what is going on guys Patrick here
bringing you a brand new video today I
want to talk to you guys about my top 5
cryptocurrency and altcoin picks
especially right now is when the markets
going down these are the coins that I’m
starting to pick up start to gather more
of because I think their price is going
to go up significantly and yeah I don’t
want to miss on this opportunity so
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I don’t want to ramble too much with it
before we start this video so let’s head
right on over to hash Fleur before we do
get started talking about the coins I
just want to say it’s a good idea to
diversify your portfolio in days like a
weeks like this that the markets just
tanking it’s correcting dip crash
wherever you want to call it I’m still
getting paid out on hash flare and
Genesis mining a total of roughly a
hundred and fifty dollars every single
day here it’s down to thirteen because
the price of Bitcoin went down but it
when I first got in is making me roughly
thirty dollars a day so combined it to
roughly a hundred and fifty dollars
every single day even when markets are
down so it’s great to know that you’re
still making money I’m gonna leave a
link to hash there down below
love-love-love this website like I said
diversify you don’t want to put all of
your eggs in one basket and I mean you
don’t want to have all of your money
just in crypto currency of your
portfolio simply because you know there
are weeks where your portfolio is gonna
take a hit and it’s hard to look at but
if you know that you’re still making
passive income on the side it makes it
significantly easier so guys without
further ado let’s jump right into
talking about the altcoins I know this
is why you guys are here for so that’s
what we’re gonna talk about we are
looking at one of the roughest week I
think last few days that cryptocurrency
has seen in a while um probably the last
time was exactly one year ago when the
same exact thing happened if you guys
are interested in why the market’s
crashing I made a video on that you guys
can go ahead and check that out I’m not
gonna ramble too much about it here but
point is the markets are down um so now
is a great time to go ahead and pick up
any coin that you guys think
is gonna go any project that you like
whatever it is now is that time and now
we’re gonna talk about five and at the
end I’m even gonna throw in a little
sneak a sneak point that I really really
really like I don’t even have the tab
open so you guys don’t know what it is
you have to stay until all the way till
the end of this video to find out I’m
very very very big on it
big big fan now first the first coin we
are going to be talking about also look
at a total market cap four hundred and
fifty nine billion rough to see almost
at half of what we were at not too long
ago that’s crazy
but anyways first coin obviously
obviously this doesn’t take a genius the
first coin is Bitcoin why bitcoin tested
twenty thousand dollars now it is down
to ten thousand basically ten thousand
it was at nine thousand not too long ago
depends on the exchange you look at but
bitcoin is down to ten thousand dollars
this is the biggest cryptocurrency right
now right it’s going to test its
all-time high in my opinion we are going
to see a thirty thousand forty thousand
dollar Bitcoin by the end of 2018 that’s
just my opinion we are going to see it
happen again
don’t forget none of this is financial
advice ever I don’t know if I said that
yet no this financial advice but this is
just kind of what I’m what I’m doing is
basically I’m explaining what I’m doing
so it’s going down and it’s at this
point where let me open up a more
interactive chart here for us oh my god
sorry I had to reopen this but if when
if we open up a more interactive chart
for Bitcoin we can see let’s see we
Bitcoin has gone down like I said a
tremendous amount um I’m looking at
support and see if I can draw a
horizontal line um this was one of the
first levels of support I want to find
after that you know we have another
level roughly around here so between ten
thousand eight thousand if it broke down
too far below this I think we could have
tested eight thousand but it seems like
we’re having a little bit of a bounce I
don’t know if this gonna mean anything
way too early for us to tell if if this
bounce means anything we’re gonna figure
it out in the next coming hours but if
it goes below this I think we can get
all the way down to 8,000 however the
way I’m playing this to keep it safe is
I am going
over to coinbase like i said guys i have
a link to coinbase in the description
you guys go check it out every purchase
over $100 that you make you guys get $10
free and I get $10 free so that’s really
cool we both win on this so if you buy
$100 you get 110 dollars basically
