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the archives in a second so speaking of
yesterday’s show someone in the chat
mentioned trace mayer and proof of keys
queen night know what he was talking
about because I hadn’t seen traces tweet
yet but I had received a tweet from
someone named Alexa crypto and she said
tech bond that’s who I am on Twitter
follow me on Twitter of course pal net
lakelyn know anyone who might market
their upcoming project as a proof of
keys airdrop now this little lady didn’t
uh she doesn’t allow people with DM her
I would have deemed her like ask me or
what it was all about that’s why you got
to have your DMS open
people because that’s the way I
communicate I don’t communicate the way
this woman was trying to talk to me but
you guys tell me that tres mayor he
wants you know his big thing is proof of
keys he like me he doesn’t want people
to keep their coins on exchanges it’s
silly it’s ridiculous you got to control
your own private key that’s what bitcoin
is all about and this past will January
3rd the the 10th anniversary of Bitcoin
he suggested that on that day everyone
pulled their big coin off exchanges and
it might bring some of these corrupt
exchanges down and encourage people who
to not keep their keys on exchanges
because unfortunately if some exchanges
went down some people would lose the
Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies that
they think they have so he’s doing this
again he’s doing the proof he’s
promoting proof of keys again
now last year some people found out
about it there were rumors that some
exchanges were worried about it but in
his tweet here and I’m gonna read his
tweet which i think is just brilliant a
brilliant idea here let me see not
really a fan of all coins but I do think
a proof of keys coin could be fun
especially if it’s wallet had atomic
swaps for Bitcoin building would be best
if it were an annual airdrop with a
snapshot on each January 4th then there
would be a cumulative economic effect
thoughts all right so this is what he’s
saying and this is the beauty of the
whole thing you if you have Bitcoin and
you don’t have it exchanged you control
your own private key you sign up for
this airdrop and you have to you have to
control your own pricky on January 4th
unless or you don’t get it
so it incentivizes people financially
incentivizes people to have their keys
off up to have their coins off of
exchanges on January the 4th it’s great
now should trace create his own
complicated altcoin to airdrop the
people should he managed the whole thing
no he doesn’t have to do that in fact
and what I think this woman
was trying to get act there are many
people who would love to be that altcoin
of choice would love to be the altcoin
that has dropped to everyone that has
their that signs up for it
on 4 January the 4th of 2020 and if tres
doesn’t go through with it now that the
idea is out there someone’s probably
gonna do that someone’s gonna probably
do this and altcoins could compete to be
the one that tres selects if it’s gonna
if tres is gonna be in charge of this
there’s a whole there’s a whole world
that blossoms from this which is awesome
and this will generate much more
publicity than last year’s proof of keys
did when there’s a financial incentive
an air drop interest on your Bitcoin
involved this is the beauty of crypto
dividends it will generate much much
more publicity and really work toward
the ultimate what races goal is
encourage people to control their own
private keys and that’s what I’ve been
all about this whole time with the
crypto dividends all so why do all these
complicated things where you’ll own
people your Bitcoin and don’t control
your big Bitcoin supposedly to get more
big point when you could just control
your own private keys get these crypto
dividends and get more Bitcoin that wait
for free that’s what I’ve I’ve been all
about trace mare in the past says that
he likes to crypto evidence he loves the
forks he loves them he loves turning
he’s gotten all the forks and a dude is
already trust me he’s doing pretty well
for myself the rich get richer and the
the envious get more envious of tray so
it’s unfair he was in early he’s unfair
he meant he’s claiming be dying and be
this be that be everything eternity more
Bitcoin and you people for some reason
her her giving him big point people were
actually giving him bitcoins for the be
diamond and all the other ridiculous
stuff that he’s turned he’s a big hunk a
big coin into so I I really I think this
is a great idea so and but but the poll
it was a poll he won and there are
people giving all sorts of opinions some
people were really ribbing on it 32
percent thought it was a good idea forty
percent thought it was a horrible idea
and 28 percent needs more information so
it’s about a third of the people agree
meaning I I think that’s a substantial
