Happy December everybody! We are in the
beginning of one of the most wonderful months of the year the holiday season in
the Tucson Unified community. Certainly hope that you’re having a great great
week. I am here at one of the crown jewels of the central city corridor
Peter Howell Elementary – OMA Gold school, basketball season’s getting ready to
start, home of a wonderful cluster GATE program – had a wonderful visit here today.
Here to tell us a little bit more about the district’s newest B-rated elementary
school is its principal Jaquetta Alexander. That is right Dr. Trujillo we
are B-rated and we have worked really hard to get there. That says a lot about
our teaching, our staff, our students, our community and our parents. Along with
that B-rating, behind that B-rating is our OMA Gold status – it’s our GATE
cluster that you were just talking about. It is the sports and the
extracurriculars that we offer – Student Council, Kind Club etc and just a really
great community so I’d like to invite you to come out and visit us give us a
call and we’ll set up a meeting. As you can see Peter Howell Elementary
like all of our Tucson Unified schools is powered by its people and just this
week the Tucson Unified world lost one of its best people – Mr. Vernon Wilhite
transportation supervisor of ten years in the Tucson Unified community passed
away unexpectedly. The entire Tucson community mourns with our Transportation
Department the passing of one of our most beloved employees. And though we
work many positions in many parts of the district we are one family. Rest in peace
Mr. Wilhite. Everybody have a great week