London listen up, we will be with you
taking our checklist-based
trading strategies
on the back of the CC Forum,
October 12th at the Queen
Elizabeth Conference Centre.
If you want to learn these checklist-based
trading strategies that
I’ve been employing
for quite some time, and you
want to learn it in person,
get your self booked now.
We have thousands of
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From there we move on to
Malta on the 9th of November.
That’ll be at the
Intercontinental Hotel in Malta,
also backing on to the back of an event,
which is Malta AI & Blockchain Summit.
Again, thousands of people expected
so get your spot quickly.
From Malta straight across
the pond to Singapore.
November 16 at Marina Bay Sands,
another event we are
tacking on to the end of,
which is called Block Show.
Again this has got thousands of people,
so if you wanna come
along get in there quick.
And finally, back in Sydney
on the 23rd and 24th,
at the Rydges World Square.
So guys, whether it be
London, Malta, Singapore,
you need to get yourself
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if you wanna learn the
checklist-based trading
that I employ and use daily.
Very simple stuff guys,
go to
and book your spot right now.
Ladies and gentlemen,
welcome to the “TraderCobb Crypto Show.”
I have been looking forward to
interviewing this gentleman,
and I really truly mean
that as a gentleman,
for quite some time.
I have got the man behind CC Forum,
which is an amazing event in London,
that is going to be there through October.
Now I’m gonna tell you right now,
it’s the 13th, sorry the
14th and the 16th of October.
I will also have an
event tacked on to that.
Max Studennikoff, it is
an absolute pleasure.
He is a CEO and co-founder
of this place.
– The pleasure is mine Craig.
– And I will tell you a couple of things,
we’ve got a lot to talk about man,
so thank you so much for your time,
I really do appreciate it,
all the way out from the UK,
or are you in France right now?
– I’m in France at the
moment, doesn’t really matter.
I’m commuting to Paris
from, to London from Paris,
so it’s vice versa.
We are not based in Paris,
but we have a little chateau
not far from Paris, and
that’s what we’re using
for our residential purposes.
But the event is, well in the UK, yes.
It’s in the very heart of the
financial center of the world,
if I may say so.
And it boasts the shortest
– Absolutely.
– Distance from the Big Ben
and the Houses of Parliament.
– And let me just say,
– It’s the
Queen Elizabeth Centre.
– When Max says he has a little chateau.
I mean this thing is,
I’m looking at it to my left-hand screen,
I mean this thing is, it’s out of museums.
It’s out of like “Eyes Wide Shut”,
this thing is amazing.
So congratulations on your prior success,
we’re gonna touch on that in a minute.
But what I really wanna ask you about,
sorta to kick this interview off,
is about the CC Forum.
I mean, look mate you’ve had success
in multiple startups, in multiple sectors.
I mean you’ve been in
property development,
hospitality, education.
These are different
businesses that you’ve run,
and clearly you’ve been very
good at what you’ve done.
– Thank you.
– Why CC Forum,
and what’s the message
you’re trying to portray?
I mean it’s blockchain and AI.
Do you want to tell us a little
bit about your motivation,
and what the event is?
– Absolutely.
Right, to me it’s a bit
of like stepping back
to what I started from Craig,
because I was doing a lot of conferences
and exhibitions and
events, some 20 years back.
But because I got fascinated with the,
shall I say, philosophical
side of blockchain, really.
It really just hooked me,
and I decided to step back in there,
because that’s where I see where
the mankind is gonna go to.
To me it’s a bigger thing
than the internet is.
Back in the late ’90s I was
organizing a lot of events
on the so-called web.
It’s now known as a utility,
it’s a utility, internet.
So to me blockchain is a bigger
thing than the internet is.
The whole concept of CC Forum was born
over a pint of beer with Vinay Gupta.
– Oh, I know Vinay,
I’ve interviewed Vinay.
The listeners and viewers
– He’s a very good
friend of mine.
– Will know Vinay.
Very intelligent man.
– Absolutely.
For me he’s like
– Ethereum,
– A renaissance man.
– I think it was.
– If, yeah, he was behind, he
was launching the Ethereum,
and you’d be surprised to
know that Vitalik Buterin
was staying in his house, in
the basement, five years ago,
because he didn’t have anywhere to stay.
Vinay was putting him up with
a little room downstairs.
So anyway, we talked about it,
for quite a number of occasions.
