hello everybody so, in the previous
tutorial I showed you how to set up your Ledger Nano S, and also how to use the
ledger live wallet on your PC. In this tutorial I’m going to show you how you
can send and receive different cryptocurrencies, using the Ledger nano S
and your ledger live wallet, so let’s get . so if you want to receive
ethereum for example what you need to do is click on, so make sure that your
account is selected so click on Ethereum, then you can click on receive
so make sure that your ledger device is connected, if for some reason you
haven’t been doing anything and it’s dormant, you might have to re-enter your
pin, so I’m just going to do that for my case, I’m going to navigate to Ethereum
and then make sure that the two buttons at the top are pressed, simultaneously, so
at the same time, there you go and now I’m going to click on continue
it says the ethereum receive address will be displayed on your device
carefully verify that it matches the address on your computer so let’s click
on verify so this is the address you want to copy it ;so click on copy. Now,
what I need to do is go to say an exchange where I have Ethereum, so I’m
going to go to coin base Pro this is one of many exchanges where you can buy
a ethereum from, I’m going to click on withdraw.
select currency so Ethereum again I’m going to paste that address here ok so
the address that we’ve copied from here, so I’ve pasted that in here and then in
this part where it says amount I’m just going to add one Ethereum which is
worth 156 pounds at the moment and then I’m going to redraw that Ethereum so
you click on it. So again I need to confirm that with my 2-step verification
code. and this is something I do recommend that you have a 2-step
verification code which just makes everything a lot more secure , you can
easily set when you have a coin base account, and
here we can X out .and our ethereum should show within the next couple of minutes
to an hour so you can log out of your ledeger alive alright so it’s been
about five minutes and as you can see one if ethereum has been added to my
account and if I check my portfolio it again shows that I have 194 dollars and
66 cents, and obviously that’s from the ethereum that has been added so this is
how you can send and receive cryptocurrencies in the next video I’m
going to show you how to add multiple cryptocurrencies onto your Ledger Nano S
even though it says that the storage space is full so this is a common
problem that people experience and I’ll show you how to get around that all