Hello my Bitcoin Lifestyle friends and Tron
Today I have another special training for
Tron, that will expand upon the residual income
strategy I taught you how to implement using
the Tron Wallet Me mobile wallet, in one of
my last training videos.
I will put a link to that previous training
video below in the video description.
Because in this video I’m going to just assume
you already know how to earn the daily airdrops
with the Tron Wallet by participating in the
Delegated Proof of Stake based voting system.
But just for those of you who don’t know about
it, or just aren’t doing it yet, I’ll just
give you a quick and basic description of
how that works.
With Tron you can put your holdings in a Tron
wallet, preferably Tron Wallet Me, and ‘freeze’
your Tron.
Which will give you Tron Power in your wallet,
that you can use to vote on Super Representatives
who are running the nodes that are verifying
transactions on the Tron Network.
There are a total of 27 Full Nodes and the
27 Super Representatives with the most votes
on a 24 hour basis, get to each run a node
and earn the mining rewards.
With the mining rewards that they earn, each
Super Representative that is out there, has
some sort of unique thing they are doing to
support and help grow the Tron ecosystem.
Some are social network and educational communities
that are expanding the knowledge and the awareness
of Tron.
Others are behind DAPPs that run on the Tron
blockchain, or video game based companies.
When you vote for a super representative with
your Tron Power, you gain an airdrop of Tron
and sometimes other Tron based tokens on a
daily basis.
How much you get per day will be based on
how much Tron Power you have pledged to vote
for the super representative you vote for,
and what kind of percentages they are paying
out of their mining rewards.
You can explore the payouts offered by the
different super representatives, by using
the website www.tokengoodies.com.
Which offers a breakdown of the percentage
of TRX and other kinds of tokens paid out
by each super representative.
Other than how much total TRX you are getting,
its worth your while to also make sure that
the super representative you are voting for
is doing something good for Tron and the Tron
Which increases the value of your Tron investment
over the long term.
So the way to do that, you could scroll through
this list and see what kind of rewards are
being offered by the different super representatives.
And then you can also click through and check
their websites and learn more about what exactly
that they are doing.
For example ‘SesameSeed’ is actually paying
out SEED, which can be used in the Seed incubator,
its called actually the Seedit Incubator.
Which is a fund for projects that are being
built on the Tron blockchain.
So you can take the SEED, so you can take
the SEED that is airdropped for rewards and
invest in different projects, or you can just
trade it back for Tron.
Or you could use another super representative
for example that pays out Tron, like Bitguild
and just vote for them and you’ll earn Tron
Whatever you want to do, and there’s a bunch
of options, there’s many super representatives
that have their own coins that are running
DAPPs, and you can learn about them and decide
who you want to vote for, depending on what
kind of TRX or Tron Tokens that you want to
So once you have figured out the super representatives
that you want to vote for, and yes you can
actually vote for more than one if you want
And remember you can change your vote at any
time on a daily basis.
Over time I have voted for many different
super representatives, as I have found better
payouts and fundamentals that made me want
to change my vote for them.
This is where the benefits of being a Bitcoin
Lifestyles Club member comes in, because we
have a channel of discussion within my mastermind
chat group on Slack, that is all about Tron.
As we have been investing and trading it since
early 2018, shortly after it launched from
an ICO.
And we have been earning from the airdrops
since the first day that mainnet of Tron went
When it graduated from being an ERC20 token,
and moved from Ethereum to it’s own blockchain,
to become a major competitor in the smart
contract cryptocurrency market.
And in our Mastermind Chat on Slack we have
been constantly discussing who we are voting
for super representatives and we have been
able to quickly find the best payouts and
super reps to vote for, based on the fact
we have a lot of people to test things out,
so we narrow things down quickly.
But I’ll digress for now and get back to the
next part of the training.
So once you have an income of TRX coming from
airdrops, there is a second layer of earning
you can participate in through one of the
most successful Tron DAPPs to date, called
You can access it through the DAPP section
of your Tron Wallet Me mobile app, by clicking
the globe icon at the bottom right here.
Then we will select Tronbet from the DAPP
You may need to slide the bottom menu if you
are accessing this for the first time.
Tronbet is an online casino that has several
types of gambling style games including DICE.