And it was really, the concept of CC Forum
was shaped through these talks with Vinay.
To me he’s a renaissance man really.
So his mind is so well
stored with knowledge,
and he’s very, very
knowledgeable about the next–
(Craig chuckles)
He’s been wearing many hats really.
But there’s one particular thing
that really jumped to our minds,
is that we need to come up with a event
for the movers and shakers, okay?
It’s not for entertaining the crowd,
it’s not for anything superficial,
it has to be really in-depth,
broad, wide and deep.
It is, it has been conceived as the event
for the world transformers.
So I’m really pleased to mention to you
that we have really some of the brightest
thought leaders in the space joining us
in London on the 15th
and the 16th of October.
They’re, I mean, it’s
amazing that most of them,
they’ve got really,
really tough schedules,
they’re all, you know, tearing it all up,
and their itineraries and
their travel arrangements,
they’re all coming to
London to take part in that.
The reason being is that
we seem to have succeeded
in building this global platform
where thought leaders,
investors, politicians,
policy makers, can come up
with global announcements
and we’re pleased to tell you that
we’ve got a number of big companies
will be launching their
products and services
from CC Forum.
Like for example, Mr Manno,
he’s a Japanese billionaire,
he’s coming to London, he’s chosen us,
to launch his one billion cryptobank,
Fusion Bank it’s called.
I’m sure that that will
make headlines, okay.
– Mm, globally.
– Globally yes.
He has not opted for any other event,
including out respected competitors.
He’s chosen London and CC Forum
to make his global announcement
for the Fusion Bank.
You’ll certainly hear a
lot of things about it.
So that’s what makes things really,
it’s the high quality,
it’s not so much about the.
Numbers are significant by the way,
we’re expecting from two to 3,000 people.
Which is already more
than Consensus had in May,
for all my admiration
for this event really.
So we were starting out last
year with a humble 700 people.
And we were as happy as Larry.
But this time round
it’s our third edition,
and we’re looking at between
two to 3,000 attendees.
But it’s the quality of the
attendees that really matters.
I’m happy to tell you more about who,
and what, we’re expecting there,
so that you can just
have a larger picture of.
Shall I do that?
– Well let’s get there.
I wanna ask that question
in just a moment.
– Please do.
– One thing I will say Max,
is that I have done a number
of international events,
I have done Consensus in New York.
I’ve been to Dubai,
I’ve been to Hong Kong,
I’ve been to Malay, I’ve done
a number of different events.
And for the whole.
For my audience, who I respect
greatly and enormously,
these are people that tend
to be relatively intelligent
I would hope, and I know they are.
We’ve focused on the
podcast way of doing things,
because we understand
that successful people
don’t have a great deal
of time to watch YouTube,
and they’re not necessarily wound in
by a 22-year-old or 24-year-old
talking about the
fundamentals of a project
when the fundamentals in our world,
being finance backgrounds,
or business backgrounds,
is that, well there really are
no fundamentals outside a team.
So it’s, I speak to an
audience about business,
I speak to an audience about opportunity,
I speak to an audience about prospects
they have the opportunity
to research more into.
And I go to these events,
and I’ve got to say that,
I mean I haven’t been to your event yet,
I will be there in London
for the event ladies and gentlemen,
the 16th, I have a 3:25 p.m
slot to speak and present,
if you wish to come along please do,
I’ll have a stand there.
You can come and speak to us,
my team will have some presentations to do
and it’ll be a fantastic event.
But, it’s not just about
numbers, it’s the caliber.
You know people these days,
especially in this blockchain space,
I’m not speaking for AI here Max,
I’m speaking about blockchain,
all they care about is how many
YouTube followers you have.
And for me as a business person,
and a, I suppose, a logical thinker,
it’s not about the numbers.
You know, you can put
– Exactly, right you are.
– So much dirt through a mining machine
and there’s no gold there,
you’re not gonna get any gold at the end.
Doesn’t matter how much
dirt you put at the top end.
An event like the CC Forum.
– Right you are, absolutely.
– Blockchain, AI event held outta London,
it’s about who is there.
– That’s why I’ve been
– That’s where the value is.
– So selective
about the quality of speakers
and thought leaders’ll be joining us.
We have, well the biggest
names in the industry.
Well it even goes beyond that.
Not only do we have
the likes of Roger Ver,
Brock Pierce, Bobby Lee,
Tone Vays, Thomas Power,
Vinay Gupta, the list goes on,
but we also have people
who are just marginally
connected to the blockchain industry,
or probably even sometimes anti though,
like Nouriel Roubini.
