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what’s going on guys happy Monday wow what a weekend huh so what’s going on
finally finally Trog showed a little life on the BTC chart we got all the way
down to about 136 learn 35 SATs and you know a lot of people were freaking out
you know it was pretty pretty friggin low but that’s kind of the important
chart that you know we want to see some life out of Tron and that is the Satoshi
chart because like I said it just was like you know now what I’d like to see
in a stronger candle at the bottom yeah I had actually thought of making some
Tron you know what it was down 136 you know I
never try and chase the bottom per se but I kind of want her wait to see it
confirm because based on how we were trendy you know we were looking at oh
man we’re on our way to 100 sex so you know it’s a good thing to see
bitcoins kind of trading sideways I’m not a ton going on there
other DAP is topia rake so we have this news it’s not confirmed exactly the date
time all that monkey business but basically topia is going to suppose
it now this is 100% confirm do a rake on all tokens so that includes token shares
topia the point itself and then obviously diamonds still have their
normal shares now the first question is obvious doesn’t that make diamonds not
as rare well yes diamonds will still get the
lion’s share of the rake I would have sound but you know the fact that toca
shares and topia itself basically what they’re saying now is there will always
be dividends basically even if someone places one bet they’ll still be
dividends on you know whatever it is now what do you get do you get obviously
diamonds are astronomical in Christ I do see the price of diamonds coming
down once people you know see what the rake brings in now will there be a bonus
if the divs are positive as well so you would get break and dibs I’m not sure
about that you have to check out the telegram you know obviously if you have
specific questions they do their best to the answer about a lot of times you know
you get general soon or not confirmed or whatever so it’s gonna be interesting to
see so basically the casinos are operating on rake instead
profit or loss to pay dividends so be interesting what else
my honey factory I’ve caught a lot of flack about my honey the contract goes
is still going up I couldn’t believe it I’m about 70 percent ROI on that it’s going along well I mean I can’t
complain a whale hasn’t come in and tried to wipe
the contract yet so that’s fantastic because you know I kind of postulated
that if you got to those 125% B levels that you could exponentially drain the
contract I mean ultimately we know what’s gonna happen the contracts gonna
get drain doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure that out
so hopefully you got in early enough to break even and get your house money back
I don’t know man this could turn out to be really really
good or it could go in direct mode if like I said a whale came in and dropped
like a million into the contract now the one thing that is different with the B’s
and others is you don’t get wax dividends from buy-ins so from that
standpoint you know a lot of contracts are Oh eyes will pay less people get in
and that’s kind of how people double stack on top of their daily stack but
with the B contract the devs get 10% of the wax and you know I think that’s part of what is
actually helping the contract is the fact that there are no like double-dip
stacking you know per se from other you know basically if you get in super early
you get paid from other people getting in and it’s not designed that way so I
actually I actually think that’s a good thing because a higher percentage goes
back to the players so any other nude apps yeah still trying to build my
credits back up ah man 87,000 so I’ll probably do 10,000 10,000 credit
by this morning or maybe get a little banker as well because I I powered up my
banker that was my strategy was to get my banker level as high as possible as
quickly as possible so I’m a level floor on my banker so I actually sold a bunch
of my stack in order to power up because of Tron gets expensive powering
up will give will be very expensive you know if tromelin took two four cents
and next week powering up your levels would be very
expensive so that was kind of what my goal was was
to get that power level up as fast as possible so yeah
credits I’m trying to get back to a hundred thousand like I said I put a
hundred eighty thousand into the B contract and I was kind of alternating
getting credits they’re getting a little bit coin back so yeah I can’t complain
where do I want to get my credits well if I if I hit ROI on my beat contract
I’ll probably I’ll probably start stacking heavy on my credits because I
was at four hundred thousand and those days were juicy so I’m missing my divs
there but I took a little risk to possibly you know do two things get a
better BTC position and also to get into adapt that I thought I could
make a better stack back and but obviously long-term I want to have a
bunch of credits I want a million credits is what I want that’s that’s my
goal so I’ll probably try to stack my million credits before I focus on my
banker per se so that’s kind of my strategy but you know the big thing to
is make sure you have as teller always says make sure you have a comfortable
position and then when going in hold you know you want to get that Bitcoin and
I’ll tell you what if anything with these vaults going down if it hasn’t
taught you that is to pay your position and Bitcoin as quickly as possible
you know I actually sacrificed my position in the bankroll networks in
order to get a better Bitcoin position because I’ve been in crypto for two
years and I literally had zero big-10 so there’s just no excuse for that and it
wasn’t really a good strategy because every time you know
we gave compression the holes just get annihilated
when is the same payment so do you give up a lot of upside you know blue bags
yeah but you know you want to have that position with your Bitcoin after you
have that you know then get your your bankroll action on and as always my
favorite product is just starting with credits so that’s it that’s today’s
thoughts and news I appreciate your watching if you like
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