Top Fountain Pen Ink Releases of 2019 It’s time to turn the spotlight on 2019’s
best fountain pen inks! If you missed our video on the top fountain
pens of 2019, click the card above to check it out. Let’s get started! Colorverse captures the beauty of the universe
in their ink collections, and they hit the mark with the limited edition
Apollo 11 set. Celebrating the 50th anniversary of the moon
landing, it includes five bottles named after historical
landmarks of the Apollo 11 mission. Colorverse’s fifth season revolves around one of the most intriguing planets in our solar system: Mars. The Red Planet series has five different ink
pairings that explore the features of this planet, both real and imagined. The latest season, Joy in the Ordinary, takes a closer look at the simple pleasures
of everyday life with inks like Coffee Break and Delicious
Sleep. In 2017, Diamine collaborated with Reddit’s
fountain pen community to create an ink, and they did it again this year! The subreddit’s members voted for Aurora
Borealis, a brilliant blue-green ink. We always look forward to J. Herbin’s newest
shimmering inks, and Kyanite du Nepal did not disappoint. This vibrant blue ink is filled with silver
flecks for extraordinary writing. Watch our video if you can’t get enough
of this glitter-packed ink. LAMY releases a matching ink and fountain
pen combination every year. They followed up 2018’s Vibrant Pink with
the fiery orange Bronze ink, an excellent companion for the dark gold AL-Star. LAMY also released ten inks inspired by gems. These Crystal inks are vibrant recreations
of their namesake stones, and are sure to add elegance to your writing. We can’t get enough of the Kala inks that
just hit our shelves. They’re not just for writers–artists will
definitely appreciate how waterproof the Nostalgia Abstraction inks are. You can use these interesting, off-black shades
to draw, then add color with watercolors, markers,
and more. Each year, Pelikan releases an Edelstein ink
to match their gemstone-inspired fountain pen, and Star Ruby might be one of our favorites. The sparkling M205 is a perfect companion
for the vibrant, reddish pink ink. To commemorate their 100th anniversary, Pilot
released seven limited edition Iroshizuku inks. Each ink is named after and represents one
of the Japanese Gods of Good Fortune. These centennial inks are a fitting celebration
of this important milestone in Pilot’s company history. TWSBI has made pens and inkwells, and now
they’re on to inks! The limited edition 1791 line is inspired
by Dream of the Red Chamber, one of the Four Classic Novels of Chinese
literature. Packaged in gorgeous frosted glass bottles, the six shades are recreations of sights and
buildings found in the text. A set of all six colors is available and ready
to gift. Did we mention any of your 2019 favorites? Shop all of these items and more at Thanks for watching!