He’s coming over to take
part in the heated debates
with the crypto people,
who’re heavyweights.
So that’s gonna be
really, really exciting.
– Fiery.
– And we have a very unique panel.
On one panel you will see Nouriel Roubini
debating with Roger Ver, Brock Pierce,
Bobby Lee and Tone Vays, all in one place.
Because CC Forum, it’s not a,
first of all it’s not a
crypto event as such, okay.
Yes, crypto event, crypto
theme is of vital importance,
it’s paramount perhaps,
but it’s not the only one.
It’s more about emerging
technologies as such, okay?
And that involves a lot of other issues,
like blockchain, AI,
FinTech, big data, IoT.
So it’s a larger picture than that really.
So, and we even have
something that very few
conferences actually might boast of,
we have four Lords, four members
of the British Parliament.
– I saw that.
– Keynoting.
It’s unheard of for any
launching conference in the UK.
We have two members of the
European Parliament coming over,
that being Eva Kaili,
she’s in charge of emerging technologies
in the European Commission,
and we have Dimitrios Psarrakis who wrote
the legislation act for
the European Commission.
So the two key members of
the European Parliament
are coming over to keynote at CC Forum.
We have members of the
Royal families coming over,
we have Sheiks, we have billionaires.
It’s just really, it’s all about
the seeding and filtering the quality
of people that we’re really working with.
Every day we have like
three or four requests
or suggestions from top notch speakers
asking us to get them
on any panel, whatever,
but we have to say no to most of them
because we just, we’re really,
really swamped and full.
So it’s all about maintaining
the topmost standard
of speakers that matters.
– The right people, the right conference,
the right city, I really am a big–
– And the right place I would say.
It is the most central
venue you can get in London,
it’s literally 100 meters from the Big Ben
and the Houses of Parliament.
And that’s one of the reasons
why the Lords are so numerous,
’cause it’s easier for them
to walk across the gardens
than traveling to the
city or something.
– And Lords and Ladies,
oh Lordy, Lordy, Lordy.
I won’t catch a black cab, I wanna walk.
Right, so look, I do
appreciate the fact that,
I mean I’ve looked through your audience,
and of course, I will tell
the listeners and viewers
that on very, very short notice,
the whole Trader Cobb team and brand
has literally put all our energy,
in the middle of an
international and national tour,
to drop everything with about, oh,
one month notice to get over there.
There’s one reason why we’re doing that
ladies and gentlemen,
we wanna be involved with this event.
And if you’re listening here
and you wanna be at the
forefront of innovation,
around the forefront
thinkers of the development
of that information, and
if you wanna get that,
you know people want that inside edge,
the CC Forum Blockchain & AI
is where it’s going to be.
And that’s the only reason
we’ve done what we’ve done.
We are taking a risk doing this,
but we feel as though it’s
really, really important
to be there.
So my from my point of
view, I understand it.
Who do you speak to to come along?
Obviously you are looking at a
higher echelon of individual,
I would imagine, just
because of the extent
of fantastic speakers, and
attendees, that you have.
You’ve done it very affordable,
which I really highly respect by the way.
I think that some of these other events
that will remain nameless,
charge an arm and a leg, and
the margins on those tickets,
oh my goodness, they are just phenomenal.
But it seems to me Max,
that you’re more looking
for the right people in the right place
to provide education from the educators,
– Absolutely.
– Legislators mouths.
– It’s a mission really,
yes it’s a bit of a mission really.
It’s, you’re absolutely right Craig,
there’s a great deal of
missionary zeal involved here.
We are really keen on reaching out as many
layers of people, it’s not
all about high-profile.
Yes, the high-profile are speakers,
but not so much there to lead really.
It caters for a variety of categories;
investors, startups, geeks,
nerds, policy makers,
blockchain and AI enthusiasts,
so it’s a variety of
categories involved here.
The other thing that might be interesting
for your audience to know is that,
what is the format of CC Forum?
Yes, it’s a three-day,
very intense program.
We have welcoming drinks
on the 14th of October.
But the main, the heat of
the action will take place
on the 15th and and the 16th.
We have a range of networking events,
and that’s probably, will be
for the higher-end attendees.
We have the black tie
awards giving ceremony
and gala VIP dinner for
investors on the 15th of October.