that’s just a reason to use the link in
the description right but what I’m doing
is see it here it’s 9800 so what I’m
doing is I’m buying Bitcoin as it goes
down right my strategy right here is buy
Bitcoin as it goes down so I’ve bought
Bitcoin all starting from probably where
was the last I brought some starting
from here with this resistance level
happened so 11,000 I just bought some
all the way down here and then at this
support level I bought a little bit more
because you know it’s a support level
and if it breaks down here I will
continue to buy and then buy even more
here because this is you know further
down support which I don’t see us
breaking 8000 at all if we even you know
get below this which I don’t know if we
will either but if we get here I’ll buy
significantly more and then when it
starts going up you’re going to make
profit all the way you know all the way
I can’t even show you in the thing
doesn’t go up this is at roughly when it
was at 20,000 all the way when it goes
to 30,000 you’re gonna basically triple
your money on the safest coin in my
opinion which is Bitcoin these safe is
going to invest it so that’s kind of my
strategy when it comes to Bitcoin its
theory it’s number two my strategy is
still very very very similar with the
theory m2 we go over here we type into
theory m2 US dollar we guys you guys can
see if the area is getting very close to
its resistance point right somewhere
around here to pay you can draw the line
here too but roughly around this area is
the next time we’re gonna see some
support for cerium it’s getting very
close to that right now so you guys can
also see over here that we have a one
reverse counts they’re gonna see this on
all the coins we’ve started to see what
might be a little bit of a turnaround
it’s way too early to tell like I said
it’s just one green but still very
interesting to see now if I’m doing with
a theory I’m the same thing I’m doing
with Bitcoin I’ve been buying aetherium
since it was out like $1000 I think I’ve
been buying I knew it was going to go
down I just
know when it was going to explode back
up so I’ve been buying on this dip also
using coinbase just go to theorem and
you can buy aetherium super duper easy
but yeah I’ve been buying this whole
time and so now that we like we saw it
go all the way down to seven hundred
fifty eight dollars and bounced all the
way up to nine hundred twenty so if you
were to catch that bounce to make a
quick trade congratulations most of you
guys probably did it and most of you
guys aren’t trying to make that little
itty-bitty trade we’re holding it here
to see it go all the way back up here
and test you know new heights all-time
highs which I think we really up I’m
hoping to see in the next like one and a
half months to two months maybe I’m
hoping to see aetherium try to touch
2,000 be the first point to get to 2,000
dollars a coin I think I used two for
one of the only big ones right I don’t
think any other coin is anywhere near
that now see there would be the first
one after Bitcoin obviously to reach
2,000 that would be cool to see I’m
hoping to see a hit mm though I’m very
very excited for a theory of aetherium I
think a long long way to go now number
three neo neo is a lot of people’s
favorite or at least Neos a lot of
people’s favorite coming up just use Neo
dollar why not neo went all the way up
to what was if I take my head out of the
way what was was the highest peak 197 so
it was close to touching two thousand
dollars now it’s about two hundred
dollars now we’ve crashed all the way
down to 93 low I said it for a while as
soon as I saw neo hit you know hundred
dollars I was gonna start picking some
up and why is that right here we see a
support level right around here with a
theory I’m coming down to 97 we see if
they’re in support next support would
probably be somewhere around here
maybe here I don’t think we’re gonna see
me he’ll go down that far if it does I’m
going to pick up significantly more but
I don’t think that’s gonna happen I’m
buying it right here I bought
significant amount cuz I’m hoping to
ride this up I think neo long-term you
know it could go to like it could go to
$1,000 easy I don’t think that’s too big
you know – four words to say I think
Neil could definitely go to $1,000 I
don’t think it’s gonna happen in the
next few months maybe by the m20 teen
that’d be super SuperDuper cool now
Cardinal card on oh is that 50 cents
guys card dah no is another good one
let’s use finance so Cardinals another
great coin we saw I have it’s a little
run up it came down like everything I
don’t think we’re gonna see it go to
this support level this would be
ridiculous if we saw a go to this this
far down obviously nothing’s impossible
cryptocurrency but I think the project’s
too strong even if it does like I said
similarly to like everything else I’m