They have a roadmap for expansion that includes
adding card games, slots and other types of
games coming soon.
What makes Tron Bet so unique is that it’s
a first of it’s kind in the world of online
gambling for two major reasons.
First off the games are proven to be honest
thanks to the code of the smart contracts,
that has to be executed as it’s been programmed.
Secondly, Tronbet provides a revenue payout
of Tron to all the holders of it’s native
token created on the Tron blockchain, called
Tronbet pays out 60% of all the money it earned
from losing players that day from it’s games,
to holders of ANTE.
The other 40% goes to Tronbet.
ANTE can be earned by simply playing Tron
Bet games and you can earn it whether you
win or lose.
You can also trade your Tron to get ANTE on
a couple of the decentralized exchange DAPPs
that are available on the Tron blockchain.
And easily accessible via your Tron Wallet
Me mobile app.
I will show you where to do that a bit later
in the video.
Tron Bet has a little navigation at the top
of the screen, it actually interfaces with
the Tron Trade exchange DAPP.
If you click the exchange button, it goes
right to TronTrade.
But for now, we are just going to focus on
the most important area in regard to making
the residual earnings happen with your ANTE
Click the navigational item that says ‘dividends’
right under where it says ‘English’ for the
language setting.
This will show you the current level of available
dividends of TRX that are built up for payout
at the end of the day so far.
It also shows you, how much ANTE in total
is frozen across the network.
This is important because the TRX is split
up amongst the ANTE holders fairly and proportionately
according to how much ANTE that each person
So you will notice at this point it says that
I will earn 329.97 TRX and 18.44 BTT or Bittorrent
And that there is 5 hours left until the next
daily dividends payout actually happens.
If I scroll down a little bit, you will notice
a few fields for ‘Available’, ‘Withdrawn’,
and ‘Frozen’.
And that I have 1,982 ANTE tokens.
Which will give you an idea of how much Tron
you earn, based on the current dividends,
that you see on the screen here.
And on average, the dividends will be 4-5
million Tron per day.
Today in particular there is already over
10 million in TRX dividends that’s going to
be paid out to ANTE holders.
So it’s actually an UP day!
So back to these fields here.
You use the ‘withdraw’ option when you have
earned some ANTE by playing games on Tronbet.
It will appear in this ‘Available’ field,
that is the top field of these three that
you see here.
Next once its withdrawn, or if you have picked
up some ANTE and currently have it in your
Tron Wallet Me wallet app.
It will show here in the ‘withdrawn’ field.
When you have ANTE showing in this middle
field, you can just press the ‘Freeze’ button,
to add your ANTE to the ‘Frozen’ field.
When you have ANTE ‘Frozen’, you will be able
to earn from the daily dividends distributed
by the operation of the Tronbet blockchain
Which runs its games 24-7 365.
So there is yet another layer to this other
than earning a residual income of Tron through
ANTE has a boom and bust market cycle that
we can trade for profit, just like any other
So we can take advantage to buy it low and
hold it to earn the dividends until it peaks
to a high price at which point we can sell
ANTE for a significant profit of Tron.
Then wait to rebuy ANTE when it hits its next
It’s recommended to use the daily chart in
the process of making that determination,
when the coin is low.
For those of you know what that means.
And I’ll show you just in a little bit, just
as an example.
So I have mentioned that Tronbet is already
connected to TronTrade.
So I’ll show you how to access that.
From here we will just click the ‘x’ at the
upper right hand corner of the screen, to
get out of the dividends section.
Then all you have to do is click the ‘Exchange’
link, in the top navigation here.
This will bring you into the Tron Trade decentralized
exchange DAPP.
From here you can just click the ANTE token
listing, you see here below.
This will open up the exchange page for ANTE.
From here if you have ‘unfrozen’ TRX in the
available balance of your Tron Wallet Me app,
it will display in the TRX balance on this
As you can see, I have 142.97 Tron available
at this moment.
If we just scroll down a bit, you can see
that you can select to change the form to
either the ‘buying’ or ‘selling’ function.
Just by pressing these buttons.
And you simply have to fill the ‘price’ field,
with the price in Tron tokens, that you want
to set your bid for ANTE.
So for an example, we’ll put in a bid at 20
Tron tokens which is lower than the current
price that it is trading for.