I bet you don’t get that many blockchain
and crypto events with tux involved.
Now that came across really,
really well last year.
We kicked off in, I think, about October,
around the Halloween time,
back in October last year.
And it came across remarkably well,
because part of the gala dinner
was also the cultural program,
and also people keep
up the same tradition.
Last year we had the first ever
tokenized musical
instrument played for us,
a Stradivarius violin worth a
whopping nine million pounds.
– What?
– That’s the project of Vinay Gupta,
yes Mattereum, yes.
And we had a very highly
accomplished violinist
playing for us on this instrument,
the first ever tokenized I’m emphasizing.
So this year, I’m not gonna reveal,
but we will have a couple
of surprises up our sleeve.
And these are big names from
the classical music world,
that’s part and parcel of the gala dinner.
that we’ll be having for the investors,
there’ll be speeches,
there’ll be greetings,
there’ll be awards giving.
And we have seven nominations by the way,
feel free to apply if
you feel you can qualify.
I’m talking to the audience now.
Blockchain and AI Thought
Leader of the Year,
Journalist of the Year,
Entrepreneur of the Year,
Investor of the Year.
If you just go to our
you’ll see all these categories
and everyone, either as an
entity or as an individual,
are welcome to apply there.
So that makes really, really
the networking program,
I would say, unique, because as I’m saying
you don’t have that many
black tie gala dinners
celebrating the achievements
in the industry anywhere else.
We’ll have private retreats,
we’ll have networking drinks parties,
and we even have
Goldfingr’s Gold Deal Club
as part of our CC Forum.
It’s actually, it’s pretty famous.
It’s a satellite event,
which is part and parcel of CC forum,
on the 16th of October.
Okay, so those VIP guests
that will be attending
the program of CC Forum,
they’re complimentarily invited
to attend the Goldfingr’s
event on the 16th, okay.
We’ll have a buzzing exhibition,
about 1,000 square meters,
so it’s really big.
We’re almost sold out,
but very limited availability
remains available
so feel free to jump on the bandwagon.
And we’re prepared to even slash prices
because last minute deals,
but it will be buzzing,
buzzing, buzzing show.
And hopefully, Craig, your
editor will be there as well and.
– No hopefully, mate,
– We can have a lot.
– We will, we walk in the door
– I’m looking forward to that
and we perform.
– Amazingly.
Yes, that.
There are also two other
things that I don’t think,
I’ll struggle to think
about any other blockchain
or any AI conference that will be doing,
because we are positioned
in the investment niche,
that means that our most
important mission I’d say,
is connecting global promising startups
with the investors in situ.
We’re pleased to announce
that we’ll be having
the so-called Investors Hub.
What that is, it’s a roped off VIP area
with about 25 to 30
biggest family offices,
investment funds, and VC capital firms,
and startups will have
a unique opportunity
of approaching the
decision makers in situ,
subject to prior arrangement,
and doing a speed-dating,
direct to the decision makers in situ.
It has not been done before.
It worked very well last year.
And we had the startups
queuing up in a line
to grab a five-minute slot
with the decision makers.
You’re talking about big money there.
These 25 investors, entitors,
they have around about $50
billion under management.
It’s serious, okay?
And these are not any old investors,
but these are particular entities
that a focused interest
in blockchain and AI,
and FinTech in general.
So this is really something
we want to keep up,
we did it last year, and it’s now.
We’re raises the bar even higher,
because last year we had 15 of those,
now we’re crammed, like it’s really just
cracking at the seams,
and we have more investors
who would like to take part in that
but we have to say no to them,
because we can’t just get them all in.
That’s on the investor side,
and on the startup side what we have
is the so-called Startup City.
What that is, it’s–
– And this is a section, yeah?
Is this a section within the hall?
– It’s very much part of the
whole event and the venue.
It’s part of the exhibition.
What that is,
around 100 selected startups
will be given the opportunity
of exhibiting freely,
showcasing their projects
to the audience at large, and
particularly to the investors.
We have a bit of a competition,
because we have hundreds of
applications coming regularly,
but we are filtering through those,
and only the selected 100 will
be given this opportunity.
It’s a once, one-by-one
minute meter stand.
Two in height, one in length.
But still that will just say clearly,
provide them information
about the startup in question.
And that just really
brings in the excitement
and buzz into the show, that’s important.
We don’t charge them,
but it just really brings
out the whole essence
of entrepreneurship.