amount of people III think he should go
for it and if he doesn’t go for it
someone else should do it but it would
be great if tres really incorporated
this into the official proof of keys
campaign and he selected the best new
altcoin out there that that’s honest
that can deliver that can do cool things
that actually might improve Bitcoin one
day that’s so that’s a great experiment
something that Bitcoin could learn from
and again this this all coin could be
scheduled to give away free it it would
be great just to do it once to pick it
for this year and then every year the
same off coin have a schedule of air
dropping even more so that it would if
you knew it was gonna be the same one
every year that this first year when
people like me try to immediately turn
their free up coin in the Bitcoin the
price wouldn’t crash it would it would
there would be some legitimacy behind
because you knew it’d be coming back
next year but I mean that would be the
whole part of the competition I mean
they could have more polls which would
show which new all coins should be the
air dropper and I think we a legitimate
one could be selected and it would be
great it’ll be great publicity I think
it’s a great idea and it just makes
hands even stronger and will encourage
people to do the right thing
get there big learn how to control their
own Bitcoin their own private key and
move into a treasure or ledger or
whatever is safe all right good to see
everyone hello elite friends came and
say what that guy said Adam changed his
look for the women no I didn’t I did not
change my look for I think change I got
my wife a Bitcoin dudes pal that like
button alright and again someone says
could it be used as the intelligence
grab that’s what everyone says about
every single solitary airdrop do you
think Trace mayor whose problem who’s
got a lot of freaky needs and he needs
an intelligence crap he needs to get
your information to sell to a Google or
no come on we’ve heard every there’s an
excuse every
single airdrop you know cut the excuses
out either you’re gonna get rich or
you’re gonna have excuses walk the walk
or make your excuses there you go how
about that and I’ve been walking the
walk you better believe that pal that
like button who’s this okay come on
questions we have got time for questions
you hey so type in bitcoinmeister if you
got questions and John is in Malibu he
says good morning for Malibu dude it’s
703 I guess the Sun just came up must be
beautiful out there right now baby
sitting on the beach all right John good
good to see you there man good morning
okay so let’s let’s let’s go back in
time a little bit to kim.com
now a lot of you guys know kim calm for
a lot of different reasons and but in
late 2016 he was talking a big game he
said he’s had some big project that he
couldn’t really elaborate on what it was
and it was gonna be huge for Bitcoin in
2017 he was gonna bring but he was gonna
bring Bitcoin to the 4-digit realm again
he was gonna bring it to $1,000 and of
course it just you know the rest is
history it got forgotten Bitcoin on his
own didn’t need freaking Kim calm okay
now he might be a good guy and
everything I know he values some of his
wealth and women you can tell by the
pictures and he talks a big game he is a
big man not the best role model if you
want to live a long time I’ll tell you
that you know value get healthy people
but and so you know a lot of people one
lesson we learn from you again one man
does not control Bitcoin one man does
not make a difference in Bitcoin and
there are a lot of big promises in
Bitcoin through the years you know this
project is going to take it to the next
next level that project one guy’s got
some Dorian idea and then it never even
happens well it eventually morphed into
he was gonna have his own coin or
something like this and so here’s the
news from today I think he was supposed
to be the savior of Bitcoin in early
2017 I mean this is what the talk was in
late 2016
big Phenix and kim comm usually agree to
delay can dot kim coins toke
sails it’s called a Kim coin the risks
associated with raising funds for the
kam token sale have become clearer and
we must put our community’s best
interests first and foremost the
statement reads all right you’re looking
out for your best interest that’s great
hey I still want people to innovate you
know maybe he can do something big for
big coin I don’t I have lost track of
what he was even claiming he was gonna
do with this coin but he’s worried about
the regulations and I think a lot of
people were worried about regulations
when they’re doing these ico type of
deals or ee-i-ee-i-o S or whatever I did
whatever of things are out there now
tell him out like good luck Kim calm but
I I wanted to give all the newbies out
there a little bit of uh some history a
little history lesson baby because late
2016 he was that he was definitely the
