u.s. President Trump has lashed out
against China for manipulating its currency a move by Beijing that allows a
UN to drop to a load not seen in more than a decade he also saved some fire
for the Federal Reserve pushing the Fed to further cut rates Kimio Sutton tells
us more as the Chinese one dropped to its lowest levels against a u.s. dollar
in 11 years president Trump on Monday accused
Beijing of manipulating its currency he said in a tweet that this is called
quote currency manipulation he also expressed his dissatisfaction in the US
Federal Reserve continuing to push the Fed to cut interest rates to weaken the
strong dollar he also slammed China for stealing American businesses and
factories hurting American jobs through its currency manipulation the riad
dropped and crossed a psychologically sensitive level of 7/2 the u.s.
greenback on Monday the lowest levels at the global
financial crisis in 2008 his comments come less than three months after his
own administration decided not to label China a currency manipulator
they also come just days after Trump proposed an additional 10 percent tariff
on Chinese imports worth 300 billion dollars that would take effect on
September 1st analysts forecast China’s currency drop could trigger an all-out
currency war between Washington and Beijing Kunsan Arirang news