We only give this–
– Hey Max, let me ask you
a question quickly, just.
– Go on.
– Sorry to interrupt you here.
But I’m really fascinated
to bring my audience in
a little bit more.
I want them involved here,
I want them to understand the
benefit of an event like this.
And let me just say up front,
guys this is not a paid
promotion of an event.
We don’t take payment
of any interviews, ever.
We do not do that.
I’ve never taken a dollar
for a single interview.
What I say is my word,
what I say is my truth,
and there’s a goddamn reason
why I’ve spent the money
to take myself and my team
over to this particular event
with one month’s notice.
This is no joke, okay.
If you are somebody out
there who has a project,
or wishes to learn, get
involved in the space,
then this is the event to be at.
The event to be at.
Go to and
check out the speakers
and you just tell me that I’m wrong.
But what I wanna ask you Max,
on that family office side of things,
if you’re a startup, if you have an idea,
if you’re a established business
but might wish to scale faster,
the family offices are the
best money you can get, sure.
– Absolutely.
– It’s a step above
VC in my view, because they
won’t screw you as badly.
My experience with people
that run family offices
is that they’ll be a lot more fair,
but they want to empower the individual
to be in control of the project
and drive from the back.
– Absolutely.
– So, how have you managed,
and have you seen the family office space
in blockchain and AI
increase significantly
from the last show?
– Absolutely.
As I’m saying, you know, we’ve
increased like three times,
I’m not too sure, but three times.
And it’s amazing, last year
when we were just starting out,
here I was going out of my way,
try to get those big names to our show,
and yes we had some limited response,
and we did succeed in getting 15 of those,
but now, as I’m saying,
we’re just showered
with suggestions and requests.
And it’s just amazing, you know.
We even have a few Sheikh’s
offices, private offices,
that run really, really,
really serious money.
They’re all going to
come there physically.
It’s important to know that they’re,
yes, they’re very selective as
to who they want to speak to.
So you don’t–
– It sounds very valuable.
– To set expectations, okay.
Obviously there’ll be,
multiple startups will
wanting to get, grab a five minute slot
with the decision makers,
but it will have to be down to them
to choose and pick who
they want to listen to.
But once they give this opportunity,
it’ll be down to the
startup’s impressions,
to try and do the speed dating
and really convince them
that it’s the worthwhile
project you’re talking about.
And then if they’re interested,
they will take it further
and arrange for private meetings
in their offices.
– The bounty will continue.
– It just gives this starting point,
the launching pad, that’s
important, you see?
So, make sure startups you
have your perfect pitch
ready at hand, and hands on.
– Elevator pitch by the
way, by the sound of it.
Elevator pitches.
– Absolutely.
– Are what are big.
If you can’t explain.
– Talking about the pitching.
– Your business in an
elevator, in under a minute,
you really don’t have a business,
is what I’ve been taught in my career
through my mentor’s various.
– Just to complement with that, Craig,
we have the pitching contest as well,
with a confirmed 50,000
pounds as a prize draw,
of one of our sponsors.
– Wow.
– Okay.
Yeah, we have that as part
and parcel of the forum.
And it will be voted
by a professional jury,
seven respective members of the jury
will be sitting on the stage and deciding
who the prize draw will go for, okay?
It’s not about the prize draw
itself, yes it’s significant,
50,000 pounds for someone who’s a startup,
but it’s more really just reaching out
to the many, many investors
that’ll be sitting
in the conference.
It’s not about these
25 or 30 family offices
or investment funds that will
be part of the Investors’ Hub,
they’ll have many more
sitting in the hall.
It’s reaching out to them really.
And that provides with
a unique opportunity
of being heard and seen.
Yes, that comes at a bit of a cost.
You can go to the CC
Forum website and see.
But that provides with
a unique opportunity
of highlighting and
showcasing ones project
in front of the high-profile
investors audience.
– Max, I gotta ask you this.
As a man who has had a lot
of success in their life,
and I’m not trying to blow
up a balloon around your ego,
it’s just a fact, I speak in truths.
If you were to be one of
the listener’s mentors,
we’ve, I think we’ve
discussed quite closely
why somebody should come,
can you speak to the who?
Who should come to these types of events?
What’s the sort of person
that’s going to get the
most benefit from this?