Say if you wanted to set a bid, in case the
price dropped.
And then you can put the amount of ANTE you’d
like to buy for that price in the next field.
I will just arbitrarily type in 4 ANTE, because
I don’t have that much TRX here.
And as you can see, it actually moves the
little percentage slider to the actual percentage
of how much TRX it uses from my balance.
Which right now that would be using 57% of
my TRX balance, that’s unfrozen in my Tron
Wallet Me app.
And you can just use that slider if you want
to set the amount of how much ANTE that you
purchase, if you want to use 100% of your
Tron, you can just set it to 100%.
And once you have your order set, all you
have to do is click ‘Buy’ in order to complete
So just as an example, I’ll put just 1.11
Click the buy button real quick.
Wait for the transaction to happen.
We just have to click ‘confirm’ to accept
And actually that’s just going to put a ‘bid’
in, because right now the price of ANTE is
higher than 20.
But if it drops down to 20, my bid for 1.119
ANTE will fill.
Now if we scroll down a little bit more, you
have more data to look at in order to inform
your trading.
Including the ‘Buying’ and ‘Selling’ order
Which you can expand if you press the little
arrow in the middle.
You can get the whole selling side that you
can scroll through.
Or you can get the buying side of orders,
and scroll through those.
Then you have the candlestick chart, another
list of the various markets available on the
TronTrade exchange.
You have a live running list of the most recent
Then you have your ‘Open Orders’ list, and
buying and selling history, down here at the
So it shows that Open Order that I have for
ANTE right here.
I can go ahead and ‘cancel’ that if I want
to, just pressing the ‘cancel’.
And then we’ll just confirm the cancelling
of that order like so.
Of course I don’t have an order history on
this exchange because I have actually purchased
ANTE for the first time on TRX Market.
And I’ll show you that a little bit later
in the video as well.
So we can talk about my recent purchase of
ANTE that I made.
Now if we scroll back up to the candlestick
chart, I’ll just show you real quick how you
can change the time frame up to 5 minutes,
30 minutes, 1 hour, 1 day, 1 week or 1 month
long candlestick time frames.
All you have to do is click these buttons
at the top.
Right now its on 5 minute candles.
So here it is, 30 minutes.
Takes just a moment for it to load, but it
will change to 30 minute candlesticks.
There it is.
We’ll try the 1 day candlesticks just for
And this is the time frame that I’d recommend
that you find where ANTE is either high or
low and trade accordingly.
So for example, the other day, I found that
ANTE was low around 23.
Actually it had already bounced and I missed
the lowest part around 18 TRX per coin, and
I ended up buying around 23 TRX per coin.
And since then its risen to 26 so that was
actually a good time to buy.
Basically I’m just making a rule of thumb
to buy ANTE when its generally low.
That way when it goes high again, you know
it might go to like 40 TRX next, you never
On the next high, sell it there and make a
significant profit, you could almost double
your TRX probably the next time ANTE makes
a new high, you never know.
Can’t make any guarantees on that, you know
this is not financial advice of course but
this is just looking at a way, that you can
look at the market and make determinations
of when to buy and sell.
And this is a very basic recommendation for
those of you that don’t have further knowledge
when it comes to trading cryptocurrency markets
or financial markets in general.
Just a little tip for you here, okay?
And for those of you that do [have experience]
then you probably already know that the daily
time frame is one of the best and most profitable
time frames to trade on for any coin in the
But of course I also recommend gaining access
to my Bitcoin Lifestyles Club Mastermind Chat
Group on Slack, where we are constantly analyzing
the market and finding the highs and lows
of all the coins that we’re involved in trading,
investing and mining.
So we can maximise our trading strategies
and bitcoin profit as a result.
It helps to have other people, some or many
of which [depending on your personal experience]
will have more experience than you or just
as much if you are very experienced, and valuable
insights that you can profit from.
Even if you are already a crypto trading guru
like myself.
You would still benefit greatly from the ability
to tap into the daily teamwork and market
research and information flow of over 500
crypto traders from all over the world as
we discuss the market daily.
Because those that succeed at the highest
level in the cryptocurrency market and markets
in general, have the information at the fingertips
daily and ahead of the curve.
And that’s exactly what we are doing in my
But once again, let me digress and get back
to one last part of the this training.