buying on the way down I’ve have been
buying card oh no a good amount just
because I backed the project up I like
the team I think card on is a great coin
I think it’s going to go so far past at
this point that at any time I buy right
here it’s totally worth it so the last
one were to talk about know you’ve loved
you guys in the channel like Tron so
Tron for the win I like Tron let’s go
t-rex let’s look at the chart look at
what we’re look at what we’re having we
however if you analyze the chart here
well roughly here you know is the
support for Tron so what we have seen
this is the first support the next one
would be roughly over here which I don’t
think we’re going near down here but
this is the beginning of what look what
might look like a decent swing trade why
we’ve seen it reached all-time high it
came crashing we are starting to see a
little bit of a swing is this gonna be
the full turn where we start just going
straight up maybe not maybe it was like
you know swing a little bit and come
back down whatever the pattern may be
but tron is definitely a sleeper pick at
5 cents right now it wasn’t anything it
tested like 30 cents for its all-time
I think we’re gonna get there again a
lot of news coming out there’s still a
lot of exchanges for to get on
partnerships that’s coming forward a lot
of people counting tron out I’m not
doing that I think like I say I’m sorry
to see a little bit of a swing which I
am very very excited about now guys
before we go to the last coin I just
want to say if you’re interested in any
of these coins um other than Bitcoin
obviously buy on coin based but
theory amnio Cardinal Antron you can buy
owned by Nance this is my favorite
exchange where I used to buy all of my
all coins literally all the ones that I
can buy on here i buy on here because I
don’t know I love their platform it’s
super easy I’m a big big fan easy to
transfer things over no problem just
Louis just saying if you guys are
interested that would be where it’s said
now and the two coins were going to talk
about actually there’s two coins –
sleeper Pink’s that I want to put out
here number one finance coin and number
two electroni a lot of you guys might
know electron him as well in this
channel I picked up a ton of electro
neom I was in IC o—- for electro Neum
I picked up even more electroni ‘m as
it’s been going down we got some more
roughly around here i don’t wanna open
up interactive chart but if you guys
understand support levels this looks
pretty close to its support level and
we’re starting to see a little bit of a
bounce after a low of roughly 8 cents
already at nine point four so I think
electroni obviously it has a huge supply
21 billion dollars so it’s you know
Bitcoin has 21 million bitcoins the
electron has 21 billions so we’re not
gonna see a electroni I’m hit twenty
thousand dollars and if we do the total
market cap for cryptocurrency would have
to be absolutely ridiculous we’re not
gonna see you do that at least not
anytime soon but I could see this coin
going to 25 to 30 cents no problem once
the markets recover so that’s a lot of
exchange is still to come – it’s not
even on by Nets you know you have to go
to crypto Piatt to get this coin or a
few other places but crypto P is where I
got mine it’s not on bias there’s a lot
of exchanges for it to come out on still
okay their team is ridiculous they’re
pardoned like they’re going after
partnerships like crazy
I like I’ve preached on their marketing
and they’re you know developing teams so
much they’re marketing teams ridiculous
they got this coin to be the most talked
about coin I have a lot of videos
talking about it I want to go too much
into it but electro neum definitely
definitely a great pick and lastly
finance coin I’m not gonna talk too much
about it but finance coin you know comes
in the exchange if you use finance coin
on the exchange
they cut the fee that you have to pay it
like by 50% so make sure
have some finance coin in your account
and never hurts and the value has gone
all the way up to $22 $23 maybe the
highest $24 almost 25 so I think we’re
definitely gonna get there’s as more
coins start moving on to finance more
people so I’m moving on to finance like
I said it’s my favorite platform it’s a
lot of people that I know favorite
platform to buy all coins so definitely
definitely a good place to get your
coins guys hopefully you guys enjoyed
this video hopefully this video made
some sense I didn’t want to go too in
depth into any of the coins because you
know we only have a few minutes here and
I didn’t want to ramble on we can make
individual videos on any coin that you
guys want those so leave a comment down
below what coin is your favorite what
can we do me to make it more in depth
video on all that stuff that you know
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