, low cost, important technology. They’re working together with all the big
banks, all the payment systems, they have Venmo the payment app..such an overlooked
company. These are my top 10 picks. If I could include an 11’th it would be Bitcoin. I think
you should buy Bitcoin going into 2018. A lot of tech, but a little bit for everyone.
I do hold a stake in Nvidia, Alibaba, Activision Blizzard, Amazon, Taketwo Interactive and
JPMorgan. Good luck in 2018! Go out there, have a look and invest in these companies,
ETFs…whatever. Let’s hope we all have a merry year in the stock market. If you want
to know more about investing in stocks, visit See you in the next video!