talk of the town I don’t know how many
of you guys over there how many of you
guys even remember that that are here in
the shack the beautiful chat someone
says okay very cool yeah all right we
got interesting interesting every I know
I’m not on at a regular scheduled time
I’m in motion dude I got a do a show
when I got to do is show I’m living my
life baby Adelaide Australia what time
is it here it’s uh wound down 1:30 in
the morning
pound it let’s let’s talk about whatever
talk about next
okay this dude that man Odell retweeted
this do you have some ether in meta mask
with a redshift you’re now a Bitcoin
lightning Network user today we’re
launching redshift a powerful payment
tool that makes it simple to send and
accept litecoin payments using bitcoin
or ether no accounts needed alright
that’s pretty innovative there you got
aetherium you’re somehow using lightning
network it’s linked to below everything
I talked about is linked to below so
check that out if you care about that I
know there are a lot of Lightning
Network freaks but there’s some
lightning that were freaks – hey the
theory hey someone’s combining them all
neither drink of water I always drink
one of these before I go to sleep and
I’m going to sleep after this I might
take a walk actually yeah man that’s
that’s working for yourself you drink up
some water before you go to sleep you
might go on a walk stay up till 2:00 in
the morning you never know what’s gonna
happen it’s pretty cool I’ve been doing
this for some time
strong hand baby Oh God in motion baby
so China here’s a that that good a
Twitter thread Twitter feed CN ledger
they tell you directly what’s going on
in China
supposedly well remember China was gonna
ban mining or they were good now all the
sudden they’re reversing everything
crypto mining is no longer to be
eliminated in China today the government
released industrial structure adjustment
guidance catalog crypto mining which was
listed in the draft in April as an
industry to be eliminated is no longer
in the list of pending elimination well
there goes some of that fun for now what
happens if China makes all the miners
illegal what’s gonna happen a bit well
now they like mining again a big big
trio says what do you think of
carbonated water that don’t do it seam
gas seam gas when I’m in Uruguay I see I
say seam gas make sure that it doesn’t
have the bubbles in it I know never have
it never just just regular water so I
don’t think much of it avoid it don’t
see the point of it why would people
want their water to feel like so died I
don’t know I don’t get it but I mean I
never drink I never had Stoke I mean
like I’ve tried soda long a few times in
my life which is very strange
considering that I am from a family that
owned a vending vending company for two
generations on my mother’s side it was
my grandfather and that my father joined
the business and that vending company
has been gone for for quite some time
because vending is not very profitable
anymore at least a small-time vendor and
it’s very regulated and you can’t sell
cigarettes anyway that’s a whole other
another general that was a generation of
stirrers and my mother’s family and it’s
so beautiful to not be in that is that
not even rely on that business all the
Meister’s and my cousins on because my
my uncle is also the business we have
nothing nothing to do with that kind of
hard labor anymore okay you know pick it
up sodas and waking up at 5:00 in the
morning and doing all that stuff that
was for them and they provided a very
good education for us and we don’t do
that we’re all professional dudes now
others why I got a cousin who does
something a little different but ok
enough moving on
so now Adam Meister never had soda
despite his dad like bringing it home
every darn day I did have some of the
candy he would bring home my friends my
friends enjoyed that I had candy and we
went to the candy convention I mentioned
that there actually what there’s
something called the candy convention
and we would go to that when it was in
Washington DC it’s interesting memories
I mentioned that before on this channel
moving on moving on don’t value your
wealth in soda candy and cigarettes
value in Bitcoin baby this is the life
that was that was something for long ago
long ago
alright and God bless those men my uncle
and my grandfather and my father who are
all gone now no doubt having a good
laugh watching this show wherever they
are so uh Twitter a tether where we got
here nick szabo has when banks refused
to do business with crypto traders or
when a government bans trading it
doesn’t stop trainers it just forces
them to find creative solutions if it
were easy for crypto exchanges to use
traditional banking system there would
be no need for tether so there we go
tether has got some real value I mean
for all the hater I again I don’t want
to don’t rate hold strong hand creek