Just in an effort to show you the options
that are out there for decentralized exchanges,
we’re going to checkout the other option easily
available via your Tron Wallet Me app, called
the TRX Market.
We will just back out of the TronTrade DAPP,
by using the four little square icons at the
bottom of the Tron Wallet Me app.
And this will bring us back to the DAPP menu
screen, where we can then select the TRX Market.
I’ll just have to scroll to find that.
Once we are into TRX Market, you just have
to click the ‘Login’ button at the top right.
This is the one thing they need to improve
with this particular exchange DAPP, TRX Market.
I’m sure they will soon, because this is a
great DAPP.
And a great exchange, its just that its extremely
hard to actually login.
You have to try to press the login button
on the upper right hand corner for maybe a
few minutes until it eventually, where it
would say ‘login’ right now, it would show
a shortened version of your wallet address.
And that’s how you know that your logged in.
I’ll just go ahead and do that myself, and
edit the video so you don’t have to wait for
me to have success logging in.
And when you finally login, it will look like
this in the upper right hand corner, where
it just shows a few first digits of your wallet
receiving address and a few last digits of
your wallet receiving address.
So that’s how you’ll know that your finally
logged in.
And I think I might have found a trick, if
you just log right out of the exchange page
real quick by using the little multi squares
button down at the bottom middle of the app
navigation, then go right back into the TRX
Market DAPP, and then immediately click the
login button, that seems to log it right in.
So once you are logged in, it works very similar
to Tron Trade, it just has some other coin
markets trading on here as well.
Overall I really like how this one works,
just like TronTrade.
Just click the ANTE listing page from the
coin listings you see below in the TRX markets.
And it will have a very similar array of the
expected options that we’d see at any exchange,
just like TronTrade that we just went through.
I’m just going to scroll all the way down
to show you my trade history.
Just have to click where it says ‘My Tradings’,
and as you can see I have a ‘Buy’ from 3-17
2019 at the price of 23.5 TRX per ANTE.
If I scroll it to the right a little bit,
you can see it shows I picked up 1882+ ANTE
for 43,949 TRX.
And that the trade is 100% complete.
I had earned the 43,949 TRX from the past
26 days of airdrop earnings, voting for the
particular super representatives that I am,
through the Tron Wallet Me, with around 9
million plus TRX balance dedicated towards
that activity of residual earning through
the TRX airdrops.
Again, I will put the link to the last training
video where I showed you exactly all the steps
to start doing that, just like me.
If you are not already doing it at this time.
I will put that link right below this video,
in the video description on YouTube.
But all in all, it’s pretty easy for me to
turn around with my basically free TRX daily
airdrop earnings and trade them for ANTE,
which can not only produce further residual
income opportunity, but it’s also a great
trading opportunity in and of itself.
ANTE will surely continue to grow in value
through its ups and downs, as the Tron user
base grows.
And more and more people from around the world
use the Tronbet app, and start investing in
They have a rapidly expanding user base at
the time of this video, and I’m sure that’s
only going to continue and grow.
And of course again, don’t take any of this
as financial advice, just use your best judgement
when participating in the cryptocurrency market.
I actually have an image here just to show
as an example of what an early adopter of
ANTE earned on 1 day about a week and a half
ago before I shot this video.
This image is from a whale’s account, who
has 112,889 ANTE tokens.
On this particular day, there was 6 million
plus in Tron dividends with 6 hours left for
the dividends to increase from the gaming.
And he has already qualified to earn 12,823
TRX and 727 BTT.
Just the 12,823 TRX alone as of the time of
this video is almost 0.08 bitcoins per day
worth of Tron.
Which is an incredible residual income.
He can earn the same amount of Tron in 3.25
days that it takes me to earn in 26 days,
which was about 0.26 bitcoin if you recall
Just to put that in perspective and show you
the power of this growing Tronbet blockchain
casino, and the ANTE token.
Which exists on the already amazing Tron blockchain.
I hope you found massive value in this expansion
strategy for your Tron Wallet Me Residual
DPOS Airdrop Earnings that you may or may
not already be participating in.
If you are not already earning from the Tron
airdrops, man you are missing out!
You better check out the description below
this video here on YouTube for a link to the
video training where I teach you exactly how
to setup your residual income with TRX step
by step.
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