Aside from your average retail investor,
who needs to be on the forefront
of understanding what’s coming
and seeing what’s happening,
who’re the people that’re
gonna benefit the most
out of coming to the CC Forum in London
between the 14th and 16th of October?
– Yep, yep.
Three days yes, yes, absolutely.
Well it’s absolutely a
right and apt question
you’re asking Craig.
It’s all about who our audience are.
As I’m saying, we cater for
a variety of categories.
Our mission would be incomplete
if one of these categories
would not be reached out.
So, we’re absolutely, we’re
keen on educating people
just as much as helping
startups and investors
strike a deal.
I mean that’s, it’s good.
It makes me feel enormously gratified
when I see, you know, a deal signed off.
– They met there.
– In situ.
They can find that, that’s fine.
But it’s also about
educating the audience.
I mean, we’ve been, deep
down, head over heels,
you and I, in this space for
quite a number of years really,
but there are a lot of people
who’re just cottoning on
to the importance of this
underlying technologies really,
blockchain and AI.
And they go, they dovetail together.
And that’s the reason why we decided
to go for this joint edition,
embracing both technologies,
because they, in my
opinion, they are very,
they are complimentary products really.
So it’s important to
educate this audience.
It doesn’t have to be.
Anybody can be ranked in this category,
these are investors themselves.
Sometimes people who just,
who’ve got big funds under management
have been investing in the
likes of, I don’t know,
retail industry, you know,
real estate, wine making.
They have very limited notion
of what blockchain is all about.
So it’s about educating them as well.
It’s about geeks, it’s
about nerds as well,
who want to find the proper
practical implementations
of their expertise.
It’s about blockchain and AI enthusiasts.
So it’s a whole range of categories
that we’re talking about here.
And each and every one is
bound to have a certain
application of what it’s all about.
They can come there and
get something new for them.
– Mate, look I’ve had an absolute pleasure
going through what you’re
doing with the CC Forum.
I’m really, really looking forward
to meeting you in person,
being at the event.
We’ve actually got a course,
a one-day trading course,
that is tacked on to
the front end of this,
which will be run on the 12th of October.
So ladies and gentlemen around the world
if you would like to come
and spend a day with me,
and my team, learning how to trade,
and then go on to three amazing days
of understanding, education,
deal-potential flow,
and everything you need to know,
amongst some of the best
presenters, speakers, brains
in our industry, not
just blockchain, but AI.
Open your mind, open your wallet,
buy a ticket to this event.
There’s one reason why we’ve done exactly
what I’ve just said for you to do.
It’s because this is the event to be at.
The CC Forum Blockchain & AI
Digital Innovation Conference.
Max it’s been an absolute
pleasure speaking to you today.
Is there anything else
you’d like to leave us with?
– As a tidbit, there is one, another thing
that has not been done before,
and which we’re extremely proud of.
Because we have this significant
governmental presence,
and let’s put it that
way, ideological support
from the British Parliament.
I mean, we’re absolutely apolitical,
and surprisingly because
of the Brexit implications
and what will happen there.
– Oh Brexit, oh my God.
– It makes people more excited to go,
to come to London, because,
I keep saying to people,
if they want to see history in its making
that’s the right place at
the right time to come.
And that shows the extent
to which good old England
has been keen on jumping on the bandwagon
of emerging technologies.
I mean last year we only had two members
of the Parliament, and we
struggled to get them in
for CC Forum.
But now we have four Lords keynoting.
I mean that’s absolutely extraordinary.
But the other thing is, the tidbit,
we might have something
which has not been done before whatsoever.
Part of the CC Forum, as
another satellite event,
will have a special blockchain reception,
hosted by Lord Waverley, MP,
at the House of Lords.
– What?
– It has not been done.
Yes, you’ve heard me right (laughs).
House of Lords, yes.
There will be a special
blockchain reception.
That shows the extent to how important
it is for the UK to retain–
– Yeah.
– To retain this unique role of us being
the financial capital of the world.
– Oh yeah.
– And being at the spearhead
of emerging technologies.
Again it has not been done before.
– It’s a statement.
– We’re now talking about the,
particularly the format of it,
because as you might know,
what’s been happening in the UK
the Parliament has been
prorogued, effectively suspended,
and it will be down to
Her Majesty The Queen
who will be hitting the stage
on the 14th of October at the Parliament.
So, we might either go for the
14th or the 16th of October
as part of the CC Forum.
But as I’m saying it is a satellite event.
It has not been done before.
