so hello fellow banknote collectors this
is Glenn back with gumar declines and banknotes and today we have a UK
five-pound banknote so in a earlier video I mentioned it I
actually got this as change for excess pastry sugar phase through by in uniting
them you offer the postage back and I asked for a five-pound banknote and is
pretty kind to offer me this five pound banknote instead of just our refunding
to fade out so I’d like to thank you very much and I’ll leave a link down
below to his ebay because he’s a nice seller anyway so the 5 pound banknote
was first issued in 2016 it’s the only 5 pounds that you actually find in United
Kingdom because the previous five pound banknotes have been demonetized
you can’t exchange them at the Bank of England but you can no longer spend them
so people will not take them I did have the five ever 5 pound banknotes but I
sold them off because I’m not really a collector of UK currency because it has
been demonetized but it’s what I’m gonna keep because I actually quite like it so
yeah compare it to an Australian 5 pound $5 it’s actually a lot bit smaller and
the Australian dollar buys about fifty five pence so this is Neeb at nine
dollars Australian and I actually like it better than the Australian bank note
so the main features you’ll see is Westminster Abbey is that it the
Westminster Abbey I was just looking at that before I’m there to get up
Wikipedia again looking ideas your palace oh yeah we’re with Palace of
Westminster with you know Westminster Abbey’s Church sorry I think that he
might be somewhere in there somewhere so you got Big Ben
anyway and here you have a Nobel Prize and this
is in 1953 Nobel Prize water to Winston Churchill this guy for literature not
for peace because well it was prime minister during the war times and in
that case you shouldn’t actually get a Peace Prize
why Barrack Obama should probably have not got it and here’s a famous phrase he
actually said during the Second World War and here on the side we have Sir
Winston Churchill born 1874 died 1965 and I actually have a five crown coin
that was issued 1965 commemorating because he’s really is one the most
famous UK prime minister and he was dead against Germany before well when he knew
that it was going to become counselor and as you can see he has a see-through
window has Big Ben in it and also has Queen Elizabeth the second and Bank of
England five pounds now there were actually a few five-pound notes without
the pound symbol in it they actually put another symbol in there and they are
actually nearly priceless if they were releasing the circulation and a lucky
person who actually got it and they won some prize or whatever so for the serial
numbers the banknotes that you won again it’s probably a a zero zero anything
under a hundred thousand is pretty collectible because while it’s the first
hundred thousand banknotes and there is no loss prefix fees being that because
they’re still being printed so that’s a nice banknote on the reverse on the
obverse a heads Queen Elizabeth the second and as you can see let’s have a
look compared the Australian Queen she actually looks a lot younger than on
the UK banknote then your stroma and as you can see she doesn’t have a crown
here but she has the crown on this one and in Gothic script Bank of England I
promise the bay bear on demand the sum of five pounds that’s why the Bank of
England actually allows you to change it unlike india which had to monetize at
five hundred one thousand rupees which also has that promise but they’re no
longer exchangeable and as you can see Big Ben up here we have big crown with
five pounds then we have the signature of the chief cashier and as you can see
metallic threads its chain of five payloads a Big Ben also changes as well
it’s a golden color this one also changes oh that looks beautiful
beautiful and polymer Knights are starting to change over to use all of
these features which are and easier to actually produce now so you got it on
the Australian banknote showing banknote probably uses it to more effect in what
they do in the UK and in the back we have another building I’m not too sure
what building that is probably the face of the house of parliament so in any of
the coat of arms of England Wales Scotland Ireland or Northern Ireland in
that case and they are the four countries that make up the United
Kingdom so that’s a nice banknote pretty very pretty I’m quite happy that I
actually got it and this is one that I’m gonna actually keep and two I have to
sell which mmm probably a few ya know do I want to go
to university now I’ve heard that they’re long white cloud is a very very it doesn’t go away so I like the
sunshine i’ve got sunshine in the show today which is awesome so anyway i hope
you like bank note hey and what would you be paying for this picnic well if
you go to a exchange box probably pain but it’s change rates nine dollars
probably is nine dollars fifty dollars for this banknote but if you’re gonna
buy it on ebay easy fifteen to twenty five dollars depending on who you buy it
from you definitely not going to buy it for the exchange rate on the internet
because there ever prices that have to be factored into the solemn and one of
those is well you’ve got ebay fees if you buy off a vein well you got website
fees if of life another website but it’s a nice banknote you can get so if you
know anyone from united kingdom it’ll be awesome if you could get a UK five-pound
banknote and also the 10 pounds hopefully I can get that soon maybe I’ll
accept so long if you can send me one if I pay extra postage you know I thank you
very much for watching my video and have an awesome corn and bat night collecting
time people thank you and bye bye