collect your crypto dividend alright
don’t train but people are gonna train
and that tether people value that darn
thing they can keep printing it to
oblivion it still got a use case based
banks and the countries are still going
to make it hard for people to do
business basically to do training to do
whatever teller comes in handy that way
it’s centralized yeah I wouldn’t value
my wealth in acting but for you gambling
addicts out there new traders yeah it
helps out it’s got value thanks for the
so again gold versus Furion poll of mine
is out there I’d link to it below we
should the following when you rather
hold until December twenty twenty one
and right now again aetherium is winning
55 to 45 percent and I think people are
stuck in the mentality that aetherium is
a stand because they think if they would
get out of that and be Stan and I said
this before if they got out of that
mentality they were clearly see it’s
much more convenient to own aetherium
and it’s got such a bigger upside than
gold in the next two years it’s the
future innovation on it and oh I right
before the show went live I put a flash
back tweet of mine from April the 5th of
2016 April the 5th is always a very
lucky day online to that one I don’t
really remember clearly at all I don’t
think anything good happen that day but
this flashback is pretty good it’s
linked to below retweet it retweet the
links retweeted all the stuff it’s a
great way to support the show all right
let’s see if anyone’s got any questions
no big Patera was the last one that type
that that type did bitcoinmeister nobody
else is typing up big guy meister all
right what do we have here so yeah I
mentioned Frank Zappa in the last show
because this is looking like Frank Zappa
suddenly and I said I didn’t think he
really had a real connection to
Baltimore he did he was born in
Baltimore I was incorrect his family
moved around a lot they lived near
Aberdeen Proving Ground which is near
where Cal Ripken grew up and I think he
was exposed to some really Frank Zappa
was exposed to some toxic materials his
dad I think worked for the army and he
lived the couch so it is connection he
was born in Baltimore he lived in
Maryland for a little bit in a pretty
rough connection but there’s a statue of
Frank Zappa I mean he was he was quirky
like a lot of people for balls
I’ll tell you that but he really wasn’t
he was born in Baltimore that’s about it
interesting character you can look him
up on Wikipedia and he he died pretty
young he was exposed to chemicals as a
youth or something like that
oh yeah the last thing I had was about
Tripp their dividends I meant to say I’m
glad I saved this for today I got a I
think something that everyone should do
out there you know for people that are
in the Bitcoin and the crypto Percy’s
you ask him that have you heard of these
cryptic – have you heard of these Forks
and these air drops do you know that you
can just control your Bitcoin you get
interest in your Bitcoin so many people
don’t know it it’s a great topic to
bring up to people it really is because
it’s it’s a hidden I mean that’s why you
get the insider information right here
this is where you get the insider
information and so many it should be
common information so much of the basic
stuff that I’m speaking here hold your
Bitcoin don’t do XYZ is very risky this
is this is for coming Center that having
the having is insider information most
people aren’t going to find out about
until it’s too late
yeah we were talking about they didn’t
have in here 2016 if you were listening
in 2016 you would’ve look at you would
have bought it then you’d be in great
shape there plenty of people I meet that
you know dip less is that that acted
upon this insider information but I’m
gonna I’m gonna ask more of my guests
about the the crypt of dividends and and
your time in the traces thing – I think
it would be a visit it is just a hidden
side of Bitcoin that people don’t know
you get interest on your big coin if you
control your private key you get these
you get these air drops like the MWC
that’s coming out on December 11th or
you the be cash which was unfriendly
fork and the be gold which was a they’ve
been very beneficial to a lot of people
a lot of people including trace mayor
who’s very wealthy man have traded into
their crypto dividends for plenty of
Bitcoin because you know what 80
percenters there for some unknown reason
since they’re gambling
they got gambling issues they pay
Bitcoin for these crypto dividends for
big diamond for whatever hey good for
time that’s their prerogative make us
richer alright everybody
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kids doing pretty darn well now it’s a
great present people you think you’re
giving them a little bit of Bitcoin now
five years later they’re real darn happy
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