It will be hosted separately
by one of the most
respected Peers in the British
Parliament, Lord Waverley.
But it’s still very much
part and parcel of CC Forum,
so don’t miss out on that one as well.
And it’s not been done before.
– I think I’ve just found my headline.
Sorry, I think I’ve
just found my headline.
“When Royalty Joins Crypto.”
– Well you’re not far
from the truth Craig.
We have a very particular panel.
Actually we have a number of panels
if you care to go to see,
to look at our agenda,
you might see that there are are.
– Oh I see it.
– Three of them really standing out.
One of them is about the interests
of the world’s.
– Prince Michael
of Liechtenstein.
– Royal families
in the emerging technologies.
– Yeah.
– And we have the likes
of Prince Michael Of Liechtenstein
coming over with Sheikhs.
And they’ll be discussing the implications
of embracing the innovative
technologies in general.
We have the billionaires panel as well,
it hasn’t been announced yet.
But it’s about the interests,
and what it takes to
be a tech billionaire.
And we have a panel like
this as well on the 16th.
Not shortly after your
own keynote on the 16th,
if I may remind you.
And we also have another really good panel
which is called “The Emerging Technologies
“As a Means of Attracting
Foreign Direct Investment.”
And that would involve the top, top, top,
senior governmental officials,
not from the UK only, but
from three other countries
that have been spearheads,
at the forefront
of emerging technologies.
Singapore, Malaysia and Japan.
So that’s something really
significant as well.
If you really want to hear
the top governmental officials
pontificating about the importance
of the digital transformation,
that’s the right panel to attend.
– Max, I’ll say it one more time,
mate it’s been an absolute
pleasure speaking with you.
I really appreciate the
opportunity and the privilege
to speak to a man of your caliber,
doing what you’re doing.
We all appreciate what
you are pushing forward
in this space.
You have no need to do this,
this is not about financial gain,
this is about education,
helping and guiding others
into the new frontier of technology,
which is obviously blockchain and AI.
So from the bottom of my
heart, and my listeners’.
Please guys, make sure you
get along to this event
if you’re anywhere near London,
or even if you’re not,
’cause I tell you what,
I am on the other side
of the goddamn planet,
I’m gonna be there.
Come along, say hi.
We’re gonna have a stand
there for a couple of days,
presenting at four, sorry
at, yeah, 3:25 on the 16th.
We’ve got an event on the 12th of October
where you can come along
and learn how to trade the way I trade,
and of course a three day marvelous event
with the brightest, not mate, sorry,
the brightest minds in our
industry pushing forward.
It’s been an absolute pleasure
spending time with you Max.
I look forward to sitting
down, shaking your hand,
and having, maybe a
Scrumpy Jacks is probably
the right thing for us
to do in the motherland,
is that right?
– Absolutely.
Pleasure to have been hosted by you Craig,
and looking forward both to your keynotes
and what you’ll be doing for CC Forum.
Amazing to talk to you.
See you in London, bye bye!
– It’s been a pleasure.
The website, again, C-C as in Craig Cobb,
hyphen forum dot com.
Get your tickets, get along,
and get yourself wrapped up
in what’s going to be one
of the events of the year.
Ladies and gentlemen, have
a fantastic day, night
wherever you are in the world.
Speak to you soon.
Bye for now.
London listen up.
We will be with you,
taking our checklist-based
trading strategies
on the back of the CC Forum, October 12
at the Queen Elizabeth Conference Centre.
If you want to learn these checklist-based
trading strategies that
I’ve been employing
for quite some time,
and you want to learn it in person,
get yourself booked now.
We have thousands of
people at the CC Forum
and the event will sell out quickly.
From there we move on to
Malta on the 9th of November,
that’ll be at the
Intercontinental Hotel in Malta,
also backing on to the back of an event,
which is Malta AI & Blockchain Summit.
Again, thousands of people expected
so get your spot quickly.
From Malta straight across
the pond to Singapore.
November 16 at Marina Bay Sands,
another event we are
tacking onto the end of,
which is called Block Show.
Again, this has got thousands of people
so if you wanna come
along get in there quick.
And finally, back in
Sydney on the 23rd and 24th
at the Rydges World Square.
So guys, whether it be
London, Malta, Singapore,
you need to get yourself
along to these events
if you wanna learn the
checklist-based trading
that I employ and use daily.
Very simple stuff guys,
go to
and book your spot right now.